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Epiphone Sheraton II - Vintage Sunburst Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
  • from Orcutt, CA, January 29, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist, church worship guitarist, love the blues and 60-70's rock

    A Must Have

    I have owned two Sheraton's over the past 8 yrs, the first was in natural which I had to sell to finance an amp I needed at the time. I knew that I would be seeking another as soon as I could afford to purchase another one. This is without question one of the finest semi hollow bodied guitars out there; PERIOD! Epiphone has what I would call a gem and still at an awesome price. The quality and tone that comes from this guitar is fantastic, I'm not sure why one would feel the need to purchase a Gibson 335 except that it says Gibson on the headstock. Truly, every guitar player should have one of these in the arsenal. The weight is perfect for long gigs, the humbuckers put out excellent tone for stock pickups. The neck is super smooth and the frets are not rough on the ends. While the gold hardware may start to tarnish sooner than one might want, my personal experience is that they hold their own for a very long time and when they do, it just adds to the beauty of the guitar. The only thing I had to replace was the pickup selector switch. Other than that, it is a 5+ star quality guitar.

  • from Elwell Michigan December 9, 2014Music Background:


    Ordered mine on Sunday arrived two days later. The shipping boxes, one for case and one for the guitar, were high quality and were in perfect shape. No dings or dents. The guitar looks and plays great. The finish is flawless and really looks great under the lights. The action is nice and low. Ian, my sales rep, was very helpful. From ordering to the actual product in hand, everything was just perfect. I have been playing SG's for the last 40 years so to say this is the most "blingy" guitar I have ever owned would be an understatement and I have to say it just really feels nice to hold. The inlays, the binding, just a pleasure to hold and play. 100% satisfied with Sweetwater! Great guitar at a great price!

  • from St. Joseph, Michigan July 15, 2014Music Background:

    One Excellent Purchase

    After having played guitar for over 45 years and owning a couple dozen guitars - mostly Gibson, I am extremely pleased with the Sheraton. The looks are stunning and it plays outstanding. I typically play jazz and 50's - 70's pop/rock, and the Sheraton meets all my expectations having knocked my Gibson ES-175 out of the song set at least temporarily. Before making this purchase, I read dozens of reviews about the Sheraton and its competitors including the ES-335. One of the most frequent comments about the Sheraton was that the pickups were not strong enough and so a number of owners replaced them with Gibson 57 Classics right after the purchase. I decided I would also, but after playing the Sheraton I concluded that the replacement would be an unnecessary expense. I should also mention that the Sweetwater staff provided exceptional service in processing the order, and tracking the shipment.

  • from Western Michigan, USA September 12, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro Musician WannaBe

    Maybe it's a little too soon to give a rave review since I've only had it a couple of days, but this instruments fit and finish is almost perfect, and the playability is there as well, I've been playing it since I got it and it's a joy to play! I was skeptical about buying a Chinese made guitar, but I think the value is there with this model, so far I am very pleased with this instrument!

  • from Pennsylvania March 7, 2011Music Background:
    10 years semi-pro musician - blues, rock, country, gospel, singer-songwriter


    Amazing instrument. I am extremely picky when it comes to major purchases so I did a full month of comparing specs, reading reviews, watching videos of demos, talking to es-335 owners, Sheraton owners, Epi-dot owners, Lucille owners, playing the instruments myself, and so on and so on. This Sheraton came out head and shoulders above the rest in terms of beauty, value, comparative sound quality, and everything else. I was originally going to get an Epi-dot but I couldnít get the finish I wanted no matter how I tried. After comparing the specs to a Sheraton II and seeing how much more beautiful it was and hearing how it was better constructed for not much more money, I knew this was for me. Though it was second hand on ebay it was professionally setup and brand new in terms of use. I had played them in stores and this was exactly the same in quality when it arrived. Donít know how Sweetwater does in those terms but they seem to treat folks right. Unless you are super rich, donít even bother with a Gibson 335. You can get almost the same sound for thousands less and the Sheraton is a real head turner as well. Everyone instantly noticed a difference in my sound and playing as soon as I hit the first few licks. Couldnít be more pleased.

  • from New Mexico August 29, 2010Music Background:
    Play mainly at church

    Simply Amazing...

    Bought this guitar (in sunburst) from Sweetwater a few days ago. All I can say is that it looks/sounds/plays better than any semi-hollow I have ever picked up! This guitar plays like a dream, is well balanced, and sounds great clean or distorted. The finish/color looks every bit as good in person as it did in the Sweetwater pics.

    I had an Epi Dot Deluxe, and the Dot did not even hold a candle to this Sheraton. This guitar is worth the extra money by far! Get the Epi case, as well...it's a great case!

  • from Ohio August 10, 2012Music Background:
    Been playing long enough to be much better at it than i am....

    better than the high priced

    I've had both Gibson and Epi Es 335's and none of them came out of the box perfect. That said, I'll say this: You can pay thousands for the "real thing" and take the chance of being disappionted, or try an Epiphone, set it up if necessary, and enjoy the guitar. Or you could whine and moan about the Epi having to have a bunch of unnecessary mods to make it more like the Gibson. I had a great Epi Dot and figured the "real" 335 would be even better, co I bought one. Then came the disappointment I mentioned earlier. Worst guitar (for the price) I've ever owned. Got rid of it and went back to Epiphone. Go on and talk about "tone" all you want. A lot of the tone comes from the guy holding the guitar.

  • from July 24, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Love my Sheraton!

    I was shopping around for a couple months for a good semi-hollow. I had money to spend and was looking into an ES-335 but ended up deciding on the Sheraton II due to the rich history of the original Sheraton. You do have to be careful not to get a Chinese made Sheraton II as the quality is just not there. Make sure it's made in Korea.

    In my opinion this guitar is a great starting point for something far more beautiful. The pickups, electronics, and tuning machines were standard Epiphone quality on this guitar to start, but with a little work and a little love I've turned my guitar into a truly beautiful instrument.

    My guitar is now fitted with new pickups (Gibson 57 Classic and 57 Classic plus at the bridge), a nickel nashville bridge and all nickel hardware, 500k Gibson volume pots, a new input jack, a custom cut bone nut and Gibson Deluxe pearloid machine heads. I found that it also really benefited from a good fret polish right off the bat too.

    This guitar now has so much sustain that it's hard to think of it as a semi-hollow. Even fully stock it was great. But, with a little love and some decent money this guitar has been transformed into something that sounds absolutely amazing and looks 10 times more beautiful than a 335. Just look at the inlay job on the headstock for goodness sake! Gorgeous!

    This guitar has a lot of character and even though I've been traditionally a Gibson only man I'm gladly flying the Epiphone flag on this one. Fingers crossed that the E on the pick guard will stay glued on though!

  • from chicago ill September 20, 2011Music Background:
    guitarist gospel, blues,jazz and some bass guitar 25 years

    what a nice guitar great buy

    i play gospel at my church this guitar delivers real soulful nice smooth feel on the neck. pickups i might change but i am happy with the sounds i get i play thru a line 6 spyder 4 150 2 twelve combo unbelievable combination for church. great axe i would buy it again if lost. thanks sweetwater good people real pros for musicians.

  • from New York December 18, 2010Music Background:

    Great beater

    I put flatwounds 011-050 on my Sheraton and lowered the action the guitar plays itself and can cop the Freddie King or Creedence Clearwater sound with ease. The pickups are far from the best so I use a clean boost pedal. Better neck than the Dot, the Sheraton neck is slimmer and faster.

  • from Indiana November 16, 2010Music Background:

    A Solid Value

    I own this guitar in a left handed, vintage sunburst version. Overall, I am very pleased with it, and am satisfied with the quality for the money. Here is my short review:


    This guitar has a unique sound, and which is very flexible and usable in numerous musical settings. The pickups are good quality, better than I expected, actually, and I would urge you to listen to them side by side with any potential replacement before spending the money. they have a solid humbucker sound, with a little more clarity and treble than you get out of the a les paul with the same pickups. They will overdrive a tube amp without problem, but you need the volume up just a little higher, if that is what you are going for. Overall the guitar offers beatiful, clear tone, and good note definition. I purchased the guitar to play jazz, so I actually have been working to get a little more brown, woody tone from the guitar. Being left handed, affordable options are few and far between. I replaced the neck pickup with a 57 classic. This gives a slightly warmer tone with a little more output than the Epiphone pickups. Frankly, with flatwound strings and the 57 classic the bottom end just thunders, and I have had to roll back the bass control, and give the guitar a little more treble, to keep things under control. When you back off a little, though, and let the tone come through, the guitar just sings, and coupled with a tube amp gives you great dynamics with a very sweet, warm tone. Very nice, overall.


    I wanted to address this separately, because I think the guitar really shines in this area. The neck is among the best that I have played. It has a Gibson feel and radius, but the whole package, when set up right, is just dialed in and plays great. The fretwork is very good on my guitar, and I have a pleked gutiar to compare it to. The action, after the sweetwater set up, is amazing. Very low, with almost no buzzing anywhere on the neck. It is great for jazz chord work, and, before I put the flatwounds on it, was very comfortable for bending strings.

    The guitar body is also very comfortable and nice to play. I like it the size and shape better than the Ibanez that is similar. Some people have complained that the head stock is too large. I personally like it very much, and find it both aesthetically pleasing, and well balanced. The tuners are gold Grovers, and they work great. All of the hardware seems pretty decent quality, and I have had no issues with the tone or volume nobs, they work as they should.


    Overall the finish work is very good quality. The finish itself is very well applied, and I would call it flawless. The body binding is also well done. The f hole binding is not perfect in terms of thickness or finish, but it is not so bad that it is noticeable.

    the inlay work on the headstock is very well done. Where things get a little wonky on my guitar is the fretboard inlays. The fretboard itself is a very nice piece of rosewood. They inlays, however, sometimes have a little too much space which has been filled between the inlay and the fretboard. Not a big deal, but I can see the filler outline, and you do not have this on a 3K Gibson. Of course, this is not a 3K guitar, so no big deal. Finally, one of my inlays is not perfectly even between the two frets. Most people would probably never even notice these issues, but it is enough for me to get it 4 instead of five stars. On the one hand, there are many far more expensive guitars if you are able to pay for that level of quality. On the other hand, there are other, far cheaper chinese guitars, and this is towards the high end of even the epiphone line, so it is not unfair to ask for a higher level of fit and finish than on a guitar that looks the same, but costs several hundred dollars less.

    If nothing else, this guitar is worth the price because the neck feels and plays like a gibson, which is what Eiphone can offer that other similar guitars cannot. That, plus a very fine tone, make this a great guitar overall.

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