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Epiphone ES-339 PRO - Ebony Reviews

4.5 stars based on 30 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone ES-339 PRO - Ebony?

Questions about the Epiphone ES-339 PRO - Ebony?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Antioch January 6, 2017Music Background:

    I Like It

    Let me first say that I'm still a novice player. I have two acoustic guitars that I have tried to learn with off and on for many years with little success. A friend suggested I get an Epiphone Dot because it would be easier to learn on and I could play it unplugged and still get an acoustic tone.
    I did some research and decided on the ES-339 instead. I like the smaller body.
    I really like the feel of this guitar. It's easy to play, has amazing finish. Because of this guitar I have progressed much farther than ever before.

  • from Ooltewah TN November 2, 2016Music Background:
    Beginner guitarist

    Beginner guitarist

    In retirement, I decided to try and teach myself how to play the guitar-still a major work in progress, but when I was looking for an electric semi-hollow guitar, the ES-339 Pro caught my attention. I've had it for nearly one month and look forward to my daily practice routines as it sounds great, feels good and looks great. Thanks for the great customer service when I ordered it.

  • from October 28, 2016


    Awesome guitar, right out of the box, set up is perfect for me. Excellent sound and extraordinary playability. I'm relatively new to the guitar world, and how it feels is super important. The first time I plugged it in, I couldn't put it down.

  • from October 12, 2016Music Background:
    Worship Leader - 6 years

    Awesome Guitar

    This guitar does exactly what I expected it to. It has a great sound and it didn't break the bank. I really like the smaller body size. It doesn't hinder the sound you can get out of it. It has a nice full tone and well worth the purchase. Sweetwater was also super awesome! Got it the next day with free shipping and had it going through my amp that day!

  • from Annandale, NJ April 30, 2016Music Background:
    Rock'n blues 40 years

    Es-339 pro

    Been looking at semi hollow guitars for a while now. been waiting for the right deal to come along on gibson. went to some local music stores and played studio models and Epiphone. Almost came home with a Epiphone. But decided to go home and call my Sweetwater sales guy Kyle. Turned out way better than I could have expected. Came perfect and for a price they installed a tusq nut. the set up was great.
    Love this guitar and didn't have to sell anything to get it....

  • from New Orleans area December 19, 2015Music Background:
    Professional (now retired & play for fun)

    An outstanding guitar!

    As mentioned in another review, I was concerned about ordering a guitar online, but decided to do so based on Sweetwater's hassle-free return policy and reviews of the company. The ES339 arrived in 3 days and in PERFECT condition. The finish on this instrument is flawless and everything was set up to my liking (string height, intonation, pickup poles, etc.) ... I only had to do a minor re-tuning and it was set to go. I love the "skinny" neck and the sweet full tones from the pickups. While I don't see myself using the pickups' split-coil option it does open up new tonal capabilities, but you do need to adjust the volume when using it.

    The very first NEW guitar I ever purchased was an Epiphone 5102T (ES330/335 copy) in the 1960s and even though it was considered not a very good guitar I enjoyed playing it through the years and basically wore it out. The ES339's smaller body is noticably more comfortable while playing and doesn't negatively affect the guitar's tone. The pickups are powerful and I'll probably lower them just a bit from the original set height.

    I currently own a Gibson ES175D and a Fender Jaguar (both from the '60's) ... this guitar is on a par with the "big name" brands! If you've never played an Epiphone you should try one out --- I think their craftsmanship is impeccable!

  • from Aiken, SC June 14, 2015Music Background:
    Old Time Picker

    Sweet Heart, Black Beauty

    Hi it's The Old Time Picker again, I just received my new S339 Pro and I'm Blown away what a Black Beauty, It plays great the finish is great and of course the price from Sweetwater was great, Thanks Israel Foster my sales agent and my newest best friend and of course Sweetwater for making your Website so easy for a Blind Picker to use, Its been great over 30 orders from Sweetwater this year and many more to come, get an Epiphone today and you'll be Very Happy, I now have a Les Paul Special 2, S339 Pro, and Les Paul Custom Pro and I'm looking at some others for my next order, Well time to get back to Pickin,

    The Old Time Picker

  • from Connecticut December 22, 2014Music Background:

    Love this guitar

    For the price, this should get 6 stars. I was a little concerned about ordering an instrument online, but Sweetwater did a great job. Very happy with the purchase and with the service.

  • from Vancouver, WA USA December 5, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Engineer, Producer

    ES-339 PRO - Ebony

    Amazing instrument for the money. Well balanced solid construction with a beautiful finish. Instrument arrived in perfect condition in all recyclable materials (NO FOAM OR PEANUTS) a day early. All I had to do was polish frets, change strings to Hybrid Slinkys, raise the pickup screws to find the sweet spot and add Strap Locks. It sounds and plays great and is breaking in nicely. The service was excellent and the sales engineer was quite friendly and we talked on the phone twice about music etc. There was no pressure or upselling which I appreciated. The transaction had a nice personal touch which far exceeded almost any in-store experience I had ever had. It must be nice working in an environment that truly emphasizes customer relations as opposed to fake lip service you get these days from other companies. I like the idea that the guitar was kept in storage until it was inspected and shipped. No after=school shredding in the store on these guitars.

  • from Atlanta GA March 12, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Christian Concert Artist, Worship Pastor

    Love my ES 339

    I really enjoy this guitar. Everything looks and works perfectly. I own much more expensive instruments and have been playing for 40 years. This is the first time to purchase a guitar online. It won't be my last. Thanks to the wonderful team at Sweetwater for their terrific customer service and the trust that comes with it. I am proud to be a Sweetwater client.

  • from stafford, n.j. April 24, 2013Music Background:
    top 40 musician



  • from N.C. April 12, 2013

    Epiphone ES-339 PRO

    this is a great all around guitar.Plays easy neck feels good in the hands.had to sand the frets a little to smooth them out.Now it plays great.The tone from this guitar good for any type of music, rock blues jazz or country.And the coil tap is a plus to get sound your looking for And it looks are awesome. ITS A KEEPER.I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great guitar with a great sound.

  • from Atlanta GA USA April 1, 2013Music Background:
    40 year guitar player

    Very Satisfied

    This is one of the best buys out there. I wanted a hollowbody that was more comfortable than the 335 I have and this one is just that. The Chinese manufacturing has really improved and the quality is very high. Contrary to what I had read about this guitar, the coil splitting is really a very usable feature on this guitar and provides a fairly wide variety of very usable tones for a hollowbody. Sweetwater does the best job in the business of ensuring that the guitars they sell are set up to factory specs and that there are no other problems and this one was perfect right out of the box. Jon Gillespie (Sales Engineer) followed up to make sure this was the case as he has done on previous purchases. Sweetwater is the best in terms of service whether its an expensive guitar or a less expensive one like this one.

  • from United States January 2, 2013Music Background:

    Blown away

    Anyone who pays big money for a Gibson is wasting their money.My Cherry 339 ultra is an outstanding guitar.If hooking up to a computer isn't your thing, then get the pro model and save a few hundred. I personally
    like the u.s.b. feature it gives you hours and hours of musical entertainment. The options are endless with the software .

  • from Denver Area November 16, 2012Music Background:
    28+ years of guitar playing

    Epi ES339 Pro

    I've played guitar for 28+ yrs. and have owned most of the good stuff. I just received the Epi ES 339 Pro from Sweetwater and I'm blown away by the quality of workmanship, the tone and the Pickups! If you blindfolded me and I played this guitar I would swear I was playing a Gibson ES339, except the Gibson doesn't have coil splitting and costs $2100.00 MORE. Great job Epiphone & Sweetwater.
    Thanks Dennis K.

  • from Grand Ledge, MI USA August 21, 2012Music Background:
    a 1 and a half year rookie, but learning

    Epiphone ES-339, what a great guitar

    Was wanting the Wildkat Royale but decided to speak with Mark Chapman about the ES-339. He said I wouldn't be disappointed. He was right. I received it the next day after ordering. Sweetwater had the setup perfect. With two coil taps the sounds from this guitar are amazing. For the price it's even more amazing. Very comfortable. Highly recommended.

  • from NC March 27, 2017

    Excellent Guitar

    I have had mine for 3 weeks now. I play it hours each day and no complaints yet. I got the Ebony which looks awesome. Sounded great yesterday through the Fender Blues Jr. I use at church. At home it sounds great through my little Yamaha THR amp. If you are looking at getting this, get it, you won't be sorry.

    Also, Sweetwater setup on it was great and Brian Loney and his team are awesome to work with.

  • from NJ January 28, 2016

    Epiphone es-339

    Great action for a guitar made in china, and a reasonable price considering the price of a Gibson es-339

  • from New Orleans, LA January 28, 2015

    Very Satisfied

    Brand new to guitar so I'm not sure how useful my review will be, but in terms of fit and finish this thing is gorgeous. Fit and finish are close to perfection. On my fourth lesson and it sounds great to me, easy to play and comfortable to hold.

    Really pleased with Sweetwater as well. Spent a lot of time on the phone discussing different options. Tyler was patient and helpful. Couldn't be happier

  • from dana point, ca September 18, 2014Music Background:
    guitarist in several groups over many years

    es 339

    my new epi 339 is a fantastic guitar for an outrageously good price. Plays very close in every way to gibsons es335 @ 1/10th the price

  • from Ca March 7, 2014


    Awesome guitar! Looks great and sounds fantastic! Even without plugged into an amp it sounds amazing! It's definently a must have kind of guitar!

  • from Cincinnati April 23, 2013Music Background:
    Serious amateur

    Excellent for price point

    Generally, good tone overall through all selections of coil splitting/tapping. Neck is playable and mostly smooth on the fretboard-I may gently smooth out some frets. I lowered the action slightly and easily on my model. Chinese craftsmanship has improved. Overall, a very workable everyday guitar for gigging, etc. I recommend it with no reservations, keeping in my mind the price point, pick up quality on these Epiphone models and materials.

  • from Springfield, MA October 18, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist/performer; have been playing for 12 years

    Great blues guitar for the money

    I have a Gibson LP and a Fender Deluxe Strat but I was looking for something light weight with a nice fat blues sound that didn't break the bank. This guitar is just what I was looking for. It's my first semi-hollow body and it's not much larger than my solid body guitars so it felt comfortable right out of the box. The humbuckers deliver a rich full sound and the coil taps give you more tonal variations if you need them. I rarely use them but you never know. This is the first non-American made guitar that I have purchased and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the fit and finish of this guitar far exceeded my expectations. It's beautiful! I couldn't find any imperfections on it. A few of the frets needed a little polishing and the input jack needed snugging up but so far those are the only problems I've encountered. The guitar stays in tune very well despite my bending the strings a lot. I think that this guitar is a great buy.

  • from Wisconsin March 23, 2016Music Background:

    I'm Happy

    I purchased an Ebony ES 339 Pro last month and it sounds and looks great. I think it's a reasonable price to pay for a good, quality guitar. Versatile .... I can play Hard Rock with a lot of gain and I have good sustain and growl. I can play clean and get good sound for more bluesy tone. All-in-all I plan on playing this guitar for a longtime.

  • from Findlay, OH November 3, 2015Music Background:
    I play simple stuff for worship in church. I have been doing that for ten years or so.

    Love it!

    This is a wonderful guitar and the price was what made it one I could actually purchase. It sounds great, I play it every Sunday in church and people have remarked on several occasions how nice it sounds. It is fun to play and I am absolutely satisfied with this purchase.

  • from Clinton, Maryland USA March 12, 2014Music Background:

    Beautiful Instrument - Great Service

    First, I have to say I'm a newbie, so I can't actually attest to the playability, sound, range, etc. of the guitar. I can say it looks good and it sounds great to me. It's lighter than my solid-body and it's easier to hold. The neck is a little shorter than average, based on the fact that the Axe tape doesn't fit correctly with the frets (who knew?). I do know service and the service I got from Sweetwater is exemplary. I'll definitely buy from them again.

  • from Wellington, FL USA June 2, 2013Music Background:
    A little bit of everything having to do with music

    You get exactly what you pay for with this ES-339 PRO

    I want to love this guitar. It is beautiful - if you keep your distance. Sure it shines, but as many have said before - Frets like sandpaper - The cheapest plastic nut known in existence - Gummy MIC stickers in back of headstock - and yes, the dreaded fret buzz on the E6 and A5 strings when playing unplugged. Basically, not as good out of the box as my Korean-made, kitchen cabinet like Danelectro. And yes, after all this, I'm keeping it. Why? Because, after I spend sometime polishing the frets, changing the strings and replacing the nut with a real bone one, this 7lb -6oz, Far East beauty will play as nice as the real one, and I saved ~$2k. I do have several top tier guitars and basses and this will fit nicely somewhere in the middle .
    If you buy this guitar - buy it here, because unlike your local GC, the guitar arrives fingerprint free - clean, setup, intonation and in tune, 3 days after you order it. Plus you do get a 2 year warranty (FWIW). The other place makes you pay for an additional 30 days.... 60 days total - oh, and no allen wrench for the truss bar.
    I have been dealing with Paul Allen @ sweetwater for years and have never been disappointed - in fact, quite the opposite! Sorry if I sound like I'm shilling for them, but it is really refreshing to have a consistently good experience with these guys - something I can't say about the other outlets.
    If I had to say anything negative about these guys, is that I would prefer bacon instead of the candy they pack in the boxes :-)

  • from North Carolina October 1, 2016Music Background:

    Epiphone ES-339 Pro guitar

    I would have given this guitar a 5 except I had to have the intonation done,could not get it to tune,it was only slightly off. But after that was done it became a solid 5.

  • from California January 12, 2016

    Epiphone ES 339

    After reading reviews and visting a local shop to play an ES 339, I decided to purchase this Epiphone. I am not disappointed. It plays well and sounds pretty good too. At this selling price you cant go wrong for a semi hollow guitar. I really like the fact that on the Sweetwater website you are able to actually view the guitar(s) which allow you to select which one you prefer.
    A special thanks to Norb, " You answered my questions directly pertaining to my choice!"

  • from MN December 9, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter, Recording artist.

    Sounds and plays great if you stay above the 12th fret

    My Review of the Epiphone ES-339 PRO - Ebony,
    I'm not like some who believe that Shinny and being packaged and ship with recyclable materials is the most important thing.
    I want to play a guitar top to bottom with nice action, no fret buzz with correct tuning. In my view it should be a pass or fail.
    I have had Two of these sent to me in the last two weeks. The 1st one had a nasty fret buzz on the A string from the nut all the way to the 14th fret and I just packed it up and returned it.
    Sweetwater sent me another one. This one had fret buzz on 3 strings (low E,A and D ) from one fret down from the nut randomly along the fingerboard. The action was about 1/3" up from finger board at the body mount. On this one I was given the ok to try and set it up myself.
    I did get from the nut to the 12th fret to play great with no buzz. But under the 12th fret the intonation was really bad on G, B and Hi E and trying to get the action, no fret buzz with correct intonation was impossible. It's going back!
    The guitar sounds and plays great if you stay above the 12th fret (at least with the one I tried to set up) but if you're going under the 12th fret it's just plan nasty sounding in my view. I have been setting up my own guitars for over 20 years and this was the 1st one that I could not setup. But I'm no pro.... This guitar has failed in my view.

Questions about the Epiphone ES-339 PRO - Ebony?

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