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Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III - Midnight Sapphire Reviews

3.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III - Midnight Sapphire?

Questions about the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III - Midnight Sapphire?

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  • Ron
    from Craig, CO August 21, 2014Music Background:
    I have had guitars since I was 12 years old, 55 now

    An Awesome Guitar

    I love the USB interface, It works seemlessly with Garage band and the Guitar Rig 4 software that is included as a download. It sounds good plugged strait into the amp as well, I haven't had a lot of chance working with the acoustic pick up yet but there are lots of awesome sound that can come from this guitar. I miss the split coil design of my gibson Les Paul, but it plays as nice and I really can't put it down.

  • Zachary Wise
    from United States February 6, 2013Music Background:
    Worship Guitarist, Classically training Violist, Music Education major in College.

    A steal!

    I went into this purchase a little skeptical because of all the reviews I've read on other sites saying there was a ton of fret buzz.

    My sales engineer assured me that fret buzz is something they check on the 55 Point inspection and that if there was a problem they would fix it.

    Received the guitar today, and it is perfect. No buzz at all!

    The guitar itself is the best value in an electric guitar you can get. The probucker pickups sound awesome and really full and the Nanoag acoustic pickup does its job well as well.

    Overall, if you're looking for a guitar that is packed with technology and won't kill your bank account this is it.

    They were the real magic in this transaction

  • Steve Shambaugh
    from San Francisco Bay Area, California May 31, 2012Music Background:
    Home Studio Hobbiest, Part Time Wanna Be Pro Musician

    This is a Home Run by Epiphone

    I was pleased from the time I removed the guitar from the box. Itís the EXACT guitar represented in the picture when I chose it by serial number on the web-site. Kudos to Sweetwater for that!!!

    As for the guitar, itís not an American made Gibson and I didnít expect one. Iíve got them to compare and there is a difference but hey, for this price point Iím very happy. For playability, I did do a little set up of the neck to my preference and it plays and sounds great. The Humbucking pickups are great; the nanomag in particular is an awesome feature. And with the three different outputs, Humbucking, nanomag or both, and the USB, this is a real gem. And Gibson doesnít even offer a guitar like this for any price.

    The only complaint I have is with the strap buttons. On all of my guitars, I install the Dunlop Dual Design Straplock on them for versatility but when I pulled the back one off, two strips of wood fell out of the screw hole and now no screw will fit. Rather than try to repair it, I just drilled a new hole about a half inch from the old one and Iím good with that. I would have hated to have tested the strap on-stage though.

    Overall, this is a great guitar for the price.

  • Steve Reina
    from October 30, 2016

    love the acoustic sound

    worked great for several months, then the pickup ring lights would not go off. they used to go on and off using a 1/4" plug. Now, they just stay on. I called epiphone directly and was to to bring it to a tech for repair. I've had the guitar less than 6 months. Other than that, I build have offered a better rating....

  • Mark Forcier
    from Melbourne, FL March 23, 2014Music Background:
    Amature Guitar palyer

    Epiphone needs better quality control!

    I bought this guitar and the Epiphone 339 Ultra III at the same time because I really liked the features. The Les Paul is for me and the 339 Ultra III was for my grandsons birthday. Both of these guitars should have never left the Epiphone factory in the condition they were in. The look and finish of the guitars was beautiful, no complaints there. However, they were both unplayable. They had terrible string buzz on all strings even when strumming them open. I had to take both of them to a Luthier to have a complete setup done on them at a cost of $50 a piece. The truss rod on the 339 was completely loose and had never been set from the factory and the fret board was really dried out and needed to be treated. Several of the frets on the Les Paul were rough and the Luthier recommended a fret dressing. Intonation on both guitars was more than just a little off. These problems were not Sweetwaters fault but In my opinion, Sweetwaters 55 point inspection should have cought them. After the Luthier finished the setups on both guitars they sounded very good and I would have given them a 4.5 overall rating if I had received them in that condition out of the box. Sweetwaters customer service was excellent. After I notified them of the problems with the guitars, they did reimburse me for the $100 I spent on the Luthier.

Questions about the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III - Midnight Sapphire?

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