D'Addario EXL120 Nickel Wound Super Light Electric Strings 10-pk

.009-.042 Super Light Gauge Electric Guitar Strings, Nickel Wound, 10-pack
5/5 11 Write review Item ID: EXL120-10PK
D\'Addario EXL120 Nickel Wound Super Light Electric Strings 10-pk image 1
D\'Addario EXL120 Nickel Wound Super Light Electric Strings 10-pk image 1
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D'Addario EXL120 Nickel Wound Super Light Electric Strings 10-pk
In Stock!

A 10-pack of Super Light Electric Guitar Strings

Save money and get more strings with this 10-pack of D'Addario EXL120 Nickel Wound electric guitar strings. These light-gauge nickel-wound electric guitar strings run from .009-.042.

D'Adarrio's XL Nickel Wound electric guitar strings, their most popular string, gives your guitar a bright and detailed sound with spot-on intonation. Sweetwater knows that choosing the perfect string is vital to a musician's sound. The hexagonal high carbon steel core is wrapped with nickel-plated steel for a long-lasting string that's ready to tackle any style of music.

D'Addario - Making strings for over 300 years

Behind every set of D'Addario strings are over three centuries of fine craftsmanship. The D'Addario family tradition began in the tiny town of Salle, Italy in 1680 where they made assorted instrument strings for over two hundred years before relocating to New York in 1905. As the modern string making industry began to develop, the D'Addario family emerged as innovators by designing the winding machine most string makers still use today. And while their techniques have modernized, the pride that goes into each set of strings dates back to the D'Addario family's earliest roots.

D'Addario EXL120 Nickel Wound 6-String Electric Guitar Strings Features:
  • Super Light Gauge
  • .009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042
  • Bright tone
  • Round wound
  • 10-pack of EXL120 sets
D'Addario's XL Nickel Wound electric guitar strings give your guitar a beautiful, bright tone!

Tech Specs

Guitar Type Electric
Number of Sets 10
Coated No
Gauges .009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042
Core Material Steel
Winding Material Nickel-plated Steel
Winding Type Round Wound
Manufacturer Part Number EXL120-10P

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
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I just keep coming back to XLs

As a guy who came of age in the 80s wanting to be Eddie Van Halen, I got a pointy Ibanez V with an Edge trem and DiMarzios, and I put Ernie Ball Super Slinkies on it because Eddie was leaping his hockey stick Kramer across the Super Slinky ads at the time. The Slinkies sounded great, but the E strings busted left and right. I tried GHS Boomers, but they didn't have the same zing I was looking for and they broke almost as fast as the Slinkies did. After a couple years of this frustration, I manned up my callouses and switched to Hybrid Slinkies, which seemed to take my Pacifica 512's licensed Floyd quite a bit longer to chew up, but weren't as bright as Super Slinkies. I discovered SIT strings around 1990 (Steve Lukather ad) which were bright, stable, and long-lasting, but they were also more expensive and hard to find - I had to drive 100 miles down I-80 to Lincoln to get them. I got into SRV around 1992 and after a brief flirtation with Fender nickel Bullets, I started rocking heavy gauge Dean Markley Blue Steels on a MIJ 60s Strat reissue. The Blue Steels were expensive and I told myself I liked their sound because being cryogenically frozen simply had to count for something, right? I also kept telling myself I liked playing on piano wires. This ongoing illusion lasted like four or five years. Incidentally, thank you, Billy Gibbons, for telling your BB King story about string gauges every chance you get.I got my first pack of XLs (10-46) around 2002. That first set lasted my Gibson Faded V about two months, and I was playing two or three hours a night. The sound was brilliant just like Super Slinkies, but the tone lasted and lasted where the Slinkies would start fading after a couple weeks. I felt like I'd found the everlasting gobstopper of guitar strings! I could detune to D no problem, the tuning stayed true even with those green-key Klusons. Best of all, XLs were pretty much the same price as Slinkies, and everyplace stocked them. Where had these fantastic strings been all my life, I wondered. I sprang for a Jackson Soloist in 2010. This got me all posh-minded; I started buying 9-42 DR Hi-Beams strings, which were great, but harder to find and twice as expensive as XLs. Then I saw a 10-pack of XLs on sale for $25, jumped on it, and I quickly rediscovered that the XLs were every bit as good as the DRs for half the cost. Unfortunately, life reared its ugly head shortly afterward and I had to sell my gear. But when I got got back into playing again last year, that 5-year old 10-pack of XLs had six packs left, so I cracked a bag open. It was like they just came off the factory line, no tarnishing, same brilliant tone, and the first set lasted me 7 weeks. I flirted with the new NYXLs (8-38) for about six months and quality-wise they're everything great about XLs and then a little bit more, but they're also $12 a set. I'm back to 9-42 XLs and about one more string change away from ordering another 10-pack. The moral of the story is that if you like your tone bright and cutting, you just can't do better than D'Addario XLs without spending 2-3 times the money (on D'Addario NYXLs).
Music background: 30+ years, mostly hobbyist

Best strings on the planet!!!

Always played them....always will. Nufsed
Music background: Rock

I've used these for years and they always satisfy!

I've gone thru many brands and this is the one I rely upon. I rarely suffer from strings breaking (knock on wood!). I can keep a set on for weeks sometimes months and they keep on going. These are especially great for floyd rose setups. They bend awesomely. Just give them a good stretching when stringing up and they're good to go. Very stable. They have great shelf life. Granted, I've quite a few guitars so I can go thru a box relatively quickly. But I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a box even if you have only one guitar and change strings once a month. I string my Hamers, Strats, Ibanez and LPs with these. I have them on a couple of teles as well. Except for one tele (an old one) which I always string with Roto 10s for it's unique tone and feel. (but those wear out quickly and get dull). On my Hamer Special FM, they are really great and so comfortable to play. The tone I get from that guitar with these strings is awesome.
Music background: Gigging musician for the past 30 years

Always Awesome Strings

Have been using these strings for years and not once been disappointed with them. Great deal from Sweetwater on price and service...can't beat that either!!!
Music background: Guitar Player

Great strings all around

Ive been playing a long time and I've tried a LOT of different strings. I always wind up back with D"addario strings eventually.. The tone IMHO i checks all my boxes for what a good set of strings encompasses . I usually buy two boxes of ten sets at a time. That sums up how much I like this company. I also use their nylon strings for my classical guitar
Music background: Simi pro musician Project studio recording
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