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Epiphone Dot - Ebony Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone Dot - Ebony?

Questions about the Epiphone Dot - Ebony?

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  • Customer
    from September 14, 2015

    The most excellent Dot

    I just became an owner of this guitar, and it is in black. This is a maple body that will become more sparkle in tone as it ages. Maple is a truly great wood. Finish is most excellent, and the tuners of high quality. Plays well but the neck is a tad thick, however, I can live with this. This is a semi hollow, and so it will have much sustain due to the wood block in the body. The difference between this and the Sheridan is the later has no block wood in the body and can be played as an acoustic and it will feed back. Well, I have many guitars such as the Fender strat and the Les Paul . Stratocaster has Fralin blues in it, and the Paul has Suhr pickups like Jeff Beck uses. So, I being a pick up snob will put top notch PAF in this thing, 490 r and 490 T and it will be a tone monster. So, I do not need a name on the headstock that says Gibson and the 1500 price tag, nope, this puppy is fine for 419. And I played both my pals ES 335 Gibby and this one, and they play and sound almost the same. Go team Epiphone!

  • Customer
    from January 8, 2013

    Best semi-hollow guitar for the price!

    Great guitar, just what I was looking for, beautifull finish and solid construction with a great resonance acoustic body that gives you sweets warm tones. In my opinion this is the best website to buy your instruments. Excellent and fast attention, also the fact that you can see real photos of the gear you are buying is amazing.

  • Matt
    from Atlanta GA November 29, 2012Music Background:
    Working pro for over 40 years

    Great, Basic Semi-hollow

    I bought it to upgrade and have had it for 3 years. My main guitar is a Clapton Strat. It covers 80% of what I do (blues, roots and boogie). But I needed something for 5 or 6 songs per night to cover B.B., Freddie, early Clapton type tones. Couldn't justify the price of the Gibson 335 for this. Besides, several new ones I played needed work right off the bat. Any guitar I buy gets a new nut right away - solves most or all tuning problems. This Dot was no exception-really needed it. The Dot does exactly what I wanted - gets the semi-hollow humbucker tone I was looking for, great tone and sustain, nice chubby neck - very well done. After upgrading wiring and pickups it's even better. I have about $750 in it total. I might be a little happier with a Gibson 335 but could have 2 or 3 more upgraded Dots for the same price. In fact, I recently bought another Dot to use for slide in open D tuning. Sounds great!

  • hyde
    from northern wisconsin December 30, 2011Music Background:

    great deal, beautiful guitar.

    the pictures dont do it any justice, this guitar is just absolutely beautiful. and it plays like butter, i love the feel of the thick neck and the tone in this guitar is awesome for 400 bucks, one of the better guitars ive played. quality at a bargain. epiphone really nailed it on this one, on thing i didnt like about it out of the box was the gold knobs, didnt really match anything on the guitar, so i ordered it with some black gibson speed knobs.pretty sweet!!!

  • Oscar Barrios
    from San Antonio, Tx. April 25, 2010Music Background:
    I have been playing guitar for over 30 years.

    The Epiphone Dot Guitar

    Received a Epiphone Dot guitar from my son this past X-mas. And I have to tell you that this is the best guitar I have ever owned. Sure it needed a few simple adjustments but I took care of that real quick. Since changing out strings this has been my go-to guitar every night & day. I can`t get enough of playing with it. I also use a pedal with it but most of the time I just play it loud & clean. It sounds terrific and I encourage anyone that loves guitars to purchase one of these. The grip on the neck is a little thicker but I have large hands and it fits me just fine. I love to play it when ever I can. I have the Cherry red edition and I love the look & style of this beautiful guitar. Well I have had my say and I recommend this to everybody who is reading this site.

  • Ron Armstrong
    from SF Bayarea July 18, 2014Music Background:
    guitarist, engineer, pro

    epiphone DOT

    good fit feel finish, resonance, balance, a great guitar pickups are fair what you might expect so I am going to trade these out for better ones.
    bridge, tailpiece, and tuners all work, plays well

  • D. D. Jansen
    from Walla Walla, WA August 5, 2010Music Background:
    hobbyist blues/jazz also Christian band player

    solid sound, good playability, the guitar I play most

    I wish I had this for my first guitar because it sounds better than all the others I have wasted money on over the years. The only guitar that beats it is my custom les paul. I take it on stage because it sounds great thru my marshall amp, and because iof its low cost I do not sweat it getting a bit banged up. Why pay $3500 for a gibson 335 when this sounds about 85 % as good. I am not making this up. I love this guitar.

  • Beck
    from July 16, 2015

    Epi Dot

    I have a beautiful thin neck Sheraton model made in the early 90's. This 335 is a base model somewhat comparable to it. The finish on the body is murky in several spots. The binding is yellowed-appearance of pre-aged-intentional or not?. The pickups are ok but don't have the tonal range as my Sheraton-is it fair to compare guitars of different era's? The neck has no binding and the edges are rough and chipped. Frets were ok and fairly level (they needed work).

    The neck is the biggest disappointment. Rough edges and don't believe the "Slim Taper" description. This thing is FAT. Like the business end of a baseball bat fat. Fatter than any 12 Stringer I've ever seen. You will need a giant sized Capo (and hands) to wrap around this neck. Suggest try before you buy on this one.

  • Thomas Stinson
    from Oregon March 3, 2010Music Background:
    Working musician.

    Needs Work

    The intonation on these guitars sucks, as does the finish (fit is good). If you buy one, plan on spending $150 plus getting the thing set up.

Questions about the Epiphone Dot - Ebony?

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