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Epiphone ES-339 Pro - Vintage Sunburst Reviews

4.5 stars based on 46 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone ES-339 Pro - Vintage Sunburst?

Questions about the Epiphone ES-339 Pro - Vintage Sunburst?

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  • from Burbank. CA April 9, 2017Music Background:
    Making a comeback after many years away.

    All the reviews are true

    Dennis Konicki sent me my Epiphone ES339 and case. I couldn't be more impressed. A buddy played it last week and I'm pretty sure he'll be ordering one very soon. All the reviews stressed the tremendous "bang for the buck" and they were right. I have four guitars and tend to pick this one up most often. Great fit and finish and variety of tones. I use a Roland Blues Cube Stage with this guitar. Very fun to play.

  • from Lares PR April 1, 2017Music Background:

    Cool guitar!

    I was back and forth between this and Prs zm but budget constraints plus 0% financing made the epi 339 more attractive!
    Nice! I live in a small town outside the USA so it was convenient to buy from SW and Stew Foster set me up thanks Stew! The guitar is great and it only needed a twist of the trussrod to make it great! Buy this guitar!

  • from California March 1, 2017

    Awesome guitar

    A lot of guitar for the money!

  • from Greenville SC February 26, 2017

    ES 339

    I have been playing the ES 339 for a couple days now, First impression out of the box was wow this thing look great. Fit and finish where as good as any of my $1500 guitars. It seemed to me like the action was kind of stiff. The more I played the better the action seemed to a point. I think a new set of Ernie Ball Super Slinkies will make a big difference with the bends and hammers. The variety of tones available on the guitar are a big plus. I practice on a Marshall Code 50 and play in the church band on a Fender Mustang IV sounds great on both. I have been playing since I was 11...... Iam 65 now . I have seen some good ones and bad ones. I predict this ones gonna become a sought after guitar. Get your before they stop making them.

  • from Junction, Tx February 21, 2017

    Epiphone ES339 MUY BUENO!

    I own a Gibson 339, and I have to say I'm really blown away by this Epiphone. I feel it's better deal both for the money and playability than my Gibson. I like the separate tone controls and volume knobs, and I can actually hear the difference when turning them. The push pull feature is really nice too. It came setup. Sweet low action makes playing this guitar a pleasure. Don't hesitate to buy this one, it's a steal.

  • from California November 8, 2016Music Background:

    Epiphone 339

    Very Cool love all the different settings with the pick ups!!! And Brian is Awesome. Oh and thankx for the candy

  • from The Great Mitten July 19, 2016Music Background:
    62 year old enthusiast.

    Epiphone ES-339 Pro

    Ordered this on a Saturday and it arrived on Tuesday. Item was very well packaged and arrived in new/pristine condition. Fit and finish is very good. Much better than expected at this price point. Guitar setup was excellent out of the box. Tuned it up and the sound is excellent. Tone is far better than expected.
    I have been playing about 4 years and wanted a semi hollow body. I hate to spend too much on an instrument until my skills justify the expense so I ordered this after doing some research. I can say that I am very impressed with the quality and the sound of this guitar. While I'm no expert I have seen and played some very nice guitars and this is very good and better than some higher priced guitars.

    Dealing with Sweetwater was an experience to say the least. After placing the order I received photos of the actual guitar I purchased. The fact that my satisfaction with my purchase seemed to be very important to Sweetwater was surprising. The purchase of this guitar was as smooth as it get's! If you are on the fence about this guitar give it a try. It sounds very good and looks great. Hard to believe you can find and purchase an instrument this good for this price!
    I'm very pleased with my purchase and rate this as the best buying experience I have had with an online purchase. Highly Recommend the guitar and Sweetwater!

  • from Southwest Oregon July 3, 2016Music Background:
    Intermediate Amateur

    My ES-339 Pro is my new favorite guitar

    I had Sweetwater do a setup for me (above and beyond their 55 point inspection), even though I know that it could change during shipping, but the guitar arrived with everything perfect! The intonation was right on, the action was low, as I requested, and they put on the strings I requested. I had my sights set on a semi-hollowbody that would have cost $1000 more, but now I don't need that. This guitar is more than I expected with it's coil-splitting volume knobs and the 18:1 tuners. The pickups sound great! My previous favorite guitar was my Gibson Les Paul Studio, but this Epiphone is a beautiful instrument.

  • from January 28, 2016Music Background:

    ES-339 Pro

    This guitar makes you want to play it. It was set up perfect,for me right out of the box. I only had to tune the low E string. Everything else was in tune from Sweetwaters set up. I have neck and shoulder issues so a solid body was out of the question. This is almost as light as most acoustics. When I received it, which only took 36 hours from ordering it to my door, I thought the box was empty. I spent 6 months reviewing guitars, don't waste your time. Buy it. It plays good, sounds good and the sunburst is gorgeous. I matched it with a Fender Champ X2, sounds great together. Call Evan Neiman, he will listen to your wants and needs without trying to up sell you anything.

  • from Edgewood, WA November 14, 2015Music Background:
    Studio Musician, Producer, Tone Lover

    Beyond expectations

    Picked this guitar up as a traveling guitar while on a long road trip. I am extremely impressed with the build quality and set up. Rivals anything in my collection at 4 times the price and up. Theres nothing in the craftsmanship of this guitar that could be done any better no matter where it was made. The quality of materials are not a weak point, longevity of the pots and toggle switch is something that may be an issue down the road but as of the first month of daily playing there's no issue and for all I know it may be the same hardware as their American counter parts.
    This thing truly is a great value in a semi-hollow electric. It's smooth, mellow tone along with it's coil tap ability makes either a great addition to a collection or a versatile workhorse for a 1 guitar person.

  • from Englewood, CO September 16, 2015Music Background:
    Experienced Semi-Pro Player

    An Amazing Value in a Semi-Hollow Body

    If this guitar was twice the price it would still be a bargain. Luckily for us it's not. Epiphone has managed to pack as much value into this guitar as they possibly could. From the quality of the build, to the features, to the tone and the right out of the box playability this one is a winner. My 339 replaced a Sheraton I sold not long ago and found I missed having so when I saw this smaller body version of a 335 I jumped on it and haven't regretted it for one minute of the nine months I've owned mine.

    I can only repeat what other have said about it's comparison to the higher dollar Gibson model 339. The value is so great here that I wouldn't spend the extra money for the Gibson either. I have a good friend with a Gibson 339 he paid well over a $1000 more for. After playing mine he offered to buy it from me on the spot for $150 more than I paid for it. I probably should have taken him up on it and just bought another but when you have one that's as good a player as any other guitar you own you don't even take that chance. It's a keeper.

  • from Ft. Collins, CO August 13, 2015

    Great Deal!

    Hard to believe there's so much guitar for the money. Love the sound, the size, and the looks. Epiphone, paid a lot of attention to detail. Ready to go, right out of the box. I find it difficult to put this little beauty down. And Sweetwater, as usual, was fabulous. From order to delivery....flawless!!! Very happy with my purchase!

  • from Louisville, KY June 30, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter, performer, producer, classical musician (brass)

    Sheraton II, Say Hello to ES-339!!!

    I'll admit it - I have quirky tastes. My favorite electric guitars to this point have been a Warmoth VW with an EMG single in the neck position and an EMG humucker in bridge, and a 63 reissue vintage Strat. I had a Sheraton II for awhile - nice guitar, But the size, pickups and tonal variety on this guitar are frankly, amazing. Got it today, and jammed for three hours nonstop. I'll need to adjust the string guage. No big. I have some tusq nuts. No big again. I've had to adjust $10K acoustic guitars, and this is so minor it's not worth mentioning. If I need the tapped pickups, they're there, and with zero volume loss. But really, it sounds amazing and is set up from the shop very well. Sorry, I honestly, after 35+ years of playing and experience, can't see the extra 2100 for a Gibson Memphis ES 339. Even if I upgrade, it will be less than 1/3 the price and just as amazing. Blues, jazz, rock, even folkish things - so versatile I can't say enough. My Sales Eng. Jeffrey Green was amazing as well. Thank you for so many years of wonderful services to all of the Sweetwater family!

  • from The Midwest June 19, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter, Longtime Player

    The Real Deal

    A beautiful and well-made guitar with great tone. The fact that it is an economy instrument is just mind-boggling. I currently own a Les Paul Standard Plus and an Ibanez Prestige S Series, and wanted a semi-hollow for jazz and blues. Having never owned a semi before, I opted for the Epiphone, thinking that if I didn't like it, at least I hadn't sunk a bunch of money in it. But I'm telling you, this guitar is looks, sounds, and feels like a guitar worth several times as much. For me, the size of the 339 is perfect, yet has all the tone I could hope for. The humbuckers (Alnico Classic Pros) are righteous, and the vintage burst is gorgeous Epiphone has really got its act together on this one. Even their customer service gets high points -- I had a minor technical question that I asked through the website, and got a response within 24 hours.Hats off also to Sweetwater for great service, great setup, expert packing, and fast shipping.

  • from Florida April 24, 2015Music Background:
    Singer/songwriter, Recording artist, Performer

    Unbelievably great guitar!

    This guitar played great right out of the box thanks to Sweetwater's 55 point evaluation.
    Beautiful finish too (I got the vintage sunburst).
    It's pretty easy to tell right away that this guitar can really take on any style of music. I play mostly a classic rock and alternative style so, when not played as a typical semi-hollowbody (ie. blues and jazz), it really shines on a heavier rock sound. Very smooth fingerboard and comfortable to play. And, of course, if you are a blues player...this guitar was built for that kind of sound when played clean-ish.
    A bit heavy even though it's quite a lot smaller than a 335 style guitar so it might wear on your shoulder if you are going to be standing for a couple hours. I think it weighs about 8 lbs.
    All in all, I couldn't be happier with this guitar and I think it's going to serve me well for a long time.

  • from April 9, 2015

    ES-339 Pro

    This guitar is absolutely unbelievable! Everyone that I've shown this to has been blown away by the quality and sound of this instrument for the price that I paid. I am truly happy with this purchase.

  • from Lancaster, CA March 14, 2015Music Background:
    40+ years playing guitar

    Es 339

    Years ago I sold an Ibanez am50 and wasn't able to replace it until now. The Epiphone ES 339 pro is every bit as good and perhaps better since it has coil tapping and the equivalent of 57 classic pups. I strongly suggest you try one you won't be disappointed. I have several high end guitars and this plays and sound better than some of them. The fit and finish are exquisite, and I bought a Demo. Sweetwater's demos are better than some of their competitors hanging the wall. The service and communication is 1st rate.

  • from Texas January 10, 2015Music Background:

    So Much Guitar, So Little Cost

    In a word, "WOW"! I am amazed at the quality of my Epi ES-339 Pro. I thought long and hard before ordering it, mainly because of where these are made. I have owned several USA Gibsons over the years (two ES-335s, four Les Pauls), so I'm familiar with Gibson and truly love the Gibson sound. However, I really can't justify spending the money Gibson wants for the models I prefer (and money is not really an issue for me). So I researched the ES-339 extensively and was impressed by the overwhelming positive reviews this guitar (as well as other Epi models being made today) received. I watched a ton of YouTube product reviews as well. In the end I decided to take a chance and order one. I'm glad I did.

    The only things I had to do was lower the action for my likes, adjust the pickup height a smidge for better balance between the neck and bridge pickups, put on my preferred strings, replace the strap buttons with Strap Loks and replace the control knobs with Speed Knobs. Sounds like a lot, but all of these tweaks reflect personal preferences.

    Fit and finish are flawless. Vedry solid guitar and extremely stable. It stays in tune. As far as the action, I simply lowered the bridge. I expected I would have to tweak the truss rod and mess with intonation adjustments (things I always had to do with EVERY USA Gibson I've bought new). The neck couldn't have been more perfect. No adjustment needed. The fretwork was spot on.

    I love these Classic Pro pickups. I generally do not like the stock pickups on USA Gibsons and ALWAYS replaced them with DiMarzios. I really wasn't expecting much from these Epi PUPS, but wow. They sound great and are perfect on this guitar (I played this through a Fender Twin). Very articulate, clear, warm and crisp at the same time. I like what I'm hearing. A lot. And the coil spit is subtle but usable, and will work great for a couple of countryish songs I do, where I don't need all the meat of the full humbuckers. I do mainly blues so I think I found the perfect blues guitar.

    If you're on the fence about buying because of the "China" thing, do yourself a favor and give it a try (heck, you can always return it). The Epiphone ES-339 will surprise you.

  • from Tazewell Va July 24, 2014Music Background:
    Music Teacher

    A great playing guitar!

    I've looked everywhere for a play-everyday guitar, and after a long talk with my personal Sweetwater rep, he recommended the ES-339 Pro. He knows his guitars, and I m grateful!. One and a half shipping days and I had it in my hands. It arrived already set up and ready to play. It was even in tune! It's beautiful Sunburst and plays very easily. I couldn't ask for anything better! ...Thanks Guys!

  • from Alma, Ga. U.S.A. May 29, 2014Music Background:
    40+ years playing rock, country and contemporary Christian music

    epiphone es339pro great guitar

    I received my guitar and case exactly when I was told and have been completely satisfied with it . Can't say enough about how great it was to work with Jason and sweetwater team, the 55 point evaluation is a great advantage when buying on line. I'll will definitely be doing more business with Jason and sweetwater again.

  • from Wausau, Wisconsin May 12, 2014Music Background:


    I can't say enough, sounds great, beautiful workmanship and the people at Sweetwater are top notch from sales through shipping,
    also are good with follow up on the orders. Also the high level they classify their merchandise condition like 'DEMO CONDITION" was way beyond my expectations, you don't have to worry about ordering a item that is in " Demo Condition" from Sweetwater.

  • from Fort Wayne IN April 7, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Guitar nut!

    Epiphone ES 339, Great Guitar!

    This is a LOT of guitar for the money. Plays great, Fit and Finish is flawless. The neck is wonderful, Big guitar feel, small package.
    Amazing range of tone. Very happy with all aspects of this guitar.
    And... It's Beautiful!

  • from April 1, 2014

    Stunningly beautiful guitar

    After analyzing what literally seemed to be every hollow body electric guitar...coupled with the convenient sound clips avalaible; I was certainly looking forward to revealing the fulfillment of my expectation. And, I found myself, in much suspense, opening the package...I was beyond impressed. It was even more beautiful in person. Absolutely beautiful. Great quality, great appearance...and awesome sound. I couldn't be happier. Great buy. Overall...in so many ways: Great value. (Almost feel bad for paying so little. :]

  • from United States March 5, 2014Music Background:
    long-time amateur

    excellent guitar at ANY (reasonable) price

    The ES 339 I ordered was a demo, so I was a little concerned about what I'd get. I should have known that Sweetwater would deliver. It was supposed to have some minor pick scratches under the strings, but the guys that inspect guitars before shipping apparently buffed them all out because it looks new to me. It's hard to believe that instruments this well made are available for such low prices. Jimmy Hart & the rest of the Sweetwater crew came through, yet again, with flying colors.

    I've done alot of online shopping, for just about everything from samurai swords to clothing, and Sweetwater Sound is the best company I've done business with online, & quite probably ever, period.

  • from Midwest Iowa, Illinois. October 30, 2013Music Background:
    Musician Hobbyist

    Great for the Price

    I received the guitar fine from Sweetwater like all the other stuff bought. The guitar I looked at, adjusted a little, played around with it, showed it at the jam session and stated quite clearly that for the price that perhaps Gibson will have to move to China. No, it is not a Gibson which is suppose to still be better, but as I am playing the guitar I sit here trying to figure out what difference the price could be for the Gibson and I come up less in my way of thinking. The neck is a bit wider then my Gibson Les Paul but not that much different. I think I will just play the Epiphone ES-339 and leave the thinking to someone else.

  • from Los Angeles, CA October 27, 2013Music Background:

    Great Find

    An excellent guitar that looks and sounds great! I got mine in the Vintage Sunburst and I haven't put it down since I got it. I play a little of everything, and the only genre that this guitar can't pull off is metal. Everything else sounds great however. My only complaint is that the guitar sounds rather weak when in single-coil mode so I don't really use the coil-split feature.

  • from Lake George NY August 1, 2013Music Background:
    part time performer

    Three in one.

    Sweetwater found me one in Pelham blue, after thinking they were all sold out. It came fast and was set up fine. A great guitar, just as good as any Gibson 339 that I have played and at an unbelievable price. If you can't find the tone you are looking for in this guitar than you won't find it at all. The coil split really makes it and the playability is oh so smooth. Buy this guitar! Its like having three guitars in one.

  • from Fremont, Ca. April 15, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Artist, Hobbyist, Teacher and Student of Music

    An Excellent Choice

    I anxiously waited for the receipt of my ES-339 PRO, my choice was the Vintage Sunburst however Sweetwater had just sold the last one in stock so I went on the waiting list. I was given a 3 to 4 week ETA however my Sales Rep (Kent Sallaz) and Sweetwater pulled out all the stops and beat this ETA by 3 weeks. As a 45 plus year guitarist I preferred the higher end line of guitars, the Gibson Customs, the Fender Elite's, the PRS Custom or Signature line however with very little cash flow and wanting a Semi-Hollowbody I decided on the Epiphone ES-339.., well I am absolutely blown away with the guitar that Kent Sallaz picked out for me out of the 4 that were received. Kent took the time to understand what I needed in a guitar, I can't say enough about Sweetwaters 55 point Evaluation they put a guitar through before they ship it to ensure that it passed my inspection. The Quality far exceeds what is expected for a guitar of this cost. The coil splitting feature is a must for my guitar choice and works wonderfully with great sounding pickups I can pull out massive tones or sweet chime and clarity. The bindings are seamless, the 3 color sunburst is faded perfectly and the wood grain in the top and back is beautiful!!! I appreciate low action and the setup was perfect, not a buzz on the neck. I will change the strings to my preferred brand once I am able to put the guitar down long enough to change them but the supplied strings weren't all that bad. I am very happy with my choice of the Epiphone ES-339 PRO and will not hesitate to purchase other Epiphone guitars in the future, Sweetwater is the only source that I would trust to help me choose an instrument of life. Thank you!!!

  • from Atlanta GA USA April 1, 2013Music Background:
    40 year guitar player

    Very Satisfied

    This is one of the best buys out there. I wanted a hollowbody that was more comfortable than the 335 I have and this one is just that. The Chinese manufacturing has really improved and the quality is very high. Contrary to what I had read about this guitar, the coil splitting is really a very usable feature on this guitar and provides a fairly wide variety of very usable tones for a hollowbody. Sweetwater does the best job in the business of ensuring that the guitars they sell are set up to factory specs and that there are no other problems and this one was perfect right out of the box. Jon Gillespie (Sales Engineer) followed up to make sure this was the case as he has done on previous purchases. Sweetwater is the best in terms of service whether its an expensive guitar or a less expensive one like this one.

  • from Gig Harbor WA USA November 18, 2012Music Background:
    Aging Former Rocker

    A Very Satisfied Customer

    This appears to be a very solid, well-made instrument. It arrived right on time and was well-packaged. I purchased from Sweetwater because the reviews were more favorable, and their 55-point inpection sounded like a good idea. From reading other reviews, it seems these guitars are shipped from the factory in bad need of professional set-up. Mine was quite playable on arrival, and everything worked perfectly. I have owned and played many fine instruments over the years, and this one compares favorably. On a sour note: It seems the factory does not properly "age" the materials before construction, resulting in recurring tuning and intonation problems, at least over the first few weeks. My advice: put on good strings (EB-10/46 Nickel), get a good electronic tuner, download some basic set-up instructions and play it daily.

  • from Denver Area November 16, 2012Music Background:
    28+ years of guitar playing

    Epi ES339 Pro

    I've played guitar for 28+ yrs. and have owned most of the good stuff. I just received the Epi ES 339 Pro from Sweetwater and I'm blown away by the quality of workmanship, the tone and the Pickups! If you blindfolded me and I played this guitar I would swear I was playing a Gibson ES339, except the Gibson doesn't have coil splitting and costs $2100.00 MORE. Great job Epiphone & Sweetwater.
    Thanks Dennis K.

  • from MARYLAND November 14, 2012Music Background:


    stopped at bills music in maryland just to browse. Then i picked up the 339 to try out. i was really amazed at the quality and sound .Ive never had a guitar i n this price range that sounded and played so good . Ive spent alot on guitars in the last 40 yrs.this one is my favorite . also sounds great with a bottle slide.

  • from OR January 1, 2016

    Epi ES-339 Pro

    This is one of my favorite guitars .
    I like the Epiphones & this one ; semi hollow plus coil tap , let alone the vintage look with the smaller body make it a keeper.
    Sweetwater had it set up great out of the box. I have Gibsons Fenders and Epiphones .

    I am old school and these are the brands I like and trust . When I buy Epiphone iit is because that's what I want , not to take the place of a Gibson & this guitar is no slouch . It has great full punch and crisp highs . Tap either coil mix and match , you have most sounds you could want.
    From slow blues to classic rock this guitar does it for me. Clean or OD she sounds pretty darn good and fits well.

    For the price you can't go wrong & going through Sweetwater you'll get the guitar you want and people who not only set things up for you, ship it to you ASAP ,follow up everything & anything but also treat you like they actually WANT to talk to you . That's why these guys are my number one stop for my online needs.

  • from Upland, CA December 13, 2015Music Background:
    Just play for fun/challenge

    Epiphone es 339

    Sweetwater one of the best online companies I've found. Great communication and follow up. This guitar is beautiful in sunburst. Neck, frets, pickups, tuners & finish all great. I took mine to local tech and had neck ajusted to clear up some fret buzz, very nominal cost, no big deal. I don't like action on toggle switch, but it works. Will change out to Switchcraft at some point. Tone and volume pots are fine. Lot of guitar for the price. Anything imported might need some TLC to get how you like it, but I'm very pleased with my ES 339.

  • from Brossard, QC July 17, 2014Music Background:

    Epiphone ES-339 Pro - Vintage Sunburst

    Well! What can I say, I am impressed with this guitar. Its looks great, no visual flaws that I have noticed. The only thing is that a couple of the control buttons are sitting a little crooked on their posts, not sure I want to pry them off to straighten out and I only notice it when I look to adjust the volume knobs.

    When I brought this guitar to practice with my band I was blown away that a guitar at this price could play as well as any of my higher end guitars. It sounds great, the band members are equally impressed with this guitar. The output of the humbuckers is amazing. Love the coil split, adds nice flavors. Sweetwater was great in handling my order, the setup of the guitar was spot on. You cannot go wrong with this guitar.

  • from Seattle WA. December 31, 2013Music Background:
    play every day just cant help myself....

    Epiphone es-339 money well spent

    Guitar and case arrived in excellent condition. set up was to my liking. I purchased the vintage sunburst of course. fit and finish were impeccable with the only exception being one of the F holes had a small ruff spot on the inside edge ( I had to look for it) not a deal breaker) otherwise would have been a 5 star rating. love the neck fills the hand nicely. What really is amazing are how good the pickup sound... looks like these one are keepers. I replaced the strings always do only like Ernie ball 10's hooked on them since I was a kid. best bang for the buck I have come across is many years...don't miss out on a versatile wall made guitar. Thank you sweet water for the excellent customer service.

  • from Buffalo NY March 18, 2013Music Background:

    Great Guitar

    I really love this guitar, plays fast and stays in tune also the pickups sound great and has coil tap/splitting, If you like a great Semi-hollow you can't go wrong with this guitar and it's priced right too.

  • from Astoria, NY March 11, 2013Music Background:
    since the 60's

    ES-339 Epi

    This guitar is definitely a great deal. it is high quality in sound and construction, and worth every penny they ask.

  • from MA, USA January 4, 2013Music Background:

    ES339 Pro

    Excellent service from Sweetwater. I love that one can actually pick the guitar they want from the ones available.
    My guitar arrived perfect and my sales engineer Wayne is fantastic.

    One thing that no one has mentioned is that the frets are pretty rough (Google it, if you think that's just my guitar). I play mostly blues, and own many other guitars - mostly Fenders. I was floored by the poor finish of the frets on this one. They are not polished, so doing a bend feels like dragging a string on sandpaper.
    The first thing I did was to take the strings off and polish the frets, which is a very simple job that anyone can do. I also oiled the very dry fretboard, which helped in removing the excess dark die that Epiphone uses. If you do not do this, expect the tip of your fingers to be back after playing during the first few days.

  • from Springfield, MA October 18, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist/performer; have been playing for 12 years

    Great blues guitar for the money

    I have a Gibson LP and a Fender Deluxe Strat but I was looking for something light weight with a nice fat blues sound that didn't break the bank. This guitar is just what I was looking for. It's my first semi-hollow body and it's not much larger than my solid body guitars so it felt comfortable right out of the box. The humbuckers deliver a rich full sound and the coil taps give you more tonal variations if you need them. I rarely use them but you never know. This is the first non-American made guitar that I have purchased and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the fit and finish of this guitar far exceeded my expectations. It's beautiful! I couldn't find any imperfections on it. A few of the frets needed a little polishing and the input jack needed snugging up but so far those are the only problems I've encountered. The guitar stays in tune very well despite my bending the strings a lot. I think that this guitar is a great buy.

  • from Pittsburgh June 30, 2012

    Great Deal

    The 339 has the feel of a solid body and sound of a great hollow body. It has the space volume, or footprint, as a Stratocaster. It took a while to set up the sound I wanted but once I had it, I loved it. There is a wide range of styles for which this guitar can accomodate. Ive experimented with the I stomp with interesting results. Great instrument for the price. I almost bought the Gibson counterpart, but I'm glad I stayed with the Ep.

  • from RVA May 19, 2014Music Background:
    pro/am musician.

    Great Guitar

    Guitar is great, feels great to have an electric back in my hands. Plays great for me and to me. For a stock epiphone I'm happy. This will do all I need and more, and other than maaaaybe doing a pup swap I can't say I'd still do the mods. My guitar shop said there were some 'funky things with the neck and frets' but they were able to do a great setup...little to not frett buzz, and for a 400 dollar dollar guitar that has split coil and and all the sweetness of a hollowbody that you can still push a fuzz through...what more can you ask? ok maybe a case included :)

  • from Bordentown,NJ November 30, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, amature musician/songwriter

    Good Guitar, Great Value!

    I bought this guitar because of all the positive reviews and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised! This guitars fit and finish is great! I changed the strings and polished the fret board and only had to tweak the action a little and man does she play! Stays in tune great! The sound rivals the sounds I get from my Les Paul. It has fantastic growl and bite due to the coil taps and Semi hollow body. It really is a pleasure to play. I won't go as far as to say its better than my Gibson, but it really is damn close. I always rate products by asking one simple question, would I buy another one? This one is easy.... absolutely!!

  • from Alabama November 4, 2013Music Background:
    25 Years guitar and bass. Hobbyist,semi-pro.

    Great Guitar for the money!

    This guitar was set-up ready to play out of the box. Sweetwater did a great job on set-up. This guitar is VERY versitile. You can pull just about any tone you want out of it. The pots and switches are very solid. The split coils do a good job. It won't sound like a strat or P-90 but a very good single coil sound. There were some minor finish issues that kept me from giving it a 5 but they were not very noticable. The frets were not sharp as I had heard from some of these models. Probably could use a polish but they are all level. Very good guitar for the price. I would highly recommend it if you are looking at Semi-Hollow bodies.

  • from December 25, 2015

    nice guitar

    great guitar would give 5 stars I was disappointed with the
    55 point evaluation as the 5th and 6th strings rattle on the 5th
    fret and up. now I will have to do the set up myself

  • from Valier,Ill. U.S.A. June 5, 2013Music Background:
    Amateur Hobbyist

    good design beautiful guitar very poor quality

    I was very excited at the idea of getting a 339 at this price . after sending
    3 back I gave up. none of the 3 would set up even close to the low
    action I use on all my guitars ,1,tele, 1Strat., 1Epi. swingster,1Gibson 336
    iepi. Les Paul, 1 Samick Royal , 1 Samick AV3And 1 1935 Regal Imperial
    I Would Love to have one If they would build some
    Quality in it.

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