Maag Audio EQ4 Plug-in

6-band Equalizer Plug-in - Mac/PC AAX, RTAS, AS, VST, AU
Maag Audio EQ4 Plug-in image 1
Maag Audio EQ4 Plug-in image 1

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Maag Audio EQ4 Plug-in
Delivered In Minutes!

A Sweet Sounding, No Nonsense 6-band EQ

Get the Maag Audio EQ4 equalizer plug-in to bring out the best in your audio. Smooth and natural-sounding, the EQ4 plug-in is based on Maag Audio's acclaimed 500 Series EQ processors. You get a very musical EQ, complete with Maag Audio's beloved Air Band that offers amazing high-frequency enhancement. Even when you're boosting heavily, the EQ4 never turns harsh or digital sounding. For the sound and feel of a hardware EQ with the flexibility and convenience of a plug-in, call Sweetwater for the Maag Audio EQ4 plug-in.

Maag Audio EQ4 6-band Equalizer Plug-in at a Glance:
  • Make your tracks shine with the Air Band
  • Mix fast with fantastic results
  • Peak indicator ensures you won't clip your audio
Make your tracks shine with the Air Band

Maag Audio introduced the Air Band in their 500 Series EQ modules, and you'll find it here too in the EQ4 plug-in. Basically a boost-only shelving EQ, the Air Band lets you enhance the "airy" frequencies that give vocals presence, give drums definition, and so on. And because the EQ4 has incredibly low phase shift, you won't be smearing your audio when you boost heavily with the EQ4 plug-in.

Mix fast with fantastic results

At Sweetwater, we know that sometimes limiting your choices can be a good thing - like when you're up against a tight deadline and need results fast. While the fixed-frequency bands on the EQ4 plug-in may seem limiting at first, they're centered at very useful frequencies. You can quickly shape any audio to your liking, and once you hear the results you'll never wonder if you should have spent more time finding the "perfect" center frequencies on a parametric EQ.

Peak indicator ensures you won't clip your audio

More accurately, it will tell you when your audio begins to clip in the EQ4 plug-in. Even though many plug-ins do not offer a peak indicator, it's really important when you're heavily boosting EQ bands. Just like in your DAW's mixer, audio can digitally clip within a plug-in if you push it too hard. The red "LED" on the EQ4 plug-in tells you when your signal is becoming too hot within the plug-in so you can keep your signal's integrity intact.

Maag Audio EQ4 6-band Equalizer Plug-in Features:
  • 6-band fixed-frequency EQ plug-in
  • Air Band allows natural-sounding boosts to high-frequency content
  • Red peak indicator helps you avoid digital clipping when boosting
  • Low phase-shifting maintains your signal's integrity even with drastic boosts/cuts
  • Based on Maag Audio's acclaimed 500 Series EQ modules
The Maag Audio EQ4 plug-in sounds sweet and helps you work faster!

Tech Specs

Software Type 6-band EQ
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Format AAX DSP, AAX Native, RTAS, TDM, VST2, VST3, AU, Audio Suite
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel CPU 2GHz or higher, 2GB RAM minimum
Hardware Requirements - PC Intel-compatible CPU with SSE2 Instruction Set, Pentium 4 2GHz or higher, 2GB RAM minimum
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.6-10.10
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7, 8
Manufacturer Part Number PA-MAA-eq4

Customer Reviews

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A must in your plugin arsenal

I took a leap of faith with this one and was not all all disappointed. Amazing eq plugin and adds presence and a quality that is evident. Absolutely one of my favorite plugins that I use on almost every project, especially for vocals and acoustic guitars.
Music background: musician, songwriter, home studio enthusiast

Great EQ plug-in

I have not used the Maag hardware, but I bought this plugin on special because I had heard great things about all their products. I do not know how this sounds in comparison to their hardware EQ, but it is a mighty plugin. The air band does exactly what you would expect it to in a way that I have not heard from any other piece of gear. If nothing else that, and the "subs" controls have made this worth the purchase. The other fixed point EQs are extremely powerful and have a very musical nature to them. New go to vocal EQ and new final link in my master bus chain.
Music background: Recording and Live Sound Engineer

This is an AMAZING EQ

The air band alone is worth the price of this plugin. You cannot get that air from any combination of other eq’s, exciters, distortions or what have you. At least from anything I’ve used. But its also a wonderful eq besides the air band. It doesn’t work like you would expect it to, because every band is interactive. There’s a lot of overlap between them, sort like a Pultec. There’s just something about this eq you need to hear to believe. I believe this and the Kush Clariphonic are the best eq’s (hardware and plugin) that you can get your hands on at this point in time. Both worth having.
Music background: Engineer, Producer

I only use this Eq now very sweet and easy to use

This eq is easy to use ; just listen and adjust to desired frequency. I only have it in AU/AXX and I think it sounds brill; if you have UAD or a hardware version must be amazing.
Music background: Production Artist/writer/producer

Sweetwater Advice

Tyler Berggren

The word "musical" gets tossed around a lot when describing EQs. I tend to think musical means "I get to turn knobs and listen to the music instead of frequencies." If you're like me and enjoy a simple "broad stroke" EQ like that, the Maag EQ4 is amazing. I use it on anything from individual channels, subgroups, mix buss, and even in mastering applications. The Air Band alone is worth the price of admission here - it's one of the easiest ways to add top end sheen to a track. The way all the bands interact allows me to make very subtle changes on individual bands, but still make a large impact on the overall tone of a mix.
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