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Traveler Guitar Escape Mark III - Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Traveler Guitar Escape Mark III - Natural?

Questions about the Traveler Guitar Escape Mark III - Natural?

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  • from May 12, 2017


    This guitar has exceeded my expectations. The sound is exactly what I wanted. Rich bass and crisp treble can be dialed in to suit headphones or my portable speaker. It is lightweight and compact yet durable enough to survive daily travel.

  • from Memphis, TN November 28, 2016

    Traveler Guitar Escape Mark III

    I've never ordered a guitar "online" without playing it first, but I trust Sweetwater implicitly. I needed a guitar to take on an overseas trip. I traveled light and did not wish to check any luggage. So, I carried a roll-on suitcase and the Traveler guitar. No hassles from the flight attendants, although the ladies on my flight to Israel wanted to play it! It plays well and sounds very nice through an amp. I may do a "set up " in the future but it is very acceptable the way it plays right out of the box. Your neighbors won't hear it without an amp, so it's perfect for practicing in a hotel room. Plus, as others have said, you can stuff lots of socks and t-shirts in the gig bag! I've already played it for a gig or two through big amps. It's quite a conversation-starter! I've had to get used to the tuning - just pay attention to the in-body keys. But I'm almost used to it now! What'll they think of next? Thanks, Sweetwater!

  • from St. Louis August 16, 2015Music Background:
    Classical piano, long-time BBQ guitarist

    Love it

    I had an ultra-light for years. Starting doing gigs with friends at BBQs etc and using that my Roland CUBE made for an awesome portable rig. Trouble was I was getting tired of the awkward playing position with the ultra-light, and having to fiddle with the metal leg support and have a separate headphone jack was getting old. Found this guy and don't think I've ever made a faster purchase. It is exactly what I hoped, too. As comfortable to play as my strat, great neck, great balance and weight. Love the built-in headphone amp -- which really sounds awesome. Still tinkering to get a rounded acoustic sound from it and the CUBE -- at the end of the day, it's not going to give you a rich full acoustic sound, but if you aren't expecting that then you'll be very happy, if that makes any sense. Overall, totally in love. Beautiful workmanship and wood grain. Hah, the only thing I like better about the ultra-light is that I can carry it to work and no one knows what it is. Despite the diminutive profile, people call me out right away with this guy.

  • from July 24, 2015

    Great in the car

    I haven't actually traveled with it yet, but sometimes I have to sit in the car for extended periods. It's a little weird at first not having a headstock but I can actually play it fine sitting in the drivers seat. The thing plugs into the aux input on my car stereo so I have surround sound too and it sounds pretty darn good! Run some backing tracks from the smartphone and you're rocking out! It's also nice when I m home and if it's leaning against the wall it doesn't get knocked out of tune because the pegs are buried in the body. It looks awesome, plays well, and I'm very happy with it. With some headphones attached I can play late at night and not irritate mama. You add effects with a little VOX plug in. Great design, perfect for me. Sweetwater service is also exemplary. Thanks!

  • from Vienna, VA October 8, 2014Music Background:

    Great travel guitar

    The Traveler Escape Mark iii is a wonderful guitar for travel. It fits well in the overhead with no hassle from the attendants. You can play it anywhere through headphones since it is practically silent and the best feature is the ability to play along with the aux input. It is rugged and very well built. I could not be happier.

  • from Phoenix, AZ January 16, 2014Music Background:
    Closet Rock Star

    Great products, great service!

    I had heard about Sweetwater from another musician and I thought I'd give it a try. As soon as I ordered the guitar (after picking out my EXACT guitar by serial #) I got a call from Mark Stein to make sure I'd ordered it, and touch base with me! Wow...that's customer service. I got the guitar as ordered and it's fantastic. Love the full neck and the sound is great! I will be using Sweetwater for all my music needs from now on! Thanks Mark for the great experience.

  • from Allentown, PA USA September 17, 2013Music Background:
    Retired Electrical Engineer (semiconductors and computers), now a "pro" musician

    An Update of My Mark II Review

    I'll confess I have the older Mark II without the electronic tuner. But what you need to know is that this guitar really plays well, tunes smoothly (in-spite of its tuners around the back side of the body), and that I have stumbled on the perfect companion for this guitar: The JBL Flip. Running the stereo headphone level signal into the Flip yields a truly nice sound competitive in volume with an acoustic guitar and it will shock you how good it sounds if you put the Flip on the floor (which boosts its bass response). Buy a leather guitar strap, wrap it length wise around the Flip, secure it with a couple of rubber bands, and now you can store the Flip inside the gig bag parallel to the neck and up against the cut-away. You now have a guitar that not only travels, but can entertain too. I was using a Bose Soundlink II, but it is heavy, bulks up the traveling size in the gig bag pocket, and (believe it or not) does not sound nearly as good (too much DSP processing is my guess and a design too optimized to be placed on a shelf a few inches from a wall).

  • from Titusville, FL November 1, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Student

    Excellent Guitar

    This is an excellent guitar for what it was designed for: to be a convenient and useable travel guitar. The quality is very good. The fretboard feels very much like a 'big' guitar, and allows for practice and real use. However, I still know I don't have a full size guitar in my hands, and I don't think it'll replace my 'big' guitars when I'm not travelling.

  • from WV June 13, 2017

    This fits the bill for me

    Travel guitars probably can be only so good, but this one will be hard to beat. The biggest problem I have had with other models was having them sit comfortably on my lap. Some have such slender bodies that they want to roll over as you bend strings. You constantly have to fight to keep it in position. This model sits very comfortably. Having tuners in the body takes some getting used to. While it is too early to tell for sure, this model certainly appears to be up to the knocks and other hazards of travel. Very sturdy. My search for a travel guitar is probably over. I give it a 4.0 because I have to hope that 4.5 or 5.0 travel guitar is a possibility some day.

  • from Dallas November 28, 2013Music Background:

    Easy to travel with

    I got this guitar so I could practice on the road. It is perfect for that. It is solidly built and has a decent sound. Won't replace my regular Dread, but it will always have a place with me on the road. My only complaint is the strings that came on it are D'Adarrio EJ15 extra lights . They just cut into my fingers too much. I replaced them with some John Pearse PBs and helped the sound and my fingers. Not so twangy. I also have to say that Sweetwater was a great buying experience. Great communication and fast shipping.

  • from July 28, 2015Music Background:
    jazz, blues, folk, celtic

    Traveler Escape Mark !!!

    I was a little disappointed by the setup on the guitar, and still need to take it to a luthier for a little work (leveling frets, replacing the saddle, etc) but on the whole a pretty nice guitar. Not much sound at all unamplified but through headphones or my Fishman Loudbox very outstanding tone and very full sound indeed. Relatively well balanced, and if not looking at it while playing, incredibly, it feels like a full size guitar.
    Took me a while to get used to the tuner, for one because the pegs are a bit different but also because the LED lights from the little mixer board sometimes bleed over into the tuner lights, but after a while I got used to all of that.

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