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Epiphone Les Paul Special II - Ebony Reviews

4.5 stars based on 22 customer reviews
  • from June 27, 2015

    epi les paul special ll

    Ordered the guitar on Friday June 19 and it arrived on Wed when they said it would and arrived in perfect condition their was only drawback it was not in tune but that's a small detail with 5 minutes with tuner and problem solved otherwise love it looking forward to many days of blissful playing thanks Mike looking forward to ordering more things through you you got all of my future ordering from now on keep up the good work !!

  • from Aiken, SC June 2, 2015Music Background:
    Old Time Picker

    Les Paul, Very Special

    Well It's me again, The Old Time Picker, hahahahaha, I just can't seem to stay away from Sweetwaters Webb Site, I just bought my Les Paul 100 three days before I bought this Les Paul Special, and I'm looking to order a Epiphone Semi Hollow Body very soon, These are great Little Guitars, This is my 30th order I've made to Sweetwater sence January 2015, and I'm not through yet, This Little Black Beuty is Sweet, It makes me a better player by sounding so good, Now don't get me wrong I'm still just a beginner, But for a Good Old Boy Picker this Little Honey will get it done.Israel Foster is my Sales agent he's great, He takes the time to listen to my stories about being Blind for over 22 years and finally learning to play after I lost my Sight and found Sweetwater for a lot of my Music needs, I call him Eddie Murphy or Beverly Hills Cop for when I make him laugh he sounds just like Eddie he's one of the biggest reasons I deal with Sweetwater he is never in a hurry to get me off the phone and makes me want to call or place another order the next day. So far what he is doing is working sence tomorrow I will receive my Thirty first order from him and Sweetwater, Thanks Israel Foster for being you, and Sweetwater for making it easy for an Old Time Blind Picker to have a great time Purchusing Pickin and Grinin.
    Old Time Picker

  • from SARDIS, MS March 23, 2015



  • from Greenwood, IN July 28, 2014Music Background:

    Epiphone Les Paul Special II - Ebony

    Great guitar for a beginner.Well worth the price.

  • from San Antonio, TX July 11, 2013Music Background:


    Wonderful sound and finish. Period. Can't beat it for the price. Get this or get out!

  • from IL May 23, 2013Music Background:


    New to guitar and this was a great product at the right price. Didn't want to over spend as I am a beginner and this was all I could ask for and more. Nicely put together and sounds great.

  • from United States December 21, 2012Music Background:
    ex-pro, recording/sound engineer.


    I've owned hundreds of guitar in over 40 years of playing, own around 60 at the moment. I got this guitar as a second so was really cheap, China made 2011 (even at the selling price new it's a real bang for the buck.) I was a guitar tech/repair guy so have experience with how guitars work. There were a few issue's which are easily fixed...The neck bolts where they screw into the neck were loose. To fix these the neck needs to be removed and the original holes need to be dowled and re-drilled, or an easy fix is to insert a few toothpicks with some white glue which I did and now have a tight neck joint. Tuners are cheap but work well enough. Now the good.....the neck is very well done, frets ends smooth and level with very good playability. Finish is very well done. Body wood appears to be basswood, not a bad thing, gives a focused midrange sound. Volume/tone pots are full sized Alpha pots, nice sweep through their range, switch seems solid enough. The bridge and stop-bar tailpiece are the tone-lock, works well and seems to give good sustain. Pickups are Ceramic 8, good clear midrange and highs with tight bass. A lot of cheap humbuckers are muddy but these are actually very good, not the most dynamic but at the price much better than most. I like the thin body, sits on your lap nicely, overall weight is good. I reach for this over my Gibson Les Paul's a lot, just easier on my back. The control layout is nice, one volume, one tone, simple and efficient. This would be a good beginner guitar, good playability and sound. Also would make a good worry free gigging instrument unless you are worried about the name on the headstock....and really your audience won't care unless there are some cork sniffers in the crowd. This is a good time for musicians when you can get good quality for this price...just get it setup properly and you will have a fine instrument.

  • from Florida June 4, 2012Music Background:
    Guitarist for 14 years.

    Best guitar you can buy for the money

    This guitar has served me quite well on my travels around the world over the past several years. It is tough, and sounds great. An awesome value for beginners or as an inexpensive travel guitar.

  • from Missouri December 23, 2011Music Background:
    Guitar Player


    This is one awesome guitar for the price paid. The sound that the humbuckers put out is amazing and sweet as long as you have a good Amp.
    If you want an excellent guitar without draining your income then this is the one to get.. You can't ask for any better at this price.
    I was looking between this Epiphone and a Fender squier which I already have one and I am glad I bought this Epiphone because it sounds allot better then the squier I have.

  • from Fort Wayne In March 30, 2011Music Background:

    Great Guitar To have for time to come

    This guitar i have played for about two years and i has made good music with me and great tone...Also great to play on with its easy to handle neck for me and youll be attached to it after awile because this guitar is so good and is hard to beat in overall greatness

  • from Georgetown.TX Usa April 28, 2007Music Background:


    Ok i just got this second hand...i took it home...plugged it up and was jamming in like under 10 mins...If you wan't some instant(well almost)gratification get this baby....BLACK!!!

  • from January 19, 2013Music Background:
    Musically chalenged.

    Value priced gift for a grandchild

    Item is value priced as a gift for a grandchild. Salesman was very knowledgeable. I'm not a musician so I will not comment on the qualithy or playability of the item except to say that the grandchild loves his new guitar.

  • from January 14, 2013

    Awesome LP for the price!

    Great playability, nice action.

    This is big bang for your $.

  • from Sarasota, FL February 18, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar player for 14 years. Primarily play hard rock and metal.

    Best travel or beginner guitar around.

    If you're looking for your first electric guitar, or, in my case, an inexpensive guitar to accompany me during international travel, this is it. Durable, good sounding humbuckers, and a great price. I've had a much better experience with my Epiphone Special II than I did with my Squire Strat.

  • from longview North Carolina August 22, 2011Music Background:
    beginner again


    I have been searching for a guitar that feel's like a part of me after about 14 this maybe THE ONE. the hunt maybe over.

  • from Bowling Green, KY USA August 9, 2010Music Background:
    Intermidiate musician

    Les Paul

    A great knock off of the Waaaaaay to expensive Gibson Les Paul! I love this guitar and wont get another one for quite sometime!!! :)

  • from Canton, Ohio April 6, 2009Music Background:
    Guitarist, Pianoist, Synth-lover, Drummer, Recording, mainly student though

    Great value

    This is THE best guitar for it's price. Nice sound, beautiful body, amazing right out of the box, and the tune-o-matic bridge lives up to it's name. The one thing that is dislike is that it doesn't have a pickguard, but it's still an AMAZING guitar.

  • from Papillion, NE November 22, 2006Music Background:
    pro musician

    great guitar for the price

    I picked up one of these specials to see what I could get for this price. I played this guitar for an hour without it going out of tune. The action was low, the neck smooth sailing. If your on a budget, get this guitar. It will be awhile before you look for another.

  • from Oklahoma February 20, 2015Music Background:

    cheap beginner/builder

    This is a first impression. I have owned this epi for about a week now. The guitar is cheap les paul wich is why i got it, cheap les paul better than no les paul. Lol.
    I have only been playing guitar for a year and a half now, the pickups, sound and playability is plenty enough for me. The tuners are light weight and cheap, i replaced them with a nice set of grovers. The intonation is off and when i attempted to adjust the strength lengths and height on the bridge i still couldnt get in perfect on both the open and twelve fret. My next attempts will be a nice new set of strings and/or pay the music store to set the neck.
    I really like that you can go online and find a whole bunch of parts for this guitar. As i get better i can make the guitar better too, and its a cheap guitar so no guilt in modifying. Asides from the grover tuners iv replaced the cosmetic parts(knobs,hum rings,toggle knob and ring, truss rod cover) with white ones to get a tuxedo look.

  • from Texarkana, Texas September 13, 2013Music Background:
    Rhythm Guitarist-Country/Classic Rock Band

    MUCH better than expected...

    Let me start this out by saying that I purchased this guitar not for what it is, but based on other reviews, for what I wanted to make it in to...
    That being said, when I first started researching the Epiphone Les Paul Special II, not having so much as ever having seen or played one in person, I read reviews here & there & figured it was going to be a basic, entry level guitar. It had all the call signs...foreign made, relatively inexpensive, economical replacement parts, etc. Well, after receiving it, I see it's just that, an entry level guitar. But the AMAZING thing about this one that separates it from other competitively priced, entry level guitars is the EXTREMELY solid foundation you have to work with if you decide to upgrade some of it's components. I have, and you will.
    The particular guitar that I chose to buy (Ebony in color) came from the Indonesian factory very solidly put together. By that I mean the neck screws and strap button screws were very tight, unlike some reviewers who had bad experiences with them being loose on their particular purchases due to improperly drilled holes, improper lengths of screws being used, etc.
    The black finish was much better than I expected and i found it to be relatively flawless. It's actually a beautiful product from a distance as well as up close. I threw a few coats of wax on mine and it gives the impression that you could actually walk right in to it. I'm very pleased with the aesthetics all the way around.
    I'm not going to go in depth on the electronics as I'm no expert as far as the various pick-up options for different sounds, etc. All I know is that the sounds the stock Humbucker pickups generate are more than an adequate fit for my band's genre as well as my style of playing (Rhythm Guitar - Country/Classic Rock) All I saw that needed done was to adjust the pickup height a little which I did without any problems. I really like the tones they produce and they do so without any electrical interference sounds. The pickup selector switch is spring loaded which I like. It does have a tiny electric 'snap' that emits thru my Fender Mustang V when I switch between the settings, but it's much less noticeable when I'm playing, & to be honest, it really doesn't bother me in the least. The volume & tone pots are smooth and taper very well.
    The only flaws that I see in this guitar (and I call them 'flaws' because they are things that I feel should be better) are the bridge, the nut, & the tuners. I'll address these individually.
    BRIDGE: The 'V' saddles that are on my particular bridge have a tendency to pinch the strings and decrease the sustain rather than being just a support structure. You may cringe when you read the next few sentences, but its how I fixed the issue I was having easily and inexpensively. I took a tool that is called a 'tip cleaner' (which is basically a set of 3" long needle files of various sizes used to resurface the existing holes in the heads of oxygen/acetylene cutting tips) and I filed the saddle for a better string fit. I took my time, testing it several times throughout the whole process until the string rang as it should. And no. No string buzz is present whatsoever because I chose the correct size tip cleaner for each saddle. I don't recommend this, but its how I fixed mine. I then adjusted the bridge height and it was good to go.
    NUT: The stock nut is a cheap plastic one that likes to pinch the strings. I was going to replace the nut regardless of the fact I could throw some graphite on it & make it work for the time being. It was just one thing I was adamant about doing. The stock nut was easily removed and absolutely no damage was done to any of the finish or woods during the removal/replacement process. I replaced it with a PQL-6060-00 Graph Tech TusqXL Epiphone 1/4" Slot Nut. It was easily shaped to the action that I prefer using small files and 600 grit sandpaper. I then dabbed 2 drops of Elmer's wood glue, positioned it, and restrung it to hold it in place until it the glue dried. The whole process literally took 20 minutes and it was my first nut replacement. If you are like me & not familiar with doing this type of thing, there are some good videos on YouTube that you can watch to help. Since the replacement, several guitarists have played it and said the action is perfect. Not bragging, just letting you know that a $10 nut & 20-30 minutes of tour time can make all the difference in the world. No problems as of yet and I don't expect any.
    TUNERS: The stock tuners are complete garbage. They're stiff and inconsistent, they slip and won't let the guitar stay in tune while you're playing it. Count on replacing them if you plan on playing out with this guitar and don't want to tune your guitar after every other song. They're less than worthless if there is such a thing. I replaced mine with a set of 102C Grover Rotomatic Tuners. The only problem I encountered is the stock tuners had an 8mm mounting hole, but the Grovers required a 10mm (3/8"-ish) hole, so the 6 tuner holes in the head stock had to be enlarged. I won't go into detail how I did it because it would take too long, and if misinterpreted, you could damage your headstock. But I will tell you that I took my time & used two woodworking tool called a 'reamer' and a 'rat tail' file to enlarge them. I have experience in woodworking and it was EXTREMELY easy for me to do. The tuners mounted without any problem whatsoever and I was ready to go in a little over an hour start to finish.
    In a nutshell; this guitar is now one that I will use at every gig until it completely falls smooth apart. I love everything about it now and am EXTREMELY happy that I made the choice to get it. Was I lucky? Probably. But Epiphone DEFF dealt me a good hand with the Les Paul Special II.

  • from Minneapolis,Mn June 7, 2012Music Background:

    Mighty Fine

    Out of the box the strings were too tight. I put some Fender Bullets (.010) on it.I lowered the bridge to get some proper flexibility.
    This is an Epiphone.I don't care who says what,this thing will play.
    If I want a clear sweet chord,there it is.If I want a nasty bite in my blues,there it is.
    I still intend to get me a Strat,because they make their own particular sound.But,this Epi is holding me over just fine.
    Sweetwater is an 'on their toes' kinda company.Real people who contact you and pay attention---shocking!!Ha-haaaa.
    I found me a good guitar shop.

  • from dublin December 27, 2007Music Background:
    lead guitarist in hard rock band.


    i hav this guitar and about 2 years.its excellent for the price and a great addition to the collection,but im moving on to an sg tomoro.

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