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JBL EON610 1000W 10" Powered Speaker Reviews

4.5 stars based on 28 customer reviews
Questions about the JBL EON610 1000W 10" Powered Speaker?

Questions about the JBL EON610 1000W 10" Powered Speaker?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Michigan January 3, 2017Music Background:
    Drummer for 51 years.

    Great for Roland v drums

    Small, lightweight, and powerful.

  • from Vancouver, WA December 8, 2016Music Background:
    Write, mix,

    Great Speakers for price

    I will start with the only real negative: don't bother with the Bluetooth thing. I downloaded the app and it really does not work right. I reset to factory and all is good. Honestly, with how we perform and 99.9% of you that do gigs, who would really use that anyways? We EQ everything through a mixer anyways. If you play without a mixer, they are fine too. We have done both. So the whole Bluetooth thing is true but who needs it anyways?

    So moving on- unless you want to invest in QSC (which are better), these do quite well. Very clear, do not overheat in outside gigs, and a nice response. You will easily play for 100+. Depending on your music, you might consider a sub to accompany them like the 618s.

  • from Zionsville, IN June 2, 2016Music Background:
    Amateur Sound Engineer

    Monitors and FOH

    I do amateur sound engineering for charities, church, and friends and have used JBL speakers for about 15 years. I have moved into doing house concerts and needed speakers I could use for both FOH and monitors. I use QSC K10 monitors at church and they are amazing, but way over my amateur budget.

    The EON610 speakers are really a good value and I have used them both as FOH and monitors. I tend to do acoustic roots music type stuff and they perform really well. I don't use any of the Bluetooth functionality since I have a digital mixer and can EQ what I send to them.

    I gave them 5 stars because of their value but I might be hard pressed to say how they fall short of the QSC K10s.

  • from May 11, 2016


    Great speaker, have been very please with the JBL products.

  • from Palawan, Philippines January 4, 2016Music Background:
    Audio Professional, Gigging Musician

    Great speakers

    Good sound at a low price. You can trust JBL sound. Plan to get a pair of 12" next.

  • from Iowa October 26, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, A/V/L Engineer

    Amazing - You Need Them

    Bought four of these from Alex Morales (sales rep). Handy little cabinet with lots of options. Bought them 08-27-15. First used them at an outdoor wedding (300 people with wedding singer...). Only used two for this event. I was nervous, it was hot and they were in the Sun, no wind that day. Incredible speaker cabinet, performed flawlessly, quiet/no hum or hiss. This is my first non-wood cabinet and I am quite delighted. I bought these because of the versatility (FOH, Monitors, Flown, Price, Weight, Durability, etc). Couldn't be happier.

    Next gig was an outdoor concert at a amphitheater (Professional touring vocalist & guitarist) used two for monitors and two for extended FOH to cover the 180 degree coverage angle. 300 teens and lots of great feed back.

    I would recommend buying the JBL bag, fits great and no worries from traveling/setup/teardowns.

  • from Lindenwold NJ August 3, 2015

    JBL EON610

    What a great speaker! The wife and I are a couple of old timers who sit in the back yard and listen to music quite often. This is the best speaker I have ever had. Great clarity with no distortion even when you blast it out!

  • from Winter Springs, Florida July 18, 2015Music Background:
    Sound Engineer, Mobile Event DJ 30 Years

    Excellent Mini Speaker

    To begin, there are reviews everywhere talking about construction and Bluetooth Vaporware. Let me assure you these speakers are build very well. They are solid, have handles everywhere, rigging points if needed and plenty of bells and whistles. The Bluetooth in my opinion is not needed however convenient. The controls given are very functional, gains for each channel, limit indicator, and basic controls for speaker usage, monitor, main microphone or line... As far as sound, they are very bright and have suprisingly good low end response. It is only a 10" woofer so robust lows aren't expected, but they cover the frequency band quite well. The amplifier section is quite clear and very little if any hiss can be detected in idle and the amps driven to max load did not get hot or complain after a 5 hour gig in Florida heat and humidity... I bought duffle bag cases for them JBL brand, they hold the speakers easily and misc wiring to get them up and running. They are very convenient to use. They have excellent projection via waveguide technology and sound excellent at 100 feet away and beyond... I play a variety of music from 50's to current Rap through them and they are very accommodating. In closing, these speakers fit the compact need of many musicians and DJ's and hold their own in people projection of about 100 outdoors and few more indoors... JBL hit the mark in every way, order a pair from your Sweetwater rep, you will be glad you did.

  • from Tampa Bay, Fl. June 28, 2015Music Background:
    Pro player and sound man for 10yrs.

    Great sounding speakers!

    I bought these to use as monitors and they are great for that, but as a bonus they make great FOH speakers at our smaller gigs. Light weight, sounds great! The built in eq works great when switching from monitors to FOH.... vocals are crisp and clear.
    I can't believe how great these sound for this price.

  • from Louisiana April 28, 2015Music Background:
    Professional musician, arranger, educator

    Even better than Advertsied!

    I wanted light, quality powered speakers to use for small venues or as monitors for my larger PA. Answering my concern about the coverage of the JBL EON610, my Sweetwater representative said "you will be really surprised how well they will cover." That was an understatement. These self-powered speakers will blow you away with their coverage and the quality of sound they produce. I couldn't be more please! The word Awesome is somewhat over used today, but in this case "Awesome" is the exact word needed to describe their performance. So I say, "Even better than advertised!"

  • from April 14, 2015


    Until now, I was never a fan of active speakers. I finally understand what the hype concerning these speakers are all about. Simply put wow! And last but not least, Sweetwater reps. You are the best. Thanks again.

  • from Woodland, CA January 8, 2015Music Background:
    Simi-pro Musician, Live Sound Engineer

    Great for Powered Monitors

    I picked up one of these to complement our band PA system for when we do our own sound. We use a Mackie powered mixer to run two mains and two wedges for vocals, and we needed to add a drum monitor that wouldnít take up too much space in the van. This powered speaker was the perfect size and weight for our needs.

    Weíve been gigging with it for two months now, and it performs like a champ. Itís the best sounding speaker in our system, and I like that I donít have to fuss with our drummerís monitor level. When the iOS app finally comes out for it, we may replace our other two monitors with these.

    The sound and all the bells and whistles of the mixer section are great, but what I really appreciate about this speaker is that it has TWO handles, you can use it as a wedge on either side, put it on a speaker stand, or hang it from the ceiling. Seriously, TWO handles! Itís as if it were designed by someone who has actually unloaded equipment from a van before.

  • from Northern Virginia, USA December 12, 2014Music Background:
    Solo Guitarist/Vocalist

    JBL EON610

    I'm a solo acoustic guitarist and singer, performing blues and country songs in smaller venues (coffeehouses, bars, vineyards, etc.). I needed a PA that I could lift and carry and that would also project strongly enough for an occasional outdoor performance. Small PA often means a thin sound, but JBL EON610s sound rich and deep. Running my amp and vocals through a Yamaha mixer, I couldn't be happier with my setup. And Sweetwater customer service makes everything sound better!

  • from June 13, 2017

    mono input only

    Hi Bill Harlow. I faced the same problem until I realized that the balanced input means that each channel is mono, so you if you want to connect a stereo device into one of the inputs, you should use the proper cable to combine both signals into a single one.

    Apart from this little issue, everything else is perfect. Nice and very clear sound.

  • from Lake Forest, CA May 9, 2017

    Great Speaker

    Great sound, high fidelity, easy portability. The only reason I don't give it five stars is that it can feed back on rare occasions. I use it as a main for vocals and the occasional acoustic instrument plugged into a mixer. It works beautifully at our rock jam.

  • from Upstate NY December 7, 2016Music Background:
    Singer and guitarist for over 15 years. Audio recording degree. 10 years as a vocalist for heavy metal bands as well as an acoustic cover musician. Songwriter.

    I couldn't be happier

    These really are a great speaker. As a solo, acoustic and vocal performer, these speakers are perfect. If I was playing with a large group complete with drums, I would have either gone with the 12's or bought a sub along with these (which I may end up doing anyways) but really, these are more than I probably needed on their own. I used to use a great pair of Carvin speakers that I have had for years but as I attracted more of a crowd, I really needed the ability to turn it up a bit more in case an extra 30 or 40 people showed up. Crowd noise can quickly kill underpowered speakers. Now, however, I don't worry about it as much. My studio live 16.0.2 does not have the best preamps and I currently run an active M1 pickup in my Alvarez, so I may end up buying the ART TPS to put a bit more volume and a better class of sound through to the speakers, but even though it's not very loud leaving the board, the speakers have a hell of a lot of power and easily make up for it. Once I fix that issue though, I should be able to take some of the weight off of the speakers for an even better sound. I'm really looking forward to using these for quite some time. Well worth the money. I am slightly annoyed by the fact that the bluetooth capability is not downloadable by my Mac (computer) and is only available for my phone. It's irritating and short-sighted as far as I'm concerned. That is the only reason that I didn't give these 5 stars. I carry my computer with me for live recording and it would be nice to be able to make changes via my computer but I'm able to change the EQ from the board, so i guess it's not as much of an issue as it could have been.

  • from Ma October 11, 2016Music Background:
    Disc Jockey


    I have used them twice now they sound great, I am doing a big room this weekend can't wait to see how they do, They do get hot in the rear area where the amp is.
    If your looking for light and portable and great sound I would say get them A.S.A.P.
    Great for small rooms and spaces.

  • from Philadelphia suburbs August 16, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging musician


    I have two of these powered speakers and use them as stage monitors for the three rock bands I play in. They sound great and are relatively conpact and lightweight. And I like that they can be set up with the tweeter on the left or on the right side. Definitely two thumbs up!

  • from Monterey, CA April 12, 2016Music Background:

    Used as monitors

    My lead singer (& wife) can hear herself...finally! That's all that matters. These came with great duffle bags and their power to weight ratio is worth every penny. I'm stoked on them.

  • from New Orleans April 11, 2016Music Background:
    Audio Engineer


    Excellent speakers. Versatile. Great power. A good primary application is ceremony sound systems for mobile djs and floor monitors for stage systems. Plenty of power. If being used as Foh speakers, I suggest a sub. I just purchased 4 of these for my mobile business, well worth the $300 ea.

  • from December 29, 2015Music Background:
    Performer, Studio Owner

    Good Buy

    Although I'm not "blown away" by these monitors, they do a very good job at a good price point. I use all sorts of speakers with the different bands, sometimes with solo work, from Mackie Thump 12's, to QSC K12's, to anything and everything in between. I purchased two of these mainly as floor monitors for a 6-piece country / rock band, and they performed very well with no complaints from the band. We also use them as small mains for rehearsals, and everyone is very pleased thus far. Solid build, good features, and although I haven't explored the full range of the different EQ settings (with or without a sub), the settings seem to be very usable (monitor, mains, high-pass, etc.) If you're looking for an affordable 10" speaker that (in my opinion) is a better sound than the Mackie Thumps in this size and price range, this would be a good choice. I have a seasoned guitarist friend who uses two of these in stereo for his virtual guitar rig, and he absolutely loves these. My only caveat is that I've heard Mackie is MUCH better on their warranties and returns, so keep that in mind if you think you will using these in heavy rotation. Consequently, I've had an older set of Mackie Thump 12's, and I was not happy at all with the EQ section or the flat (non-EQ engaged) setting. But then, we're not talking about QSC K12's, either. The EON610's are definitely a good buy for this price point.

  • from November 28, 2015

    JBL Eon 610

    Plenty of power. Crystal clarity. Very light. Great price.

  • from NJ July 30, 2015Music Background:
    pro keyboard player

    JBL EON610

    Great sounding little speakers. Recommended by my sales engineer, Chris Leonard. I use them for monitors, but expect that in some situations I will use them as mains.

  • from United States April 1, 2015Music Background:
    Sound tech 35 years


    Delivery was fast & got just what I needed. I am using them for stage fill in monitors but also can grabe them to take to a larger class room for worship or class.

  • from April 25, 2016

    Good quality, reasonably priced, loud PA speaker

    We use pair of EON610s as a vocal PA in a 5000 sq. ft. loft with 24 ft ceilings, and they do an excellent job.
    The EON speakers have plenty of gain and can be driven by any reasonable line-level or mic level source. There is some broadband amplifier input stage "hiss" audible when the master volume control is all the way up and the channel input controls are set to more then half way up, but the actual noise SPL is less than approximately 35 dB SPL so is only really audible immediately in front of the speakers. At distances of 10 ft. or more, it's not a problem for us and is essentially inaudible.

    We use these powered speakers with a multi-channel wireless mic receiver. That mic/receiver system has an approximate 65 dB S/N, and the wireless system sets the noise floor, not the intrinsic noise of the EON610s.

    The EON610s have an internal DSP which forms the low and high pass filters before the dual power amps and also includes a peak limiter. The DSP is pre-programmed with (4) pre-set EQ settings: "MAIN", "MONITOR", "SUB" and "SPEECH". The pre-set EQ's are rather mild. There is very little audible difference between the "MAIN" and "MONITOR" settings. The "SUB" setting raises the LF cutoff for use with the EON618S subwoofer, and the "SPEECH" setting changes the LF cut off from about -3dB @ 60 Hz to about -3dB @100 Hz as well as lowering the overall bass above 100 Hz by about 4 dB. The "MONITOR" setting is for use as a floor stage monitor, so is equalized for horizontal use laying on the floor. The "MONITOR" setting does not refer to studio monitor use. These are wide angle PA speakers and are not intended for studio mixing or mastering applications.

    The EON610 has (2) XLR/TRS combo inputs that can each independently be set for mic or line level. The mic/line push-button switches are recessed to prevent accidental operation, so you will need a small tool to press those buttons.

    The DSP in each EON610 can be reprogrammed via smartphone Bluetooth from a smartphone or iPad by downloading the EON"Connect" App. The App allows overall control of speaker master gain level, independent control of the LF and HF amplifier gain, and also provides a 3-channel parametric EQ with control of center frequency, "Q", and EQ gain/cut. A overall system delay is also programmable via Bluetooth. DSP settings can be stored, copied and pasted to different speakers (up to 4 per smartphone).

    As is clearly explained in the JBL documentation (on-line user's guide), the Bluetooth connectivity is strictly for programming. It does not support audio streaming. These are "professional" PA amplified speakers, they are not "consumer" Bluetooth streaming extension speakers. They can be driven by a "mic level" signal, a -10dBV unbalanced "consumer" line level signal or a +4dBu balanced "Pro" analog line-level signal. The balanced input Z is an easy to drive 20k ohms.

    The degree of programmability of the DSP is extensive, and if you're not careful it's easy to make these speakers sound terrible. As is usually the case with most EQs, "less is more". A word to the wise: If you do succeed in really screwing up the EON610 sound, JBL does provide a quick fix. Simply hold down the "EQ+" button and then press the Bluetooth "BOOT" button. Wait until all of the rear panel LEDs blink. That should erase any EQs that you've generated and stored, and restore the EON to the factory presets.

    Finally, a few specs you mat find useful:

    JBL EON610
    Frequency response ("MAIN" EQ Setting) = 52 Hz to 20kHz @ -10 dB
    Frequency response ("MAIN" EQ Setting) = 60 Hz to 20kHz @ -3 dB
    Bass rolloff -25 dB @ 40 Hz
    Directivity Horizontal approximately 110 deg.
    Max SPL (pink noise "A" weighted" is 124dB SPL @ 1 M.

    Amplifier power (Dual Class-D amps)
    LF: 700 watts peak, 350watts continuous
    HF: 300watts peak, 150watts continuous
    Factory set DSP crossover 1.8kHz

    Max input level (line) +14dBu
    Max input level (mic) -4dBu
    No phantom power on the XLR mic input. If you will be using a phantom-powered microphone, an external PP supply is necessary.
    Input Z = 20k (balanced)
    There is a small, rear-panel" limiter (or clip) LED that flashes if the LF amp reaches full power.
    If that LED flashes, the "Master Volume" control should be turned down.

    Actual weight (no packaging) = 11.79 kg (26 lbs)
    AC line power 115 VAC OR 230 VAC via a recessed selector switch. These are not "auto-switching". If set to 115 V, they should NEVER be connected to a Euro 230 Volt power main. At full (music) power, the average line power consumption can exceed 450 watts, so a pair of EON610s should be used with a power line that can provide a minimum of 10 amps (North America). If a power extension cord is needed, it should have have a minimum conductor size of 16Ga.

  • from June 24, 2015

    JBL EON 610

    Can't do a full rating yet as the bluetooth capability for apple IOS interface is not available yet. However, impressive sound at flat output setting.

  • from Northern California December 15, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Mixer, Producer, Guitarist

    Excellent Powered Speaker, Bluetooth Apps - Vaporware?

    Excellent powered speaker, perfect as a floor wedge. Plenty of power, clean, clear and punchy. Light, and compact even on small stages. (Use with sub woofer for DJ work) However, forget the Bluetooth Integration - no software available at this time. iOS and Android apps were scheduled for release in November of 2014 but never materialized, now scheduled for April of 2014. Smells like Vaporware

  • from VA August 12, 2016Music Background:
    Bass, Guitar, Vocals

    EON 610 is a lousy product

    Finally had a chance to try it out today. Forgot my cord, tried to hook up to Blue Tooth but it wouldn't work even after I went on line, did a tutorial, downloaded the recommended app (recommended by JBL). So when I got home (I was trying to use it at work), I got my stereo cord out, hooked it up to channel 1, sounded as if it wasn't stereo. Got some other plugs, ran both channels, ended up turning up Iphone, both channels, and the master control all the way and it still didn't have enough volume. There is no way that it has a 1000 watt amp in it. I am sending it back and getting something more reliable.

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