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Hammond EXP-50 Expression Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Hammond EXP-50 Expression Pedal?

Questions about the Hammond EXP-50 Expression Pedal?

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  • from Tulsa, OK November 5, 2015Music Background:
    Keyboards/Hammond Organs

    Essential Item

    This pedal FEELS and ACTS just like our old B3. My only criticism is that it feels different being completely on the floor; my foot isn't used to the lower profile yet.

  • from July 12, 2015

    EXP-50 Has My Vote!

    This pedal is a MUST HAVE if you're going to play a Hammond SK product! I have an SK-2 and this gives me so much hands-free delivery I can do so much more with this organ.

  • from Florida June 15, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Keyboardist

    Hammond Expression Pedal

    This pedal is a must for any SK player if they want the true B-3 volume control immediacy! I am glad I ordered it with my SK-2! The differences in having this pedal versus not having it are like night and day!

  • from September 20, 2014

    Well worth the price.

    solidly built,pedal,great smooth response, love it.

  • from Farmington MO. USA August 15, 2013Music Background:
    Self employed musician

    Hammond EXP-50 Expression Pedal

    Owning a Hammond B-3 in my younger years, Folks, this is the real deal. I would highly recommend this pedal for the Sk1, or Sk2. It is so comfortable, & feels like the real pedal! "yeah it definetaly blew me away"!!! Don't go without this one! Very solid! Well worth the money!!! Also,Thank you so much Sweetwater, best service I have ever had!!! You "ROCK"!!!

  • from Austin, Tx November 19, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, composer.

    Greatj, solid expression pedal!

    I have been using this pedal with my Hammond xk-1c portable keyboard for over a month now. It works wonderfully well and has a feel similar to a B3 volume foot pedal. That is my favorite feature of all! You can't go wrong with this accessory. It was a bit pricey, but I have tried other, less expensive ones and they just did not work correctly for various reasons.

  • from Florida Keys June 14, 2014Music Background:
    Professional performer

    Build Like a Tank

    This Hammond EXP-50 expression pedal is another great instrument from a fine old (somewhat) American company. It has a positive, solid, and very smooth response. I use it with the SK-2 double keyboard which I have set up for piano on the lower register and organ on the upper. I have both registers programmed to respond to the expression and damper pedal. I am constantly moving my right foot from the EXP-50 to and fro the damper pedal. The other cheaper expression pedals move when I take my foot off or brush up against them. But this Hammond stays put until I want it to move. A bit pricey but well worth the difference. The 1/4" stereo cable is a little on the light duty side and is not as bullet proof as the rest of the pedal. I would not trade it for any other pedal for any amount of money.

  • from Baytown, Texas February 25, 2012Music Background:
    Many years music director...home studio

    Perfect fit to the SK1

    It feels like the B3 expression pedal.

  • from Cedar Rapids, IA February 23, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Hammond EXP-50

    Built like a tank with very smooth pedal travel. If you own a Hammond SK series organ then you should seriously consider this pedal for hands-free control. It may be a bit pricey, but worth it.

  • from Boston, MA March 24, 2017Music Background:
    Hammond Organist, Synthesist, Sound Designers, Programmer, Teacher, Live performer, Recording studio owner, Composer

    Hammond EXP-50 Expression Pedal

    Since I have many keyboards, synthesizers and already own several Yamaha FC-7 foot controllers as well as others from E-mu Systems, Roland, Kurzweil, Korg, Moog and other manufacturers, I was hoping that I could just use one of these as the expression pedal for my new Hammond SK1-c organ without having to pay over $200 for a Hammond specific expression pedal for this new organ. Wrong.

    I also own full size Hammond B3 and C3 organs so I am used to the range and expression offered on the original Hammond consoles and know that they are unique in their own way due to the mechanics used in vintage tone wheel Hammond organs and how the expression/volume pedals work and are implemented directly to the tube preamps in these classic organs.

    While this is the second Hammond made Expression pedal I have had to have purchase, I also have a Hammond XK-2 organ which required the Hammond EXP-100 pedal which I had to also pay several hundred dollars for since again, using one of my Yamaha FC-7 or other brand controller pedals didn't give the proper "range and smooth response" I was used to on my full size, vintage Hammond B3 or C3 organs.

    And of course, since I already owned the Hammond EXP-100 for my Hammond XK-2 organ I was hoping I could just use that with both organs and save the money, but of course the connectors are wildly different, the EXP-100 has a multi pin DIN type (almost like a MIDI connector and the "new" EXP-50 has a standard stereo 1/4" jack. So they cannot be used interchangeably.

    After trying the Yamaha FC-7, adjusting all the different parameters in the Hammond SK1-c for the expression pedal, I came to the same conclusion that I knew I would, just as I did when I got my Hammond XK-2 organ, it just wasn't acceptable and that I would have to buy the Hammond pedal made for that specific organ, since I've been playing Hammond B3's/A-100's and C3's since I was 16 years old and as most Hammond organists know, the ablitly to control the dynamcics of the organ is what makes the instrument truly expressive and musical. Granted, the Hammond EXP-50 is a good, weighted, sturdy pedal the does a much better job of giving that "solid feel" closer to the pedals on my B3 or C3.

    I am a bit disappointed that right out of the box however, the pedal doesn't "stay in the position" i set it.

    For instance, when I pull the pedal all the way to the "off" or lowest volume position, the pedal physically "falls" forward increasing the volume from "off" to letting audio pass. I assume I just need to some how adjust the tension someplace on the pedal itself, but seriously, after paying over $200 I expected this to "just work" properly out of the box today... without my now having to muck about with figuring out how to tighten/adjust this pedal's action to stay put where I set it like every other volume/expression pedal I own.

    Not to mention, there's NOTHING at all in the limited, one page "manual" that came with this EXP-50 that tells you what you should be adjusting to remedy this. So due to price being so expensive and having it not "stay in position" out of the box without me having to mess with figuring out how to adjust a brand new pedal to work as it should, I'm not giving it a 5 star review. That said, it IS the best Expression pedal to use with the new Hammond SK1-c as far as the proper range and volume curve and response along the lines of my classic Hammond Tone Wheel Console organs.

    Anyone else have this issue, I'd appreciate a direct email on what you did to adjust yours if you had to as well.



  • from York, PA January 16, 2014Music Background:
    experienced part time pro player

    A must have

    I use this pedal with my Hammond SK1. Using this pedal increases the illusion of sitting behind the old B3. The action is smooth top to bottom and it stays in place on the floor. Just a note, the volume does not go all the way to zero when backed off, however, that hasn't been a problem when performing. My only negative is that the rubber mat on top of the pedal isn't secured tightly and already comes off at the corners. I'll probably mend it with a little rubber cement when necessary.

  • from Lafayetyte La. USA February 11, 2015Music Background:

    Great feel to it

    I'm in the process of learning how to set the Parameters of the Expression pedal !

Questions about the Hammond EXP-50 Expression Pedal?

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