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MXR EVH Phase 90 Eddie Van Halen Phase Pedal Reviews

5.0 stars based on 15 customer reviews
Questions about the MXR EVH Phase 90 Eddie Van Halen Phase Pedal?

Questions about the MXR EVH Phase 90 Eddie Van Halen Phase Pedal?

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  • from N Dallas TX March 25, 2017

    Best of the MXR phase 90 models!!

    Just got my 2nd one of these having missed its simple use and design, great sound and versatile placement ability. Simply the best sounding phaser with one knob ever. Why the EVH model? While some might assume this is just a cool paint scheme, I have to inform all that every single other MXR phase 90 model I have seen or used suffers a low input bandwidth and output impedance issue which degrades your tone when off, alters your sound and just not cool.
    This model has full 1M ohm input headroom and full output quality w no tone loss or altering. You got both modes of the famous MXR phase 90 phaser circuit, which is the most copied and cherished 4 stage phaser circuit ever. With the EVH model the bandwidth and impedance issues are solved. Place it before or after dirt, I have mine rigged to do both. This is the phaser.

  • from N Dallas February 3, 2017

    EVH 90 best of the MXR phasers

    I had one of these for ages, stupidity struck and I sold it off for my last multi pedal excursion. Missed and getting a 2nd one. The thing is this model not only has your two modes but extended bandwidth and impedance improvement. It does not alter or narrow your tone which is something all the other Phase 45/90 models will do. They are just copies of decades old tech whereas this has been updated to 1M ohm standards. A much better pedal. The EVH MXR model is the one to get. No matter where you put it before or after dirt it delivers the goods.

  • from June 1, 2016Music Background:
    Acoustic guitar; fingerpicking and Gospel music

    EVH Phase 90...WOW!!

    I got the EVH phaser as an upgrade from my standard Phase 90...I am floored at how great this pedal sounds!! Nice and warm, good and thick but doesn't get in the way of your guitar's pure tone, and in fact adds something great to it. Love the flexibility in the script button. I use the script button depressed due to its nice subtlety for acoustic guitar, and I like to have the option to make it more pronounced if needed, which is achieved by having the script button unpressed. And plus it looks really neat! :) Highly recommend this pedal...everything from that Eruption tone, to the old Waylon Jennings sounds, to a fast warbling swirl. Check one out for yourself! God bless :)

  • from Madison Wisconsin March 27, 2016Music Background:
    25+years of rockin

    Phase 90

    This pedal is killer,the tone is amazing I highly recommend to any guitarist any style music

  • from San Angelo TX March 25, 2016Music Background:
    Pro, Session, Bar-Band, Worship

    What can I say, it's Eddie

    It's a phaser, it's THE phaser. You either like the effect or you don't. I've never been a huge effects guy, I like effects that frame the sound of my guitar and amp and give a little extra, but stay subtle. I only like big effects in bursts, like I'll kick on a full jet engine flanger for three seconds and then shut it back off. The Phase 90 is nice because it fills both niches, it's subtle and rich when you want it to be at low volumes, and full and sweeping when you're cranking the gain. Really glad I added it to my rig!

  • from November 27, 2015

    MXR EVH Phase 90

    Great pedal! The many speeds let me use it for a couple solos and a lot of my songs. Love using it on stage with my rig. No loss of tone. Overall, no problems with it and it is a great pedal. Had it for almost 2 years.

  • from Savage, MN June 17, 2015Music Background:
    Lead guitarist for Paper Machetes


    Awesome effect, very cool pedal especially with the script/block mode switch. This is the perfect choice to fill the phaser role on my pedal board.

  • from Clearfield, Utah December 22, 2014Music Background:
    50 + Years of Playing Guitar


    Outstanding sounds from this pedal ! It is strong but subtle at the same time when used alone and blends in perfectly with other effects linked together with it such as Reverb, Flanger and Delay. Some effects don't work well together with any phaser as as they tend to overwhelm the sound you are trying to create. I have found this to be true with trying to use unnatural heavy distortion and Chorus effects with any type of phaser. However, this is the best one out of all the ones I've tried. This is the one you want - very well worth the extra few dollars. Tough, long lasting metal case construction and solid controls.

  • from Everett, WA USA September 25, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer

    no other phaser

    This is what a Phaser is supposed to sound like! Not even close comparing to another popular brand Phaser!
    I like being able to switch from modern to "script" version. "Script" is more subtle, just right; while the standard/modern setting is more dramatic and in your face. The re-issue of the "Script" Phase 90 does not have power jack, must use a battery, so this is the way to go if you prefer to use a pedal power supply rather than batteries.

  • from St. Louis May 17, 2014

    Analog phasey goodness

    This is what a phaser should sound like. I used a boss ps-3 for years and I also own a Line 6 M13 which has several phase options in it. The EVH phase 90 has a much more organic sound quality to it that is difficult to discribe. In the end I sold off my Boss pedal because this sounded much better. Plus it looks cool!

  • from Dearborn, MI January 26, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Guitarist

    Silent and simple thanks Eddie

    I run a line 6 pod X3 Live which is great but the phase tends to get lost and I play blues,funk,rock everything. So I run this through the effects loop of the line six along with my EVH flanger. For amps I use a 5 watt Bugera for small gigs and a Peavey 50/50 tube amp into a Madison half stack. This pedal does exactly what is advertised and script button is a great feature.

  • from Phila. PA August 21, 2012Music Background:
    Drummer: new guitar player

    Analog delight from MXR

    This pedal does exactly what it is supposed to do in a stylish
    well built MXR pedal. You cannot go wrong with the script button: depress it for "old School" analog phasing and leave it in the up position for more in your face phasing...both settings are subtle in musical differences: phasing is a great effect if used properly. I highly recommend this beautiful pedal for all serious axe players...especially Eddie fans.

  • from Boston ma. April 23, 2012Music Background:

    V H phase 90

    Awesome pedal!! Must have

  • from Beaverton, OR January 4, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Composer, Producer, Former Performing Musician

    Thick, rich, swirling tones and lots of fun!

    First, I didn't get this because of the EVH name. I'm pretty neutral on EVH in general, but I loved the paint job on this pedal and I liked having the simplicity of the Phase 90 but with a little more versatility of having the script option on the EVH model. At 9-o'clock, you get sweet phasing like you'd expect, but at 12-o'clock, you get some funky fun! That is my favorite setting to use and it makes playing choppy, funky, syncopated goodness even more fun. The only reason I didn't give this pedal at 5-star review is because I think it's pricey for what you get. In my opinion, this pedal is about $30 overpriced, but that's a Dunlop/MXR/EVH issue, not a Sweetwater problem. Still, if you don't mind spending a little extra, this pedal is a blast.

  • from December 27, 2014

    EVH Phase 90

    I wanted to put a little edge on my guitar solo's and ended up with this. This is great for getting some of those Hendrix style riff sounds. Really takes my guitars to another place. I highly recommend this great pedal.

Questions about the MXR EVH Phase 90 Eddie Van Halen Phase Pedal?

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