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Epiphone Broadway - Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone Broadway - Natural?

Questions about the Epiphone Broadway - Natural?

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  • from January 1, 2016Music Background:
    Songwriter and musician

    I Couldn't Be Happier

    This is a wonderful guitar. It Looks, Plays and Sounds beautiful. The fit and finish of this guitar is amazing. It sounds great as an acoustic and great plugged in. It's a dream and a steal for the money. As always Sweetwater comes through with the best customer service in the business. It was ready to play right out of the box. I grabbed one because of all of the excellent reviews that I have read. This Epiphone Broadway is a high-quality instrument at an unbelievable price. One last thing I would like to mention, I waited several times to buy this guitar and then when I decided to buy, they were out of stock. There's a reason for that, this is a great guitar. If you're thinking about buying one, go for it! You will not be sorry.

  • from Turlock, CA October 28, 2015

    Awesome Epi!

    Can't say enough good things about the Epiphone Broadway. I've had it for about one month now. I was very skeptical at first about ordering an instrument built in Korea but my fears went away once I received the guitar and became aware of how well it is made. The materials, fit and finish are high quality, with no dings, marks, scratches, etc. It plays like a dream and is a work of art. Great guitar for the money and an excellent value. Now I just have to learn how to play well enough to do justice to this fine guitar.

  • from All over the country July 14, 2015Music Background:
    40 years professional, gigging, touring and recording

    the Broadway is Impressive

    I've been playing, singing and writing for 46 years, and the Broadway is my first Archtop Hollowbody Jazzbox" in more than 30 years. This incredibly beautiful, well-built, tonally complex instrument is showing me new things every time I play her. Sometimes an all-Maple guitar, can sound thin and a bit tinny . . . lacking warmth, but the Broadway is rich in a variety of warm tones. Unplugged she has a warm, "woody" tone that is distinctive from other high end acoustics. Plugged into an all-tube amp, she can give that classic, staccato Jazz warmth without losing its tonal focus, and going into the mud. And like the old Gretsch White Falcon, she can play a clean Rock and Roll, or be dirtied-up to reveal a crunchy Blues tone or Classic Rock tone. The Broadway is an easy guitar to play, once I had the action lowered to my specs. Intonation, (after set-up), has been very accurate, and she stays in tune no matter how hard she is played or how many bends I do. Another point I'd like to make is that the build quality of Epiphone guitars is so very, very good now. IMHO, Epiphones of today are better built than some modern Gibson models. I know that will draw some ire from die-hard Gibson fans, but I've done side by side testing on 3 Epiphone models and their Gibson model counterparts, and generally the results are: Tonally they very similar, even competitive; build quality: Epiphone is the hands down winner. I found a surprising number of build errors in the Gibsons I looked at. Binding separations, loose and wobbly Humbuckers, uneven finishes - orange-peely, sharp corners on fret ends, pickguard screws stripped of threads, and other minor but frustrating mistakes. Mistakes that shouldn't be made on a multi-thousand dollar guitar. The Epiphones, (including my Broadway), were consistently flawless in all areas of the build, which I find amazing in a guitar costing less than $1,000.00. Epiphone didn't used to be as good, but, whoever is at the helm of Epiphone has brought their entire product line to the forefront of well-built guitars. In short I am completely satisfied with, and enamored by, my Epiphone Broadway!! And it is so fun to play!

  • from Near Philadephia June 9, 2014Music Background:

    Sweet Jazz Guitar

    This guitar rings for days, with a sweet warm tone. Perfect for a working jazz guitarist. Light and durable and fast across the neck. I put George Benson 12's on it, so I had to do a little work to make it mine but the guitar responds beautifully. This sounds better than a lot of guitars that are 3 times the price. Pick ups are powerful and give up a very sweet jazzy sound. I would buy this again and again.

  • from LAWRENCEVILLE, GA August 15, 2013Music Background:
    Guitarist, Recording Engineer, Producer

    Ear Candy!

    This guitar was everything that I hoped for. I am amazed at how sweet it sounds on every recording. It has a very warm and jazzy tone that sits well in the mix. What makes it different from most guitars is the wooden bridge which creates a magical resonance that is very hard to find in most guitars. Not only does it look great, but It is absolutely candy for the ears! This sounds like it should be worth thousands more than the price tag! You know I'm keeping this one for sure.

  • from Santa Barbara CA December 13, 2016Music Background:
    amateur jazz guitarist

    great guitar for a great price

    I purchased the Epiphone Broadway from Sweetwater a little over a year ago. I have a wonderful 1954 Gibson L4C, but have always dreamed of owning an L5, which is definitely out of my price range. When I saw the Broadway available for $, I decided to go ahead and order it, and I am very glad I did. First of all, it is a beautiful instrument, with a beautiful finish, set up perfectly. It has a great neck, great action, and plays very comfortably. The tone is rich and mellow, just how you'd expect from a more expensive guitar. I was a little apprehensive about the fact that the guitar is manufactured in Korea, but the quality is incredible. I may still fantasize about a classic Gibson jazz guitar, but for its price and quality I am more than satisfied with the Epiphone Broadway.

  • from Colorado November 6, 2016

    good basic jazz box but upgrade pickups

    I have owned one of these for about 12 years.

    The guitar is solid and a great start to a lower cost good sounding jazz box. My guitar is a sunburst model which I don't think they make anymore. The case is good quality as well.

    I replaced pickups with Gibson PAF's, upgraded all pots, wiring and installed new pickup switch and input jack.

    I also added a tunomatic bridge (it is really difficult to keep guitar in tune with wood bridge), a new 175 style tail piece (the additional mass really adds depth to the tone), and new Gibson volume/tone knobs, and heavy (12s) flat wound strings. My guitar also required some fret work to even out some low and high spots. I also removed the pickguard.

    But after $500 of work, the guitar is truly amazing and rivals a $5k or more jazz box. And - vs. a $5k guitar, you won't feel guilty taking this guitar out of your house to a gig!

    I know that offering a jazz box for less than $1k is goal for Epiphone, but the stock pickups, pots, switch, bridge, and tailpiece are pretty weak and should be replaced if you plan to gig with this instrument.

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