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Blue Microphones Ella Premium Planar Magnetic Headphones Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the Blue Microphones Ella Premium Planar Magnetic Headphones?

Questions about the Blue Microphones Ella Premium Planar Magnetic Headphones?

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  • from Huntington, WV March 18, 2017

    Blue Ella are amazing

    Sound great. I have a pair of AKG 712, which I use to pc game. I think they sound great and the Blue Ellas blow them away. Directional sound is excellent even though these are closed back. They are comfortable on my head too. Happy they came with two cables, because I can leave one plugged into my sound card and use the other in bed if I'm watching netflix on my laptop. The on board amp is great if you have no headphone, but I leave it off when going through my sound card amp. When watching movies on the laptop or listening to music I set the headphone amp to the first bass setting and it gives the sound the perfect amount of punch.

  • from March 17, 2017Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Well Balanced but slightly tame.

    I previously owned the original "Mo-Fis" and found them good sounding, tho uncomfortable.
    With the release of the Ella Planar's, Blue has created a much more comfortable headphone, tho you are not going to forget they are on your head.
    The Ella's take just over 3 hrs to fully charge using the supplied cable.
    SOUND:.. As compared to HiFi Man's 560s and Planar's in general the Ella's are very slightly rolled off in the High End (using the amp setting)....They are however much more balanced then the HE560s and the incredible width of their soundstage is comparable to any open back in this price range. This is indeed their best feature along with a fine midrange presentation. The depth of the soundstage is really really good tho its somewhat lacking that certain 3D quality that audiophiles crave.
    Will this improve as they burn in?.... I cant tell you, as mine are new.
    Blue has certainly captured within the Ella's tonality, a very good sound quality. Instrument separation is excellent and the bass response is ever so slightly refined in the preferred "amp on" setting, but overall it extends decently.
    The mids are where this headphone shines as they are lush and detailed bringing the Audeze sound to mind. Treble wise, there is no sizzle, none... The Ellas are dead quiet between tracks, however there is no extra high end detail found as i previously stated, as these headphones are certainly engineered and geared towards accuracy and balance.. = You wont find a "V" shape here. So, if bright sounding and "V" shaped is your need, then look elsewhere as the Ella's wont take you there.
    Blue's Ella's are absolutely designed for long listening sessions. They play well with Acoustic music, Classical, Rock, Choral, Dance, you name it, and should definitely be included on your short list if you have the available Shekels and are currently looking for fine sounding headphones to mix and master your tunes, especially if you are looking for clean detailed midrange presentation that is relatively comparable to listening to good studio monitors- speakers...which i believe Blue has highlighted and hyped regarding their description of these phones.
    In my opinion, when taking into account that Blue's Box that delivers these suggests an unfortunate "cheap" presentation, (these really do deserve a nice box), and the fact that the body-housing of the Headphones is mostly plasticy, i feel they are a bit over priced @ $700 USD, but at $599, they would be a superb deal.

Questions about the Blue Microphones Ella Premium Planar Magnetic Headphones?

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