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Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50 Plus 50-watt Tube Head - Black Reviews

5.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50 Plus 50-watt Tube Head - Black?

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50 Plus 50-watt Tube Head - Black?

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  • from mobile, AL February 21, 2017

    just got mine

    I have mine plugged into a 2x12 Boogie cab and a 1x12 Boogie cab. Super thick soloing capabilities. Very flexible. I highly recommend it. Prob my 5th boogie over 20 years. And certainly my favorite. My Marshall JVM410 is the greatest amp I have ever owned and does the trick for 4x12 goodness, but this amp is better for Jam band, blues, funk stuff. This is not a metal amp AT ALL. If you want some metal capabilities to go with the Mark V. this amp has beautiful, clean sounds too! Excellent reverb. Buy it! Now! Don't tell your wife!

  • from Iowa March 17, 2016

    Great amp!!!

    This amp is great. I was not able to find one locally to test drive so I had to watch videos and read reviews to make my decision. I'm so glad I ended up ordering this from Sweetwater. I ordered it Friday morning, had it in my hands Saturday afternoon.
    The "clean" is clean and round, "crunch" is fat and thick, "blues" is responsive and earthy, "burn" is punchy and driven. Having the option to choose 5, 25, or 50 Watts is nice and does not just change the volume, but also changes feeling of the amp and how it compresses the guitar signal. If you are wondering if 50W is enough, find one to play. I actually had a heavy handed drummer comment on how loud it was.
    I feel that this amp (with the right cab) could be used for any sized show.
    All in all, this is a great amp!

  • from Seattle, WA January 8, 2016

    Express 5:50

    This amp is truly amazing. I used it for our Christmas Services at Church, ran it through a 1-12 rectifier cab, and the THD Attenuator. The 50 watt clean channel was crisp, and the crunch gave me a nice bluzy sound. This was run with my PRS Custom 22 - 10 Top. I love the sound the 6L6 tubes produce over the EL84. This is definitely a great amp for worship and gigs.

  • from Union, KY January 4, 2016

    Truly is Amazing

    So I wanted to express some feedback for everyone that is thinking about buying this amp. Anything Mesa Boogie is truly amazing, so don't think twice when your deciding to buy a mesa boogie. I own this amp head, and I am blown away by its amazing sound it puts out, it is truly unique.
    If this is your first time buying this brand, I would recommend getting this as your first Mesa Boogie amp. I always been a combo man myself, but I got this with a closed back speaker cab and I am never going back to a combo. Just because the sound is tight, you can dial in whatever your needs are with no issues. Anything from clean tone, to blues, to rock, and metal.
    Best part is: Easy to lug around, no biasing it when replacing the tubes and this thing shines bright with my band.

  • from Florence, KY June 18, 2015

    Just Amazing - just get this already

    This is the first Mesa Boogie ever owned, it has always been my dream amp to get! The hard part of getting one that I wanted was choosing which Mesa amp to get and I decided to get this little bad boy and I am glad I did. I hooked it up to the Wide body speaker cab and couldn't believe the tones I am getting. I have always been a combo amp guy, but decided to get this set up instead of the combo version and this is worth every penny by far. This thing blows my Fender and Peavey amp out of the water. If your a combo amp type of guy but deciding if you want to get this instead, I recommend this amp head and the Mesa Boogie Wide Body 12 inch speaker to go with it. If you been waiting for years to get this amp, I would drop everything and get this one. Sell your amps you currently have and put the money towards this and a cabinet.
    I have found the tone I was looking for, no going back now

  • from Albany,NY February 27, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist for 50 years,Songwriter,and Recording Eng.

    The Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50 Plus 50 Watt Tube Head

    I have owned 3 Mesa Boogie's and this is by far the one built to gig. Easy the carry, set up and get great tone in a flash. The foot switch lets you get 8 different sounds without touching the control. When you start tweeking ,the amount of different set ups is limitless.I will NEVER get rid of this amp .

  • from Tustin, CA USA May 4, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Blaster, OG, Hobbyist, Drive by Shooter

    Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 plus

    This amp is great, Mesa is some professional stuff so you know you can't go wrong with any of their amps.
    I was worried if this amp could handle low volumes for bedroom size and it nailed it.
    This is a powerful amp.
    If you get one, I recommend you to do some research before the any purchase.

  • from Fort Lauderdale October 16, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Mesa does it yet again !!

    I cannot believe this amp head......it literally does everything I could imagine from amazing sparkling cleans, Pushed Blues, Crunchy Rock to Scooped Metal.......You need it, it's in this box !!

  • from Columbus, OH April 25, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Express 5:50 Plus Head Rocks!!!

    I received my Express 5:50 Plus Amp Head two weeks ago. It took no time at all to dial in the tones I wanted (I am bypassing the EQ's at this time). Tonal quality is very similar to my Lonestar Classic Combo and is easier on the back! I have played two gigs so far, one in a small club, the other a large. Plenty of volume on tap, but also fairly easy to contain to lower volumes. Mesa quality is great, Sweetwater service is fantastic!!!!

  • from Chicago environs March 3, 2017Music Background:
    Jam master

    Fantastic amp

    This is a review of the Mesa Express 5:50 Plus head. I'm running it through a 2x12 vertical Recto cab, closed back. I've owned an original 5:25 1x10 combo since they came out in 2007, and really love that little combo. The 5:50 Plus head is an incremental improvement over the old 5:25, different circuitry and power section, more control over individual channel wattage, addition of the slider EQ... It all adds up to make it a much different animal. I'm just getting started dialing it in to my taste, and as usual for a Boogie it's an adventure in tone exploration. Really enjoying it so far!

  • from Toledo, Oh September 6, 2013Music Background:
    Session Musician, Tone Chaser


    Bought this amp after trying out about a half dozen other amps this year that just didn't cut it. Amazing clean tones, I mean think Fender but even a little better for my ear. The Overdrive channel is awesome as well and has two separate modes (Blues/Burn). It DOES take a little while to get the tone you want dialed in, this isn't really an out-of-the-box amp, but that's part of the fun with this amp, really making it your own. The 5 band EQ allows for a LOT of tones. Be warned though, this is not a Metal amp. You CAN get awesome mid-high gain, but it's not a rectifier! Pairing this with a Fulltone OCD pedal will get you in that tight OD territory though! I love this amp, considering buying a second to run in stereo with my Stymon pedals.

  • from United States August 16, 2013Music Background:


    Almost perfect. You can hear every note with complete clarity, very well balanced from the lowest to the highest. The crunch mode is turning heads of fellow players. The gain channel is awesome as well. Just plug your guitar in and play, no pedals necessary. The reverb sounds very good.
    The EQ presets provide another good way to change the tone.
    The two channels and the solo boost allow you to switch tone in the middle of a song ( make sure both channels are on the same power setting to avoid the switching noise) or boost your current tone for the solo.

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50 Plus 50-watt Tube Head - Black?

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