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Toontrack EZmix 2 Plug-in Reviews

4.0 stars based on 38 customer reviews
Questions about the Toontrack EZmix 2 Plug-in?

Questions about the Toontrack EZmix 2 Plug-in?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • John
    from Central Connecticut November 22, 2016Music Background:
    Writer and home recording artist

    Best short cut for a good sound

    I use EZMix 2 with logic pro x and I have to say, this is the quickest way to get a really great sound without spending hours working on a tone. With that being said, you can only do so much with the tones that come with the program so expect dropping some money on expansions. But that is the only down side. Toontrack holds regular sales throughout the year so grabbing expansions aren't that costly.

  • Customer
    from November 25, 2015

    Amazing sound.

    This is a great plugin for anyone who isn't the best at mixing or mastering. It comes with 6 EZMix Packs including: Ambient, Amps, Bass Toolbox, Drums Toolbox, Lead Vocals and Mastering II. I've struggled for years with mixing and mastering. Not anymore. This is one of the best plugins on the market for home recording studios. I plan on adding more of the EZMix Packs soon.

  • Steve Waite
    from Shelton, CT January 7, 2014Music Background:
    Record company owner, producer, guitarist, songwriter

    Another great Toontrack product

    I have been using other Toontrack products in the studio and loving them. I recently purchased this product and I am delighted I did. It is a great addition to my mixing tool kit (which includes the Waves Platinum bundle). It is simple to use (a hallmark of Toontrack products) and sounds terrific - especially given the modest price tag compared to what you would pay for a suite of plug ins with similar capabilities. This product will be a mainstay in my studio for years to come. Congrats to Toontrack for putting out another winning product. Also hats off to Sweetwater for delivering the best customer service in the business.

  • Steve Skudler
    from Colorado June 27, 2013Music Background:
    Self taught. Make relaxation music CDs

    EZmix 2 is perfect for my studio and my skillset

    This plug in is easy to use and I pretty much use it on everything I'm working on creating. I'm happy to have new ideas, new sounds and new effects to access easily at the touch of a button

  • Customer
    from June 23, 2013


    Load your old songs into your daw and make them sound so much better.

  • Frank
    from United States April 6, 2013

    Best Product Ever

    If I could give it 10 stars, I would. I was blown away by the sound improvement I was hearing from my demo recordings. It really opens up when you add some additional packs to it (I added Metal Essentials and Guitar Gods), but as a stand alone product, this is as good as it gets. MUST OWN

  • Eric
    from United States February 9, 2013Music Background:
    Musician; Songwriter


    I've been a musician for over 20 years (bassist), and this is easily one of the best, most revolutionary tools for musicians in songwriters in years! For one thing, it does exactly what is advertised.

    I use it in my Pro Tools MP 9 rig, but I mostly use it as a stand-alone tool for practice. Whether I want to play guitar or bass, I can call up one of my favorite tones, and play for hours. I highly recommend this product! The expansion packs are equally impressive.

  • Gerry Mouton
    from Texas February 8, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Toontrack EZmix2

    I bought this after being frustrated with trying to mix and master a CD I was producing in my home studio. Now, I use EZmix2 on everything I record. It just makes everything sound better!

  • zach
    from United States January 10, 2013Music Background:

    its the bomb

    it getis every thing i need to be done in secs saves a bunch of time

  • Carlos Díaz
    from December 27, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer


    Just wanted to say Toontraz EZmix2 is outstanding

  • jerry thomas
    from lousiana October 24, 2012Music Background:

    good stuff

    this is a great product especially for new home studio users. makes mixing simple with a fantastic sound.

  • Rick Fletcher
    from Dallas Tx July 20, 2012Music Background:
    producer, hobbyist


    great for quick mixing. I don't have to work as hard.

  • Joe
    from Jacksonville, Florida June 29, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar player / Songwriter 35 Years

    It's a No-Brainer

    I'm sure I'm simply repeating what others have said about this product - If your a producer, or a producer wanna-be - then you don't want this software... BUT, if you are musician who records your own stuff and you want professional tones and mixes a the touch of a button (or a few mouses clicks) it's simple - BUY THIS... BECAUSE IT ROCKS!

  • Kevin
    from Indiana April 22, 2012Music Background:
    Studio and song writer

    This is very COOL

    Ok, ToonTracks again is doing a great thing here - this EZ Mix is fast simple and so easy to navigate. I takes a lot of thinking out of the process that you might spend thinking out effects and setups for processing tracks. Easy to integrate in Pro Tools and the sounds are really good. Being a Guitar first and foremost - had to check out the flat out guitar tracks setups - and I was very pleased with a fast plugin that gave me a sound that was not brittle or over processed. Great Job ToonTracks - EZ Keys is next!!!

  • Customer
    from December 30, 2016

    good stuff

    plenty of great sounds at good solid levels=== good!

  • Geary Williamson
    from Ardmore, ok October 6, 2014Music Background:
    Home Recording studio


    It is a great tool for quick mixing. EZ 2 mix has some great sounds that will beef up your mix. I am saving my money to buy more of the other insert software.

  • Dave
    from Iowa USA August 27, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Composer,, Recording Engineer, 30 years


    I started using Toontrack SD2.0 several years ago so I could avoid miciing and mixing a whole acoustic kit. I was blown away. Very intuitive interface and very easy to use. I've been using Waves products for mixing and mastering and sure, they're great but very expensive and time consuming. EZMix 2 produces excellent sound mix and mastering in a fraction of the time it takes me to use Waves products. Although I don't use the amp models that come with it they sound just as good as some of my Line 6 gear. If you want professional sounding mix and masters and are on a budget or find other products time consuming and difficult to use this is what you need for your host software in your DAW.

  • John Daniels
    from Panama City, FL June 11, 2013Music Background:
    guitar/bass/mandolin player/recording hobbyist

    Shake and bake

    This product makes sound mixing easy; in short order you can have "sauce" ready for your mix that you didn't have to build from scratch. Very time saving.

  • Tom Mody
    from Norwich NY October 18, 2012Music Background:
    semi-pro studio

    EZMIX 2

    My Sweetwater rep recommended this for my home studio mixes and I couldn't be happier. Drums and bass tracks in particular are vastly better and out front. Only reason it lacked 5 star is that guitar settings for metal are just average, even with the metal expansion kit. But it's just so easy to quickly dial up a sound and so easy on the CPU. I haven't tweaked one preset yet.

  • Slade Rivers
    from Pioneer, CA June 15, 2012Music Background:
    Singer, songwriter, guitar player, home studio

    It's easy!

    I love how EZ Mix 2 simplifies the mixing process. It isn't the same as a million dollar studio but the end result is very clean. What I like most about it is when it comes to mixing the bass. For me, the bass is the most difficult thing to record, mix, and master. EZ Mix lets me get a very good bass mix. I would definitely recommend EZ Mix to anyone with a home studio who wants to create good mixes without spending lots of money and taking up lots of time.

  • Dalton
    from Indiana September 10, 2016Music Background:
    10 years of guitar and 8 years of percussion

    Pretty slick

    only wish I had more!!

  • Michael
    from Nashville June 2, 2015Music Background:
    Rock player, sessions, touring artist

    EZ Mix made life EZ!

    After years of analog stuff I'm new to computer recording. The learning curve was made a lot easier with this little gem. The presets are the quickest way to dial in exactly what you need, plus you can tweak the amount and adjust it even more. If one patch doesn't do the trick you can stack them in your inserts to get multiple effects. I've even downloaded a couple of the amp bundles and am very happy with the tones. I will say that you can tweak as much as you want and really dial in what you want, it's pretty awesome. The staff at Sweetwater of course were great as always. Immediate download and no problems at all. It's everything I thought it would be, life made EZ for sure.

  • Clint McLain
    from Morriston Florida December 28, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician and home studio recording


    Bought this for the easy use on a quick setup for effects on vocals and it works great

  • Jeff Hartzell
    from OH April 26, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, hobbyist

    EZmix 2 use may cause feelings of guilt

    Yes, this plug-in is almost too good: it's the closest thing I've seen yet to a "create sonic awesomeness" preset. For someone who respects the science and art of audio engineering, it feels like cheating. But the presets are in general quite good, modestly tweakable and definitely made for a fast workflow. So I recommend giving it a try; just don't tell your audio engineer friends.

  • Mitch
    from NYC December 24, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Musician

    Great production tool!

    I originally bought EZmix 2 to be used mainly a guitar/bass amp simulator. What I ended up getting was a great tool for experimenting with different sounds and signal chains that I would not necessarily have tried. Essentially, it makes your Pro Tools session feel somewhat like GarageBand, in that you can cue up a bunch of presets and see a virtual rack with the signal chain.

    I love this as a supplementary tool, but am not using it as my primary mixing tool.

  • Joe
    from St. Paul, Mn December 24, 2012Music Background:


    For quick mixes and more...

  • Joe Hash
    from Toronto December 24, 2012Music Background:
    Songwriter, Guitar Player

    A time saver...

    I'm a songwriter who makes work recordings, in which I rough-in the kind of arrangement I'm looking for on the demos. So my mixes don't need to be broadcast ready...they just need to convey my ideas to the demo producer. Still, they I want them to sound good, quickly, and this software achieves that. If I was producing broadcast-ready recordings, I'd use this to rough-in the mix quickly, and tweak from there. It's would save a ton of time. I'd give it five stars, but I feel they skimped on the presets that come with the software, in order to sell more expansion packs.

  • Bob Pilla
    from Whitestone,NY December 22, 2012Music Background:
    Career musician!!!

    Toontrack and Sweetwater a winning combo!!!!

    This product is great and all the added EZ packs that go along with this are all very very useful and are well thought through!!! The people here at Sweetwater are always very helpful and Toontracks please keep putting forth these great products!!!!

  • David R
    from Los Angeles , Ca December 22, 2012Music Background:
    Student of music


    I am stoked snout this plug in. it is super easy to get tracks to sit in a mix with EZ Mix . I am a huge fan of toontrack. The only drawback is you have to buy a lot of extra packs at 50 bucks apiece.

  • Noel Hernandez
    from Colorado December 21, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar teacher


    EZmix is a really easy product to use. I found just putting it on any given track automatically makes it sit in the mix space better. This product is great for those who don't want to spend 20 hrs per song to get it in the write place. How ever it has its limits with the fine tuning. Since there is only two effects adjustments you may still find your self adding multiple instances of the effect to get more than two things done. Say you want delay, reverb, eq, and compression. Well that right there means you have to have two instances of the insert effect. The advertisement certainly didn't tell me that. In summation, good for those who just want the project done so they can get to doing more music, bad for those who want the music they did to have an extra unique sound to there mix.

  • Henry
    from ILLinois July 31, 2012Music Background:
    Minister of music, Recording engineer.


    I can tell right out that this is what I've been needing all along. Too bad it doesn't have a setting for sax. Maybe the guys at Toontrack will come up with an EZmix 3 where we can fine tune the settings. Thanks for a great product.

  • Jeff
    from Chicago IL/Nashville TN April 1, 2012Music Background:
    Working Songwriter

    Excellent Tool For Songwriters!

    I owned the original Ez Mix, and I thought it was ok, but I didn't really use the program because it never really had what I was looking for. I upgraded to EZ Mix 2 because I saw a few demonstrations online of it and it seemed pretty cool with the new guitar amps and everything inside, I was still a little disappointed with the selection of things inside once i upgraded. I decided to purchase a few expansion packs and see if that would do anything. Once I did, WOW, this plugin rules! The Core expansion pack made the difference, and I also purchased the metal and songwriters tool pack. Excellent Tools. I'm a working songwriter and I own a good majority of the Toontrack Products. But this has saved me a few headaches mixing and especially mastering. I'll admit, though this does work wonders for your mix it isn't the be all/end all. When mastering I still do need to use some stock and waves plugins on top of this to really give it that commercial sound, But the presets in here definitely put you in the ball park. What I wish toontrack would add in the future with Ez Mix is the ability to adjust the presets further. Yes, they give you two knobs to adjust a little bit, ..but what if i want to take a few components out of the preset to make it just right. Otherwise, great product, will continue to buy toontrack products in the future, hopefully the price of the expansions will drop too =)

  • Rick Lowe
    from April 7, 2013

    EZmix 2

    This Plugin makes mastering your songs quick and EZ. It comes with some pretty cool presets. When time matters, EZmix gets the job done.

  • Abe
    from Montreal, Qc July 1, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar Player

    It Does The Job

    It would be great if it gave more control over the presets, but all in all, this got me out of a bind, and I find myself using it more than i thought I would.

    Expect to buy some of the add-ons. But word to the wise: I find the "rock" one to be utterly useless.

  • Groovus
    from Wheeling, WV December 25, 2014Music Background:
    Does it all!

    Not bad, but...

    EZ Mix is essentially a good plugin for DAWs. In my opinion, I think that this plugin would be better if they included all of the preset packs that they are selling with it, I mean, after all, they are merely just saved parameters with a name given to them. At this price, the software is not inexpensive by any means, so, like I said, I really think they should at least provide a great many more presets that what comes with it.

  • Customer
    from December 22, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician & Live Sound Engineer

    Nice idea, but not worth the money.

    Its a great idea, and it can come in useful at times. Unfortunately, I find that I still have to do the majority of the mix with other plug-ins. Its not a terrible product, I just dont think its worth the money. It saves me very little time at all.

    Although, I've heard it is substantially better with the add on presets which I dont have...

  • sean compton
    from Boston, MA March 20, 2012Music Background:
    Professional musician, songwriter, live sound engineer

    Loyal Toontrack customer

    I was hoping to love this, I own the original EZ Mix with the rock expansion pack and also most of the EZ drummer packs and up until this, I loved all their products. They just came out with an expansion pack for this so I'm hoping that will improve this product but for me this is their first miss. It's very limited and if you don't already own the first EZ mix this would be a total bust. I guess they can't all be winners.

  • TGM
    from United States December 31, 2014Music Background:
    musician, singer, songwriter, etc.

    Toontrack EZmix 2 Plug-in

    Can't figure out what anybody likes about this -- Bought it, thought for sure I'd get SOME kind of use out of it (maybe it would have some great vocal settings or might work wonders for some thing or another) -- I thought wrong. A complete waste. This product is for people who don't want to spend any time at all on their mix and will settle for EQ's, effects, etc. that are NOT specifically contoured to their song. It is so limited, it's an absolute joke.

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