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PreSonus Eureka Reviews

4.0 stars based on 39 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Yuval Fuchs

    The Eureka is an inseparable part of my studio and I use it on almost every guitar track I record. Just get your hands on one of these because hearing is believing.

  • Paul Allen

    Since I got the Eureka, I've been running anything I record through it. Not only is it super clean yet musical, it gives me a ton of flexibility and control with the parametric EQ and compressor to tweak my guitar and vocal tracks.

  • Jeff Barnett

    The Eureka is the single most-used piece of gear I own. Virtually everything I record is tracked through a Eureka. It's also my go-to channel strip for every live sound gig I do. For overdriven guitar, spoken word, or anything in between, the Eureka rocks, both in the studio and on stage!

  • David
    from Pittsburgh December 17, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Great Tech Support

    Most of the other reviewers have covered how great this unit is to use. Sounds great, etc.

    Mine got fried in a lightning storm (F**man PL-8 allowed everything plugged into it to cook ;()

    Years out of warranty, I sent the unit back and two weeks later had a brand new one. Yes, I paid the $80 for an out of warranty repair, but that sure beats buying a new one! Thanks Presonus!

  • Roosevelt
    from Cleveland, Ohio USA February 16, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Producer

    Putting a stamp on it

    I'm 3 days in with the eureka damn this is really nice. I already wrote a quick review on it but I had to come back and say you can really get pro results with this unit. I had had my customer SOKEM216 to come back and rerecord a song with the unit. Huge difference compared to the studio channel. I really stand buy this unit. Buy one you can not go wrong Thats if you don't know what you doing. But sorry I brought the last one. Thanks Tony Dayton!

    from Cleveland, Ohio USA February 13, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Producer

    Love it!!!!! Tony Dayton Thank You.

    Man I can say I'm glad I brought this. I also have the presonus studio channel. But I love the Eureka. Sounds very professional. It gives you that sound you've been looking for.So don't be scared trust me this is a nice piece of gear for your home and pro studio. Like always BIG THANKS TO MY SALES ENGINEER TONY DAYTON.

  • Junejonez
    from Tulsa ok December 17, 2012Music Background:
    All music


    I been looking at different pres for a while and i den seen good and bad reviews with the eureka well for the price i had to try so i went head and grabed one up it finaly arrived i den a demo run and im inpressed sound real good this thing id a beast forr the price it just give your music that clean sound ..u wont be mad that you spent the money and for the people that say it sound harsh or what eva befor you hooked it up ya sound had to been harsh because i dont here it this is no begginer gear this is foe people that no what they doing and if thtas you this for you best for the price

  • Joe Drzewiecki
    from Ahwatukee October 14, 2012

    It's true

    If you would have told me (and Paul did!) that a preamp could make my recordings warmer AND more detailed, I'd have been skeptical. The proof is in the listening, and it's true! This is an amazing piece of gear, get one.

  • Jay Shaindlin
    from Denver, CO, USA February 2, 2012Music Background:
    Voice talent, veteran broadcaster, certified Broadcast Engineer(CBRE)

    Eureka! I have found 'it'!

    I've been a voice talent for 34 years now, and I've used them all. Every microphone, every processor, every layout known to man. When I found myself in need of a new preamp for my loft studio microphone, I asked around. A certain famous friend of mine in Sherman Oaks suggested the Avalon 737. I used one for a couple of years, but I just couldn't find the kind of character and presence I was looking for. (Something I call the teak-wood characteristic.)

    I decided to just go with a modest tube preamp and push it through my Urei LA4, and that sounded decent, but not quite the clean signal I was hoping to get from the preamp.

    I looked and looked for the perfect combination...something that would give me the best performance at each stage(pre, comp,and EQ). I had Symetrix 528e, and numerous others through the years, but none of them gave me goosebumps.

    Finally, I found a loaner Presonus Eureka at my company's R&D department. I took it home to put it through it's paces, and well, here I am, gushing.

    I've used the same microphone for 13 years now. It's an Audio Technica 3525, small-diaphragm condenser, the best little microphone I've found. It rivals all the top-dollar standard studio microphones you'll find in all the big radio stations. In fact, it buries them. After 13 years, I had feared my AT was getting tired. When my last preamp died, I feared it may have damaged my mike, or that perhaps the mike was faulting and damaged the pre.

    So I disassembled the AT and meticulously restored it to as-new condition, and then searched for the preamp that would be worthy of this loyal microphone.

    When I plugged in the Presonus Eureka, nothing happened. One of the ribbon cables on the main board had shaken loose. So that quickly fixed, I flipped the switch again, and started playing with the variable impedance, the tubessence, the compressor and the PEQ, and after about ten minutes, I was ready to start recording.

    I launched into a 10-minute talk-show segment, to experiment with the Presonus in a typical live talk setting, and by the time I was finished, I was quite eager to listen to the playback in my upstairs den.

    My wife and I were nothing short of amazed at the finished product. The transparency, the warm low-end was never boxy or unnatural, it was just naturally resonant. The punch in the medium to upper register was gently governed without sounding clippy, and the signal-to-noise was remarkable.

    The performance rivals the performance I have gotten in the past in radio studios using the Neumann U87 with high-end processing.

    Considering that this solution costs roughly one fifth the price(in 1999 dollars), I'm very happy I decided to give the Presonus a try.

    One further note: I see a lot of critics here who bash the Eureka for various reasons. All I am saying is that if you are using the gear the right way, and not trying to get it to produce effects it wasn't designed to produce, that's hardly an indication that the quality of this unit is inferior.

    This unit does EXACTLY what it was designed to do, and it does it better than 99 percent of the gear on the market. Trust me. I am an expert.

  • Bryce Kaminsky
    from Winnipeg, MB Canada August 23, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer / Musician

    Next level gear

    This gear has raised the bar for everything I record. I would not even consider running vocals through my old preamp unless I had to. Also the Hi-Z input is off the charts. The bass was instantly better and I will only ever run my Bass di that way from now on. GET ONE.

  • Luis Gines
    from Manati, Puerto Rico June 17, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Opinion for Presonus Eureka

    My opinion is that this was one of my best purchases I've ever had, the team has given me tremendous EUREKA result in wind instument recordings and voices, I'll buy another.


  • J.L
    from Pittsburgh Pa September 22, 2008Music Background:

    great preamp

    bought this preamp acouple of weeks ago and have a bluebird running into it and must say iam very pleased by itz performance would recommend for anyone in a home studio

  • Carl
    from Dayton, OR USA January 30, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician


    This piece of equipment takes my project studio to the next level. The pre amp is awesome, from completely transparent to add color and warmth with the saturation control. The compressor is very easy to use going into the DAW and is a real help with vocalists that have a little trouble controlling their dynamics. I use a TLM103 for most vox so seldom need EQ for that mic, but it’s handy for getting the best out of acoustic guitar. I couldn’t be more pleased with this piece of equipment and I highly recommend it.

  • Anthony
    from Houston, Texas September 15, 2007Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Singer, Producer..

    Great Product

    I just out together my home studio and I wanted to make sure that beyond all the other equipment I had, that my mic pre was top notch... I had hopes on purchasing an avalon or universal audio channel strip and was going to chose between those two.... My sales person asked me to try this product so I said hey, half the price and still a great sound... Ok Ill try it... Well I say great sound indeed... On vocals, guitar and anything else its great.. I purchased two more to use on my midi setup..... Great Product!!!!!!

  • dereck brothers
    from cocoa fl August 27, 2007Music Background:
    investor pro musician

    personus eureka

    i bought the personus eureka and was blown away by the sound and how clear the vocals was. I suggest this unit to anybody starting a home project studio.
    i call this unit the best unit for its great price
    this preamp will compete aganist any preamp, In the 500 dollar range on up.

  • Joe ''Masterjoe'' Abrego
    from Montreal, Canada August 11, 2007Music Background:

    WOW!!!! WOW!!!!! AND WWWOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!

    I can't believe that non expensive, very good sound quality, and profesional results preamp!!!! This preamp is a great creation from Presonus, I used with my Firepod and both of them working together is a good exemple of team work. The compressor is very useful, the EQ is excellent, with the -20dB pad. I Record instruments and use it for my 7 year old son that sings and his voice shines through this machine.


  • Dave
    from Hollywood, CA October 19, 2006Music Background:
    Pro Sound Engineer

    Great bang for the buck

    If you are looking for a mic pre/channel strip for under $500 that sounds like it cost $1000, you should check the Eureka out. I own 2 and have used them for acoustic guitars, vox, electric guitar amps, and drum overheads. They perform great through many different applications.

  • Jeff D.
    from Nashville June 3, 2006Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Writer,Instramentalist

    This unit is SWEET!!!

    Straight out of the box it was calling my name, I checked out the factory suggested presets in the manual and made a few tweaks to my needs and it sounds superbly clean and in your face. Thumbs and elbows up on this piece.

  • John
    from Las Vegas, NV June 26, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Rapper

    Don't use the compressor.

    Whatever you do please don't use the compressor. It sounds terrible. This preamp without the compressor sounds perfect. You don't get too much color with this preamp. It sounds a little bit more clear. But if you mess around with the EQ you might be able to get a little bit of color for those acoustic songs and or rock tracks. The color will help it to sit in the mix perfectly. Also for rappers or R&B singers this thing is perfect because of the low pass filter. It helps the vocal sit in the mix perfectly as well. But I also feel that you don't need the EQ either. Get an EQ and Compressor plugin and worry about that later because with this preamp the recording itself sounds great.

  • BeatmanRadio
    from Chiacgo June 24, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    The Eureka

    I have had my Eureka for about 5 years now, and I never had a problem with it. From day one, it has always given me the sound and quality that I look for in a professional piece.

  • Mark Montanez
    from Lombard,il April 22, 2007Music Background:

    Very clean

    Great sound on vocals ,acoustic and bass.I even used it for my bass drum and got lots of punch.Knobs to small and saturate only seems to work on full setting.Eq usefull compressor ok preamp is the best function !!!

  • N.Conley
    from Atlanta, GA April 7, 2013Music Background:
    Producer, artist, songwriter, engineer

    Don't believe the (high end) liars.

    A lot of (high end) guys try to damn products that don't cost as much. In the beginning when you're putting together a studio I KNOW how influential these reviews can be. I would imagine an Avalon 737 or a Great River strip would sound noticeably better BUT, I can only speak for vocal recording..THIS EUREKA sounds PRO if you know how to use it. Actually I just use the vocal recommendation out the manual, with my Bluebird and I sound 100% Chrystal clear right out of my bedroom. I touch everything up in logic since I own every Waves plugin known to man but who wouldn't? However I get pro results right out the box!! You have to remember how many idiots record directly to their interface...this will put you light years ahead of the average home studio.

  • Iamdbryant (www.iamdbryant.com)
    from US December 27, 2010Music Background:
    Music Producer

    Really good pre...

    I use this pre in my home studio and I love it. Not just for the value, but mainly because it makes my "home studio" sound very close to the quality of many major studios I've worked in. It's amazing that I can lay demo vocals at home with a singer and keep the majority of them on the final record. Good unit...

  • Sound Dog
    from john.s.baker@comcast.net November 19, 2009Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Songwriter, Home Studio Engineer

    Great Value for a Channel Strip or Preamp

    I don't see how you can beat this strip for the money. As others mention, you can match the mic impedance, and as a preamp its clean as a whistle. I don't really use the EQ cause I do that when mixing and want full-range on my recorded tracks. I do use the compressor to provide a little headroom when going into my DAW. Some do, some don't. I do. The compressor is very clean. There is a typo in the manual, though .... the ratio maxes out at 2.2:1 when the knob is turned up to 10. Thats plenty, though, for tracking vocals, guitar, etc. The soft knee is especially soft.

    The distortion knob does nothing for me, it would be great if it added some useful tube warmth, but to my ears it just muddies up the sound. The meter can be set to show gain reduction from the compressor, which is nice.

    The main negatives are that the mic XLR and power switch are in the rear, so its a pain if you rack mount it. Also, the knobs are very small and the labeling color makes them difficult to read. If you use the EQ, they are laid out in an odd fashion. I have to get down on my knees to fine tune the darned thing.

    But it sounds great, and thats the most important thing for me. I have never regretted buying it.

  • C.E.P.
    from Dallas, TX June 24, 2007Music Background:


    Where do I start. I have a home setup and used a Bellari tube pre. Now if you don't understand pre-amps or even going to the big studios asked any real questions of substance about the equipment. Then you want know anything. Let me say this first when I was setting up my studio. My engineer friend told me "Get a mic-pre". He just didn't educate me. So, that is how I ended up with the Bellari. A few mixes "hear" and there and I begin to notice noise, hiss, KRUD to be exact. So of course I purchased Hi-end cables and conditioners and realized my pre-amp was not the best apple. So began my search. I wanted the AVALON, or NEVE, or Solid States of the world. However my budget just laughed at me. So I do research and came across the Eureka. I took all of your moments to heart. Well to make my story short. I purchased my Eureka at a great price. An offer I couldn't refuse. All I can say is WOW, I love it.I recorded a song last week and the vocals are on point. I can actually say now it sounds like I purchased a CD and the preamp was a hi-end top of the line pre-amp that was used. Besides that what really & truly impressed me. With my old pre-amp I could not run the air conditioner or heater. It appears everytime they came on the Bellari picked up the spike. This happened even with my hi-end cables & power conditioner. With my Eureka, I have air folks, it does not pick it up at all. I would tell anyone if they want a nice sound for their vocals at an affordable price the Eureka is for you.

  • Greg
    from Ft Wayne, IN USA April 11, 2007Music Background:
    pro musician, worship leader, home studio geek

    solid preamp

    The eureka has a very quiet and transparent mic preamp. The soft knee setting and band pass on the compressor really help recording large body acoustic guitars. The sound is very smoothe, not "squashed". My high end acoustic guitars sound rich and full with detailed harmonic overtones. The EQ is not overly aggressive-but useful in making fine adjustments. My only complaint is that knobs are rather small and a little hard to read. This preamp is an excellent tool for getting a high quality signal into your DAW.

  • Ali molaee
    from IRAN September 2, 2008Music Background:
    sound engineer-vocalist-composer

    good price ,good sound !

    clean and warm sound,with my neumann tlm 193,but a litttle brittle! saturation is good but useless in most of my recording because its muddy effect.
    I found EQ and COMPRESSOR useless because I love my MERCURY WAVES plugins!! I prefere to capture sound without using it`s EQ and COMPRSSOR and then edit it with my high quality plug-ins later .in acoustic and nylon guitars it shines!its singnals sit in the mix well with a little effort.
    eureka`s price is very good.
    I love its output.
    thanks presonus.

  • Customer
    from North Carolina October 25, 2007Music Background:
    recording engineer, Pro musician

    Didn't do much for me?

    Everybody seems to really like this thing, but honestly I have found it to be useless for me. I run a DAW studio, and like to do everything inside the box though.
    If you know a lot about Compressors, go for it. If you like me and don't, and like doing everything in the CPU. don't do it.
    That's just my opinion, and I could be wrong.

  • A A
    from Cashville, USA September 15, 2011Music Background:
    Engineer and Musician

    The Truth About PreSonus Eureka

    Ok... I have read a wide range of reviews for this product, and after owning my own for about a month and trying it in various configurations, I thought I would offer my own opinion.

    This is not a boutique or pro quality channel strip. There are plenty of the real ones out there, I don't need to go through them, but this is simply not one of the bunch. You would be better of using the stock preamps on your console or interface if you are doing a serious recording.

    This strip IS good for electric instruments in a performance setting. If you are a bass player this can be a very simple tool to bring to shows instead of lugging a heavy amp around or hoping that the venue's DI boxes don't completely suck. The compressor works smoothly with the 'soft' button engaged and the eq can bring out those scary low notes.
    I personally use it for electric guitar to get a fuller, smoother sound.

    So while PreSonus is marketing this device as a studio quality piece of gear, I think this is a misunderstanding. It will work better between your instrument and your amp than between your mic and recorder.

  • Helm's Deep Studio
    from winston-salem, NC June 24, 2010Music Background:
    Producer, pro musician

    not what it's cracked up 2 be at all.

    for 200.00 this would be amazing! for 500.00 it's way, way over priced for the quality, especially for only 1 channel. Just go get an MOTU 8pre. For the same frice you get better, and more. trust me.

  • cnote024
    from san antonio tx March 4, 2009Music Background:
    hip-hop RnB and rock vocal recordings..

    Its alright Ive heard better.

    Okay lets start with saying its preamp is great but everything else is less then what I can do inside the box in about 5seconds of tweaking.... The compressor sounds alright if u have someone that doesn't have a harsh voice if u do then forget it...The Eq is very thin and takes away from my mics(mojave ma-200)warmness,and the tube saturation sounds like someone threw a pile of mud down my throat, all in all I don't know why it gets high ratings maybe everybody that owns one put a burr brown in it I heard that can make a solid difference but all in all I'm looking for something better its not for me.

  • c.locke
    from okc November 14, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer,composer,artist

    not good as everyone says........

    before i got this eureka,i heard a lot of positive feedback on it but i must say thats all hype i feel.i also own a trakmaster pro which cost 250.00 less an to me it sounds better than the eureka,just cause something cost more doesnt mean its the best,however it is clean sounding but its not worth what they charge for it,i rather have a king of the hill dvd

  • Randy Biddle
    from Akron, Ohio July 17, 2006Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Studio Owner

    Ok starter peice.

    This was my first preamp and it blew my mind at how much it could be used to alter the sound. After a year I found it to be very brittle sounding and not for use on everything 'but what is'. I upgraded to a 6176 and find my sounds to be warmer and bigger now and I still can use the Eureka as a secondary preamp.

  • Greg
    from Nashville April 18, 2011Music Background:
    Live/Recording Engineer


    Waste of money. If you want something that does not sound good and that will break in a few months this is great. It will be a great rack filler or paper weight. Get an dbx for the same money and get something that sounds good and that will last!

  • Brian r Keithley
    from Portland ME. January 7, 2011Music Background:
    owner of " Classic acoutic studio's " singer/songwriter/producer/engineer

    bought 2..... and they both broke

    Let me start by saying, I love PreSonus gear. I own the central station, with the csr remote ( crystal clear a beautiful ) I also own the hp 60 headphone amp ( lov-em both ) also previously, I owned 2 eurekas and absolutely loved the sound of those too, until both of them just decided not to work anymore.... I owned the first one for 2 year's, and all of a sudden, one day, the mic pre was really week sounding ( had to turn it up to 8 or 9 to get anything out of it ) so I then got rid of it and bought another one because I loved the sound so much, well, it's now been about a year and a half and the same thing happened to that one ( no signal, no sound ) and mind you, this gear never leaves my studio, and it's nothing I'm doing wrong.... SO I'M DONE NOW, Ive owned enough gear in my time to know not to bother sending it out for repair only to have it break again.... I've learned a hard frustrating lesson here and I'm not bashing PreSonus at all, but there is a serious issue here.... I even took it to a guy ( an electronic wiz ) that has been working on musical gear for the past 30 years or more, and this guy has a great rep in the business.... Anyway, he took a look at my eureka and said when he opened it and looked inside that he instantly saw a design flaw in the mic-pre section that would cause it to short out and eventually not work over time ( just like the previous one I had owned )...So that reassured me once again that it was nothing I had done, and he also told me that in the past five year's he's had a few different people come in with the same problem with the same unit, and the thing is, it's nothing that can be fixed without swaping out the whole inside......

  • Mark Miller
    from Yonkers, NY January 6, 2006


    I called Dan Van Amerongen at Sweetwater to ask for some recommendations for a channel strip for my Digi rig. When he suggested the Eureka I was concerned because of the low price, but took the advice anyway. Having received the unit, all I can say is 'amazing!' Whatever you plug in sounds great pretty much right out of the box. When I first plugged in a mic (a moderately priced large diaphragm condenser), I checked the level with my acoustic and ended up standing there and playing for an hour and a half just because it sounded so nice. Then I tracked clean, open, and warm lead vocals, backing vocals, and mic'd acoustic instruments with minimal tweaking. I plugged an acoustic/electric bass into the front panel instrument jack and, again, with minimal tweaking, a great deep, fat bass sound. The adjustable impedance and transformer make the unit amazingly versatile. I can't wait for the FREE A/D card so that I can bypass the analog section of the 02R completely. This is a great value.

  • Ronald Davis
    from St.Philip Barbados December 1, 2004


    When I received the Presonus I plugged it up acording to instructions in the manual-It worked for 5 mins only.I am going to send it back.Hopefully they can repair it.I am disapointed-nothing comes out of this box. Here's hoping that someone can offer some advise because I would like to use it with my VS2480CD.Any advise is welcomed.Thanks Ronnie Davis from Sunny Barbados in the Caribbean.

  • Tmagic
    from BayArea Memphis May 1, 2004


    If you do hip hop on a budget save up and get this... This pre pushes the vocals to the front of mix...EQ here if needed it's there for you ...Avalon is the only thing i see touching this unit... Only thing is it's mono so.. If all you do is cut vocals you got to be retarded not to get this unit... THIS IS THE BABY AVALON>>>>>OF PREAMPS

  • Customer
    March 1, 2004

    Moving up in the world.

    I have to start by saying that I am in no way affiliated with the other reviewer.

    I am a critic if there ever was one. When I took this unit out of the box I simply expected an updated VXP. However, it didn't take me long to discover that this is really a different box inside and out.

    I really dig the Avalon-esque appearance (silver faceplate and oval VU meter in the center) and the blue LEDs are as practical as they are beautiful. This thing is well built and very quiet. It may not have every bell and whistle of the VXP, but the features that are there are better, and provide more exact control. For example, the VXP had only semi-parametric EQ bands, whereas the Eureka has fully parametric EQ bands.

    Don't let the low price fool you. It's not a flashy piece of junk. The Eureka blows away everything anywhere near its price range. Rather than buy a compact mixer, get this and do overdubs. Your recordings will be dramatically better. This is the best new product I've seen in some time.

  • Sean Martin
    from Woodland Hills, Ca. March 1, 2004

    Dont Happen Often

    This peice was brought to us about three weeks ago for a vocal session and the client insisted on using it ( Often a sure sign of disaster! ) I dont like to track with any kind of channel strip unless I know it well like our Avalons. I set this thing up very cautiously just knowing I would have to go back latter and try to undo everything. No EQ, a tiny bit of comp for the peaks (the client was a good, and dynamic singer ) and set the imput impedance to match our 4060.
    Well, I guess it dosnt pay to judge a pre-amp by its cover/price. The sound was way above what I was expecting. Our 1 hour session turned into a three hour session while we put this thring through its paces. The fact that you can tap the transformer on this thing is pretty amazing for the price. Even with relatively low end mics (NTK, CAD 350, 414, C1) we got a huge variety of colors to play with from no color at all to fat and exciting. As you change the impedance you can alter the drain and deliberately mismatch the mic combination..very cool. The instrument input is on the front with its own level meter so you can use the VU to gage gain reduction while you use the LED as a peak meter. This is really great for bass tracking or re-amping. Line level input on the back that can be swithced from the front but bypasses the preamp section when engaged. The compressor is worth the price of the unit alone if used with common sence. Extreem settings are pretty apparant but very musical and transparent otherwise. To be honest..it beats the snot out of our Avalon's compressor especially for accoustic guitar. The Avalon is way too slow to be effective and the Presonus nailed it beautifuly. We were able to match the Avalon's color very closely with the Eureka and the right Mic/impedance combination but more importantly, were able to produce a much wider range of sounds with the Presonus. Unaltered, its clean and open. The digital option thing is cool and will definately put this thing in another league. This dont happen very often around here, but in this one case, the client was dead on..this things rocks.

    Sean Martin
    Sound Smith Post
    Woodland Hills, Ca.

  • Customer
    March 1, 2004


    I have been needing a decent dedicated 'single channel front end' for a while now and I was really surprised at how many options there are on the market. I have tested pretty much all of the ones under the $1000 price tag...and to my ears the Eureka really offered the best quality for dollar.

    My top 3 came down to the Tampa, the Voicemaster Pro & the Eureka.

    Up against the Voicemaster Pro, I thought the Eureka had a decidedly better compressor and I thought the mic preamp in the Eureka had more character. I also felt that the Eureka had a more flexible EQ, which makes up for not having a de-esser.

    Up against the Tampa, I liked the compressor in the Tampa quite a lot, but it is was definitely easier to get good results with the one in the Eureka, the mic preamps in the Tampa and Eureka both had a good balance of character, but the Eureka definitely seemed to have more detail - it has a very classy pre-amp.

    In the end, I would say that the Eureka was the perfect balance between musical character and a decent set of real world features.

    And I have to mention that the build quality, look and feel - and the in-dented knobs are fantastic! This really is the best unit of its kind under $1000...I bought two! Money well spent indeed!

  • Michael Hart
    from Portland, Or February 1, 2004

    A Nice Surprise

    We purchased this unit for the sole purpose of adding a channel strip for a DAW in our main tracking room. Expecting primarily a glorified Direct Box with tube effect, we did'nt have lofty expectations of the Mic pre as a vocal front end. For this purpose our Avalon 737 has served us well.
    Our first application was to warm up a direct bass send. The result was really impressive. The tube control was actually useful and added a pleasing and punchy effect that warmed the track nicely. The next thing we were surprised by was the ability to match the mic with the transformer impedance...very cool for our Royer's and unheard of on a mic pre/channel strip in this price range. This inspired us to try a vocal track. Setup the U87 and matched the impedance and setup a soft knee setting to get started. Wow, it did'nt suck. In fact, it actually sounded really good. The female vocalist was a soft spoken session singer with control and the tube effect really helped warm her whispy highs while the soft knee comp settings reingned in the peaks with surprising transparency for a strip in this price range. The EQ is serviceable but no comparrison to our Avalon and we did'nt expect it to be. The biggest surprise was the sound of the unit itself. It has an open and clean sound that, combined with the transformer choices, produced a truly amazing range of applications. With the digital output card installed ( we dont have it yet ) this unit will be a serious tool in our tracking enviroment ( unlike the budget Forcusrite products or ATR stuff. Pretty dissapointing )
    Conclusion: if your looking for a channel strip with the kind of control that units costing three times the price offer, this is a serious option...a real tool.

    Pleasantly surprised,
    Michael Hart
    Portland, Or.

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