Ansmann Energy 16 Plus

Charging/Maintenance Device for 1-12 AAA or AA, 1-6 C or D, and 1-2 9V Rechargeable Batteries, Automatic Refreshing Function, 2 USB Charging Sockets
Ansmann Energy 16 Plus image 1
Ansmann Energy 16 Plus image 1
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Ansmann Energy 16 Plus
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Charge and Maintain Up to 16 Batteries

The Ansmann Energy 16 Plus Battery Charger charges and maintains from 1-12 AAA or AA, 1-6 C or D, and 1-2 9V rechargeable batteries. It features an automatic refreshing function, and sports two USB charging sockets for your cellphone, tablet or other 5V USB devices. The Energy 16 Plus also has added circuitry for optimizing the rejuvenation of your batteries, including a pre-charge cycle, which brings worn batteries up to an appropriate voltage before recharging. What's more, Ansmann's proprietary refresh cycle is onboard to fine-tune the chemistry of your batteries. Media pros here at Sweetwater rely on rechargeable batteries every day. That's why we use and recommend solid Ansmann products like the Energy 16.

Ansmann Energy 16 Plus Battery Charger Features at a Glance:
  • Accommodates from 1-12 AAA or AA, 1-6 C or D and 1-2 9V NiMH/NiCd rechargeable batteries
  • Two 5V, 1 Amp USB charging ports for your cellphone, tablet or other 5V USB devices
  • Capacity quick test of the inserted cells for approximately 10 seconds
  • LED green: capacity over 80% of the nominal capacity
  • LED orange: capacity between 25-80% of the nominal capacity
  • LED red: capacity under 25% of the nominal capacity
  • Auto-diagnosis of the inserted cells
  • Automatic pre-charging and/or refresh process, if required
Charge and maintain up to 16 batteries with the Ansmann Energy 16 Plus!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 1001-0004-US

Customer Reviews

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Ansmann Energy 16 Plus

There really isn't a high enough rating that I could give this battery charger. It charges double and triple A's, C and D's , and also has 2 ports to charge 2- 9 volt batteries. I am only using it for charging the ansmann double and triple A's that I purchased along with this unit. If you are using rechargeable batteries in anything you use. then you need to have this as part of your rig. Insert any batteries into it, and it immediately goes through a cycle, and then lets you know how much available charge is left. If it lights green, you have 80% or more, if it lights orange, you have from 50 to 80% left, if it lights red, you have about 25% battery life left. If you leave the batteries in the charger, the unit will automatically select the correct charging option. If the batteries just need to be refreshed, it will take care of it. If the batteries need a full charge, it will take care of it. If you leave the batteries in the unit after they are fully charged, it will automatically switch to trickle charge, so that the batteries are never overcharged. The run time of these Ansmann batteries is nothing short of amazing! I use 8 double A's in my Roland AX synth, and I am easily getting 10 to 12 hours of use before recharging them. (They may last longer, but I don't want them dying in the middle of a gig.) I use 1 triple A in my Samson headgear mic, and I have lost track of how long it lasts before needing a recharge. I have done three gigs totaling about 9-10 hours, and when I turn on the Mic, the battery flashes bright red, which means it still has a lot of juice left to go. I could go on and on about this unit, but let me just bottom line it for you. If you are in any situation, musical or otherwise, that requires the use of rechargeable batteries, BUY THIS UNIT. I recommend you get the Ansmann Pro batteries also, because they last three to four times longer than any other battery I have used. Did I mention that they can be recharged up to 2000 times! Drop the cash on this one, you will easily recoup your money in what you save in buying other batteries, and it is worth the peace of mind to know your equipment will never fail in the middle of a job. I simply can't praise this charger enough. (Did I forget to mention that it also has not one, but two usb charging ports on the side) Unbelievable!
Music background: Professional musician

The only charger you will EVER need

Ansmann keeps coming out with great products and the Energy 16 Plus is no exception. It is well-constructed and comes with a 3 year warranty. It can charge up to 14 batteries at once (D, C, AA, AAA, and even has 2 usb outputs for your mobile devices). This device is very easy to use, unlike some high end chargers. Don’t buy cheaper imitations, because you will later end up buying what you should have purchased to begin with, Ansmann! This charger operates silently and the LED lights will let you know when they are completely charged. You can’t overcharge your batteries because it will automatically go to trickle charge once they are fully. You can find cheaper chargers out there but they won’t measure up to Ansmann’s product and this is the best I have found.
Music background: Music Minister

A great charger

I have used Ansmann products for years and had great experiences with them. They maintain the batteries and provide a great gauge as to remaining charge when putting them back into the charger. I've only used the chargers with AA and AAA, but they will also accommodate C, D, and 9 volt cells. The Energy 16's maintain and condition the batteries and I appreciate the fact that I don't have to think about manually choosing conditioning cycles.This is my first Energy 16 Plus charger and I've used the previous version (Energy 16). Having such great experiences with the Energy 16's, I was concerned about not liking the Plus. Those concerns have been put to rest. While the differences aren't major, functionality has been added with the update to the Plus. I prefer the status lighting scheme on the plus and the added USB ports are nice.If you are looking for a great charger that is reasonably priced, this is the charger for you!

This is the ULTIMATE charger.

I'm a Worship Pastor at a local church. We're using this to charge all of our Ansmann batteries for our A/V needs.This charger has really blown away every expectation that I had. When I opened the box, I was immediately drawn to the quality packaging of the charger. Anyone that takes the time to package their product like this is really proud of it. Unlike alot of the other chargers we have, the power cord on this one doesn't have a bulky transformer built in...nice touch. It charges everything from AA's to 9V's and everything in between and includes 2 USB ports to charge iPods/iPads and Smartphones. The LED indicator lights are a nice bonus and the 'refreshing' feature tops off this Ultimate charger. If you're debating about whether or not to buy this thing, let me be the first to tell it. You will not be disappointed.
Music background: Worship Pastor/Tech Director

Works Great!!!

I use it in my church to charge the AA's for the wireless mics (handheld & headsets) and the 9v's for the guitar pedals. The USB's are a very nice bonus as well. The 9v's take longer than I'd like to charge, but that's due to the charging current being at 60mA for the 9v's. While the AA's charging current is 1000mA. All in all, it does a great job and I'm just so happy I don't have to keep buying new packs of alkaline batteries every other Sunday!!!
Music background: Music Minister/Audio Engineer
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