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Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom GX Plus - Black Cherry Reviews

4.5 stars based on 24 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom GX Plus - Black Cherry?

Questions about the Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom GX Plus - Black Cherry?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Fairmount Ga March 28, 2017

    Awesome guitar!

    I received my Prophecy GX via Fed Ex yesterday. Once again Sweetwater comes through with great packing protecting our guitars as they are on the way to us. As far as the guitar itself goes, WOW is really all I can say. The Prophecy was setup perfectly for me right out of the box and was even still in tune when I went to play it! The Gibson USA pickups are outstanding in this model. The finish is beautiful and the Prophecy plays like a dream. I really love the satin finish speed taper neck as well. I thought it would be impossible to find an Epiphone that played as well as my Custom Pro does but I think just did! In fact, this guitar sounds and plays as good as my 2008 Gibson Les Paul Classic. I highly recommend this particular model of Epiphone. Thanks to Mike Aragno for excellent customer service as always.

  • from NC January 13, 2017Music Background:
    Semi Professional

    Love my PLEKD Prophesy

    I could not believe how clean or rauncy the sounds were that I could achieve using the Push Pull post to swich the pickups to single coil. Sounds and plays better thatboth of my Strats. Now to the Fretboard....If you have never played a guitar that has been PLEKD or if you don't know what this is. Sweetwater has a machine that they can put you guitar in and it will calculate and fix you frets down to the micron and make sure the intonation is correct. SWEET !!!!!!!!!

  • from Philadelphia, PA December 16, 2016

    Gibson sound with an Epiphone price!

    This is a great guitar. It uses the same Gibson pickups you find on the Gibson Les Paul Customs. Great classic sound and feels amazing. I don't really use the coil splitting feature but I'm sure it works for some people. Pay an Epiphone price and get classic Gibson sound. You can't go wrong with this one!

  • from Salem, VA October 7, 2016Music Background:
    I currently play and sing in the Praise and Worship team at my Church. I have been playing guitar since age nine and I am now Sixty-Two years old and still love music.

    Very Nice Guitar

    Very good looking guitar. It plays well and sounds great.

  • from Raleigh, NC June 6, 2016

    What a Beautiful Guitar

    After managing music stores for 20 years and being a professional musician for as many. I have played all types of electrics and acoustic guitars. I keep coming back to Epiphone as my Go To guitars. That brings me to this amazing Prophesy with the PLEK'd set up. I have never played an electric that was this smooth and the sustain would make Carlos Santana look twice. The members of my Band were likewise impressed with the tone qualities. My only problem I must figure out now is when will I have time to wipe the dust off my Strat and my Gibson Les Paul Studio, along with my Epiphone ES-339 and my Epiphone SG400 and my Takamine EF-341-c and my Epiphone 12 String and my Baby, The Martin D-41.......Nuf said.......Love my Epiphone Prophesy Les Paul Custom GX Plus - Black Cherry Plek'd

  • from March 13, 2016Music Background:
    more equipment than talent

    Epiphone vs. Gibson

    I have always wanted a Les Paul but I never could justify the cost. The Epiphone Prophecy in my book rates up there with a with a Gibson, it plays smooth as silk with my Bugera 22 watt tube amp. I own several Strats and a 62 Silvertone , Taylors, and a Alverez Yairi. I have not picked up one of those since I got this LP . I had one of the pots on this guitar that was put in crooked so I called Jim Cooper in Sweetwater's service dept. explained my concern and He said no problem let me send you a new one, He even told me to go on line and pick the one I wanted. He said it would be here by Saturday (3 days) and it was !!!Jim went above expectations and sent me two sets of strings . This is why I tell my friends to chk out Sweetwater before you buy

  • from December 10, 2015


    I get so tired of people saying an Epiphone is a cheep Gibson. I bought a 2014 Gibson Futura and I have never see a worse fret job on a guitar. Have heard many of the same complaints. A good craftsman can come from any country. When I received this Prophecy I was blown away. The workmanship is breath taking. It has Grover Tuners, American bridge and Gibson USA pickups. For a Gibson you would pay four times as much. This baby sounds great and plays like a dream. When people say it's not made in the USA, remember, a one of the best violins ever were made in Italy.

  • from Roseville July 26, 2015Music Background:
    Lead Guitarist in a Band, playing for 6 years

    WOW!! What a great Guitar!!! LOVE IT!!!!

    I received my new Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul on 07/14/15 after having a bit of bad luck with two other guitars that I ordered, which was rare for Sweetwater, but now that I have this guitar I feel it was meant to happy that way, had I hadn't gone thru returning two other guitars due to factory defects I wouldn't have discovered this beautiful excellent playing well build piece of Art that plays better than any guitar I have ever owned, I love this guitar, Sweetwater did me a solid and paid for the set up due to the problems I had with the other two guitars, so shout out to my Reps Daniele, Erik, and Rock, for making it right. Back to this guitar!!! this is the best sounding easies playing guitar I have ever played, the cleans are so clear it will amaze you, and when you split the pickups you don't loose all of your volume as I have seen in other guitars that have coil tapping, before this guitar I was not a fan of Coil tapping for the fact that the volume would drop down, which I didn't like, but you don't get that with this guitar, you get a different sound it may not be as big as it was but its just slight deferent in volume. The quality in this guitar is just amazing, even our drummer noticed how great the guitar sounded!! and he usually only cares about his drum kit. when you place this guitar on distorted WOW!!!! this guitar ROCKS hard. And for the money you are getting an upgrade well past the $699.00 price this guitar is in the $2000 range in my option!! the Pick ups are amazing the upgraded hardware is just that an upgrade that you can see and feel when you play it, the Hard shell case is very nice well build and solid, this guitar is worth every bit of the price they are asking and more, you won't go wrong getting this guitar and you won't be disappointed that's for sure, so if you are looking to get a quality guitar pay a little more and get this guitar!! I'm telling you if I had bought this guitar years ago I would only have one guitar and this one would be IT!!! Buy it you won't regret it!!!!

  • from Pueblo, Co. December 17, 2014Music Background:

    Wow what a great guitar!

    You just cant beat the service of sweetwater.The setup was perfect for me and if you read reviews of this guitar on other retailers sites. most times there not setup or even checked. Why would you buy somewhere else? Also you get 2 years warranty from Sweetwater other places make you pay from the get go.The guitar is beautiful and sounds excellent, You get Gibbson pickups Grover tuners and really nice inlays.What's not to like!

  • from Morriston Florida July 27, 2014Music Background:

    the best paul i have ever played.amazing sound

    The neck is like nothing I have ever played.coil splitting is great.there is no guitar out there that can touch this for the price.Thanks Sweetwater.

  • from Seattle, WA USA April 10, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist Hack

    Excellent Guitar + Great Buying Experience

    I was very pleasantly surprised at the overall quality and playability of this Prophecy LP. I've owned earlier Epiphones that were good - but not on par with this example. I also own a number of Gibson LP's - from standard, std. plus, and supreme and this Epiphone is just as good (and no, I cannot believe I just said that!). Factor in the price, and that there is no direct Gibson equivalent, this is an incredible value. The purchase experience with Sweetwater was great. Their website, picture gallery, serial number info, pricing, follow up by the sales engineer (Will Newbill is great!) and order tracking makes it tough to even consider shopping/buying anywhere else!

  • from Neosho, Mo. February 11, 2014Music Background:
    Professional, recording artist and solo performer

    The Perfect Guitar

    Besides being totally beautiful to look at this is a guitar designed for the guitarists that can actually play a guitar and not just make noise. Forget the ultimate shredding machine power all of that also translates into a ultra clean playing guitar made for accomplished guitarists, if you make a mistake it is so clear no one will miss it and while that is really scary for some it also means all of the things you do right are not missed either and all of those hours spent learning are now your reward. Personally, if you are mediocre buy a Gibson LP but if you have what it takes to hold your own with the big dogs this Epiphone is the only and last guitar you will ever need it is perfect for every style, gere and technique you can throw at it but be advised it throws it right back with an enthusiasm that will surprise you no matter how good you are this particular guitar will be better. Nuff said, if you are smart enough to buy it from Sweetwater you are good enough to understand what i just said. Go for it.

  • from Neosho, Mo. February 10, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician and recording artist

    Perfect Guitar for Real Guitarists

    I just purchased a LP Prophecy GX - Black Cherry from Sweetwater and I have played professionally since 1965 in nearly very venue a guitar can be played and this single guitar can do them all. It is amazingly powerful. Even at low volume in a tube amp it will hold a note until you get tired of hearing it and have to mute the string. I'm serious. There is no guitar that has the sustain this one does it would be impossible.

    That is one side of it. On the other hand all of this power translates to a super clean quality that is really scary. If you make a mistake everyone will know it there is no guess work. I am talking about those that can really play a guitar not just scales modes and noise.

    For fingerstyle work I was going to get a 1959 model Country Gentleman but not now. This guitar has it all and then some. And if you are worried about having to have a Tele or Strat on a gig for some things forget it. This guitar can do anything you are big enough to do and then it will wait for you to catch up to its ability. Try one out and you will see I have not exaggerated. I have eleven guitars and if i could just have one, this is that one. Get this guitar and experience heaven is all i can say, and buy it from Sweetwater.

  • from kansas city, MO December 30, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician 30 + years...guitar player 41 years...


    a while back i had to sadly sell my gibson 1950 classic les paul .. the nice thing about owning an expensive instrument is... it will save u in a pinch if you need money.. and so it was with my cherished Gibson lp...i really was sad to see it go ...so in the mean time i decided to get an epiphone to temporarily replace it until i could afford another gibson lp and really wanted one that would compete with the Gibson models
    i have looked at these for a while now and noticed they have gibson electronics the classic 498/490 combo that is classic in many vintage lps...
    the body is slightly weight relieved over the lp traditional but still has plenty of mass...these pickups sound incredible in this guitar...really sings through a good tube amp...i was not even aware of the coil taps... but it was a nice surprise... i would have liked to have seen a pull boost instead but the coil taps are handy
    this guitar is a looker i got the heritage cherry model... the fit and finish is better in person than the pictures show ..you will notice the lack of nitrocell lacquer... which kind of takes away from that classic gibson FEEL that we all love... its not a problem or anything... poly is a fine finish but just noting it for people who want to know the difference
    i chose this model because it doesn't have a gibson big brother so to speak ... and what i noticed more than anything was the neck and the 24 frets... there is nothing in the epi or gibson lines that compares to the slim speedy feel of this neck... its fast ...very fast and smooth and easy to play...not a usual trait of LPs... that sis one thing that has me sold on this guitar... i will probably keep it forever... even if i get another Gibson just because it is cool and unique
    i cant tell if its a graphtec nut or not but the black nut is a cool contrast and it has grover keys so all good there
    to sum it up this baby has all the sweet goodness of its pricier gibson bretherin and all of the fat snarling tone and singing sustain we love lps for ...you cant beat it for the price... i was expecting to be let down a little from my classic 60 but i wasnt, not at all... great guitar great price cant go wrong with it if your a gigging musician and dont want to take your four thousand dollar gibson out on the town

  • from Southern Illinois March 4, 2013Music Background:
    Pretty much hobbyist but played some for people. Intermediate player with Bar gig Potential.

    Very awesome guitar!

    I have to say I have never been let down by sweetwater and this guitar is amazing! It arrived well packed and beautiful to just look at. But when I plugged it in it sounded even more amazing! I have a Schecter with EMG active pickups and say after playing this guitar I am now a Passive pickup guy. Straight out of the box it played amazing!!! The tones that the stock USA Gibson pickups get are from classic rock all the way to some more modern metal sounds. I just feel the sound more with passive pickups.
    I have to say too I switched out the stock pickups (Which are by NO means bad. They will go in another guitar in the future!) just this week. I had a guitar tech at Guitar Center right outside St.Louis install a Dimarzio D Activator in the bridge and a Dimarzio Liquid Fire in the Neck. What I wasn't expecting was when the Tech called me and said OMG, This guitar is mean and NASTY sounding now! He said he was almost shocked playing Gibsons for over 20 years and playing live, After he installed them he plugged into a Marshall half stack and was blown away at the professional sound the guitar has. He said that the air force band was in replacing a lot of their gear (He said they have a $200K budget) and heard him playing and wanted to buy my guitar. He told them it was a customers and they wanted one just like it! So he told them the pickups and they ordered both guitar and pickups to be put in!
    I wasn't there so I'm just taking the techs word but it seemed the other workers were talking a lot when I picked it up and when I went to leave they didn't even have to check it at the door. He told me "I know that guitar, I heard Jason (Tech) playing it earlier and had quite a crowd gathered."
    When I got home I plugged in and have to say I have played several guitars in my time and so far to this day this guitar is the closes sounding professional guitar I have heard for me! I'm still a little shocked at under a grand in it with new pickups and Sperzel locking tuners I have a guitar that sounds like the pros when I go to a concert and hear them setting up before the show. It's amazing and one day I will own the Gibson Les Paul with Aftermarket Pickups But for now I easily have a few years of not being disappointed! So cool being able to play so many genres of music and not just one with this guitar and I will more than likely never own an active pickup guitar again! I like not having to deal with batteries!!!! Please buy one of these. Just amazing even in stock form!! Well worth its money.

  • from Paducah, KY February 6, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician - Live Sound Engineer

    Amazing Guitar

    This guitar has exceeded all of my expectations! It is beautiful and the quality is amazing. Much better than I expected being made in China. Cannot tell any difference at all in playability and sound from our other Gibson Les Paul and we gig 150 times a year, so this is not coming from a novice! The coil tapping is very useful and has incredible sustain. The speed taper neck makes playing a breeze. It came perfectly set up from Sweetwater and the customer service was second to none. Bottom line: It's the sweetest playing guitar I have ever owned. You can't go wrong if you get one as good as this one!

  • from October 6, 2016

    Les Paul prophecy

    Great guitar at a great price. Hot pickups with classy tones is always a huge bonus. Would recommend for any guitarist who loves a nice smooth neck and like some crunch to their tone
    Was even set up well. But a little fret buzz on the A-string but not hard to fix.

  • from Fayetteville, GA February 4, 2015Music Background:
    Playing for 44 years and just getting started in this wonderful, God inspired, we call Music...

    Very Pleased with Another Epiphone.

    This Les Paul Prophecy is all that I expected it to be. This is my 3rd Epiphone guitar... and I have been pleased with fit and finish and quality of them all. I just recently passed on my first electric guitar, a Epiphone Les Paul Pro., having recently purchased a beautiful Gibson ES335... I figured I would not use or need my Les Paul. After playing my Gibson for the last year, I realized I missed the sound and sustain and feel that my LesPaul provided. I have been learning that each guitar I own does something different, and it's good to have several to fit the style, sound and feel that each provide... for the music that is inside us... waiting to be expressed. This Les Paul was an upgrade from my previous Les Paul with the beautiful Black Cherry Quilted Maple Top, Gibson Humbuckers and lots of inlay on fretboard and head stock. To get this quality of sound, fit and finish... I would have to pay a lot more if the head stock said Gibson on it rather than Epiphone. To me, they are both Gibson Products with Gibson backing and the quaility is all there. It is all that I expected it to be... I am not disapointed and I believe anyone else who is looking for a great LesPaul will not be disappointed either.

  • from Austin, TX February 27, 2013Music Background:
    Former State-level competition musician

    Gibson tone, better than Gibson looks

    It has Gibson USA pickups, so it sounds like a Gibson LP. These 490/498 pickups are actually very hot, and I have no complaints about them. The coil-tapping just makes tinkering with tone a bit more fun, but the tonal changes aren't drastic. (You can easily obtain a similar result by turning the volume down by half.) Epiphone just happens to give you premium woods at a very low cost. No need to pay 2k just to get Gibson stump wood.

    I recommend changing the strings, because Gibson/Epiphone never wraps the strings around the tuners enough times to hold pitch. The G string always goes out of tune. The frets are also unpolished, making vibrato very difficult due to excess friction. It'll take time before the guitar plays well (hence the half star deduction).

    Bottomline: awesome looks, Gibson tone, without paying approx 3.3k for the Gibson equivalent.

  • from Cincinnati, OH May 6, 2013Music Background:
    Recording and Live Sound Engineer, Hobbyist


    I can't give the guitar 5 stars because of a few fit/finish issues, however those issues are MINOR and don't take away from the overall quality of this guitar. They are so minor I won't even mention them.

    Being a guitarist who is used to much higher-end guitars I took a big chance on this one, and that chance paid off! The guitar is much lighter than the Gibson Custom Les Pauls, but is still a solid body without weight relief. The finish is a nice, deep black cherry color and with the gold hardware it just looks classy. The Gibson pickups are what makes this guitar, though. The 490R and 498T are like PAF pickups on steroids. The tone is punchy and cuts through a mix without being shrill or nasally and there's still plenty of bottom end. Also, the neck is unlike any other Gibson/Epiphone neck I've ever played. When I first felt it, I thought I had a Jackson or Ibanez in my hands instead of an Epiphone.

    Long story short, this guitar is built for SHRED. It's fast and toneful at a price you can't beat.

  • from Roanoke, VA USA March 29, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist player, 50-year guitar and music enthusiast

    Beautiful Guitar

    First guitar I received had been broken in shipment! The headstock was snapped almost in two. I never even took it out of the case! It had not been packed properly. Peter (sales engineer) and Sweetwater were great to work with and had me a replacement in a week. This time double boxed and safe arrival. Right after I placed my order terms went from 18 to 24 months.

    Georgeous instrument, bold sound. The setup, especially the action, will need to be adjusted when I replace strings since it is higher than I would like. The bridge humbucker appeared to have been adjusted or cosmetically damaged slightly in production or setup. Overall quality and playability are pretty good for the money. Coil splitters do provide additional variations in tone.

  • from usa June 29, 2016Music Background:
    luthier and player

    epiphone while good has issues

    I bought the gx in black cherry and it is a beautiful instrument on the outside. it plays ok but I have others that play better but that is subjective as we all play different. my issue is with the building materials. they say mahogany but that word describes many species of trees and it is NOT the one who most think it to be. the wood is considered trash and they make pallets out of it. that in itself isn't bad since a nice veneer is hiding it, tonal qualities ???.
    I had trouble with mine as it picks up 60hz and interference. they say they are Gibson pickups but they do not ohm out to be so, once again objective as they do play well enough. I pulled all the electrics and copper foiled the entire cavity and in doing so, found the instrument in want as there were voids all over the guitar as if they were trying to save wood??? the workmanship is terrible as they hamfisted the knobs instead of adjusting the shaft, the missed most screws and a lot of holes were stripped and the pots are terrible.
    in the process of removing the knobs, the hamfisted application made one impossible to remove and finally broke, took the assembly to the vise to remove knob and adjusted them all to fit correctly. the customer service girl is very nice but the tech guys think they are god's gift to the guitar world and you know nothing. the tech guys promise and do not fulfill so deal with the girl for warranty.
    I have had the original epiphones and the Gibson Chinese version is a far cry from it but for a entry guitar, it is well enough. I do recommend them as they are nicely finished and play well enough.

  • from May 2, 2015Music Background:
    blues-rock, blues, rock, gospel, 40 years exp


    I bought this guitar to alternate with my Les Paul Studio. I play in a gospel praise band on Sundays. I also play blues-rock, rock and hard rock. I do not play metal. The guitar is constructed with quality materials and feels good in your hands. It is a beautiful guitar (black cherry). The coil splitting is a nice feature but strats and single coil guitars do not compare to the sweet fat tone of Gibson humbuckers. That's why Jimmy Page, Angus Young and BB King only played Gibsons. I am not a fan of the thin neck; I find some strain in my fretting hand at times (not present when playing the Les Paul). The tone is good but not great. My Les Paul Studio blows it out of the water in regards to tone! The Les Paul is so much fatter and sweeter! The big negative with this guitar is the thin tone when using the bridge pickup on the high E string at the 12 fret and above! The tone is so thin and puny! Nothing helps...my Blues Driver pedal could not fatten up the tone, tone knob adjustments, etc.
    I almost sent it back but decided to give it a little more time. I will probably end up selling this guitar on ebay. I wish I had gotten another Les Paul Studio (different color) to alternate with. Hope this helps someone. Go with the Les Paul Studio or standard if you can afford it.This guitar is not worth the price in my opinion. I would rather have an average (or ugly) looking guitar with great tone than a beautiful guitar with average to poor tone in the higher registers.

  • from port orchard wa. March 25, 2014Music Background:

    epiphone les paul

    guitar is grate finish is not what i thought it would be.quilted mapel is not wood grain just brushed on to look like quilted mapel.hard case is junk.

Questions about the Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom GX Plus - Black Cherry?

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