Shadow Hills Industries Equinox

Dual-channel Microphone Preamplifier, 30-ch Summing Mixer, and Mastering-quality Monitor Controller, with Three Switchable Output Transformers
Shadow Hills Industries Equinox image 1
Shadow Hills Industries Equinox image 1
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Shadow Hills Industries Equinox
Special Order

Put The Best Features of an Analog Console in Your Rack

The Shadow Hills Industries Equinox microphone preamp, summing mixer, and monitor controller is like adding a mastering-grade console to your studio's rack. You get two Golden Age microphone preamplifiers, 30 channels of analog summing, a comprehensive mastering-quality monitor section, and switchable output transformers - everything you'll need to make your mixes sound like they were created in a world-class facility. You'll love the rich, open character of the microphone preamps. The summing mixer gives you ample headroom to craft exciting, dynamic mixes. And you'll hear every detail and nuance of your music, thanks to the precision-designed monitoring signal path. In short, the Shadow Hills Industries Equinox gives you the functionality and timeless sound of an analog console in a convenient, 2U rackmountable unit.

In today's modern recording studio, the ability to work smarter is the key to success. The Equinox combines the most useful features of a traditional analog console, like premium summing capability, talkback functionality, and a flexible monitoring section. While you could buy a high-quality, dual-channel mic preamp, 30 channels of analog summing, and an impeccable monitoring controller separately, you would spend thousands more and still may not reach the same level of sonic excellence as you get with the Equinox.

Shadow Hills Industries Equinox Microphone Preamp/Summing Mixer/Monitor Controller at a Glance:
  • Exceptional Golden Age microphone preamplifiers
  • 30 channels of analog summing
  • Comprehensive monitoring control
  • Switchable output transformers for sonic variations
Exceptional Golden Age microphone preamplifiers

The Shadow Hills Industries Equinox gives you a pair of Golden Age mic preamps with extreme functionality. You have 60dB of gain on tap, with a -20dB pad to allow you to record loud sources like drums and guitar amps without unwanted distortion. A 1/4" instrument input is present for direct recording of guitar, bass, and acoustic-electric instruments, making the Equinox an all-around workhorse microphone preamplifier.

30 channels of analog summing

The Equinox is ready to provide rich and punchy mixes with incredible depth, thanks to 30 channels of on-board analog summing. You'll have the incredibly high headroom of an analog console that will allow your tracks to reach their full dynamic potential. You'll also appreciate the incredible stereo imaging with a lifelike sense of depth.

Comprehensive monitoring control

With mastering-quality components, the Equinox gives you the monitoring quality you need to make crucial mix decisions with confidence. You can connect up to three sets of monitors, and a stereo cue output is ready to feed a separate headphone system from any of the Equinox's inputs. You'll have the flexibility you need to approach recording, mixing, and mastering projects with speed and precision when you add the Equinox to your studio setup.

Switchable output transformers for sonic variations

You have remarkable control over the tone and vibe of your music with the Equinox, thanks to three switchable output transformers. Switching transformers provides a subtle but significant tonal shift, both to signals recorded through the Equinox's mic pres as well as the output of the summing mixer section. Choose from steel, nickel, or iron output transformers to get the iconic sound of different styles of analog consoles. The nickel transformer gives you a natural low-end with smoothly enhanced high frequencies, outstanding on vocals and acoustic instruments. The iron transformer has a natural high end with a slight boost around 110Hz, and has a Class-A output stage that only passes even-ordered harmonic distortion - very musical. The steel transformer sounds very open with a detailed and fast response, with a very subtle boost around 40Hz that helps provide rock-solid low frequencies. With the Equinox, you can shape your recordings and mixes to suit whatever musical vibe you want.

Shadow Hills Industries Equinox Microphone Preamp/Summing Mixer/Monitor Controller Features:
  • Combines fantastic mic preamps, 30 channels of high-quality analog summing, and mastering-quality monitor control to give you the best functions of an analog console
  • 24-position, gold-plated stepped attenuator knobs for precise recall of your session settings
  • Switchable nickel, iron, and steel output transformers give you the sound of a variety of vintage consoles
  • 30 channels of passive analog summing provide ample headroom to produce dynamic, hard-hitting mixes
  • Supports up to three sets of studio monitors
  • Cue output for connecting to your headphone distribution system
  • Requires Shadow Hills Power Supply, not included
The Shadow Hills Equinox microphone preamplifier, summing mixer, and monitor controller proves you can get analog-console functionality in just three rack units!

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Tech Specs

Type Analog
Channels 30
Inputs - Mic Preamps 2 x XLR
Inputs - Line 32 x DB25, 2 x XLR
Outputs - Main 8 x Line (DB25)
Outputs - Direct 2 x TRS
Outputs - Other 2 x XLR (Sum), 2 x XLR (Cue), 2 x XLR (Mic Amp Line)
Phantom Power 2
Talkback Yes
Rackmountable Yes
Manufacturer Part Number Equinox

Customer Reviews

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Received the Equinox that I purchased at Sweetwater and it was everything I imagined it would be and more. It was super simple to set up and I was up in running with it in a very short amount of time. Everything plugged in easily and the work flow on this thing is wonderful -- very ergonomic and comfortable to use. The upgrade for your monitoring system alone is worth the price of admission. You will hear everything you've likely been missing in whatever you've been listening through. Tons of new found headroom for your mixes and everything breathes with great space and plenty of punch. The mic pres on it are pristine as expected and you can change the color in each channel to one of three console flavors. Everything sounds incredible through every path of this unit. I've owned large format consoles in the past and considered going back to get "that" sound. Now I've got it and I think this even sounds better but now it's all in 2 rack spaces in my studio (I think they should have made it bigger just to make it more believable!) This will put the fun factor back into your control room and you won't have to have a neighborhood bar-b-que to get enough guys together to move it.
Music background: Producer for the Inventioning Band and more...

Shadow Hills Equinox

Shadow Hills is an extremely Boutique, high end, High value company for a reason, They make incredible gear. The Equinox has the functionality of some extremely nice consoles built into a 2 space rack (4 counting power Supply (Sold Separately) The master section is great its all stepped attenuation so extremely friendly for recall and finding the sweet spots of each transformer you're driving. Its very legible to read and the layout just makes sense so you spend about an hr and you;re already used to it without looking. It has the Mono Gamma type preamps for makeup gain and just all around incredibly versatile pres for tracking not to mention the direct inputs which i didn't realize it had until i un boxed it. All in all a great unit that will open your mixes up and give you the extra few inches you've been reaching for.
Music background: Recording Engineer, Producer, Installer, Live Sound Technician, Tech Director

The bomb!

This is the heart of my studio. Great summing, monitor control, and on top of all that you get 2 GAMMA Preamps to boot. Don't forget the dim switch, the talkback built in adjustable mic, and oh yeah, the look of a german UBOAT controls. Can't say enough good things about it.
Music background: Producer, Guitarist

Sweetwater Advice

Josh Estock

The Shadow Hills Industries Equinox is the command center of my mix room. It gives my mixes that big console sound, plus provides faithful monitoring and I/O options to boot. And an extra bonus: it makes my studio look more like the Batcave! Fight crime with your audio and put this box in your studio!
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