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Toontrack Metal Machine EZX (download) Reviews

4.5 stars based on 27 customer reviews
Questions about the Toontrack Metal Machine EZX (download)?

Questions about the Toontrack Metal Machine EZX (download)?

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  • from December 25, 2016



  • from June 22, 2015

    Great Midi

    Allow me to first explain what I'm about. I'm a guitar player who listens to semi-old school punk & metal. I listen to Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer, Megadeth, Lagwagon, Pennywise, Downset and many other bands of similar genre. The real heavy stuff, canibal corpse and pretty much any of that stuff with constant growling and double bass, gives me a headache. That being said, I was looking for drum sounds that were heavy and geared for a fast tempo, but not crazy overkill.

    Metal Machine is GREAT! The Metal Machine midi library is huge. I was afraid they would only include a few beats like one of Toontrack's competitors does with its packs. I didn't count exactly how many it includes, but it's somewhere near the total amount of midi tracks (of all genres) included with the initial program.

    The best part? The included midi is all usable. The beats, some basic and some technical, are heavy and very groovy. Again, it's old school heavy.

    I must confess, I'm not super stoked on the new drum kits. One of them was very good sounding. The rest were way to poppy sounding. That's ok with me. I really like the basic kit from the original download. The new midi beats sound awesome through the basic kit.

    If you're looking to jam to or write heavy metal like Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica, ST, Sick of it all, etc, this is a great program. There's volumes of great, usable beats. If you're looking for the 100% double bass, full on crazy dark metal, I'd recommend something else, possibly Metalheads.

  • from Colorado Springs, CO May 11, 2014Music Background:

    Very Impressed!

    I have never used drum software before and within minutes I had drum tracks ready for a song. I got EZdrumer 2 and the Metak Machine expansion pack and it's like I have Joh Tempesta in my home studio. This software is so intuitive, especially the tap and find feature. I would have a rhythm in mind and within seconds I had a list of grooves with that pattern. I love it.

  • from March 29, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer and Music Producer

    Toontrack Does It Again!!

    Another great product from Toontrack Ez Drummer, very versatile and easy to use.

  • from January 1, 2014Music Background:

    A thunderous gift from the metal gods

    This is the perfect product for any metal musician. These amazing samples will make any track sound incredible and they seem to fit perfectly in a mix with minimal effort.

  • from Las Vegas, NV April 2, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, songwriter, recording engineer, producer, perpetual student

    Banged my head against the wall for this one

    Great product. I've had the Superior drums and thought I'd try the EZdrummer. Was really amazed at the flexibility of the EZdrummer. More to it than meets the eyes. The Metal Drums just KickASS! Really wonderfully powerful sounds. Just what I needed for some of my stuff.

  • from Anchorage, AK February 8, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Absolutely incredible

    I was always skeptical about software drums. For me, software has been able to re-create virtually every type of sonic palate, but drums were always kind of absent from being awesome, especially in the category of metal, or heavy rock. There just wasn't enough boom, not enough punch...Until this. WOW, just purely amazing. The drums sound so big. I was in amazement from what came through my monitors. I have tried many examples of virtual drums to get a good, heavy tone, and nothing is even close to this. Toontrack absolutely blew everything else out of the water with this. If you have ever wanted to have ready, out of the box great sounding drums, this is it, but after a bit of tweaking, it sounds even better. I cannot recommend this enough. GET THIS!!!

  • from United States December 28, 2012Music Background:
    metal guitarist

    good if?

    i like it its really good love it in fact but i also bought drumkit from hell as well and useing them together is grate bust thing to do

  • from Los Angeles,CA June 14, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer,Live Sound Engineer,Studio Owner

    The Best Virtual Drums on the Market

    I was Interduced to this product in 2009 from The Namm show video and I was blown away. I had to have everything this company made for Ezdrummer and Superior drummer 2 everything cut through my productions and my client's really love my work.Toontrack goes all out two capture that studio sound and their kits can be used on any style of music.

  • from Wilkesboro, NC June 6, 2012Music Background:
    Producer, Musician


    I can't believe how great this sounds! I'm not even a "metal" kinda guy, but these drums are so punchy and fat...just turn 'em on, and they work. Whatever style of music you're doing, don't let the title limit you and get this...you'll love it!

  • from Virginia March 27, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, heavy metal guitarist


    sound killer, for making metal works perfect and is easy to use.

  • from February 16, 2012Music Background:
    sony Artist/ Producer/ Songwriter engineer

    So So So GOOD

    first of all Andy Sneap knows Metal Drums probably better than most anyone... I'm sure there's a few other names that come to mind when you think huge nice sounding drums.. but Andy is one of them for sure. I started researching Sneap a few years back before this program came forth, after interview after interview looking for some engineering tips that might help with drum mixing... I picked up some killer ideas from him.. But Wow... now you can use his authentic sound without studying up on his every little tip... I think one thing that seems to set this program apart from most others... it's not just some normal producers personal taste in what Metal drums should sound like, it's really what Metal drums do sound like... Well, when they are done right lol. They are punchy and really cut through a mix well, also... carry lots of healthy bite for drum solos and Jamming... I'm telling you, This is the program to buy if you are a metal head and are sick of weak thin so called metal Virtual instruments that come so short. I love it, and see it sounding great on more than just metal... If you love good old Hard rock.. I still say this is a killer kit to have... lots of options as well... I could just go on and on... Look, if you've read this far... just go on and buy it.

  • from Salem, MA February 4, 2012Music Background:
    Guitarist/Drummer (Hard Working Hobbyist)


    Well all I have to say is that these are THE best sounding samples I have ever heard. The Ludwig in this package BLOWS AWAY THE OLD ZEP KIT! I have BFD and Slate and a bunch of Toontracks extensions as well as SD2. Just big fat/yet cutting sounds. The snares are amazing. Very, Very inspiring. It's processed perfectly with punch. Not too much reverbThese guys (Toontrack and John Tempesta) did an incredible job with this) I use mesh heads on an acoustic kit with external triggers and Roland TD-4 module running Mac OSX (Lion). This is not just for metal. You get a very flexible kit here with Zildian's. I love the steel Ludwig Kit with 18"x26" kick. All steel set. The black beauty snare has the exact powerful inspiring crack I have always searched for. And the kick is un believable. Spent the WHOLE day playing. Can't wait to lay down some tracks and add some guitar! You will not be disappointed. So glad I got this instead of upgrading to SSD4.

  • from Southern California January 1, 2012Music Background:
    Pro guitarist


    These drums are big. They are great for metal which I don't play much but are also great for the progressive rock stuff I write. They do have a softer side but the aggressive side is where they shine. If you record anything with aggressive sounding drums these are the drums for you. These will not dissappoint.

  • from bethlehem,pa December 26, 2016Music Background:
    long time guitar player,proghead and metalhead...

    metal machine!!!!!!!!!!

    im using this ezx in superior drummer 2 and all i can say that it is awesome,,,,,the grooves in this program puts a spark in the creativity of writing drums for my guitar tracks..the drum selections in here are very good as well,you cannot go wrong with this ezx.....love it

  • from Arizona September 13, 2015Music Background:
    Composer, Recording Engineer

    Awesome sounding drums!

    These are some great sounding drums! I got this when it was $39.99... What a deal!! I do a lot of soundtrack type music and this fits perfect with my compositions. The kick and snare are top notch! Only reason I didn't give it a full 5 stars is because I'm not that crazy about the cymbals but overall this is a great product.

  • from United States September 2, 2014Music Background:

    Amazing Kit

    This kit just like all of the ToonTrack kits are amazing. I know I will eventually own all the libraries.

  • from June 25, 2014

    More than metal

    I don't do metal music so I wasn't sure how well this would work out for me but I like it. I have almost everything Toontrack has put out drum related so I decided I would give this a shot largely because I like the sound of Henson's studio A for drums, it has a cool slap that is on the verge of being unruly. There is a Tama Bubinga kit in this pack that sounds killer, you just might want to Eq some of the high end out of the kick and snare and put some mid range back in and you get less of a metal sound and more of a rock sound.

  • from Moses Lake, Wa. April 19, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer

    Excellent drums

    The drums in this expansion pack sound great! Almost no tweaking required. I use the loops from DFH and the drums from this pack to get the sound I like. I definitely recommend this especially if you are writing heavy stuff

  • from Fargo, ND January 6, 2014Music Background:
    Vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, amateur producer

    Played by Bostaph, produced by Sneap.

    This plugin is by far the best sounding mix of drum kits for metal I have ever heard, which is no surprise considering the kits were played by Paul Bostaph (Slayer, Testament) and recorded and engineered by Andy Sneap (far too many amazing albums to mention). My personal favorite is the alternate Tama Kit, but all of the kits sound fantastic. You will be hard-pressed to find a better sounding group of sampled kits for metal in any other plugin. These kits are punchy, tight, clear, crisp, and full of life. Highly recommended.

  • from Portland, Oregon December 23, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-Retired pro musician, Bassist.

    Metal MachineEZX

    I thought the drum sounds were absolutely fantastic. The choices the kick and snare were very cool, however the cymbals, I thought, were mediocre at best. The choices for fills were too drawn out, shorter more subtle ones would be nice. At least have the choice. Also every time I start to change the cymbals, the dreaded spinning pinwheel invades, and I have force quit on the program. Weird. Overall I think this EZX is great, I use it all the time for my drum sounds. Definitely would recommend this EZX to everybody that wants great big drum sounds.

  • from May 29, 2012

    The best for what it does

    If you want excellent sounds right out of the box, this is it...
    And it's not only good for metal!

    Of course, these sounds are already mixed. So if you're looking for real pure samples, and your goal is to mix them just like we mix a real drum, then go for the Superior extension line.

    But if you want fast (and excellent) results, and if you are not really interested in mixing from scratch, these samples can sit perfectly in your mix almost instantly.

    Punchy, in your face, powerful, and really pleasent to ear.

    The only thing I could say, is that the cymbals are a little bit thin.
    Perfect for metal, since metal music is often loaded and cymbals cannot take too much space in the frequency spectrum, but for rock or other non-metal styles where the cymbals needs to be a little bit thickier and low, the ones in MM are a little thin.

    Overall, escellent.

  • from Springfield, MO June 9, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Hobbyist, Musician

    Toontrack Metal Machine EZX

    Great production tool! Would recommend!

  • from Tucson, AZ USA September 2, 2013Music Background:
    A lot

    Very Nice

    Works for what I need it for.

  • from New Mexico June 12, 2013Music Background:
    I play a little.....

    Like it.

    Works awesome. Needs more loops.. and maybe a few diff more cymbal options. sounds great though

  • from Utah December 12, 2012Music Background:
    Roxstar* , try to help change the world with music!

    More Jam Track Please!

    It has been my favorite so far. I like the way there are full song loops available in this expansion pack. I hope to see more jam tracks in the future. I am a guitar player not a drummer I don't want to always layout a song. This has some good full song loops. Just keep the price down to $39.99 though because $80.00 is just way too much. For sure. Thanks Dylan

  • from Utah November 12, 2014Music Background:
    recording, punk/metal/alternative, drummer and guitarist

    Metal Machines

    Overall I give this a rating of about 3.5.

    Before I bought these I spent A LOT of time listening to the other kits by EZDrummer and found this to be the best one for what I had hoped to do). Some of the other metal kits were close runners up, but I chose this one.

    I liked how the bass drums sounded, and the toms and cymbals were decent, and if you are a fan of how modern recordings sound I think you will like these.

    That being said, here are some things that I did not like:

    There was too much compression used on these, most noticeable on the snare. It was compressed so much that in a mix there is hardly any crack and snap to the snare and it was squashed so much that any EQ I tried to use to help it was useless.

    Also, the floor toms sounded a little dead. I wouldn't say that they sounded horrible, but most of the sound was from the sound of the stick hitting the head and not much body or tone to the toms themselves.

    I am guessing that they faded out the ends of the samples on the cymbals (not a horrible amount, but still noticeable) rather than letting them ring out. This may be not obvious, but it didn't sound natural to me and you can hear the room noise fade out (this would probably only be noticeable if you were soloing one cymbal at a time)

    Again, if you like modern sounding music and don't mind the amount of compression you will like this. If you think music these days sounds squashed and lacks dynamics and life, I would suggest looking at something else.

Questions about the Toontrack Metal Machine EZX (download)?

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