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Elixir Strings 12002 Nanoweb Super Light Electric Guitar Strings Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Elixir Strings 12002 Nanoweb Super Light Electric Guitar Strings?

Questions about the Elixir Strings 12002 Nanoweb Super Light Electric Guitar Strings?

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  • from Washington D M V January 14, 2015Music Background:
    guitar picker/lover not a fighter

    The best strings available

    This is definitely one of those cases where you get what you pay for. These strings sound great, plenty of single note/chord definition, string squeak all but disappears AND they last my sweaty thrashing hands FOR-EVER! What great strings! In the past I used 9-42 on my '78 Strat and 10-46 on my mid 90's Gibson Les Paul and '61 SG re-issue. I now use the 9-42 gauge on all 3 guitars with no loss of oomph playing hard rock, metal/high gain on the Gibsons through a lot of effects and my Mercury Magnetics modded Marshall DSL50 into PRS 4X12 Harmonic Generator cabs loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s. I'm getting into my middle age and the silky smooth string bends feel great on my fingers, and all of the bite and Snarl remain. To save money I just buy 'em 30 packs at a time, I think there is an increasing price drop from Sweetwater if you buy more sets of these at the same time.

  • from Underwood, IN December 22, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, student,


    I've used only Elexir for 10 years they last forever. I have had one guitar that I changed strings on in June. I just replaced. That's worth the price difference. I just bought a new Tele, in 4 days they were turning black on day 8 changed strings. Sorry Fender your strings suck. but the Tele is awesome.

  • from New Hampshire May 27, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist for 35 years

    Love em!

    These are the only strings I use on all 15 Guitars that I own. My hands sweat a lot and have a high ph level that just rusts the heck out of strings even if I clean and oil them after each use. These strings just last and last without losing their great sound. I tried a lot of strings but have not found any that compare to these.

  • from Round Lake, IL October 26, 2012

    Long Lasting

    These cost more than most other strings but last a long, long time. I hate changing strings so I love these because they last at least 3 times longer than anything else I've tried. Since they last 3x longer, they're really not that much more expensive than cheap strings.

  • from Havre De Grace MD September 19, 2012Music Background:
    Musician/Studio Owner


    great string I'm sold for ever

  • from Dallas, TX August 26, 2011Music Background:

    WOW! What a difference a set of strings can make!

    I had to stop practicing just to write this review. I just changed my strings from whatever Gibson put on my Joan Jett Blackheart in the factory and I am blown away at the new clarity my axe has. Not only that but the sustain has improved impressively. At first the sound seemed twangy, but after I cranked up the heavy metal effects my mind was changed. Even the effect of playing with hand muting sounded more along professional lines (if I may say so ;-)). I was a diehard Earnie Ball fan, but not anymore. Goodbye Super Slinky's and hello Elixirs! Only downside is my fingers are sore... too bad, they'll be the better for it later.

  • from Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA April 2, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician; guitar and keyboards.

    My new brand of strings

    I bought these strings to find out if the technology worked and without compromising the tone. While I wasn't "blown away" by the tonal quality of these strings (hence the 4 stars instead of 5) they do sound as good as the others I have tried so you won't lose anything there by trying these out. What I did notice is the reduction in noise made from my fingers on the strings as advertised. I'll have to wait to find out if the coating also adds to the life of the strings. The technology makes sense to me and it appears to work. Once I tried these on my acoustic and liked the tone I ordered more for my electric guitars too.

  • from danielson ct August 5, 2012Music Background:


    I like these string's alot they do last longer and your finger's slide on them smoothly . They seem to have a little bit of a softer sound.

Questions about the Elixir Strings 12002 Nanoweb Super Light Electric Guitar Strings?

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