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Sennheiser EW 300-2 IEM G3 - A Band, 516-558 MHz Reviews

5.0 stars based on 17 customer reviews
Questions about the Sennheiser EW 300-2 IEM G3 - A Band, 516-558 MHz?

Questions about the Sennheiser EW 300-2 IEM G3 - A Band, 516-558 MHz?

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  • from South Texas May 15, 2017Music Background:
    Full time musician/dj

    Buy once, cry once!

    I have two receivers and four transmitters running four mono monitor feeds for my band members, and they absolutely love it. No dropouts or issues at all so far. Stage volume is so much cleaner without sedge monitors; plus, less physical labor of lifting and carrying wedge monitors around.

  • from Easley, SC July 11, 2016

    Can you hear me now? Why YES!

    I've traditionally used floor wedges during live performances for the last 35 years of my music career... Only a few times have I used headphones with Aviom type (wired) mixers.

    However, as our band is trying to reduce setup time and cut down our stage level while protecting our hearing, I began researching the options for in-ears.

    My first concern was whether or not it was going to work for me, a bass player who wants to hear the full range of sound, including my low b string and the bass drum, all the way up to the highest frequencies.

    That turns out to have very little to do with the wireless system and everything to do with the actual in-ear monitor you use.... So I turned my focus on first getting us wireless and checked out every Wireless in-ear system I could find specs on.

    The Sennheiser EW 300 system stuck out for a multitude of reasons..

    1. It came HIGHLY recommended by audio pros I know.
    2. It is available in the 2 receiver kit with the rack mounting system.
    3. The reviews are stellar.
    4. I had no trouble finding out anything I wanted to know - white sheets, specs, all readily available.
    5. Easy to have multiple system interconnected - quick setup.
    6. Matching wireless mics are available to complete a full wireless setup in the future.

    Bonuses include:

    Sweetwaterc carries them and has the 3 easy payment plan and I could get them quickly, in time for a show (in stock and available in 2 days)

    Once they came in, setup was quick, I had the rack unit assembled and secured in 10-15 minutes.

    I set the frequency, and even named the body packs (shows the user name in the LCD display) in that time.

    You'll notice these are very well made products. They are not budget systems, don't feel cheap, and the receivers could likely take a drop, though I don't want to find out.
    The rack mount components are super....

    I had tried a wired system with a headphone preamp, so I knew what to expect sound wise, but was actually surprised. There was less hiss than the wired system, almost none.

    The volume level is great, right up there with the rolls preamp.

    In use, the battery life is fine. We play a lot of bar/club shows, where we can generally get a full 4 hour show and and a 2 hour rehearsal out of a set of AA batteries (we have not gone rechargeable yet).

    We purchased a second EW 300-2 shortly after the first to get all 4 of our front line musicians on in-ears.

    We run the receivers in mono, so each transmitter gets two input channels, and each receiver is panned hard L or R for their mix.

    Two transmitters - 4 receivers - 4 individual mono mixes.

    To give us individual mixes, we are using the Mackie DL-32R rack mount mixer (also from Sweetwater), to provide us these 4 mixes which we can adjust using iPhone, iPod or iPads - no more telling the sound guy to turn something up for one player.

    There are limiters on these systems to help protect our hearing should something go horribly wrong.

    This has been one of the best recent purchases and decisions I have made! NO REGRETS HERE.

    My new quest is to save money for the custom molded, in-ear monitors (the ear bud part). That will make the experience even better.

  • from Orlando, FL January 20, 2016Music Background:
    Technical Director for Violectric / Fretless Rock

    Always a good purchase

    This is our third purchase of this model (plus an Antenna Combiner) to go with our EW500 Wireless Instrument units. We have never encountered a situation where we could not find a clear frequency (including arenas during NBA televised games, Festivals and Conventions, all using hundreds of wireless systems) with the Sennheiser units.
    We especially like the functionality that allows all the units to be connected by ethernet (without a computer or router, just a switch or hub) so one unit can scan for open frequencies and pass the information to the other units for selection. We can scan and program a whole rack of units in under 60 seconds right from the controls on the front of a single unit.
    The Sennheiser PC/Mac software allows full control of the units from a computer (using ethernet or wi-fi-must connect WL units to a wi-fi base-station) including scanning and programming frequencies, scanning signal strength over a pre-determined amount of time and saving configurations for recall when switching venues or bands in a festival situation.
    The RF Signal Strength scanning is especially useful as one person can start recording the RF strength an walk the stage or venue with a transmitter. When complete, the display (on the computer) will show the strength over time so you can see if there were any dropouts or areas where performers should avoid...or move the antennas and try again until you get satisfactory results.
    We really like our Sennheisers and prefer them over the Shure systems we have rented or been provided in the past. The belt packs are very durable and metal cased. Battery life is great as well and several times longer then our 2-3 hour shows.

  • from Windermere, FL December 22, 2015Music Background:
    Stage Tech (Audio/Lighting) for 25 years and Technical Director for touring Rock String group Violectric

    Reliable and rock solid

    We have three of the with an antenna combiner. That is a total of 6 IEM mono feeds or 3 stereo. Our group consists of 2 violins, viola, cello, upright bass, keys and drums...all electrified and the strings are wireless. We perform classic & modern rock as a full-on rock band, not classical at all. We have reduced setup time and the weight of our equipment by getting rid of 6 stage wedges. The stage volume is also very low now and doesn't interfere with the FOH mix.
    I have rack mounted all of our Sennheiser Wireless units (4 Instrument receivers and 3 IEM transmitters, plus antenna combiners and power conditioner) and networked them in the rack case. This adds functionality I don't see mentioned in the descriptions that makes setup quick and easy. When you scan for available frequencies and select a band, all the networked units get the information over the network and give you the option to select a clear frequency channel with the push of a single button on each unit. You scan, select band, press select on each unit saving the controlling unit for last and then sync the packs. Saves the time of scanning on each unit or manually selecting them.
    The musicians love the IEMs but have complained about feeling isolated. I places a mic on a stand on each side of the stage and feed them into the IEM feeds only and this gives the open stage sound that the musicians like so they don't feel isolated.
    I highly recommend the Sennheiser EW300 IEMs and the EW500 Instrument receivers. They work well together and have been 100% reliable. When other bands have had trouble finding clear frequencies at a festival or convention, we have never had any issues. Our units are used for about 240 shows a year and have been rock solid.

  • from Boca Raton March 20, 2015


    I am very happy with this product. It is exactly what I was looking for. And Seetwater is definitely the best.

  • from Brandon,MS February 21, 2015Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Technical Director

    Get these for your Worship band!

    These units are simply amazing. As a tech director at a church, I'm always looking to move the service forward. This one transmitter and two receivers can supply two monitor mixes. Albeit they are mono mixes, they still rock. Name the belt packs for identification and name the transmitter for identification. We run 5 transmitters and 10 belt packs with ease. Buy these now!

  • from Ky February 13, 2015Music Background:
    53 years playing music. First started when I was 7 years old.

    Very fine product.

    Never used any product like this before. So was not sure what to expect "BUT", what a fine product. Our Music has improved so, so much. Wish I had gotten this years ago.

  • from East Northport NY November 14, 2014Music Background:
    Bass player, audio tech


    I play bass and somehow became the audio tech in our band. We play 80s new wave and use backing tracks for all of our keys (don't judge unless you know a keyboard player in my area, been looking for 2 years) lol. The bass response is great on these IEM's, the ear buds are a little cheap but for the price these systems cant be beat! They can send 2 DIFFERENT mixes to two musicians at the same time. I bought 2 systems and send out 4 different mixes to all the band members. Why? All musicians are premadonnas and want more of this or less of that. Now everyone gets a unique mix and ALL are happy! Great job Sennheiser! 5 STARS!

  • from Pueblo, CO June 30, 2014Music Background:
    Video Director, Sound Engineer

    We can hear!

    I love it when the talent says things like "WOW!!! I can hear! This sounds great", because it means they are comfortable with the technical side and can concentrate on doing what they do best...perform.

  • from Mitchell, SD March 17, 2014Music Background:
    Country Bluegrass Music

    Best Wireless Ssytem

    The Sennheiser is the best wireless system we have had. We have tried other system at the same price tag and nothing come close to the quality that this unit brings. I would strongly recommend buying this system over any other system out there. Cory

  • from Ohio April 22, 2013Music Background:
    Sound engineer and musician

    Update from last!

    If you saw my last review, its been about two weeks. We have put a total of 10 hours on the batteries and they still show 2 bars which is approximately 70% left.

    Using a click is amazing it just keep the tempo steady. And why I love using a click is cause if there is a cut out going into a chorus or something like that everyone comes in exactly on beat 1 instead off a little before or after if that all makes sense.

    I also play electric guitar and I can hear everything so so clear. I much more confident in my playing. If you are even thinking about getting these just do it, it changes your playing forever and you cant go back to floor wedges.

    One problem we had at our church is that everyone wanted more of there self in the monitors so everything was just blasting and we couldnt get a clean mix out in the house. That is all fixed now because of these. Thanks Sennheiser for an awesome product!

  • from Ohio April 13, 2013Music Background:
    Experianced Sound engineer and musician

    Great In-ear system!!

    This is the best wireless system you could get for this price. If you want a cheaper one there are more out there for less. But this Sennheiser system goes beyond all of those. The features are far beyond what i even need. It has a limiter which is very important if you don't want peaks in volume. ALSO it has two inputs to run stereo, but I use two receivers so we run two separate aux sends and pan the receivers left and right so we each have our own mix. So we get two mixes with one system. At our church and we run a click track so the drummer and leader each have these in-ears and the clarity is awesome. Our stage is about 150 feet from the system with no dropout. The channel that it came set on works with no problem with our setup and we have other wireless systems going. Also if you are worried about range you will be fine, i went outside my church with this on and the band was playing and I was a good 500 feet away and still getting signal and that was through a few brick walls. It has 1680 channels so you will have no problems with that. Also the ear buds that come with the system are decent. They are small so they can be hidden in your ears easily but i would probably recommend a better par so they wont fall out as easily. Overall you cant go wrong with this system. If you cant afford it don't buy Shure systems go with an Audio-Techna M3 or M2 system.

  • from Chicago, IL September 1, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Deal, Great Product!

    I compared this system to the Shure PSM 900 system and determined that the value for the money was well worth exploring the Sennheiser IEM systems. I have used Shure IEMs for years (PSM 600 and PSM 700), and was pleasantly surprised by the improvement in sound of the Sennheiser system. Two belt packs makes this system even more versatile. Throw in the ear buds and this deal surpasses the similarly priced Shure system. I recommend them to all. Beyond the equipment, the Sweetwater Rep was very knowledgeable about IEM systems, and was helpful to my decision.

  • from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil June 11, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Now I can hear!!

    What to say? This IEM system is perfect! My band uses them a lot during gigs and rehearsals. We never had any kind of loss of signal, even hundreds of meters away from the transmitter. The receiver is light, compact and bes of all, power saver! I say this because the two AA batterys last several weeks, and the screen shows how much energy they have, very helpful to avoid power off in the middle of the gig. We have two, one is used by the guitarist, bassist and keyboard player and the other one is used by me, drummer. Because I need to hear drums and click, I use another aux send, with another mix. The other 3 share one transmitter with no problems.
    Totally recommend this system!

  • from Tacoma, WA USA July 19, 2014Music Background:
    Working Singer/Guitar Player

    Sennheiser EW300

    Ok, they're not inexpensive (but what would 3-4 decent floor monitors cost?). We sprung for this set-up and have now used it twice at outdoor festivals (Tacoma's Freedom Fair and Bite of Seattle), plus we practice with them. IEMs are a game-changer. The system is stupid-easy to set-up. Benefits: What you hear never changes no matter where you go on stage (or in the crowd). They really only need to be at about loud-coversation level on stage, which (depending on the venue) is a HUGE decrease is on-stage volume. My voice doesn't wear out from trying to sing over monitors, bass, and/or drums. They also act as earplugs, blocking excess noise so you ONLY hear what is being sent to them (like that ******* ride cymbal that's piercing, right?). Drawbacks: Well, they don't give them away and they take some getting used to, but I'm sold. Thanks Geoff! -Monk/Rural Route 3

  • from Detroit, MI June 29, 2011Music Background:
    Professional Wedding Entertainer, Musician & Disc Jockey

    Great Wireless Speaker System

    I consistently use the sennheiser EW300 IEM G3 for wireless powered speakers at wedding receptions and other entertainment work. They consistently provide a great sound across the spectrum; frequently I have them power a Mackie SWA1501 sub with a Mackie SRM450 top or a QSC KW181 sub with a QSC KW153 top. Quality is clear across the sound spectrum.

  • from USA June 24, 2011Music Background:
    Professional Concert Violinist, Rock Violinist, Live Sound Engineer.

    Buy the Shure PMS900s instead. There is no comparison.

    I know the Sennheiser G3 IEMs are considered the industry standard, but I'm pretty picky. Simply put, I could not live with the baseline level of noise and immediately bought the Shure PSM900s instead. A side by side comparison revealed that the Shure's sound quality is at a completely different level and, on top of being absolutely crystal clear, delivers beautiful, rich sound that FAR exceeds that of the Sennheiser system. If you are picky, buy the Shure. If you can't tell the difference, then buy the Sennheiser. It works just fine, especially if your hearing isn't very good.

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