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Epiphone Wildkat with Bigsby - Antique Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 42 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone Wildkat with Bigsby - Antique Natural?

Questions about the Epiphone Wildkat with Bigsby - Antique Natural?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Albert, KS November 6, 2016

    Wildkat, Oh Yeah!

    This review is about a guitar that more people should consider because it has it all! Semi hollow (almost hollow) mahogany body,P90 pickups, Bigsby Vibrato, Grover tuners, Quality looks and, build. I have two of these one Chicago Royale Blue and, Wine Red transparent and, they just blow me away. These come as close as you can get to a true hollow body except for a couple of places where it is solid under the bridge and, by the neck pickup, other than that it is hollow. I was looking for that something different in a guitar and, this is it! I've played these through a small 30w combo amp and, a Fender Twin Reverb and, the sound is Awesome!! I bought both sight unseen with no problem. I live in a very rural area so I have no choice but to do so. I have not been dissapointed in any way with these instruments. No modifications necessary, tune up, set the action, check the intonation and, neck relief and, get jammin'. Highly recommended!!!!

  • from Indianapolis, Indiana March 23, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Musician for 17 years

    Best guitar for the price.

    I purchased this guitar several months ago. It has exceptional clean tones and a very low end cut. It leaves a bit to be desired in the treble side of things even when the lead tone is selected. However it's mid range capabilities are amazing. It has a natural crunch when played clean that allows the user to not have to overdrive the amp or use a distortion effect. It does need tightened up when fresh out of the box, but once done stays in tune very well even when using the tremolo. The neck is fat and chords very nice, but not great for metal shredding. It is a very loud electric and I have issues when playing live switching between this and my solid body electrics because it is so much louder. I use this for all clean songs in our set list. If your a rhythm player looking for a solid piece at a great price look no further. If you want something to run the neck this is not the guitar for you. I get compliments on this guitar everywhere it goes.

  • from Deltona, FL March 5, 2016

    Best value for electric on the market

    I've had this guitar a few months now and I love it. It will fill the necessities for any style except, maybe, metal. It has a unique sound and look along with a great feel. I put some Gibson 11 gauge strings on mine and the sound is compatible with my regular Gibson studio. Caution: If you never stringed a guitar with a Bigsby trem, look it up on youtube before you do your first. It is not difficult, but easy to make mistakes that could cost you scratches or having to buy another set of new strings.

  • from East Coast, USA. February 2, 2016Music Background:
    Recording and Gigging

    Epiphone Wildkat!

    I was looking at an Epiphone Les Paul to compliment my 2002 Gibson ES-135. Thought I wanted a solid body guitar til I played this. Turns out I'm a semi hollow kind of guy. Plus I've always wanted a guitar with the P-90 and Bigsby combo.
    This guitar is unique in its construction, with the routed back and sides made of one piece of mahogany. Most semi hollow guitars have a center block running the length of the body, but if you look at the f holes you can see daylight coming through toward the neck pickup. So it has a very hollow body tone. Almost acoustic sounding under the right settings. Watch your EQ with higher gain settings because she will feed back.
    The hardware is top notch and construction is excellent. My Gibson has a smoother fret job but for the price it doesn't lose points. A simple fret polish when you get it will be fine.
    His guitar is worth every penny and more.

  • from August 7, 2015

    epihone wildkat

    was very pleased, better than I expected, sounds great, the action is very good
    best guitar I have for the money.

  • from Northern Virginia January 26, 2015Music Background:

    Nice guitar

    I have more guitars than I need, but I've wanted a semi-hollow body guitar ever since I was a kid and I also desired a guitar with a Bigsby. I also wanted a guitar with P-90s. So I got this Wildkat because it had all three, but I wasn't really expecting much in the way of playability. Right now though, I think this is my favorite "playing guitar." It has a nice tone and I prefer the controls (especially the master volume control). A good guitar, especially at the price.

  • from Royal Oak, MI August 7, 2014Music Background:
    1st EP in the can ... long-time garage musician

    >Still In Love

    I got mine right before Festivus 2012, and fell in love with it during our family holiday jam session ... 20 months later, still in love ... definitely MY guitar ... the neck pickup is outta this world ... love the bridge pickup, too ... the tone knob is a TOOL TO ADJUST YER SOUND, not deaden it ... and the neck is a dream ... I bought this guitar cause of the price, P-90s, semi-hollow body and Bigsby, plus some online videos ... I never played it 'til I got it ... I am a lifelong Strat guy, this neck is THE best I have ever felt ... LOVE MY WILDKAT !!!

  • from Vail, AZ USA April 28, 2014Music Background:
    50+ years doing music

    Great Axe!!!

    This guitar is way more than I ever expected! I was a bit concerned about buying a guitar online without playing it buy I was not disappointed. Also the sales staff was awesome! What a sweet guitar for the money!

  • from Pleasant Grove, UT April 22, 2014Music Background:


    I got mine shipped today, it looks and plays great, it is a super addition to my collection.
    I can get a great rockabilly sound without spending a fortune.
    The customer service is great, and the candy bags satisfy the sweet tooth.

  • from Ava,Mo. October 15, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist/ Collector

    Awesome guitar ,looks and plays great

    This guitar is a real sweet addition to my collection. I have a Sheraton and a Wilshire plus numerous other Epiphone guitars, but, this Wildkat is really something. For the money, this is the guitar you want. Sounds awesome through my Fender Twin Reverb.

  • from ga September 29, 2013Music Background:
    front man in a classic rock and blues band

    Wild yet versitle

    This thing is a true classic. Great tone and playability! Very easy set up the action to your taste. It is somewhat of a diamond in the rough though. Although the fit and finish are up to par with even American made guitars, it needs a roller bridge and a graphite nut to reach its potential. Epiphone should send them this way, it couldn't cost but a few more bucks. Speaking of which, this thing is a stone cold bargain at this low price! The p90s sound great and go from warm and almost acoustic to total metal nastiness and everything in between with ease. Love the tuners, love the neck,the body size, the weight, and especially the master volume knob and it's location! Not to even mention the bigsby, it looks so retro and works so well you just don't want to put it down. Just buy one and make your guitar playing life complete!

  • from Newport, Oregon...U.S.A. August 16, 2013Music Background:

    Wildkat indeed

    I got this same Wildkat today as a gift from a dear friend and let me tell you....it is a wildcat. Very aggressive yet subtle when needed to be in the tone it delivers. The workmanship on mine is superb. All in all this is a tone monster and a gorgeous instrument.
    Don't take my word for it though. Try one for yourself. You'll see what I mean. I'm keeping mine.

  • from Manchester NH July 8, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    How can this guitar be so inexpensive???

    Received my Wildkat 2 mos ago. Looks and plays like a $1500 guitar. I am surprised they don't sell out faster. This guitar is destined to become an Epiphone Classic.

  • from Illinois June 30, 2013Music Background:
    Serious hobbist

    As good as it gets

    Beautifully made, bookmatched veneer incredible. Sweetwater's gallery lets you choose the one for you and this was why I first decided to buy it here. The second, more important reason I would shop here again was the quality of the set-up and customer service. The guitar was in tune and ready to play out of the box. It was well-packed and delivery was fast.

    Guitar has great action and sounds rich and like a much more expensive instrument. Details in craftsmanship (finish, frets) were just about perfect. I am amazed at what you can buy these days for less than four hundred dollars. I'm getting the Night Hawk next. . . .

  • from New York State May 16, 2013Music Background:
    Engineer, Sound Designer, Composer, Performer.

    A Friggin' Bargain!

    If someone handed you this guitar with a Gibson or Gretsch logo on it, you'd be willing to pay $1200.00 for it - no kidding! Out of the box, action's a tiny bit high, but plays fine. Quality is top-notch. Epiphone is really amazing me a set neck thin-line that could go from Foo Fighters to Stray Cats to Pat martino - just amazing. The pups are a little thicker than classic p-90s - almost half way between single coil and humbucker sound. I cranked it on my Fender Twin and lord have mercy it rocked! Sang! The controls: separate volume for each pup, + master volume + master tone give you lots of tonal variety. The only other guitar with a similar setup (though not master volume) that I've played is a Godin Radiator, and with both Axes, I find this a very versatile set of controls.

    I will probably replace the nut with bone or tusq, get a pro set up, and if nut sauce doesn't do it, I may even get a roller bridge - because it's not rock solid in terms of tuning stability - but a Bigsby is not a dive bomber, after all.

    For the money, this thing is incredible. Unlike so many cheap guitars, the electronics on this sound great. The only things you might want to change are those I mentioned above.

    I like the smallish body size, and the almost Les Paul thickness.

    It is a **** sexy guitar to look at too.

  • from west bloomfield, MI May 15, 2013Music Background:
    I played in bars all through college at 70 years old I still play every day for 2 hours.

    beautiful epiphone guitar

    This guitar has a great feel...It looks good and its easy to play...The attention to detail is the same as my 20 year old epiphone/gibson. The tone is deep and mellow

  • from Richmond Va March 25, 2013Music Background:
    pro musician


    the sound is great its what i been searchn for

  • from French Lick, Indiana March 7, 2013Music Background:

    Epiphone wildkat

    great guitar for price

  • from United States March 4, 2013Music Background:
    Oh you know, I can play the white keys real good

    Amazed at this price point

    I bought this guitar cause I thought it was really nice looking. Plus I wanted a semi-hollow body with this style and I am a sucker for Bigsby's.

    I also read online others that replaced the tuners and pickups. When I got it, I was truly blown away by how it looked. I was disappointed with how it stayed in tune and it's tone.

    I spoke with sweetwater tech support and they suggested some Nut Sauce. Not sure if that really did anything but I gave the strings a REAL good stretching in and now, I have no tuning problems at all. Those are Grover tuners so they are pretty good.

    As for the tone, I really how to dial up my rig much different to get the right sound out of it but I have a pretty good rock-a-billy tone now (although my chicken picking has much to be desired).

    The guitar was always very playable, the notes would fret nice and it feels comfortable to strum and pick. I find raking very easy on this ax.

    I guess it's true, you can't believe everything you read on the internet. This guitar is put together right and of course, sweetwater rocked at sales and service. I feel like I got an amazing deal (especially if you look at something like an ES-335).

  • from Detroit MI (where punk-rock was created) January 15, 2013Music Background:
    I am a song-writer an garage musician and will finally start playing more than open-mic nights this spring, 6 songs on iTunes this winter

    Destined for me ...

    I was looking for P-90s, and a Semi-hollowbody with a whammy bar, and it is all that and more! I too, have large hands and the neck is amazing, it feels made for me ... I looked at, and played, many other guitars, but with all the above, none could match the deal, I love it! Dave Brow was very good to work with ...

  • from Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia November 18, 2009Music Background:
    Intermediate-Blues and Vintage R&R

    One Kool Kat

    I got to choose mine from SWEETWATER'S Guitar Gallery.
    Beautiful Maple Veneered top. I have large hands and this plays PERFECT. Great action and string bending.The tone is super VINTAGE, and with tweaking the controls
    through my Epiphone Blues Custom 30 all tube amp makes it a SUPER tone machine! Everyone who has seen it are very impressed with its appearance! Great tone for a super price!

  • from Duesseldorf,Germany August 3, 2007Music Background:
    Pro Musician,


    Just a perfect axe.You know what you want and the wildkat will tell you if you are what she wants.
    Jump Blues,Rockabilly,Jazz,Bossa...crystal clear chords and creamy lead sounds..I'm sold that's why I bought.
    Perfect...don't let the price mislead...
    Play and hear this sweetie...

  • from Hendersonville, North Carolina April 2, 2007Music Background:
    Faithfully destroying good music since 1968


    I would not give this to just any guitar, But I was truly blown away at the sound and feel of this guitar,,,I seriously went into the store to debunk a freinds suggestion that my son buy one of these,,,but I walked out WITH one of my own instead......The P90's were amazing, this thing sounds much more expensive than it is,,,and there are seperate volumes for each as well as a master which makes this almost like a varitone except with more range,,,It sounds like a much larger semi-hollow, the back and sides are from the same block of Mahogony like the big boys with a Beautiful Flame top,,,,and the playability,,this thing plays like Butter......I thought that it had been set up but when I got my new one from the back and opened it,,,,,it was perfect,,,,it needed little tuning and the intonation was dead on,,,,I do wish that it did not have the Bigsby but since it's there I may even try some dive bombing,,,,

  • from Indiana, USA October 27, 2015Music Background:

    Swingin' kat

    This Epiphone is a GREAT guitar. For this price, you get the quality that you would expect from US made guitars. Epiphone used to have a not so good reputation when they first started importing their guitars, but now, they have really improved their quality immensely. I would not be ashamed to play this guitar on stage if I was a working musician. It has the looks and playability of a custom made instrument at the fraction of the cost of a custom shop instrument. I would highly recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a first rate entry guitar. The only reason I did not rate this at 5 stars is because it does not come with a case, it is sold separately. GREAT guitar with a GREAT price.

  • from September 29, 2015

    Great Guitar

    Very well made, smooth neck, classic lines. It seems to be modeled after an old Gretsch. The price is very reasonable; it's almost like getting a Bigsby for free.

  • from fairport,ny March 28, 2015Music Background:

    great semi hollow body!

    Ive bought close to 4k from sw,guitars.amps,head and cabient from sw. I like this epi alot, set up was perfect.it sounds great in my new fender tube amp,l wish i could fine a ampeg reverb rocket used at a fair price?any way as always very happy with sweetwatet.

  • from Indianapolis, IN February 15, 2015

    Growls, play it dirty, crunchy.

    The single coil P90's sound best with gain, played clean it sounds a 'little' muddy. Doesn't really detract from the overall tone and performance though. I use this as a rhythm guitar, it has a great low end, punchy attack, especially through a tube amp (obviously).
    One of several things about this are the looks, it's stunning, it's cool, it's a head turner.
    The only thing keeping this from 5 stars are the knobs, they're a little wonky, on of mine was broken where the shaft pushes into the bottom. Probably replace those anyway but they're the only cheap thing on the guitar. The rest is amazing!

  • from Albemarle, NC USA November 20, 2014Music Background:
    hobbyist, collector, occasional performer

    nice guitar at a nice price

    Good Quality guitar for the money, great looking, and sounds good. I bought it for my collection because of the looks, reviews, and I didn't have an Epiphone: semi-hollow and bigsby tailpiece also helped sell me. Finally got to play it for awhile and am impressed by what I got for the price. This one is right at home hanging next to higher priced guitars .

  • from South West Ohio May 6, 2014Music Background:
    Former gigging musician, now hobbyist

    Great Guitar

    I have been playing gfuitar for over 40 years now and I just got my Wildkat from Sweetwater last week. It came in 2 days and had a pretty good setup on it., nice action, no fret buzz, strings at even height all the way down the neck. Unfortunately, the P90's are not adjustable. The guitar plays and sounds amazing. It has a good look and finish to it. The only problem I could find was a small flaw in the finish on the upper bout. It almost feels like a piece of tape that was not peeled off before the final finish was applied. I t does not show, It is only noticable by touch and is not enough of a nuisance to return the guitar.I play it through my old Peavey Delta Blues with the 15" speaker and it sounds really goodOne note though, the Epiphone P90's are not as hot as the ones in my old Gibson SG although they still have a good sound. All in all however it is a very nice guitar. My son who is a gigging bass player and sound engineer thought it was a an $800 guitar and thought I was kidding hom when I told him it was only$400. This is my first Epi but it won't be my last!. I own or have owned Gibsons. Fenders, an old Gretsch Countrry Gentleman, martins, a Guild, a Music Man, and a Ric and the Epi's quality is right up there with any of them. If not for the small finish flaw it would have received a 5 star rating. Sweetwater's service was it's usual top notch best.

  • from El Dorado, AR, USA March 25, 2014Music Background:
    long-time amateur/hobbyist

    another winner from Epiphone & Sweetwater

    I got my Wildkat a day before the estimated delivery date, and I'm extremely happy with this guitar; the fit & finish are flawless, and I like the balance, size & weight. The neck is hefty enough to fit my size 11 hands, yet faster than I'll ever be able to make it play...I couldn't afford to order the case that goes with it (on my extremely limited budget), but the double boxing & more-than adequate packing job did what it was supposed to.

    The only thing I'd change would be to put a roller bridge on it to accommodate the Bigsby, which is what I'll do as soon as Jimmy Hart gets my special order for Schaller's TOM roller unit processed, along with the case for my newest acquisition.

    I can't say it enough, Sweetwater delivers the best service and merchandise I've received for ANY online purchase, and quite likely any other purchase, except maybe my groceries...

    I really don't think it matters which sales engineer you may get to work with you; I'm sure you'll get as much attention & consideration as Jimmy Hart gives me. I don't think the rest of the industry will ever come close to matching what Sweetwater does for me.

  • from Angola, Indiana December 12, 2013Music Background:
    Student, always a student...

    Two easy tweaks makes this guitar even more awesome

    First... get a roller bridge... all tuning issues will disappear, the nut is fine, mine is anyway... Next, for those who want a little more Strat-ish 'spank' out of it's P90's... give a couple twists to the pole pieces on the pups... stagger 'em, sorta Strat-like, with a little extra twist to the G string... this darlin' will chime like you wouldn't believe, and it is a freebie to boot... Like another reviewer said, it is a shame the Epiphone doesn't ship this jewel with a roller bridge, but they are cheap and easy to find on the internet... mine was 14.54 shipped from China through Amazon... which brings up the question...Why doesn't Sweetwater offer a roller bridge? I would have gladly paid more for the opportunity to purchase one from you guys....

  • from March 28, 2013

    Well worth the money!!!

    Sweet guitar. My first semihollow body guitar. Looks amazing! Plays great. Neck is like satin, slide up and down with ease. Strings are nice, not to tight, not to loose, bigsby is a really cool feature, tuning is a little issue if you use it a lot. I think it just looks cool. Great guitar for any single coil pickup application. Enjoy!!!

  • from seymour, tn.USA February 7, 2012Music Background:
    pro for more than 40 years


    great guitar after a little tweaking, I like my action really low and it got there.The service with a return and everything was just great, thank you Brian great guitar and great people, looking forward to working with you a lot this year

  • from March 7, 2015Music Background:


    I've had one since they first came out and it was git that will stay with me. Definetly a git that can give anything you want. R&B. Rock, Funk. Blues and twangy country. A steal for it's price. Stays in tune and not a problem with it. You don't need a expensive 335, this baby does it all.

  • from United States May 26, 2014

    Excellent Little Guitar

    I've wanted one of the Kat series guitars since they came out. This guitar is well made and plays well right out of the box. String change, string height and truss rod adjustments, lowered the Bigsby arm, and it's about perfect. Could use a roller bridge and the inside of the f-holes is fairly rough, but that does not take away from the fun of playing this guitar. The P-90s are quiet for single coils and everything functions as it should.

  • from September 19, 2013Music Background:
    just a player

    Beautiful little package!

    Tuning problem though strings aren't properly stretched as yet. I'm wondering if a nut replacement or perhaps lubrication is warranted on this guitar? It is in my opinion a lovely looking instrument with really mellow sound. My concern is of course difficulty of keeping the instrument tuned.

  • from United States February 15, 2013Music Background:
    lots and lots

    Very beautiful and playable guitar

    Firstly I love Bigsby's, I love they way they look. This is my third guitar to have one and probably looks the best on this.

    The neck is very playable but the setup left something to be desired. Also the pickups stink. I will be replacing them with 57's.

    Other than that it is surprisingly well crafted for a Chinese made guitar and since an es-335 is out of my budget this is a more than acceptable alternative.

  • from Houston, TX August 2, 2015Music Background:

    Not the worst guitar

    I've had this guitar for a month now, so I won't talk too much about the durability. The look of the guitar is beautiful. The guitar is not yellow, like the pictures they have on the internet, which is a good thing. Instead it has a nice maple grain that goes across with a real natural look. The neck is a dream, but it took some work to get it there. The rosewood was in bad need of oil, so that was one of the first things that I did. Second it needed to be properly set up, this thing was not even close. Right out of the box I had fret buzz, but I took care of that while I was oiling the neck. The jack output was loose, so I took it off to reset it, and that is when I noticed the poor craftsmanship of the hole that was created for it. It looked like someone was new to the job or was at least having a hard time with making this whole. You can see chisel marks far from the hole, but thanks to the rather large cover they are hidden, still it makes me wonder what else was done poorly on this guitar on the inside. I ended up having to replace the jack output, because it would not stay tight on there.

    I bought this for the bigsby, as I suspect most people do. I was not disappointed. It is amazing and surprisingly the guitar stays in tune. Also the sound of this guitar is excellent, I love all the controls it makes it easier to find the sound you are looking for as well. Plugged into my vox amp, it sounds very nice. It has not been my favorite guitar I bought in the last month, I went crazy and bought three this month. I do not regret buying this guitar, but I can see easily selling it a year or two.

  • from Mena, AR May 27, 2010Music Background:
    Recording engineer, Singer-Songwriter

    My Only Gripe

    Absolutely love this guitar. It came set up ready to play. The action is nice and the fretboard has a nice feel; chords and solos are easy to play. It also has a very clean, bell like tone. I could get some very Johnny Lang-like blues sounds out of this thing. When you kick up the gain, it drives quite nicely. Though the pick-ups do have a tendency to scream and not feedback. My only gripe is that it won't stay in tune when I use the bigsby tremolo a lot. I even went with 11 strings to try and help the tuning stability, but to no avail.

  • from Ohio February 10, 2017Music Background:
    Classical, historical, R-n-R, Metal

    Epiphone Wildkat with Bigsby - Natural

    This guitar has a chunky neck and very high frets. In that way it reminds me of something built in the mid 50's to mid 60's. Requires a different mindset to play viz-a-viz most modern guitars.

    The dog ear P-90 pickups sound pretty but of course lack height adjustment capability.

    Neatly compact instrument yet surprisingly heavy. Very good fit and finish except for the usual Epiphone fingerboard crud. (I've purchased several Epiphones new - all needed the fingerboard cleaned)

    Great service from Sweetwater - the guitar arrived next morning after I placed the order !

    This particular guitar required an extracurricular setup and the case is sold separately, so add another $ to your mental total cost if considering this model.

  • from Rancho San Diego, CA May 21, 2014Music Background:
    Intermediate player/hobbyist, into alternative & punk

    Upgrades Required

    The price of the basic and limited edition Wildkats went up significantly since I bought mine in April 2012. You get a lot with this guitar - nice finish (sunrise orange is amazing) with visible wood grain, binding, and decent hardware (although poor stock bridge choice). Flawed design with the Bigsby's close proximity to the bridge and the angles of the stings - would not stay in tune for long. Invested in a graphite nut and rolling bridge. Along with beefier strings (.011s - helps with tone, too) and a great tech doing a proper setup, it stays in tune much better. I also swapped the stock Epi P90s (okay, but a tad dark/muddy) for GFS P90s (much brighter). Kept the metal covers for the overall look of the guitar, and I only get feedback close to the amp or on max overdrive. It's a true semi hollow, and not intended to sound like a Gretsch. Sounds great through my Blues Jr (both clean and with pedals) playing alternative and punk. Good for more mellow stuff, too. Well worth it in the end, but be prepared to invest/upgrade to better stay in tune.

  • from Ohio February 20, 2016Music Background:
    I've been playing 35 years and build amps and pedals

    Nice guitar but lacks good pickups.

    I like the guitar but totaly dislike the pickups. I think they sound thin and lack gain . The guitar sounds great acoustically until plugged in so; I know it's not the guitar. I'll be changing up to EMG's.
    I give the guitar 5 stars for wood,finish etc....The pickups (at least in mine) sound bad.

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