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Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus - Midnight Sapphire Reviews

4.5 stars based on 33 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus - Midnight Sapphire?

Questions about the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus - Midnight Sapphire?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from April 30, 2017

    Boby Blue

    Sensational Instrument! When I'm too worn out to play it, it's great to look at on the stand. Mine is Plek'd, happy I ordered it that way.

  • from San Marcos, TX January 12, 2017


    First off, shout out to Cliff Hackleman. Had my eyes on this beauty for a few months before purchasing and I finally bit the bullet. Originally ordered the Black Cherry as this one was showing out of stock at the time of purchase. Long story short there was one available. Cliff called me at 9 AM the next morning to tell me he had the Midnight Sapphire ready to go with Next Day shipping (no extra charge) an return slip for the Black Cherry. I was blown away. I had heard nothing but great things about Sweetwater and I can now confidently say they are truly amazing at what they do. Having a great experience purchasing it felt as if the guitar itself was just an added bonus through the. The finish on this thing is stunning! Pictures could never compare. As many others have stated this is a Gibson minus the price-tag. With a blind fold on you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The attention to detail it flawless. If you are thinking about getting one, stop thinking and BUY! You will not be disappointed.

  • from Wisconsin January 3, 2017


    i bought my midnight sapphire from sweetwaters, blown away,Will at sweetwaters hand picked my guitar, a big special thanx to Will, your awesome just like the eppy you sold me. sweetwaters to me is the best in the business hands down. for all u musicians who havent ordered from sweetwaters well then u don't know what ur missin. back to the guitar luv luv luv this guitar every square inch of it. the sound of the 57 hummies is awesome plays like a dream, my next purchase is going to be a eppy 500 dnc masterbuild and it will be soon. so a shout it to u guys at sweetwaters luv u guys keep doin what ur doing because ur simply the BEST. thanks and happy new year to u all.

  • from Henderson, NV January 30, 2016

    Surprised at quality

    As a 35+ year owner of gibsons only( including my first les Paul custom that I bought new in 1978), I would never consider an epiphone. In fact the only experience I had with epiphone was a starter guitar I bought for my son years ago. I always viewed them as lesser quality and far, far short of a Gibson.

    After all I had read about this model, what the hell, I ordered one. When I first received it, I was disappointed (should have known the reviews were to good to be true)mI decided to return it after a a close inspection without even playing it

    My rep Mike Winebrenner( he is fantastic) convinced me to give it another chance, that something had to have gone wrong with the original model sent.

    Sweetwater had a new one to me in days, and I am extremely satisfied and glad that I decided to exchange. From the polished frets to intonation, build quality, etc, this is an extreme value. Did I mention true les paul sound and sustain? My god the 57s thru a tube amp are to die for

    I would never consider paying 3k for a Gibson as long as this model is available. (Powerball winners who like "labels" excluded)

    After a week with this guitar, my Gibson 60 s tribute went straight to eBay. Now I realize that model isn't a bound, humbucker, etc les Paul, but after playing this guitar, that actual American Gibson felt like a cheap production oversees guitar. I don't even want to look at it much less play it when this sits in the stand next to it. The craftsmanship on this guitar is unquestionably of higher standard.

    I am still partial to old 78 and all the memories with her, and I'm to old to care if the Gibson purists turn up there noses, but since I got this one, 78 is now retired for good. This guitar is that nice plus 78 has earned it!

    If you are thinking about a guitar in this price range, stop shopping and get one of these. Also only get it from Sweetwater where customer service is what they achieve & not just a catch phrase or aspiration on a company vision statement.

  • from South June 23, 2015Music Background:
    20+ year gigging, recording artist.

    One of the Best on the market

    This guitar is beyond amazing. Ive owned one. Several months ago I decided to chance it because as a twenty plus year player, ive had my share of Epi lemons. Blown away immediately. Tone out the *** and I mean TONE. I play rock, blues, funk, r and b, jazz, country, and classical guitar and I've owned the best guitars on the market. This guitar is as good or better than anything ive owned. STAYS IN TUNE, TONE FOR DAYS, GREAT FEEL, AND PLAYABILITY!

  • from Montana June 12, 2015

    Epiphone vs Gibson Les Paul

    I already had an 83 Gibson Les Paul when I purchase the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute. After a couple months comparing both of them I realized I prefered the look & sound of the Epiphone. So the Gibson's for sale on eBay and the Epiphone`s staying. Guess that says it all.

  • from Syracuse, NY April 23, 2015

    Why buy a Gibson...this REALLY is that good.

    I've been called a guitar snob. And honestly...i admit that I kind of am. Epiphones have always been hit or miss for me, and I've always been one of the guys that would argue that NO Epiphone is as good as any Gibson. And for the most part, I still would say that. This Epiphone model is absolutely the exception. Read the specs...everything you get with a Gibson, you get with this guitar. So I bought it, and it really is as good...in fact even better than quite a few of the Gibsons I've played. It plays great, sounds great, and is absolutely beautiful. I beat the hell out of most of my guitars. I wipe this one down for 20 minutes after I play it. I'd buy this guitar over ANY Gibson Les Paul Studio any day of the week. And I'd buy this guitar in all 4 colors before I bought 1 Gibson Les Paul Standard or Traditional. David Snyder at Sweetwater was very helpful with this purchase. The readers of this review are going to laugh at what I am about to write. My wife was upset that I bought this guitar. She told me that if I didn't send it back that she would file for divorce. I still have the guitar, and I play it everyday in my new apartment with a smile on my face. That's not a joke, it's the god's honest truth. I find the sweet sound of my new Epiphone to be so much more pleasant than the sound of my soon to be ex wifes complaining. It was a no brainer.

  • from March 20, 2015

    Big Bang for the bucks

    I bought this as my student guitar. I was floored by the quality and sound. A close friend that is a seasoned guitar player was very impressed with the quality, sound, and action. A great value for what you getting. If you try it you will buy it. I purchased it in Midnight Sapphire and it is flawless. You won't be disappointed.

  • from licking missouri usa { ozarks } February 16, 2015Music Background:

    great axe

    I would recommend this axe to anyone. It is a fine tribute to les paul,& a well done job by epiphone to come up with a guitar of this caliber, and for a reasonable price.The guitar is every bit the instrument that sweetwater & the many reviews say it is and more. BIG THANKS to everyone at sweetwater for the great service & fast delivery & a big thanks to nick for the follow up phone calls to see how things were going or if i needed any other help. THANKS EVERYONE! keep up the great service, its hard to find. Look foward to future purchases. Thanks Jeff

  • from BIG PINE KEY FLORIDA October 7, 2014Music Background:



  • from Big Pine Key , Florida September 15, 2014Music Background:


    The Les Paul Tribute is an unbelievable guitar for the money.I got the Midnight Sapphire and it even spanked the photos of it when I pulled it out of the case. Not one flaw anywhere and set up right out of the box. Put some lite DR,s on it and was jammin.It took two guitars to get it right but my tech. Jeremy was great through the whole thing.If you want a Les Paul but can,t afford $3,000 for a Gibson , then get this guitar, it's that good. Plus it comes w/ Gibson 57 humbuckers and from what I could see most of the same electronics .

  • from Sarasota, FL USA July 26, 2014Music Background:
    weekend musician

    Awesome Guitar

    This it's my first Les Paul and I now wonder why I waited so long to get one. I tried this guitar in a store along with a$1500 and $2000 Gibson. This guitar actually felt more comfortable than the Gibson's. This having the maple top and Gibson '57 classic pickups, it sounds great.
    After playing this guitar almost daily for two and a half weeks, the only problem I have with it is that the G string does not stay in tune. Hopefully a set of ELIXIR Nanoweb strings will solve this problem. Overall, I do not regret getting this guitar.

  • from Lincolnton April 19, 2014Music Background:
    played music for a big part of my life, started out in country from there i have played rock, some jazz, but my heart is in Blues.

    Epiphone Les Paul tribute,

    I'm so glad that I got this guitar, for the price you pay there is just no other guitar anywhere, any better. I love the feel of the 60s slimslim taper neck, it's one of the best felling, playing, and just easy to play.
    And this is as close to a Gibson Les Paul you well find, the body is a one peace Solid body, then there's the hard carved maple top. And yes she's heavy because there is no weight reduction, then you have the USA Gibson 57 classic pickups. First time I plugged her in the power of the 57 classics was impressive, I have a Schecter C1 Hellraiser with EMG Active pickups. I'M telling you the 57classics blow them out of the water.
    I have had this guitar for 8 mounts now and just today I was playing her and the felling of how great she plays is as strong as it was the first day.
    Look the best advice I can give you is go play one, BUT be prepared to take it home.

  • from Milton NH February 13, 2014Music Background:

    Very nice Guitar

    Purchased this guitar two weeks ago after looking at many others. After references from friends and co-workers i decided to go with sweetwater. The customer service is phenomenal. I love how Sweetwater sends you pics of your actual guitar (A+ Service). The guitar is a good fit for me and feel very comfortable. I am only a beginner so i do not have much to compare this guitar to but can say that i am very pleased. I will be a return customer for sure!

  • from bainbridge, ny February 12, 2014Music Background:

    Excellant guitar

    Just recevied my guitar today and I am blown away. Great finish and great setup. Was in tune out of the box. Thanks Marco at sweetwater. The case is great.

  • from Virginia Beach Va July 15, 2013Music Background:

    Les Paul tribute plus

    Rivals most Gibson's fit and finish is awesome Gibson pick ups are great I love the slim taper neck 10 out of 10

  • from Claude, TX June 28, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Play in Church.

    Update on previous review.

    In my previous review, I made the remark that the potentiometers could be better because I had an issue with one of the volume pots. I turns out that the pot was not damaged, it was just installed wrong. The pots are full sized Alpha's, by the way. I have had this guitar for several months now, so I have had time to look everything over with the utmost scrutiny. The fit and finish on this guitar is outstanding! I cannot find any flaws in the construction, or the finish. It is one beautiful guitar. It plays fantastic, partially due to the 60's tapered neck. It sounds wonderful through every amp I've tried it through. The Gibson 57 PUPs have become my favorite pick-ups, and I am considering installing them in all of my humbucker equipped guitars. They handle cleans brilliantly, and distort to a smooth, creamy, vintage crunch that I remember from the classic rock of my childhood. The push-pull tone pots do not split the coils, rather they change the coils relationship to each other from series to parallel. This gives it tones something similar to a single-coil pick-up, without the associated noise. I have compared this guitar with several Gibson Studio LP models, and this is a better sounding, better feeling, better sustaining instrument. I can't find anything wrong with this guitar. One reviewer stated that the neck on his guitar was not sanded smooth with the body. This caused me to look closer at mine, again. The neck on my guitar is sanded smooth with the body, and looks to be a perfect fit. The only thing that might be a negative to some, would be the weight of this instrument. However, it's the weight (plus the build) that gives this guitar it's sustain, which is as good as I have encountered. I highly recommend this guitar. If you are considering one of these, but you're not sure about getting an Epiphone, go ahead and order one of these. You will not regret it!

  • from HICKSVILLE NEW YORK USA January 29, 2013Music Background:



  • from Dayton, OH January 28, 2013Music Background:


    I had never bought anything from Sweetwater before this guitar. I was impressed with the personalization of service provided. I received a call within 1 hour of placing my order to confirm deliver location and ensure order details. I received this grad within 2 days and I had ordered it on a holiday. Awesome experience!

  • from Georgia March 16, 2017

    Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus

    Received in perfect condition. Guitar came in plush lined case. Played it sounds great. Look and feel of guitar is great

  • from Kirkland, WA December 25, 2016

    My Honest Rambling Impressions

    I have only had the guitar for 3 days and have not played it on a gig yet, bit overall, I really like the feel and the tone very much. I have 14 other guitars to compare with at this point.
    I play jazz & like a clean, clear, ringing natural tone. Usually use only a touch of reverb and maybe a bit of natural amp grit when pushed depending on style.

    First the good points
    - the finish is excellent. I know it is poly and not nitro, but I don't really hear a substantial difference and hey, all my Fenders and Rics are poly finish.
    - the setup is very good and the neck plays well. I like the thinner profile neck. It feels comfortable. The nut is cut properly and the intonation right on all the way up the neck.
    - the 57 humbuckers and the rest of the electronics are the real deal. Just what you expect from a Les Paul.
    - the guitar keeps its intonation well.

    The not good points, these all have to do with quality control.
    - There is a slight imperfection on the 5th fret around 2nd string. I can feel a bit of roughness in the polish with my fingertip. So the notes on 2nd & 1st string at 4th and 5th fret will buzz slightly quickly when I pluck harder, but only with a dead tone. Not a deal breaker. As soon as I add a little vibrato, the buzz is not there.

    - The bridge pickup was a little to low and consequently weaker output than bridge pickup. A moment with a screwdriver and the pickups are better balanced.

    - The nut on the jack stripped after a couple of times plugging in the cord. Fortunately it was the nut and not the threading on the jack. Just replaced with new nut and tightened down.

    Other mods
    - ordered black covers. The back is black and the white covers look less attractive to me, just a preference
    - replacing the strap buttons with locking set. I like the larger size buttons it comes with, but the strap buttons the come with the guitar do not lock into place. Dropped two guitars on stage, never again.
    - the push pull pots are serial vs parallel and the parallel position doesn't do much for my ear. Certainly doesn't sound like single coil. I might experiment with some rewirings from a StewMac chart to see if true coil split, or out of phase is more versatile.

    Given the unbelievable price point and the real Gibson electronics, this is a definite keeper. It really has the authentic Les Paul sound, is comfortable to play, and makes a great presentation visually.

  • from September 7, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist 20 + years

    Epiphone Les Paul Tribute - Midnight Blue

    A solid performer out of the box. Set up was solid, great sound, love playing it. Looking for a musical piece of furniture, you could do a lot worse. Cost is more than fair for what you get. Had it for over two months and no regrets. Pretty, too. Like the splitting feature, can get some great tones with pedals or effects. Sounds great into an amp naked, as well. Significant sustain. Remember though, this is a heavy block of wood and can put the hurting on your back/neck after an hour of play. Thing is, I can play this guitar for hours if the family would let me. You'll really enjoy this instrument.

  • from Berea,, Ky February 15, 2015Music Background:

    Great Axe

    I received this guitar one day after ordering. The guitar had been fully tested and set up by the Sweetwater folks prior to shipping. I did not have to make any adjustments and the guitar pays beautifully.I also own a couple of Gibsons and this guitar is comparable with them. This guitar is a bit heavy but a good 2.5 inch Levy strap relieves some of the weight. I was impressed with the growl produced by the 57 classic pro bridge humbucker when a little distortion and reverb was applied. IMHO this is a rocking and blues machine and at a price that allows anyone to own a truly fine instument that is comparable to much more expensive Les Paul's. Bonus is that it also comes with a hardshell case where as other name brand guitars in this price range only come with Gig bags. The finish (midnight sapphire) was flawless. I gqiive this Axe a two thumbs up..

  • from Utah, USA September 1, 2014Music Background:
    Student and Hobbyist


    This Epiphone Les Paul Tribute is one of the most amazing guitars I have ever experienced, and I still can't believe it's mine! I got the Midnight Sapphire guitar and the finish is absolutely stunning! The guitar was set up almost perfectly right out of the box. Just needed a few minor adjustments and I have been playing this baby non-stop since I unboxed it. The Gibson pickups are fantastic for any style and the fretboard is more comfortable than that of most Gibson guitars I have played. The guitar is quite heavy but in my opinion this adds to the thickness and overall quality of the tone. The neck is a little bit thicker than I was expecting, but after getting use to it I have absolutely no complaints! Thanks so much for your fantastic service Jake L. and I look forward to working with Sweetwater again! :)

  • from PA June 15, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Student, etc

    This one jumped out at me...

    ...while reading through my FB feed. As I mentally clicked off the features I was thinking to myself "yeah, and I have a couple spare thousand to spend". Well, when I finally got to the ticket price, my jaw hit the floor! Had to read it twice to make sure I wasn't drunk or something (and I don't drink).
    This one's got everything you could want, aside from a pickguard. The quality of the craftsmanship is superb. The quality of the hardware is superb. The finish is whacko perfect.
    Sound? Ha...it'll knock your socks off. I've only had it less than a week, so I am still discovering all the many and varied tonal options available with this guitar. But, I will say I haven't heard a single thing I didn't like. It actually inspires me to play better, that's how nice it is. I'm not an expert, but, I've gotta say the only difference between this and it's more expensive pedigreed older brother is the name on the headstock. Epiphone's Les Paul is every bit as good a Les Paul as the original. In fact, I own another Epiphone/Gibson...a Nighthawk, and it's crazy high quality also. This is a very very nicely made guitar, and it sounds every bit as good as it looks. It's made in China, but for all I care it could be made in Antarctica, as long as it's as well made as this guitar. To me, it isn't where it's made, but how it sounds once it's in someone's hands.
    I have 7 guitars...I'll be keeping this one.
    Sweetwater blew me away by having this thing delivered to my door, set up and ready to roll, the 2nd day after I ordered it. In it's own case, no less. I think Sweetwater's the new standard in guitar retail.
    Long story short, buy it.

  • from Fairchance, Pa. June 13, 2013Music Background:
    Not as good as I want to be

    One of the best I ever bought

    This guitar is beautiful, it exceeded my expectations. Pics don't give what it deserves. The sound just about brings tears to my eyes. Using a Line 6 spider IV 30 watt amp. Had to re-tune high E. Couldn't give it 5 stars because neck joint not sanded flat with body. I can live with that, but it is a detraction.I wanted a blue guitar since I was 10. What I got was a tan plastic Roy Rogers, but, times were tough back then. Wish I could play good enough to realize it's full potential.

  • from North Carolina February 20, 2017Music Background:
    Recreational Musician 40+ Years

    Great Looks, Tone, Playability

    First of all a shoutout to my super professional sales rep Derek Senestraro. Over the years he has always been my knowledgeable and ever helpful product selection expert. He will always go the extra mile for you. Thanks Derek!
    Now the guitar. I have always been a Fender and PRS man, so this is my first foray into the Epiphone/Gibson world. I must say I am impressed with the fit, finish, tone and playability of this instrument. For the price point, I can't see how you can go wrong. The midnight sapphire finish I purchased is particularly impressive. I have smaller hands, so the comfortable neck and shorter scale are important to me. The only things I didn't like were the weight of the instrument and the difficulty I have bending strings from the 19th frett on up. That may just be a product of my shorter fingers. Hope this is helpful.

  • from Jamesville n.c. July 23, 2015Music Background:
    guitar player since 1970

    Follow up on one Bad aa Les Paul

    Have had this guitar about 4 months now. It is an absolute tone monster. Did not care for the strings that came with it although I have always used Daddario's. I ordered & installed a set of Ernie Ball Cobalts. What a difference. This axe will sound great in any style you want to play on it. As I said on my earlier review I have owned a 70"s Les Paul Custom and have played many newer Les Pauls & this thing blows them all away with the USA Gibson Humbuckers and electronics. When I play this thru my Line 6 Spider 111 75 watt the tones you get out of this thing are amazing. From rock to jazz to blues to metal & even country and funk using the coil splitting.This is not a great guitar for the money but an absolute great guitar. Do yourself a favor and order this thing while it is available. Also order it from Sweetwater. These guys are great from their sales engineers to their tech people. They are serious about their owners philosophy to do the right thing & put the customer first.

  • from Jamesville n.c. April 5, 2015Music Background:
    guitar player since 1970

    One Bad AA Les Paul

    In 1974 I bought a brand new Les Paul Custom 20th anniversary model in cherry sunburst. I was managing a music store at that time. In 1981 I sold it like an idiot (long story) I have wanted another one ever since but since I quit playing in bands at that time I could not justify buying another one. I have had a fender strat, an old Gibson S-1 which I still have. Ordered this guitar because of price, gibson humbuckers, upgraded electronics & slim 60's neck. When it came from sweetwater it was better looking than in the high res photos was set up great right out of box. When I plugged it in to my 75 watt Line 6 Spider 6 practice amp this bad boy singed you old gibson guys know what I'm talking about even though I love single coils nothing will sing like a gibson humbucker. This guitar sounded as good as my 1974 custom, looked as good and played better (baseball neck versus slim 60 I have smaller hands. Do yourself a favor & get this guitar. Also if you have reservations about ordering a guitar online don"t if you get it from sweetwater. I ordered my guitar on Friday afternoon and was here in N.C. on Tuesday in great shape and set up nice right out of the box. My sales engineer Matt called me after I place my order & followed up after I received it. Get this guitar it is the only one that EPI offers now with Gibson humbuckers & electronics and sounds as good and plays as good as any gibson standards at a fraction of the price

  • from March 23, 2015Music Background:

    As advertised

    This was a great price on a quality guitar. The quality is better than a lot of Gibsons that I've seen lately and for a fraction of the cost. Unless you're hung up on owning a Gibson I don't know why you would waste your money. Thank you Luke for your help with this one.

  • from Lake Wylie, SC November 22, 2013Music Background:
    Live sound, hobbyist, church

    Brutal honesty

    Top notch...IF it would just stay in tune. Finish, neck, frets, sound, and playability is all fantastic! However, these locking tuners (and throw in the worthless nut) have GOT to go. I can't even trust it to play it out...which is a shame because it is smokin! It's quite the inconvenience for sure. So I guess epiphone could just put their basic Grovers on it and I'd be happy. Guess I'll be buying some upgraded tuners soon :( .

  • from Claude, TX April 20, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist. Play in Church.

    Sweet, Blue Guitar

    I am satisfied with my purchase of this guitar. I was going to get the Black Cherry version, but my wife picked out this one. I later saw a Black Cherry Model in one of the local stores, and I am glad to say the Midnite Sapphire looks better. My wife has good taste! Now, on to performance. This guitar plays well, and there is not much difference between this guitar and several Gibsons I have played. One difference that stands out is the potentiometers. The knobs are crooked on my guitar, but the pots work like they should. I have been told the pots are the weak part of this guitar, but they are easily changed. The strings are cheap, and I played them dead in three days. I guess that's the same for nearly all of the inexpensive, Chinese made guitars. The 57 Gibson Humbuckers are for real! The sustain on this is just like the Gibsons. The tuners are locking Grovers. The tone I get from this guitar is very sweet. It is a heavy guitar, but I ordered a padded, 3 1/2" strap when I ordered the guitar. I reviewed the strap earlier.
    For the money, this is a fantastic guitar! If money is not a consideration, then this is still a guitar that I recommend you take into consideration. Like one of the other folks that reviewed this said, "It's a Gibson without the Gibson name on the headstock", and it is "As close to a Gibson as you can get without paying thousands of dollars."
    I recommend this guitar without reservations. I know I mentioned the pots being cheap, but most of use wind up changing pots, or P/U's, or bridges/saddles no matter which brand of guitar we buy. You will not regret this purchase.

  • from United States February 26, 2013Music Background:

    Sweet Child O' Mine

    This is a great guitar with amazing sound possibilities. With the push pull pots, you can go from really smooth and sparkly cleans to serious bite and distortion. If you're wanting a real Gibson Les Paul without the price, this is the ticket.

    You get great pickups, grover locking tuners, strap locks, a hard shell case, a hard maple cap with a fancy flame veneer, and just about everything you could ask for, minus the Gibson logo.

    The guitars look amazing in person, the photos don't do them justice. They feel great to play with the slim taper neck, and have real quality features, including the switchcraft switch, etc. Every detail is right in that respect.

    The only issue is Epiphone's quality control. There were a few minor things like a loose strap button, stripped screw holes on the truss rod cover, a ding in the filler around the inlays, and some other minor things, but I had those taken care of by a Gibson repair center under warranty.

    If the quality control was a little better, I'd give it five stars. Would I buy another, or recommend one to a friend? YES. It's the best you can get for this little money. You really are getting a Gibson without the logo on the headstock.

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