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Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3 - G Band, 566-608 MHz Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3 - G Band, 566-608 MHz?

Questions about the Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3 - G Band, 566-608 MHz?

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  • from Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Church Las Vegas September 27, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar 50 years and Worship Team 17 years

    In-Ear Monitors

    A wonderful product totally changing our stage sound to zero. A much better mix to the house. Now we can individually adjust what you want to hear. We have a Midas 32 and save each musician's settings and they walk in Sunday morning and turn the in-ears on and away we go practicing. A great product!!!

  • from Orlando, FL January 20, 2016Music Background:
    Technical Director for Violectric / Fretless Rock

    Always a good purchase

    This is our third purchase of this model (plus an Antenna Combiner) to go with our EW500 Wireless Instrument units. We have never encountered a situation where we could not find a clear frequency (including arenas during NBA televised games, Festivals and Conventions, all using hundreds of wireless systems) with the Sennheiser units.
    We especially like the functionality that allows all the units to be connected by ethernet (without a computer or router, just a switch or hub) so one unit can scan for open frequencies and pass the information to the other units for selection. We can scan and program a whole rack of units in under 60 seconds right from the controls on the front of a single unit.
    The Sennheiser PC/Mac software allows full control of the units from a computer (using ethernet or wi-fi-must connect WL units to a wi-fi base-station) including scanning and programming frequencies, scanning signal strength over a pre-determined amount of time and saving configurations for recall when switching venues or bands in a festival situation.
    The RF Signal Strength scanning is especially useful as one person can start recording the RF strength an walk the stage or venue with a transmitter. When complete, the display (on the computer) will show the strength over time so you can see if there were any dropouts or areas where performers should avoid...or move the antennas and try again until you get satisfactory results.
    We really like our Sennheisers and prefer them over the Shure systems we have rented or been provided in the past. The belt packs are very durable and metal cased. Battery life is great as well and several times longer then our 2-3 hour shows.

  • from ontario canada November 23, 2014Music Background:
    pro musician

    sennheiser iem ew 300

    I am blown away by the sound quality and even more blown away by the customer service i received from Sweetwater when I had a minor issue with the belt pack. Thanksfor your speedy and professional service,its much appreciated..

  • from Ohio April 22, 2013Music Background:
    Sound engineer and musician

    Update from last!

    If you saw my last review, its been about two weeks. We have put a total of 10 hours on the batteries and they still show 2 bars which is approximately 70% left.

    Using a click is amazing it just keep the tempo steady. And why I love using a click is cause if there is a cut out going into a chorus or something like that everyone comes in exactly on beat 1 instead off a little before or after if that all makes sense.

    I also play electric guitar and I can hear everything so so clear. I much more confident in my playing. If you are even thinking about getting these just do it, it changes your playing forever and you cant go back to floor wedges.

    One problem we had at our church is that everyone wanted more of there self in the monitors so everything was just blasting and we couldnt get a clean mix out in the house. That is all fixed now because of these. Thanks Sennheiser for an awesome product!

  • from Ohio April 13, 2013Music Background:
    Experianced Sound engineer and musician

    Great In-ear system!!

    This is the best wireless system you could get for this price. If you want a cheaper one there are more out there for less. But this Sennheiser system goes beyond all of those. The features are far beyond what i even need. It has a limiter which is very important if you don't want peaks in volume. ALSO it has two inputs to run stereo, but I use two receivers so we run two separate aux sends and pan the receivers left and right so we each have our own mix. So we get two mixes with one system. At our church and we run a click track so the drummer and leader each have these in-ears and the clarity is awesome. Our stage is about 150 feet from the system with no dropout. The channel that it came set on works with no problem with our setup and we have other wireless systems going. Also if you are worried about range you will be fine, i went outside my church with this on and the band was playing and I was a good 500 feet away and still getting signal and that was through a few brick walls. It has 1680 channels so you will have no problems with that. Also the ear buds that come with the system are decent. They are small so they can be hidden in your ears easily but i would probably recommend a better par so they wont fall out as easily. Overall you cant go wrong with this system. If you cant afford it don't buy Shure systems go with an Audio-Techna M3 or M2 system.

  • from Rockford, Illinois December 18, 2012Music Background:
    Prouitaristfessional session g

    Senheis!er In Ear systems are the BEST

    As always the Senheiser IEM 300 G3 is awesome. This is my 3rd Senheiser system in the last 20 years and I'm never disappointed.

  • from Rockford, IL. November 22, 2012Music Background:
    Professional guitarist

    Best In Ears!

    this is my 3rd Sennheiser In Ear system. With each upgraded system I've used they just keep getting better and better

  • from Houston Texas January 26, 2015

    EW 300IEM G3

    you can't beat Sennheiser. easy to set up and performs great. i'm not using the ear bones that were provided. i have west tone ear bones but in a pinch the Senn. will pass. You can't beat the Super team of Sennheiser and Sweetwater!

  • from WA, USA July 15, 2014Music Background:
    Engineer / Musician

    Worth the $$

    I have tried both the $599 units from Sure and Audio Technica with limited success. When I decided to go with custom in ears, I decided to upgrade my IEM system as well. I am very happy with the performance of this unit, the sound quality is great and the range is more than enough for anything I do. To truly get the most out of this system invest in some quality custom ear buds, they will cost as much as the IEM system but are well worth it. I can hear my vocals and guitar perfectly now no matter how loud the venue gets.
    The system was easy to set up and I haven't touched it since. The ear buds are usable, but customs will really make this system shine (I went with Westone ES50s).

  • from Tx December 25, 2012Music Background:
    Gigging Musician


    System works great! If its at all noisy just simply change a channel and its great and clear especially for the price. I was surprised with the sound quality of the stock ear buds as well. The whole band is now using them with out interference. Great buy.

  • from St. Paul, Minnesota July 2, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Musician versed in both classical art music and contemporary popular music. Formally and informally musically trained.

    Very Good--perhaps not as Outstanding as I had Hoped

    I have owned and utilized the EW 300 IEM Transmitter/Receiver combination for several months now. I gladly purchased it from Sweetwater. Before I comment upon the system, I would add that 1) this is the first IEM transmitter/receiver I have used or owned; and 2) I utilize Jerry Harvey Audio IEMs with the Sennheiser EW300 System. Based upon the reviews I read, I expected I would have flawless reception from the components. While this is true 95% of the time, my use of the system in a church sanctuary that seats approximately 400 - 500 persons is not without "dropouts." These "dropouts" are temporally short -- lasting one second or so at the most -- but they do happen. The reason? FM transmission, overall, demands an "in sight, straight line" transmission path. If your transmitter/receiver pair find a wall -- or a sanctuary pillar -- between them, the odds increase that you will have a dropout. If the "line" between the transmitter and receive antennas is straight-on, you likely will not encounter any dropouts. As it is, church sanctuaries are inherently not constructed to be "sonically friendly," and certainly not ideal for today's digital technologies. (At least this applies to mainline Protestant churches, the type I have served.)

    Beyond this small caveat, the Sennheiser EW300 system has been fantastic! Yes, there is a small amount of FM transmission "hiss"; that is normal. Yes, you can, if you have sharp ears, tell that the frequency response of this system peaks out around 15kHz and not 20kHz. But, the stereo image and separation is great; the gain available in one's IEMs is more than anyone would need, and the options available with this transmitter/receiver pair are obviously superior. I am thinking here of digitally adjustable levels, HF emphasis, EQ availability, and very fine sound quality.

    Like me--a highly trained, professional musician--your ears will notice that this system is not perfect--certainly not as "perfect" as the average review will exhibit. However, for the price, this is a fine value. German designed and American built. Sennheiser -- German -- quality. And overall very, very fine sound. Unless you absolutely need the "next step up" in Sennheiser products and the accompanying high fidelity and additional options, I can only imagine this system will serve you very, very well, and provide 95% of what any of us are looking for in an IEM system. Especially if you put outstanding in-ear-monitors like JH Audio monitors in your ears, I believe you will be very satisfied. As I am. Thank you Sweetwater. And thank you Sennheiser for a fine product at a respectable price. That adds up to a very good value.

    Dr. Douglas Thompson

    P.S. Digital units such as this are now beginning to be commercially available, and no doubt those systems will have sonic and pragmatic possibilities that will make these "more analog" units obsolete. But at this time, from my research, this is a high quality system of high value. And in this age of perpetual change, that is, in my opinion, saying a LOT! I would recommend this system to most anyone from beginner to semi-pro and even professional performer.

  • from Michigan May 8, 2017Music Background:
    Singer using track music

    Ear Monitors

    So here's my take so far , granted I have not received my perminent ear buds , so hard to say , they do need a clip on wire to hook on colllar so it supports ear buds. As far as the sound that is good , the set up only used it once in rehearsal and one gig , It peaked out my tech said it just quit , could not hear it but
    It must me a limiter on it so it don't distort . So we shall see once I receive my impression fitted ear buds

Questions about the Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3 - G Band, 566-608 MHz?

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