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Bogner Ecstasy 100-watt Handwired Tube Head with EL34's and A/AB Switch Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Bogner Ecstasy 100-watt Handwired Tube Head with EL34's and A/AB Switch?

Questions about the Bogner Ecstasy 100-watt Handwired Tube Head with EL34's and A/AB Switch?

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  • David Hess

    Three channels that will exceed your expectations every time you turn it on, turn a knob, or flip a switch. Hands down one of the most amazingly versatile amps I've ever had the plessure of playing that didn't have a dull tone hidden somewhere. Nothing here is boring. This is perfection.

  • from December 8, 2015

    one of the greatest all tims

    The Ecstasy is a gem. Every one the Ecstasy designs are unique and are capable of taking you to a sonic p playground. This particular head has been in and out of my main rig for a while now. It's Blue channel is downright as good as anything you'll ever hear. The Red Channel is equally as solid and a bit underrated if you ask me. This thing also is capable of delivering brilliant cleans with pitch perfect clarity. I've ran my Ecstasy 101B through many a cabs. 4x12 Marshalls with Greenbacks. A 4x12 Bogner with greenbacks and Creambacks paired offers a legendary combination. My new favorite is running 4 Celestion G12h creambacks. But this is one of the most versatile heads money can buy.

  • from Lafayette, IN February 11, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist, gear snob, collector

    Very sweet sounds

    I own one of the older models, a 2001, with the A/AB switch. Quite the amp indeed. Quite playable at bedroom levels, but really starts to shine once you get it to about "3". The clean channel is very good, not digital pristine but still warm and clear, very responsive to pick attack. The blue channel covers most of the classic sounds with ease, even up to some of 80s rock tones from the sunset strip. Channel 3 takes you up to the tones of early Metallica. Plenty of grunt and snarl but a little too loose in the bottom end for the modern metal sound. I hear it will tighten up with a good OD but I've not tried it. I use my Rhodes/KSR for the metal stuff. Exceptionally articulate, well heeled when you wish it to be, then like a Marshall on 'roid rage when you turn it loose. After having about a half dozen Marshalls, a handful of Mesas, peaveys, engl, an EVH, and a few other assorted amps, while pricey, I can say that if you're going to the Marshall-esqe tones, this whips any Marshalls ass that I've ever played. Not as quiet as my KSR, especially on boosted red channel, but still not very noisy, especially compared to the high gain channels on the JVM410H I used to have. Pair this up with something like a KSR, a Recto or the like and you should be able to slay about any style you wish. Stellar amp but does take some tweaking to get it where you want it, but once you do.... Look out!

  • from Cincinnati, OH USA November 25, 2008Music Background:
    Recording and Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician

    The name says it all...Ecstasy!

    I've played just about every amp out there: Mesa, Peavey, Marshall, Engl, Framus, Vox, Fender, Crate, Soldano, Bad Cat, Dr. Z...and many more. When I played my first Bogner amplifier 3 years ago I was completely blown away. That one was an Uberschall and it sounded so heavy it was like an atomic bomb got dropped directly onto my eardrum. A year or so later, I heard the Ecstasy. It's not as over-the-top heavy as the Uberschall, but the TONE!!! Smooth & sassy or thick & dirty. Cleans are crystal clear and overdrive is thick & saturated. This amplifer is VERY versatile. You can do anything with it. I've got one already that I play live, but I'm thinking about getting another one for the studio.

    If you're not convinced by now, go find one and plug your favorite guitar in.

  • from CA October 28, 2011Music Background:
    What it is.

    Hot, Sweet and Sticky

    Purchased in 2007, along with two 4 x 12 Bogner v30 cabs, on the heels of a huge amount of research, including calling the factory and speaking to several different knowledgeable Bogner employees. I also looked into other good manufacturers and even toured the factory of one of them. I wouldn't buy an amp such as this for the clean tones. That said, it does have very nice clean tones. I bought the amp because of the harmonic-rich, highly compressed, high gain overdrive tones (and yes, it's a preamp thing). As with all high gain situations a noise gate through the loop does wonders (cuts hiss and normal preamp gain noise). The amp is every bit as good as a Marshall JVM410H full stack. It's not quite as versatile, but there are some overdrive tones it can deliver that the JVM410H does not deliver. This is an overdrive amp where I do not want reverb (no reverb = no loss). The sole feature the amp lacks that would be helpful, especially since the master volume knobs for each channel are so touchy (very little variance results in large volume fluctuation), is an overall amp volume. One could then set the volume of the overall knob at say 25%, and then adjust the clean and overdrive channels to good matching volumes. The overall amp volume control could then be adjusted up or down as required and the volumes of the channels would go up or down accordingly, and would stay more or less volume balanced with respect to one another. This is how the JVM410H works. I love the Bogner XTC and use it all the time.

Questions about the Bogner Ecstasy 100-watt Handwired Tube Head with EL34's and A/AB Switch?

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