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Eventide Eclipse V4 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Eventide Eclipse V4?

Questions about the Eventide Eclipse V4?

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  • Robert Williams

    A great one-stop shop for high quality FX processing with conversion so good you don't need a line mixer! The dual-engine setup is great for morphing from sound to sound and provides for the delay and reverb trails to ring through when switching presets.

  • from January 21, 2016

    Good investment

    I spent a fair bit of cash to get a new one, but after a couple of years I feel this is one of the best purchases I've made. Stellar sound, and I continue to be amazed at what this box can do. I'm using a program with four excellent delays that feed a complex reverb, all very editable with many master functions so you can, for example, change the delay times for all four delays at the same time, while maintaining the ratio between them, or edit each individually. All that processing in that program is still only using one of the two main processors available. To Quote the manual, "On the eclipse, just about anything can be used to modulate just about anything else". It's all done so well that you hear the details of all this processing, it stays clear, doesn't muddy up when there's a lot going on.
    This thing is on a different level, the quality and power of the eclipse are truly impressive, to me.

  • from July 31, 2015

    Eclipse V4

    What can you say it is Eventide...

    My sales engineer Jason Koons recommended this for my project studio and man he was on the mark!! This will inspire you to play more and record more. Functionality is quite easy once you dig in and the sound is perfection.

  • from Washington, D.C. metro area June 5, 2010Music Background:

    I Spoke Too Soon, So-To-Speak

    In my initial review, I made the comment that this phenomenal processor "doesn't match wits" with a Marshall (or Fender) right out of the box as well as processors such as the tc electronics G-Force or G-Major. Okay, I was wrong. Once I got up into the 900's, I learned that this machine is loaded with wonderful guitar-centric presets taken directly from Eventide's stomp boxes (i.e. the Mod-Factor and the Time-Factor). This processor does everything well. Everything. I could easily do with another one of these things.

  • from Washington, D.C. metro area June 3, 2010Music Background:

    Incredible Machine

    I just bought one of these. All I can say is "WOW!" This processor is simply a step above the rest. It's not ready to match wits with a Marshall right out of the box like a tc electronic G-Force or G-Major is (I own both), but this machine is capable of doing all kinds of new, unusual, and very creative sounds. When I first started looking at this processor, I was under the mistaken believe that it would only do up to 2 stereo effects at a time. I finally made the decision to buy this processor when I learned that it is in fact a true multi-effects processor. Some of the algorithms have 8 or 9 effects in them. The system architecture is very different from tc electronics -- you don't build the preset from the ground up -- instead you find an algorithm that has what you want in it and modify it from there. Did I mention that the effects are incredible? Thank you sales engineer Andy Bitler for all of your help.

  • from Seattle, WA USA October 6, 2009Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Eventide Eclipse Rocks!!

    Ok if you are a guitar player and are looking for one of the best sounding racks on the market your search is over. The Eclipse sounds so good I am blown away when I turn it on and start making new sounds. This is not a plug in and play pedal, you will need to spend some time with the manual to get this puppy set up right. You will be very happy when you do. The sounds out of the machine are EPIC. Great for any thing you plug into it. I use it for my guitar and every gig I play people always ask me what are you using to get that sound? Eventide Eclipse has fast changes on the fly for live use. Great spill over delays and reverbs sound Epic. Get one today!! A big thank you to Sweetwater for all the help. A Great place to shop

  • from Vahon Island October 26, 2008

    I can't live without this!

    This thing is incredible! It has thick, lush delays, dreamy realistic reverbs, super phat modulation effects, and mondo distortions, all of which are highly user programmable. Works great in the FX loop of my guitar amp, and it's absolutely beautiful when injected into the returns on my recording console. I could definitely use another one!

  • from S. Carolina October 30, 2007Music Background:
    Hobbyist / Kirtan player

    Never thought I'd sound so good !

    Yes,it's as good as the reviews and the learning curve isn't as steep as I feared. A year after mine arrived from Sweetwater it still astonishes me. Best praise I can give is that it encourages me to practice more often and longer ! Worth every penny.

Questions about the Eventide Eclipse V4?

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