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Avid Eleven - Native Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews

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  • Randy Akins

    It is unbelievable how good this plug-in sounds in a mix! The sound is spot-on and the amps are far more real than most other plug-ins!

  • from Portland, OR USA January 25, 2009Music Background:
    Pro Musician and Recording Engineer.

    Wow. They got it right

    I have tried almost ever amp plug-in out there. This one is hands down the most real feeling and sounding.
    Digi got the Fender and Vox amps right. No one elese can seem to get a Fender amp plug-in to sound and react right. Theses guys did. Crank the amp and guitar and it distorts beautifully. Back off on the guitar volume and it cleans up. Or just hit the strings lighter and it changes dynamics.

  • from New York August 13, 2008Music Background:
    Musicain, engineer

    I love Eleven Le

    I thought I would never be happy with an amp simulator plugin. I tried about every one looking for my sound. I downloaded a demo version of Eleven and was amazed. Wow! The tweeds behave like actual amps. I love the responsiveness of the models to my touch. I owned a reissue Fender Bassman and there model nailed the original better than Fender. The Marshalls made my Strats sing. I love to record at home. Eleven makes it possible to lay tracks any time of day or night. The tone cuts right through the mixes. I only wanted one thing for my birthday and I couldn't be more satisfied. I am a "tube amp snob" who believed I would never find a program that would shake my foundation, but Eleven has. The controls are simple and effective. A few of the Microphone models would cost you more than the program. It saves me time in the studio. Time is money. Not having to locate and mic every set-up I use on a project saves me hours.

  • from Toledo, OH July 22, 2008Music Background:
    Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer

    Simply the BEST!

    Ok so....I bought Eleven LE to go with my Pro Tools LE setup. And all i can say is...."WOW!" I can't keep my hands off it! This plug-in is truly amazing. I mean I really feel like I've got an amp mic'd up somewhere else in another room and I'm listening through my monitors. But the truth is I'm not. No mics, No amps just..ELEVEN. I'm not going to lie though. I listen to other demos of other software amp sims and I really think they sound great too. And sometimes they make me question Eleven....haha until I start using it! Then there is NO question involved. I love the fact that it's really easy to use. It's simple, pick your amp, your cab and mic selection and or position and your done. All in a nice little UI. The only thing I would like to see maybe is some sort of user preset community and some awesome upgrades from Digi as well in the future. When you get asked..."Awesome guitar tone! What amp did you use?" That's when you know you've got...ELEVEN!

  • from Atlanta July 16, 2008Music Background:

    I own em all and Eleven is the whip!

    I have gearbox and was never happy with the tones. They are good, but it never sounded like a real amp to me. I purchased Eleven and holy smokes! This is as close as it gets! I put on an AC-30 and sounded amazing! I highly recomend this plug in!

  • from January 15, 2008

    one of the best

    This is probally the best and most realistic amp modeler out there. Its doesn't have all the bells and whisltes of the other sims, and its not stereo, but from a pure realistic sound perspective, it is far superior. This is closer to the real thing so far then any of them.

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