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Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III - Faded Cherry Sunburst Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III - Faded Cherry Sunburst?

Questions about the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III - Faded Cherry Sunburst?

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  • from Partlow, VA November 18, 2016Music Background:


    This does it all!! Outstanding play ability, and various tones that can come from this guitar. Epiphone got it right.

  • from November 1, 2015

    ultra 3 plek,ed wow ,buttery soft , fast

    thanks sweetest of waters,(sweetwater),, and the very profesional technician and salesman..MR GEOFF,, for your patients and guiding light.. this is now of manny guitars that i have acustic and electric in my arsenal of instruments but ultra 3 beats them all all the musical juices just pured out my grey matter and my fingers what a great feeling of a new song creation THANKS......i also have to send my congratulations too ,, EPIPHONE LES PAUL ULTRA DEVELOPER AND CREATORS ...ALL i need now is a amp to withstand acustic and hard rock music finely...thanks again sweet water foe all the instruments i have bought tru the yrs they are all sending there regards lol after all they left your great store .. adios always daniel resto and a warm salute to all the musician s here that give there feedback to all..

  • from Texas April 29, 2015Music Background:
    student, novice, journeyman


    I love this guitar, this is my first Epiphone Les Paul guitar and I am extremely happy I bought it. I researched several Epiphone Les Pauls on this site and others and I chose this one because of severl unique features that I like about this one. First off it is lighter than other LPs which I like because I don't like my back hurting after practicing and/or for a few hours. 2nd thing I like was the bevel cut that made it more comfortable for me to play, it might not seem like much of a difference to other players but for me it was a welcome feature. 3rd and most important feature was the Shadow Nanomag pickup. I already have a LP copy which I love but I was looking for an acoustic to play through an amp and when I was looking through several guitars I came across this one that was basically the best of both worlds (electric and acoustic). I also really enjoy the push knob to control the function to switch betweens settings as apposed to a push/pull. The AAA Flame Veneer is unreal and absolutely gorgeous. I recommend this guitar to anyone who wants a well crafted, workhorse of a guitar that can easily handle both electric and acoustic sounds

  • from Carlisle, Pa. February 26, 2015Music Background:
    Ex semi pro, Teacher, Collector, And always a student!

    Worthy of 6 stars!

    Ok, Here we go again! I just received my Ultra III, Mark Chapman is the absolute best to buy your gear from and you cannot get any better customer service anywhere. First of all, I was able to pick from 4 of these (try that anywhere else!) They all looked good but the one I picked has an incredible AAA flame maple top. I have Gibsons and other higher end guitars that are supposed to be triple A tops and they pale in comparison. I inspected this very closely upon arrival and cannot find one single flaw in the craftsmanship. Let me add that this is the 9th Epiphone I have bought since 2014 because each one has blown me away with the flawless craftsmanship and value for the dollar.
    7 of these came from Sweetwater and I will now buy ONLY from sweetwater because of their personal and excellent service, The ability to choose from 3-4 guitars online, And their 55 point evaluation along with extra care taken in packing. This model has a TON to offer and it sounds and plays as good as it looks! Mine hardly needed any additional setup, Intonation was spot on, Neck straight, All I had to do was install my strings and tweak the action. The Nanomag stealth pickup is brilliant and I can make this guitar sound very close to an acoustic. Blend it with the humbuckers and WOW! you have a true original! I cannot say enough about this axe. To those of you that have had bad experiences in the past with Epiphones (I was one of them) You should really give them a second look as I swear every Epi I have bought in 2014 to now has been incredible! Honestly, I have a few that I prefer OVER my Gibson counterparts. I have a lot of guitars, 44 now.
    From Gibson, ESP, Fender, Ibanez, Dean, Prestige, Minarik etc.. With my most expensive being a MIJ ESP. So if I can play an Epiphone and not only like it, But LOVE it, That means Epiphone is doing something right! Here's how I see it, Back in the mid 70's when I started playing my very first guitar was an Ibanez LP Custom. (Wish I still had it) Back then Ibanez was looked at by many the same way people look at an Epiphone today "Oh, Made in Japan, Can't be that good" Remember those days? Well fast forward to today. We now covet the early Ibanez LP copies and any Ibanez, ESP or Fender that is MIJ is considered a very fine instrument. I can honestly see history repeating itself with these newer Epiphones. NOW it's "Ha! Made in China, Gotta be JUNK"
    Sure, I wish all my guitars were made in USA but nowadays who can afford that? What I see happening right now is the made in China Epiphones are getting better and better, They are getting the builds down and in some cases appear better than the expensive USA models. It will probably take awhile for enough people to realize the huge increase in quality of these MIC Epiphones, But I feel that someday in the future, these gems made in 2014-2015 from China will go the way of the "Made in Japan" guitars. Say and think what you want. If you choose not to give them a try I think your making a big mistake. Absolutely NO better value for the money.

  • from Brooklyn NY May 6, 2014Music Background:
    Playing since 1960s

    Epiphone les Paul ultra 3

    Fast action , great sound, fit and finish excellent , price is modest for this
    Instrument, still creating new sound combinations. Did I mention I love it

  • from New Milford, NJ January 3, 2014Music Background:
    38 years of playing guitar out live!

    The whole candy store

    This is my second Epiphone Les Paul that I purchased from Sweetwater! I also own the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus in Sapphire blue. First let me say how beautiful these guitars are when you have one in your hands! The pictures are good but wow they are works of art up close. Second, they sound awesome! Both have slightly different personalities but this Ultra lll has all the tones you could ask for in a guitar. From the clean and dirty electric Gibson signature sound you would expect but with a really cool shadow acoustic sounding magnetic pickup which sounds great alone or in multiple blended combinations. It's truly the candy store of tone plus two other really nice options-mono and stereo 1/4 inch line out and also a USB line out and built in tuner! This means you can use your guitar with any computer DAW software so the tones palate is virtually endless! I got the Faded Cherry on the Ultra lll and it is gorgeous, stays in tune, was set up good right out of the box and is slightly lighter than a traditional LP thanks to the chambered body and tasteful body scoops. My Sweetwater representative Mike Picotte even sent me actual pictures of my guitar with serial number when it went through their inspection process to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. I have a few guitars in my stable and have purchased from many brick and mortar and online merchants but BOTH the Ultra lll and Sweetwater are keepers! Don't fear as this is a great guitar and Sweetwater is a truly professional company that wowed even this old dog!

  • from Cedar Park, TX June 3, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-Pro 30 years + Church/ Contemporary Christian Music

    Outstanding Guitar, Great Value

    Yep, WOW, Blown away... For the price, this is a Great guitar.
    This unit has a great neck, light feel and really does well with the acoustic pickup (Played clean through an amp) as well. Another benefit is to mix the standard pickups with the acoustic with delay & distortion to get a very unique "Dirty but Compressed" sound. I have sat back & forth for a few hours going between my Bonamassa studio Les Paul & this Ultra 3 and each has a great playability. Sweetwater did an excellent setup along with the best service I have ever received on the net. If you like Les Pauls, this one is enjoyable to play at a great price.

Questions about the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III - Faded Cherry Sunburst?

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