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Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro - Alpine White Reviews

5.0 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro - Alpine White?

Questions about the Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro - Alpine White?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Oklahoma April 5, 2017

    Sweet Guitar

    Bought the Custom Pro in Ebony, beautiful guitar with gold hardware, ready to go out of the box just needed tuning. Ordered on Monday arrived on Wednesday Sweetwater is great first time buying from them but won't be the last.

  • from Kansas City, Missouri January 25, 2017Music Background:
    Novice, Amature

    Wow White

    This is a great guitar at a great price and it's WHITE! Where is my bow tie? The guitar came set up great out of the box, tune it up and play away. What else can I say. Exactly what you come to expect from Sweetwater. Thanks again.

  • from Bayonne, New Jersey September 13, 2016Music Background:
    Experienced guitar pkayer

    Excellent guitar and customer service

    Like all my previous purchase, sweetwater really made sure that before they send out my order it's already set up yo the max. The clarity of this guitar is excellent and so beautiful on the detail also. I will recommend only sweetwater for nusical instrument because they know their product and very helpful specially my Sales Engineer Jeff Law. Definitely i will be their customer for life. I collect guitars and most of ny beautiful guitars came from sweetwater. My only regret is that i did not know about them when i started collecting or i would have bought everything from them since they carry all the major brands. I give them the best rating... Take my advice once you try buying from sweetwater, i guarantee you that you will stay with for every purchase that you will nake in the future. Thank you sweetwater and of course my excellent sales engineer Jeff Law... I salute you guys :)))

  • from Heflin, AL March 21, 2016

    Epiphone Les Paul Custom

    Seriously, if you are having second thoughts about purchasing this guitar fear not. Do yourself a huge favor and go ahead and seal the deal. Ever since this guitar came in I haven't wanted to put it down and you won't either. Everything about this guitar is amazing. Yuval is the man to talk to if you need anything from Sweetwater and he's certainly been a huge help to me over the years.

  • from February 26, 2016


    Guitar is beautiful sounds great very happy with my purchase from Sweetwater. Personally sales engineer helpful not as annoying as some reviews say. Delivery was fast thank you Sweetwater.

  • from Alabama January 4, 2016

    Awesome guitar

    Love everything about the Epiphone Les Paul custom pro. I use it with the Line 6 POD HD500 and that combination puts out a great sound!

  • from Birmingham Alabama July 5, 2015Music Background:
    Novice guitar player and drummer

    Great guitar at a great price!

    First I will say that I am a novice player and enjoy just sitting down with one of my guitars and learning something new.
    I have always loved the sound and quality of every Les Paul I ever touched. I owned 1974 Vintage Sunburst Custom and regret ever letting it go.
    I looked and compared Epiphone Les Pauls years ago and just didn't feel the quality that I wanted even as someone that plays for just enjoyment. About 6 months ago I started looking at them again and I'm blown away by how far they have come. I picked up my first one (factory second) at a local guitar store. Played it for about 2 weeks and got hooked. I then ordered a Translucent Blue from Sweetwater and now I just ordered and received this Custom in Alpine White. All I can say is "wow"! This guitar sounds absolutely fantastic. No string buzz, great sustain, great distortion and clean sound. I see no reason to change anything on this guitar. The pick-ups certainly don't need to be upgraded because in my opinion, they're already there. The quality of the fit and finish rivals that of quite a few Gibson that I have seen. No regrets with this guitar or the other two that I own.
    As far as Sweetwater, I found them on eBay when I purchased a Boss effects pedal. Their customer service is like no other I've ever experienced in the musical instrument and accessory industry. Both guitars and Epiphone cases I purchased were very well packed and arrived within 3 days.
    I understand that this may be an area to review the guitar but Sweetwater customer service has to be mentioned.
    Bottom line, if you are thinking about getting one, do it, you will certainly want more!

  • from Nevada July 3, 2015Music Background:
    Weekend Musician/performer, Recording Artist, 15 years of playing

    Great Guitar!!!

    I have always wanted a LP, but the price and choosing the right one was a pain. I started to hear how the merger back with Gibson generated these amazing lines of LPs. The models that I have seen from musicians friend and guitar center don't come close to how sweet water takes care of their guitars! From beginning to end, this guitar was a complete surprise! I have always choose guitars with semi-active pickups, but these ProBuckers are just a treat! They are very string attack sensitive, very sensitive 500 ohm pods, and the out of phase option is just an amazing sound! Not to mention, the tuxedo look is a photograph look from the late and great Steve Clark.

    The guitar was well packaged and shipped from the company. In all it took three days to get to my house but nothing broken or wrong with the guitar. Even though the guitar was checked by a technician, a trust-rod adjustment, a new set of strings, bridge adjustment, and nut filing was required to get the guitar to my liking-Basic guitar set-up really. A lot of people talk about changing the pick-ups out to "make it sound like a gibson." This is ridiculous and a waste! A gibson sounds like a gibson because of the amps, effects, and the guitarist using them. I spend the first few hours playing on various digital amps and couldn't find a flaw! I played songs from Megadeth, Metallica, Nightwish, Kamelot, Walk the moon, Aerosmith, Country, pop, ETC. This guitar handled it all.

    BOTTOM LINE: If you want a guitar that offers pick-up variety, easy on the pocks, feels and sounds great, and has amazing craftsmanship-this is the guitar! Aside from strap locks-this guitar doesn't need any new add-ons. Epiphany has really stepped up their game!

  • from Ozark, AR August 29, 2014

    It Was Worth The Trouble

    I've been wanting one of these beauties for a long time. I finally broke down and ordered one. When it arrived the switch to change from Rhythm to Tremble was snapped off. I contacted Sweetwater and they immediately sent me a new guitar (plus a prepaid shipping label to send the broken one back).
    However, the second guitar had problems too. The locking nut that hold the same switch in place had fallen off and the switch had fallen into the body. That was an easy fix as I just tilted the guitar until the switch fell in place then I put the nut back on it.
    Ever other Les Paul or SG that I had bought came with a styrofoam doughnut around this switch to protect it during shipping. I don't know if Sweetwater takes the doughnut off during inspection or Epiphone doesn't install them like Gibson does.
    Anyway, once the guitar was up and running it has been perfect. Great craftsmanship from start to finish. The only problem I have with it now is trying to keep my son and daughter from playing it.
    Also, I'd like to acknowledge Sweetwater for a quick resolution to my problem. Not only did they send me a new guitar without question but they called me repeatedly to make sure I received the new one and that I was happy with it. Perfect customer service.

  • from Massachusetts, USA December 27, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician for 30 years.

    Sweet Guitar

    Had the Gibson version of this guitar back in the 80's and the Epiphone compares very well. Nice guitar at a very nice price.

  • from Simpsonville, SC October 21, 2012


    Excellent craftsmanship, maybe as good or better than the Gibson boys. I believe part or all of this guitar are made in the Hebei province of China. Hebei is known for it's craftsman, I own two violins from there and the quality is phenominal.
    This Les Paul Custom Pro is wonderful. I waited nearly two month's for it to arrive and it was well worth it. Sweetwater is second to none for customer service and price.

  • from California March 31, 2015Music Background:

    Epiphany Les Paul White

    Meets all expectations
    Love the D neck
    Finish is beautiful
    Hardware and tuners very good
    Just buy a good strap - heavy - I would not suggest this guitar for standing in rehearsal / practice space for 4-5 hours at a time

  • from Charleston, SC USA October 28, 2014Music Background:
    25 year hobbyist

    Amazing quality!

    I had my eye on this guitar for several weeks and finally decided to pull the trigger. This thing is beautiful, plays well, and sounds awesome! The humbuckers break up nicely. Being a Fender man the grit and the scale take some getting used to. When I switch from the LP to my Strat or Tele, I realize that the fretboard of the LP feels a bit cramped (my opinion, YMMV.) Has a rich, bass-y sound due to the mahogany body/neck. I have A/B'd this guitar with a Gibby LP Deluxe (c. 2008) and an '89 Gibby LP standard, and this guitar holds its own in that league. Coil tapping is a nice feature, it won't approximate a Fender single coil sound. That isn't to say that the single coil ProBucker sound isn't desirable, just different. Gibsons are just too expensive for my taste (it's a matter of principle for me, not cost) and at a fraction of the price, you'll never know the difference (at least in my experience, your experience may differ.)

  • from United States March 14, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Music Production

    Loveing It

    Great guitar. Set up was perfect out of the box. Guitar sounds great, very warm and smooth tones. Only issue is and I can't figure out why but after I changed the strings (to the same gauge size 10-46) the low E and the G string radius was off both strings are sitting just a little high. I tried to move them to make sure they were sitting in the nut and bridge properly and they are. Now all I can think to do is file the saddles a little to get the radius set to 12" the way it should be. Again not sure how this happened but other then that the guitar is wonderful. Beyond expectations. I've owned many guitars from cheap guitars to now owning a Fender and PRS and now my new Epi LP and its just about right up there with a Custom 24 Ten Top and no where near the price. Highly recommend buying if considering or just looking for a nice Led Paul.

  • from La Mesa, CA January 24, 2013Music Background:


    Very nice guitar. I got an Indonesian. Have had good luck with these. Hard to beat price. As always with Sweetwater, showed up ready to play. How can they make such a nice guitar for this price?

  • from Kenosha, WI July 22, 2012Music Background:

    Epi Les Paul Custom Pro - thumbs up

    I bought this guitar at Gearfest this year. I wasn't planning on buying a guitar but it was a deal I couldn't pass up. The guitar looks great (makes me want to pick it up and play it) and is built well with quality parts. I actually preferred the feel of the neck on the LP Standard but what hooked me on the Custom was the sound! The pickups (with coil tap) really stood out and made it an easy choice. I don't have Gibson $$ but the Epiphone LP Custom Pro is a serious contender for much less. Of course it's a little heavy so I may have to invest in a more comfortable strap but, so far I love it.

  • from Henderson, NV August 6, 2015Music Background:

    My favorite guitar

    I'm just a beginner and a hobbyist but this is my favorite guitar (out of 7) in terms of looks, sound and playability. I noticed that it stays in tune really good. It's my second Epiphone Les Paul. One thing I don't like about my Epiphones - very heavy.

  • from Pitt, Pa January 11, 2013Music Background:

    My first guitar.

    This guitar is solid bought mine in March of 2012. I may have another model though because I have double tapping coils on mine. also I installed a Shadow tuner on mine, but I think some of the new models already have a shadow tuner pre-installed. For a beginning guitarist this is a good guitar I highly recommend it.

Questions about the Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro - Alpine White?

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