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JBL EON315 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from DFW March 7, 2015Music Background:
    Experienced musician

    Excellent light weight powered speaker

    I own several sets of light weight powered and unpowered speakers. I purchased these on close out. These JBLs have a pretty balanced sound quality compared to some of my other units. They are extended in terms of frequency and power bandwidth and deliver good volume with punchy dynamics. JBL has wisely not dialed in a lot of gain making them harder to overdrive. If you leverage a mixer you will get your extra gain there. If you plug mics or aux devices straight in, you may need to turn the speaker's gain controls way up to create the volume you desire. I think this is a good design approach. Also note that the built in class D amp delivers 220 watts continuous RMS power to the woofer and 60 watts continous RMS to the hi frequency horn. On the newer replacement model, peak power is quoted, not continuous RMS power, yielding a much higher advertised wattage rating. This mean the actual sound pressure of this unit of 127db is pretty close to the newer models output. If you don't need the newer model's Bluetooth feature set, the JBL EON315 is a great buy.

  • from United States July 1, 2014Music Background:
    worship musician, occasional band gigs

    Amazing cabinet that won't break the bank

    I have an EON 15 monitor that I use with my band. I was hoping to buy another. Sadly, that model has been discontinued.

    I mistakenly bought an active cabinet instead of passive, but what a great mistake to make! I LOVE this cabinet. I expect to purchase another in the near future. For smaller venues and practice rooms, this unit has a great BANG:BUCK ratio. I'm using it primarily as a monitor at the moment. However, JBL has designed it for several possible configurations, and it will work for all of them.

    Once I have a pair, this will become our mains for band gigs in smaller venues.

    Kudos to JBL for designing a cost effective, yet stellar product. Thanks to Dan Van Amerongen for the support during the purchase and tolerating my indecision.

    If you are seeking a cabinet for similar purposes, this is hard to beat.

  • from Waterbury, CT September 17, 2013Music Background:
    Broadcaster, Presenter, Programer and DJ

    Great Sound

    Speakers have the power and punch that I was used to with my power amp and JBL passive EON speakers.
    I would recommend this unit.
    They are light easy to handle and a great value.

  • from Fairfield Iowa July 21, 2011Music Background:
    number one Soukous Band in America

    excellent suggestion from Bob Mondok

    I am absolutely delighted with Bob Mondoks suggestion thatI go with a passive Soundcraft mixer and4 powered JBL EONS. The music community totally loves it too as the system has been used by the locals more than me!!

  • from Canton NY July 11, 2010Music Background:
    Radio Host, Mobile DJ

    Absolute best weight-to-performance ratio for the buck

    After a year of comparing dozens of PA speakers, both active and passive, it came down to the JBL EON 315s for me. The Mackie SRM450v2 was a close competitor but, given the EONs better price, better low end response, lighter weight, and better brand support - I went with the EONs. The SRM450s have known overheating problems and I wasnt about to deal with that. Also, given the 15" woofer of the EON compared to the 12" of the Mackie I got better low end response. For the time I have owned them I have used them heavily and they havent slipped up one bit. The craftsmanship of these is really impressive when you start to look at the details. Its no suprise that JBL invented the Active speaker and the 3rd generation EON is no dissapointment. It is the industry standard at this price point for a reason. Sure you can get better but not for a few hundered more.

    Negatives: A bit harsh sounding at higher SPLs, limits pretty easily when in boost mode, design is love it or hate it (I happen to love it).

    Positives: Extremely light weight, great bass response at lower SPLs, great build quality. That awesome JBL resale value.

  • from Bandera Texas August 17, 2011Music Background:
    Live sound Engineer and Musician.

    Great tone Light weight

    I love this speaker. I sound great. Its light. On some jobs I use them as monitors. On some jogs I use them as FOH. Since I have 4 of them There jobs were Im using them for both.

  • from Butler, PA August 15, 2014Music Background:
    Live Musician, DJ, Hobbyist

    They Sound Good- WHEN They Work

    I try not to be a negative review person, but these speakers have been incredibly problematic for me. I used these speakers 8 times. They've been sent back 3 of those 8 times.

    The first time one of the new in box speakers was DOA. Sweetwater sent a prompt replacement and paid for return shipping. I used the speakers 2 more times and the top end disappeared in one. It hadn't been pushed. Sweetwater paid for shipping and it was determined there was a defective part.

    The third time, the speaker that was sent back for a defective part failed again. This time things were different. I had to pay for shipping to Sweetwater and the repair would take 4-6 weeks. It did. This time it was a defective board.

    When they work they have a nice sound. They need a sub for DJing applications.

    The reliability is horrible, and after the last experience of paying to be without a functioning speaker for over a month, I'm questioning how I do business with online retailers.

    As far as PA experience goes, I've had 20 years experience running PAs with bands and DJing. I had great luck with a used QSC power amp and Yorkville speakers bought used in the mid 90s. I didn't push these JBLs like I did those. I bought JBLs because they had good reviews and I trusted Sweetwater. I most likely will not buy any JBL products again. They do sound good and are lightweight, but they've made great paperweights far too often and I can't trust them.

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