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Avid Eleven Rack with Ground Control Pro Bundle Reviews

4.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Avid Eleven Rack with Ground Control Pro Bundle?

Questions about the Avid Eleven Rack with Ground Control Pro Bundle?

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  • Jeremy
    from Greensburg August 22, 2016Music Background:
    Semi pro= semi paid :-)

    Sheesh!! ;)

    I've had this bundle for almost 3 years.. my intent was to use it primarily for recording.. it does this amazingly well. Plus the ability to reamp... Plus the interface , plus protools full license.. now for practicality, I would not, nor would a professional guitarist strictly use this unit in a live situation.. you CAN and it will work, rather well.. but i never used this as my primary live rig., I kept it in my rack as a back up, right next to my g system brain which I used for midi switching my live rig (Marshall jvm's)... It is a preamp, and has pretty good effects.. i bought the mission EP11s expression to accompany this.. and the wahs on the unit are the best digital wah I've ever used.. way better than my g system.. but I typically use a handy jc95 live :-) my main focus in this review was to emphasize that this, for me, is the fastest and easiest way to get my guitar ideas into the box at a very high quality resolution.. I tried the 4 cable method just for giggles, and just as expected my Marshall felt more realistic and alive than the jcm patches, and my mesa sounds and feels more like a mesa... BUT straight into my daw and out of my studio monitors is where this thing shines for me.. and still has a great "feel"to it.. realistically, i know that models are getting close, but i don't think I'll ever prefer a model over the real McCoy!! I RECOMMEND THIS TO THE HOME STUDIO GUY, OR ASPIRING GUITARIST !!

  • Customer
    from Kentucky November 13, 2015Music Background:
    Classic rock player; worship musician; Christian rock band

    Avid Eleven Rack with Ground Control Pro Bundle

    I've waited a while to write this review, to give me some time to try to like this unit, but I just can't get there. I was at 2015 Gearfest and they were really pushing this unit, so I ordered one about a month later. I was really hoping to like it, but I've been fairly underwhelmed. First of all, it's hard to get in depth help if you need it. I'm using it with an EVH 5150iii 50 watt head, and the two pieces of equipment don't really seem to like one another, so Sweetwater hooked me up with someone from Avid, which I appreciated, but I still couldn't get it to do what I wanted. I really struggled to find some help getting things set up, but couldn't never find any. The manual does not go into any great detail. I tried the 4 cable method, which required a lot of editing and still didn't work correctly. I tried it only in the loop and that didn't work correctly. I did run it into the front end of the amp, leaving the amp on the clean channel, and that worked, but the sounds were only so-so. With an amp that sounds as good as the EVH, it doesn't make any sense to use overdrive sounds from a digital unit. I would like to use only the effects, and maybe it's just me, but I can't get it working that way, at least not for live use. If you are looking for a plug and play unit and don't want to spend a lot of time being a technician, then look elsewhere. If you love to tinker, read manuals, and spend a lot of time being a technician, then this is the unit for you. It might be a great unit for some people, but I regret buying it.

  • Jimmy Westra
    from Everett, WA January 18, 2015Music Background:
    47 years rockin Wheat Productions 300+ songs and lyrics

    2 years still eatering

    Good stuff. Can basically work any sound you want. ProTools and Elevenrack will tax your CPU They both use it. What you gain for one you loose the equivalent from the other. Stripped the cpu to protools efficiency standards and discovered if Elevenrack is even plugged to your CPU with out ProtTools software running the CPU is stifled at minimum basic performance. You get ProTools nothing without Elevenrack connected to your computer. No separation It's a Protools/elevenrack interface or nothing. if you want to to record and use protools as a Stand alone. Elevenrack is as noisy as any direct input processing unit out there for under $1000.

  • Seth
    from NC, USA October 22, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist, Karate Enthusiast, Casual Sherpa

    The Good, the Meh, and the Why does this not exist

    The Good:

    The sounds are amazing. Overall I love the tones you can get from this machine. For the cost of this product offering you get a great rig plus Pro Tools 11. The value is through the roof. I would highly recommend this as a studio unit as it's sounds are too good to pass up for the price.

    The Meh:

    This is not made to be a live rig. It CAN be used as a live rig, but it's not built for that. It seems like more of an after thought. Avid built an amazing guitar box for the studio and someone added Midi which made it work for live shows.

    Another minor issue is with Sweetwater's extras. Some of the patches don't match up. Sounds are muted, the rig is muted, buttons on the GCP aren't lit up that are on the 11R or vice versa. This was actually good for me because it forced me to learn how the GCP and 11R work together.

    Why does this not exist:

    Here are some things that I've run into that have me asking why Avid didn't implement.

    1. No Delay/Chorus/Reverb spillover from patch to patch. This means if you are playing a delay/reverb heavy patch and go to switch to an alternate patch all delay trails are completely cut off. This can be good, but 98.9547% of the time it's not.

    2. Small pause between changing patches. It's minor (the 11R manual says 60 milliseconds), but there is a noticeable lag between pressing the button and having the sound play back. This isn't too huge of an issue because you could easily learn to tap slightly ahead of the change. I've spent a few weeks with it in daily practice and I've almost got it nailed down.

    3. Delay tone shifting. If you have delay on one patch set to a slow tempo and another patch with a faster tempo the delay will bend the notes when you change patches. Slow-Fast = Low-High bend, Fast-Slow = High-Low bend. It sounds really bad when you do it live.


    Ultimately this is a great rig and works very, very well in studio and I've had minor, workable issues in my live setup. In the end, it does leave me wanting more.

    This is a great deal from a cost perspective and my Sweetwater rep was more than able to answer any questions I had before purchasing.

  • icemandoo
    from United States ohio January 28, 2014Music Background:
    musician of 40 years

    Avid Eleven Rack with Ground Control Pro Bundle

    my wife bought this for me for Xmas, Thank you Honey!
    this is a great Rig setup. also thanks to sweet water for your support & help, your customer service are beyond anything i can convey to anyone.they will just have to experience the joy for them-self. i have reviewed each component here i don't want to sound redundant.

    from January 8, 2014Music Background:



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