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Soundcraft EPM8 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Soundcraft EPM8?

Questions about the Soundcraft EPM8?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from West Chester, PA March 4, 2017

    This did an excellent job

    I was looking for 8 identical preamplifiers to record a drumkit away from my home studio with multiple mics. This was the most affordable option and also allows for a lot of different uses in the future for its versatility.

    The recordings came out excellent. There was no noticeable noise, good clean highs on the cymbals, nice low on the kick and toms. I never had an overdrive/distortion issue either so they must have good clean headroom.

    I like the basic no fancy frills for this but at least it had separate outs for each channel (using the inserts) and a way to set the levels very accurately with the PFL feature and the peak-response LED metering that has a 3dB resolution in the area where it counts.

    I got this to replace a crappy Behringer that never worked well on one channel and then up-and-died while not being used. Up and died. Though the Soundcraft doesn't have all the features of the Behringer, I really never used them anyways, so no great loss.

    Seems to be built solid. The faders and knobs don't have the cheap almost-about-to-break feel of "other" models out there.

    I have and use Mackie, Yamaha, and Ramsa mixers regularly, and this appears to be as good as these other pro-quality brands. It performed like those, but at probably 1/2 to 1/3 the cost!

  • from Columbia MO February 10, 2016Music Background:
    Piano, upright bass

    Soundcraft EPM8

    This is the unit I have been looking for. I am in a four piece gypsy jazz band and we play small to medium venues, often without a sound tech. We needed a mixer with as many XLR inputs as possible in a small package. The EPM8 fit the bill. The preamps are transparent and having two aux mixes is great. We use powered monitors and powered speakers so the setup gets done quickly. A sturdy unit- the faders and pots have a solid feel. Love that British EQ!

  • from New York, NY February 21, 2012Music Background:
    Church worship

    Great performance, no-frills

    This is a great mixer for the price. You definitely get what you pay for. It gives a great clean sound. It doesn't give you as much control over the shaping of the sound, but if you have decent mics or instruments, that shouldn't be a problem. I wish the PFL and mute functions had lights on each additional channel, but I think that would drive up the price. The one thing I think they really should have added was a volume control for the 2 track input. It's the only thing I hate about this mixer. But other than that, this is a solid mixer at a great price.

  • from Chicago, IL USA July 29, 2008Music Background:

    Excellent Mixer - Good Value

    I recently put together a basic sound system for a small church I've been attending lately. We were using my Behringer UB1204FX temporarily until the Soundcraft came in. (I didn't know much about equipment when I bought the Behringer.) I recently installed the Soundcraft EPM 8, and even through 15-year-old PA speakers, I could hear the difference. Great transparency. I hadn't realized how muddy the Behringer was until I heard this. The tone was better, and there was higher gain before feedback. This mixer doesn't have all the bells and whistles of many others, but it's a solid performer. Great value, too -- where else can you get 8 good mic channels for this price? Good build quality, and worth every penny. Just say no to the cheapies, and get this one (or the EFX 8).

  • from Akron, OH October 9, 2007Music Background:
    Commercial Audio Producer

    Rule, Britannia!

    I bought this unit to replace an Alesis MultiMix 12FX as a headphone mixer in my commercial studio. The Soundcraft is a dramatic improvement in several ways. It has real pro-level headroom, gain controls on every channel, and a flexible but very simple layout. It also sounds better, with a smooth low end that was lacking from the Alesis.

    The manual is a little confusing on a couple of points, and I wish these little mixers all had jacks facing the rear (or that could be swiveled to face the rear) rather than the top. Other than that, those crazy Brits have done it again!

    As a bonus, it's not as ugly as it looks in the pictures.

  • from Eaton, Ohio February 26, 2017Music Background:
    Singer, trumpet player, sound dude!

    Soundcraft EPM8

    I upgraded the sound system at our church and this mixer was PERFECT! Small, compact, with all the needed EQ for our situation which included an Ambo (Lector), Alter (using and existing Crown PZM mic), and a Cantor location. I also purchased Shure mics (MX418S) for the Ambo and Cantor locations. All I can say is PERFECT! We do not have a sound person adjusting on the fly......just statically set, flip it on, and all is well!

  • from Nationwide July 14, 2016

    Clean little mixer

    Great small format mixer. Especially for the price. I used this strictly to rout signal from multiple mix locations and it worked just as I had hoped! The mic pre's are quiet and transparent. They do not color the information. I wouldn't hesitate to use it for a small band set-up.

  • from November 25, 2015Music Background:
    Acoustic musicians

    Perfect for us...

    We use this mixer with two Fishman solo amps. Worked perfectly to connect the two, we were able to have four vocals and two instruments going through the speakers and had excellent sound.

  • from El CAjon, CA. April 25, 2015Music Background:
    Professional musician,

    EPM8-Enough bang for the buck

    I'm starting to get serious about recording live bands, but I don't have the bucks to buy the "bug guy stuff", yet, so what I'm basicly using right now is a Zoom H6, some decent mikes, and now this board. I wanted to be able to mix the drums and possibly some other stuff, plus maybe set some EQ's or something, so I popped for this board since I've always heard good things about Soundcraft. Right now I'm only recording our 5 piece band, and only doing a 3 mic setup on the drums, with the PA speaker miked, so for now the zoom is enough and so is this board. I really like the board. It seems quiet enough, I don't really have any other boards to compare it with, but it feels solid, and does what it's supposed to do. I also manage to use lo to hi adaptors on two of the mikes and use the stereo inputs for that. I ordered an LR-16 recorder by Cymatic, and I'm just going to use my other board to be able to have enough mike outputs for the Cymatic. Marc.

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