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Avid Eleven Rack with Annual Subscription Reviews

4.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Avid Eleven Rack with Annual Subscription?

Questions about the Avid Eleven Rack with Annual Subscription?

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  • Aaron Swaidner

    As a guitar player who also spends time in the recording studio, Avid's Eleven Rack gives me exactly what I want - whether I am playing out, or plugging in. Right out of the box, the Eleven Rack provides an abundance of tones I've always wanted. It also acts like a plug-in in Pro Tools, but all of the processing takes place inside the hardware itself, so it doesn't affect any of my computer's own processing.

  • Shawn Fitzgerald

    In my years of studio work, I've recorded guitars in countless ways — from isolation cabs to running direct to my DAW. The Avid Eleven Rack gives me the sound of real amp rigs, but with the convenience of running direct. There's nothing quite like having thousands of rigs in a 2U interface.

  • Nick Schenkel

    My studio's Eleven Rack is still at the top of the heap when it comes to amplifier modeling. It "feels" right, and the models respond to the dynamics of my playing the way real amps do.

  • Joey Ball
    from Jax Beach, Fl February 23, 2017Music Background:


    Very easy to upgrade from Pro Tools LE with the new subscription. The eleven rack is a great interface with many options to record and play live.

  • Mike V
    from TX October 18, 2016Music Background:
    Performer, engineer, composer

    Great addition to my studio, smart purchase..

    One of the first purchases I made at Sweetwater, very versatile interface, great sounds and tone, easy to use, included 104 Sweetwater artist presets, plenty of inspiration, Eleven Rack editor makes editing fast and fun, and to top it off, includes Pro Tools subscription!! Many thanks to my sales engineer and buddy Matt Alexander, top-notch customer service, knows what he's talking about, superb product knowledge, Matt won a loyal customer for life!!

  • John D
    from Indiana June 28, 2016

    Excellent Combo!

    I am new to the world of computer recording so I decided to go with the Eleven Rack/Pro Tools combo to simplify things. This combo was super easy to install and setup. I had a couple of questions that Sweetwater's Tech support easily handled. I was very surprised at the quality of the preset sounds on the Eleven Rack. Very nice indeed! Pro Tools has been incredibly stable and super easy to use. I highly recommend this combination to everyone interested in easy recording and fantastic guitar sounds!

  • John
    from Frederick MD May 20, 2016Music Background:
    Rock, Funk, Blues, and R&B

    Great for gigging and stuido

    I purchased Eleven Rack from Sweetwater about 4 or 5 years ago now and have been using it for both live shows and studio recording. Very durable and has great tones. For live shows I run it straight through a PA speaker for my monitor and the sound guys love the clean direct signal they get from my rig. I control it with the Behringer MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010. Works great and very responsive.

    Much easier to edit sounds using the software in ProTools than with the on board screen interphase, but both work. The pre-sets are fun, but you will likely want to edit them for your own purposes.

    Would definitely recommend for both live and studio work.

  • Donald
    from Los Angeles April 8, 2016Music Background:
    Ghostwriter from ALL

    Best Pro Tools Interface

    Why buy Pro Tools without an official interface for it? It can modulate any amp and speaker system setup, has universal connections to any device. I got all the pedals and amps built in, and can plug in any instrument. Love the guitar orange, but it also is great for vocal processing through the amps and pedals necessary for Rock and Metal. An incredible tool for writing music ! Sweetwater has also allowed me to recover all those presets from those musicians whom are long gone now. Someone really invested heavily in Avid to allow this product to reach the music instrument industry at this price;) Even though there maybe products that can do individual things better, not a single one of them can do as much as this.

  • Ariss Saavedra
    from Las Vegas, Nevada December 27, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist from the age of 8, Pianist, composer, song writer, Singer and all around Midiot!!

    Avid Eleven Rack

    I have been a guitarist for 43 years of my life. I have had every amp, FX pedal/Rack unit you can imagine. I've tried out software emulating guitar amps,FX, etc. Nothing could replicate the real thing until I purchased my beloved Eleven Rack!!! I can't stay away from it and my family is starting to miss me. They told me they were going to put me on a milk carton to find their missing dad!!! haha But seriously, I am having a great time going through the various rigs and the variety of FX units. I haven't even installed the software or tried the Pro Tools software included because my MAC is in the shop having a bad hard drive replaced. I can't wait to fire this thing up using my computer. My hats of to Avid and all the engineers, developers and all the time and energy to put this fantastic unit together.

  • Customer
    from August 7, 2016Music Background:
    guitarist for 10 years, home studio owner

    Good but cant record above 44.1 with pro tools 12

    This is a great piece of gear for and guitar player, a must have for all studio in my opinion but the audio interface wont record above 44.1 due to software updates.

  • Customer
    from April 19, 2016

    Eleven Rack

    The Eleven Rack is a wonderful unit. Pro Tools has turned out to be very complicated to get started up. Manuals and instructions could be much better and would make using Pro Tools much easier for someone whose computer literacy is at my low level.

  • RL
    from Apache Junction Arizona August 28, 2016Music Background:
    12-String Rickenbacker since 1967

    Great Hardware / Preset Based I/O

    This came with Pro Tools 12. Although this was the AVID offer I didn't need a digital amp emulator, I needed a simple, great sounding multi-track audio interface. It makes good guitar sounds if you have time to make adjustments and may be terrific at gigs, just a bit complicated.

  • Eric
    from Longmont, CO April 16, 2016Music Background:
    Serious composer and guitar player

    Skip it

    I bought this bundle last year (2015) with the full version of Pro Tools 11. I was happy with the price because I got a pretty good processor and Pro Tools (which is what I really needed to buy).

    But a year later... Here are the issues with these individually.

    The Eleven Rack:

    1. The software editor is USELESS. It doesn't even run 90% of the time. Garbage. Yes I've updated to the newest version, etc etc etc.
    2. There isn't even a "bypass" on the rack processor itself. That's brainless short-sightedness.
    3. Why does 2. matter? Because I don't want to use the Eleven Rack half the time. There are a few good sounds but most of the time I want other (much much better) equipment to do most of the tone-shaping. The Eleven rack adds more noise than a crappy Boss pedal. There's no way to turn off that obnoxious 'bzzzzz' noise. I have a very high end guitar rig that makes almost no noise except when I'm actively hitting notes on my guitar. This is just obnoxious. I'll see if I can use it for keys or vocals or something but if I can't I'm going to sell that ***** on Craigslist or take it behind the garage and kill it with gasoline and a lit cigarette.

    Pro Tools (11):

    1. I've *had to* replace this. As much as people drool over Pro Tools it is so insanely picky about everything that I've had to replace half of my computer. Did it fix anything? Nope. I have a fully compatible i7, 8 processor monster of a computer with insane speed, tons of hard drive space (etc) and Pro Tools crashes constantly, loses access to my audio interface (a solid Focusrite) and requires a ******* restart of my computer when it crashes. Forget it - I've never in my life record an album on Pro Tools again, period. I am a mathematician - you can't tell me that computer isn't sufficient to run Pro Tools when I can slay massive matrix decompositions and huge nonlinear PDEs in seconds!
    2. Pro Tools 11 doesn't work correctly with Sibelius. Sibelius is an AVID product. They can't even get communication between two separate AVID packages to work together? That's unconscious engineering at work. Thanks AVID.
    3. As if this wasn't enough of a headache, now I have to figure out how to migrate away from Pro Tools in the middle of a project I've been working on for a year and a half. No more, ever.
    4. And no, this isn't my first experience with how useless Pro Tools is. I used to run a recording studio and actually used Sonic Foundry ACID instead of Pro Tools because ACID kicked Pro Tools in the teeth. I hoped that AVID finally got it right. No, they did not.

    I have had *no choice* but to replace everything I bought. Yeah, it got me through a few months of writing but that time was a seriously not worth the trouble. I'm going to donate everything to the Tinkermill makerspace and move to something better in my studio.

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