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Kawai ES8 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the Kawai ES8?

Questions about the Kawai ES8?

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  • from Baton Rouge, La. (USA) June 14, 2016Music Background:
    I nose a lot and am a monster player(class./jazz)


    As good as anything I've played....better than 98% of the acoustic grands I've played.

  • from Pennsylvania February 28, 2017Music Background:
    Critical Listener and volunteer board operator

    Smiles all around!

    I'm not a piano player. I bought this for our church after reading reviews, reading the manual and discussing with my sales rep at Sweetwater and consulting with the pianists at our church. Our church had several requirements including simple user interface/controls, built in practice speakers, volume control for practice speakers to be independent of main audio output to mix board, portable, rugged, sounds like a real piano and plays like a real piano.

    I feel this piano meets those requirements very well, not perfectly though. I'll comment where this instrument misses the requirement or exceeds.

    portable - The keyboard is a little bit heavy. This may be good as far as ruggedness goes but it makes it a challenging for a little ole church lady to put in her car to take to a tea or something. The piano gets packed up up after each Sunday service and stored. We pack and store this in a Gator hard case that was purchased at the same time. The case we selected is the GTSA88Slim - That case fits the piano very well but does not have room for the pedal(s) or for the music stand. I bought a Gator GK-2110 to hold the two different pedal setups (single and dual), the music stand, direct box, cables, etc.

    Simple user controls - This will only ever be used as a piano. We will never use rhythm, recording/playback, harpsichords or synthesizers, etc. We don't need all the things this can do. Its the least complicated one we found in our price range that also met other requirements so it was a bit of a compromise. One that only did piano or only did piano plus a handful of other voices would have been sufficient for our needs. The settings can be locked down so little curious fingers don't make unexpected changes. It also defaults to ideal settings and those defaults can be changed.

    Independent controls - Perfect for us - Maybe most do this. The keyboard this replaced (a Casio), had one volume knob that controlled the practice speakers AND the audio output. This caused headaches for the sound guy. The person playing wanted more sound from the 'monitors' and turns the knob up forcing the sound guy to back down the level on the board and vis a versa. The Kawai's volume slide for the practice speakers has no effect on the main audio output. Adjustment to the main output gain should never be needed but can be done down deep in the menus. This works exactly how we need and expect.

    Plays and sounds like a piano - The pianists were grinning ear to ear while playing this. That says it all. It sounds beautiful and plays beautifully. Maybe my review should have started with this. This piano replaced a casio that was probably bought at Toys-R-Us. That thing sounded horrible IMO. Maybe casio has nicer sounding units but the one we had was bad. The Kawai sounds beautiful. The sound guy (me) got compliments about it from people who didn't know we replaced the piano. Just that music sounded better today, etc.

    Bottom line - The Kawai ES8 is a near perfect match to our needs/requirements and brings smiles to all who play it.

Questions about the Kawai ES8?

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