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Behringer EPS500MP3 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 19 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer EPS500MP3?

Questions about the Behringer EPS500MP3?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from August 3, 2016

    Good product and very affordable price.

    Good product and very affordable price.

  • from Louisiana March 10, 2016

    Behringer EPS500

    Great quality speakers, I use it just about anywhere I want to entertain. Its easy to move around because its light weight, quick to set up, & once its up and running, it will definitely fill the area with sound. Indoors or outdoors. We even use it for karaoke. We love this setup.

  • from Orovada, NV February 18, 2016

    A Great Little System with a BIG Sound

    I have been using this system for nearly six months now and I am so happy with it! I run my 6 string guitar directly through it and even a bass guitar and it all sounds terrific! I never expected to be able to put the bass through it but it handles it just fine. Even the reverb sounds good. This is the perfect portable system for small gigs. I use it in our church services which is a fairly large room and I can only have the volume up to maybe #2. It will truly blow you away if you crank it up! You can't go wrong with this PA system. I have used the Fender system which costs the same and has less features. The Fender system doesn't sound anywhere close to as good as the Behringer does!

  • from Joliet, Il. August 13, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Hobbyist, Dreamer

    Quite A Surprise

    Needed a system for a small event. Looked it this unit and liked the features as well as the price. Got the unit the next day and wired it up. I was amazed at it's clarity and bass response coming from the 8" speaker enclosure. This unit is powerful and expandable. I like the option of adding up to two additional powered speakers to further extend power and range. Absolutely no regrets on this purchase. Thanks

  • from Clevleand April 28, 2015Music Background:
    Keyboards for a R&B band

    Great sound quality!

    I was initially apprehensive about using an All-In-One PA system as my stage monitor and practice set up for my keyboards (Korg M50 and Axiom 61 with GSi VB3 organ) but I was really impressed with the sound quality and the ability to adjust the tone to suit my needs. Much better sound quality then what I experienced using my Behringer K3000FX Keyboard Amp. The EPS500MP3 is also much easier to carry to gigs.The equipment arrived from Sweetwater within two days after I placed the order and I was pleasantly surprised to find that a Behringer microphone and mic cable were included. This was a great deal!

  • from Minneapolis, MN USA January 13, 2015Music Background:
    Dilettante Guitarist/Singer

    Great Little PA

    This little PA packs a punch for it's size. Super easy to set up, take down, move. Sound is excellent for the price and plenty of power. Great features - couldn't love it more.
    My only complaint is that the onboard reverb is very limited, but at this price point that should really be expected. I only bring it up to let people know they might want to add a reverb pedal/processor if they want to use it for vocals.

  • from Houston, TX October 13, 2014Music Background:
    no musical background at all


    This is an awesome small in size but HUGE in sound!! We are VERY happy with the purchase. The output is exactly what we wanted for our patio parties. Easy set up and Fantastic Sound!! I highly recommend it!

  • from Covington, LA August 25, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar Player/song writer

    Great little PA

    For a little over 40 lbs and only 8" speakers this PA rocks. Great bass and good highs. Can't wait to use it at my next gig!

  • from United States April 1, 2014Music Background:
    Amateur DJ for ballroom dance events at nursing homes/senior centers.

    Lots of sound!

    I used my Behringer EP S500MP3 for the first time this weekend at a dance at a senior center. My goal was to make sure all the residents could hear and enjoy the music. The system worked so well I even had to lower the volume! Best investment I made and am looking forward to using the unit at my next dance event.

    Also, I'm not tech savvy at all but this system was very easy to set up. I'm quite happy and would recommend this unit.

  • from January 28, 2017

    Right tool for the job, could be better

    I needed a small PA for an acoustic trio, and this one was on sale. I had some big Behringer PA speakers, so I know they make good stuff. This little PA sounds excellent for a room holding 100 or 150 people.

    Two things I would change: 1.) the board fastens into a recess in one of the speakers with the knobs and switches facing OUT, where they can get damaged in transit. I can't believe anyone actually uses the PA with the board mounted sideways on one of the cabinets, so why not flip the board over and put the knobs inside, so they're protected? This would also solve the other problem: 2) The PA comes with an adapter so you can mount it on a standard mike stand, bit the adapter mounts to the board with two small screws that would be a real hassle to deal with in a gig situation (poor lighting, people moving around.) But if you leave it mounted on the board, you can't fasten the board into the storage space on the side of the speaker. Again: flip the darn thing around the other way.

  • from June 9, 2016

    Nailed it

    This system was perfect for a 95 person in-door event. It's easy to transport and set up. I used a mix of the included microphone, another wired mic, and two Ultralink ULM202USB wireless mics. It went smoothly. I even gave in and used the onboard USB stick mp3 player at the beginning and end of the event. Perfect.

    I should note that there's not an "aux send" bus on the mixer for recording. Instead, I used the monitor out 1/4" jacks to record the event. Worked great.

  • from Burbank IL March 2, 2016Music Background:
    Rock, Blues and Skiffle in Bands, Indie New Age for my stuff

    Sweet little PA

    This is a great little PA and perfect for our 3 piece Skiffle venture. Combined with 2 small mixers this can do what big ones can do!

  • from Omaha NE July 24, 2015

    Great System for the price

    Purchased 3 of these for a small fan convention and was very pleased with how they performed. These systems were on constantly for most of 3 days with no problems and were more than adequate to fill a 3000 sq ft conference room with both the inputs and the main never turned up more than about half. Running up to 4 mics in some cases + audio on the stereo inputs was a breeze, and one system even proved more than adequate for running music for a dance at the event, even if it wasn't a high-powered thumping club system.

    The systems are easy to set up, easy to pack up, and compact enough to transport all 3 in a small car. My only quibble (hence half a star off)) is that I couldn't fit the power cord for the system into the speaker storage with the other gear.

    Will be interested to see how they do over time with likely moderate frequency of use and a lot of sitting around, but so far am very impressed.

    Sweetwater made delivery quickly with everything we purchased in excellent condition. Will definitely look here first for future purchases.

  • from Palmer, Alaska April 2, 2015Music Background:
    been pickin' for 50 years

    Nice sound if that's what you want

    when we received this the first thing we did was go to a gig. There was already a Fender and Yamaha system there and we plug into both first and tried a couple tunes...cool it was what we were used to then we set up this little baby and the difference made our dirty socks white...what a clean sound with punch...we made the right choice...Greg with the Feral Cats

  • from Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN April 14, 2016

    Nice Little PA

    This is nice little PA systems that has good sound & small enough to be portable. The pro's & con's: Pros the speakers are well build, solid & good quality. The mixer is also well build & easy to use. The cables and power cords that came with it are heavy duty which was a nice surprise. I plug in my old mp3 player and for playing back music, this little PA really shines. The speakers have a lot of bass for being so small. If you're going to use it for playing music, this will fit the bill. And other plus is the UBS wireless microphone. I bought the Behringer ULM202USB wireless microphones. Plug in the USB stick and turn on the wireless mike and away you go. Very easy to use. It is nice to not have to mess around with a separate wireless receiver and power supply unit. I loved the wireless option. Cons: The microphone that comes with the unit is cheap. It makes the PA sound cheap. But I plugged in my Shure mike and the PA sounded great. The wattage isn't 500 watts (250 watts per side) its a little less than that. The powered mixer might put out 250 watts per side @ 4 ohms, but these are 8 ohm speakers, so you'll be getting around 140 watts per side @ 8 ohms. 280 watts overall. Still for a small portable PA system, it's not too bad. Review: It looks good, it is well built and the sound is very reasonable for it's size. I am happy with it and glad I bought it. For small to medium sized rooms, this will give you the sound you need. I put my speakers up on tripods. By the way, I was very happy with Sweetwater. I'll be ordering from in the future.

  • from United States July 5, 2014Music Background:
    None...community presentations only.

    Great System for Presentations

    I use this set for Community Policing events where I need a PA as well as amplified music. I have also used it to broadcast a PowerPoint presentation with music/sound. The system has more than enough power for an outside venue with a small group (50-75 people) and huge power in a room or small auditorium. I like the portability but ended buying a large rolling suitcase and the some foam padding from the hardware to haul them around and avoid any damage. I rated it 4-Stars because sound quality on as a PA is great but for music is good but is not the widest range depending on the different genres. Also because I needed to purchase a safer way to transport the system. All in all, I would recommend this system remembering I am a novice user (a cop) and not in the professional sound person.

  • from Monroe, NY May 16, 2014Music Background:
    Audiophile / Hobbyist

    Perfect PA at a great price!

    I recently purchased the Behringer EPS500MP3 All-in-One PA System, and I am so delighted at what you get for such a low price. Figuring out how to set it up and use it was a snap, and it breaks down and packs up easily, too. I love forward to many years of use and enjoyment from it.

  • from United States March 25, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician for 50+ years. Past audio engineer. Still playing today at 70 years of age.

    Powerful System

    Plenty of head room. Plenty of power. You can notice the difference in the power when compared to a smaller system. Good quality sound and quality fidelity. Good dispersion from molded horns. Good overall quality system. Lots of features. However, The reverb is awful, at least in my opnion. Not quality. More of a slap back type sound. Increasing the reverb level caused a feedback to begin. I am returning the system because of the REVERB. If you don't use a reverb, you should be happy with this system. Excellent sales and service from sweetwater staff.

  • from Omaha NE May 1, 2017Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Decent small PA

    OK so it works as expected, and although I didn't buy it for the mp3 player I tried that tonight after setting it back up in my studio. The USB stick full of .mp3's just blinks, and you cannot contact their customer service. I thought their whole marketing angle on this was you can plug in a USB stick full of .mp3's and play them... WRONG... complete fail, I would have given them 5 stars but MP3 is IN THE NAME of the product, it fails, and you cannot contact customer service.

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