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Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 - Ebony Reviews

5.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 - Ebony?

Questions about the Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 - Ebony?

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  • from Upstate NY February 17, 2017Music Background:
    Couch player

    Epiphone black beauty 3

    Awesome guitar. I've already added a tusq nut, Seymour Duncan pickups w/ gold covers, pots, and bridge. It's killer. Sweetwater Is great with service and I was able to choose 2 between models.

  • from Cleveland, Ohio April 8, 2016Music Background:
    Gospel,Blues,Rock, Folk,Jazz

    Best Les Paul I have ever owned

    I am a professional Lead Guitarist , and Music Director for the number 1 rated Contemporary Gospel group in Cleveland, Ohio. I purchased this guitar last August from Sweetwater. It arrived completely perfect, no issues whatsoever! I have played it at numerous concerts, and have been amazed at the tone, and versatility of this guitar. I have owned all the Gibson Les Paul models over the years, this blows the Gibson Custom away. I will never sell this guitar, it does everything you want it to. Get one NOW!! By the way, Epiphone is owned, and warranted by Gibson, just sayin!

  • from Clinton Township, MI March 9, 2016Music Background:
    Playing and singing since 1977

    Great price on a great guitar

    I have seen Sweetwater online in recent years but had never bought anything from this company. After reading reviews from other folks on their website and the additional add-on’s such as a free two-year warranty the 55-point check on a new guitar, and the great price, I could not pass this offer up. A new electric guitar set-up at my local guitar shop is a minimum of a $100.00. In addition, my agent Jeff Jent has done an excellent job in helping me with my initial shipment, the credit card options discussed, and follow-up phone calls to see if everything was shipped (without damage) and if I liked my purchase.

    As for the guitar itself, it’s a beauty and I could not be happier. It feels solid, not too heavy, plays smooth and easy and the intonation is perfect even when I play above the fifth fret. I am a life-long bassist + acoustic guitar player so having my first, REALLY NICE professional electric guitar is very cool. My fingers and hands are used to bass guitar strings and having a wide fret board; which is why my Taylor acoustic feels great to play. I have difficulty playing a Strat so I am limited in what I do so this is one of the biggest reasons that I have never bought an electric. The high prices on Les Paul’s just didn’t justify the purchase unless I saw a need and because I spend most times practicing instead of playing on stage. The price on the Epiphone BB3 guitar is affordable and it plays as nice as any Les Paul I have played so it was an easy decision. But why the BB3? Because Frampton owned one and he is one of my favorite guitarist / singers.

    I play through an Acoustic brand amp, a 6-channel Alto soundboard, and a Bluetooth Alto speaker used as a frontal speaker. I am beginning to hear and feel the different nuances with this electric guitar as compared to my Taylor acoustic and that makes it more fun because it’s like playing my old song sets as though they were new. And because I have well over 50 songs in my repertoire in my acoustic sets, these songs give me more than enough challenges to learn and play on the BB3.

    I will definitely remain a Sweetwater customer for future purchases.

  • from Muncie, IN February 29, 2016

    Black beauty

    Amazing experience and incredibly fast shipping. Devlin was very informative and courteous with his e-mails regarding my order. Will definitely purchase from Sweetwater again.

  • from Alamogordo N.M. USA November 4, 2014Music Background:
    Just another guy that likes playing the axe


    the people at Sweetwater are great . These people will work with you Which kinda hard to find these days I have purchased two guitars from Sweetwater a fender strat HSS and the epi black beauty. Both are sweet guitars. I myself will continue to do business with SWEETWATER.

  • from E Lansing, MI May 18, 2014Music Background:

    Excellent Guitar a real Black Beauty

    I admit, I did not have the money for the Gibson Custom Black Beauty. So I had Sweetwater build me an affordable version. They swapped the P/Us for 57 Classics for Neck and Middle, 57 Classic Plus for Bridge (standard wiring scheme was retained), 500k pots, Gibson switch, gold jack plate, Grover locking tuners, Elixir strings. This guitar is perfect in tone with incredible sustain. I have examined it closely and it is a fine example. I look forward to improving my technique in employing the 3 pickup model....but, with this axe I am truly excited about the journey. Mark Chapman again serviced me with professional assistance. Sweetwater does it right.

  • from Ukiah, Ca USA April 30, 2014

    Epiphone Les Paul black beaty 3

    Love this guitar, beautifully crafted stylish looknsounds amazing, Sweetwater was very person to person with my transaction and if i had any questions are right there for me. HIGHLLY RECOMENDED ! Thank you sweetwater for the great service.

  • from Omaha, NE January 28, 2014Music Background:

    Beautiful Guitar for the price great purchase!!

    I never dreamed that this Guitar would be so nice from the photos. I am so happy with this purchase. Mark Stein was my sales rep at Sweetwater he helped me with everything. So happy that when my tax return comes I am going to contact Mark again. I have my eyes on another Guitar!!

  • from Grayson, GA February 20, 2013Music Background:
    Re-Born Musical Amateur

    This Beauty Re-ignited My Passion That Has Been Long Dead

    First of all, let me confess that I have been a life-long fan of the Gibson Les Paul in Heritage Cherry Sunburst. I started playing guitar in my mid-teens. I had a Made in Japan Gibson Les Paul 'knock-off' back in the late 70s - early 80s which I eventually sold for financial reasons. I stopped playing as I went through college, career and family. Wanting to re-ignite my passion, I purchased 3 guitars (2 Strat-style and 1 acoustic) in the early 2000s but my interest proved to be short-lived. Last January 2013, on my 51st birthday, I decided to buy an Epiphone Les Paul as a gift for myself. I went for this one - the Black Beauty 3. I remember screaming in excitement when I saw this thing of beauty for the very first time! The impeccable craftmanship that went to this guitar is unbelievable. The glossy piano-black finish. The all-around multi-layer binding. The gold hardware. This particular guitar was Made in Korea. The guitar looks a lot more expensive than its selling price. Believe me. It looks really classy and elegant. This guitar makes me want to wear a tuxedo when playing it. The neck and fretboard is just right for me. Reminiscent of the guitar that I mentioned earlier. I realized my fingers were very much at ease with a Les Paul fingerboard. My fingers somehow remembered the riffs that I played 3 decades ago on this guitar. The neck is fast and smooth. The sustain on this 3-pick up guitar is insane! The middle pick-up adds versatility to this guitar. I am not changing anything on this guitar. Even if the shimmer on the gold hardware wears off. One very minor concern. The control knobs on the photo of the LP BB3 on some websites is not the same on the actual guitar. Apparently, Epiphone's own website also shows the LP BB3 with the vintage amber tophat knobs. The knobs that came with my LPBB3 are black speed knobs as all the rest. Trust me, I googled them. But, the seller was nice enough to send me a pack of 4 original Gibson Vintage Amber Tophat knobs and an original Gibson Truss Rod cover. Another thing, this guitar is relatively heavier than most Les Pauls. Again reminiscent of my said MIJ Gibson 'knock-off'. This particular Custom model weighs 10 lbs more or less. Probably owing to its solid Mahogany body through and through as opposed to standard LPs with Mahogany body but with a carved Maple cap. So, I bought me a real nice padded 3" Levy's tooled leather guitar strap. Epiphone Les Pauls are a great way to own 'real' Les Paul guitars without spending a fortune. Although, I can afford a Gibson, why should I? I am perfectly happy with my Epiphones. I actually bought another Epiphone Les Paul in less than 2 weeks - a Standard Plustop PRO in Honeyburst. Now that one deserves a separate review! I think my 'craving' to own a Gibson Les Paul in Heritage Cherry Sunburst has just been satisfied. For now. Stay tuned.

  • from South Park, Pa. June 16, 2015Music Background:
    Professional musician

    Great bang for the buck!

    I bought the triple pickup black beauty with the intention of converting it to a Peter Frampton look alike. Once I got it I turned it over to my guitar tech who took it apart. Once apart we were able to see where the workers at Epiphone skimped on quality. The hole for the selector switch was cut too big. The pots and jack were cheaper quality. But beyond a few minor things I was VERY pleased with the guitar. After modifying the black beauty I literally spent 1/4 the price of a Gibson Frampton Custom Les Paul. This guitar is definately a great bang for the buck.

  • from Centennial, CO February 5, 2008Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Home Recording Studio, Song Writer

    A Really Great Guitar for the Price

    This is a really impressive guitar on many levels. It really sounds "as good as" a Custom Gibson Les Paul costing 4 or 5 times as much. Having said that, there is a little wood tone difference (probably because of the "plastic like" finish) and the pickups are not as hot as the Gibsons. The thing that I love about this guitar is the center 3rd pick up has its own sound. It has almost a strat/tele "punka" attack but with a Gibson sustained finish. Very cool.
    I was hesitant to buy it just because it was a Epiphone and that meant "junk" in my 1980s thinking. My Sweetwater sales person assured me that they are much higher quality instruments now and that Sweetwater will refuse to send me a lemon.
    I took it down to a local luthier for a set-up and he freaked out. When I told him I bought it from the internet he was going to simply show me why I should send it back. After inspecting it and adjusting it he said that it was "perfect." He said the neck was "exact" and he measured each fret and could only find 1 slight discrepency (a slight rocking with his tool) between 2 frets. He set the action very low and explained that only really fine guitars can get this kind of action. He pointed out that one of the pickups had a awkward angle - not a problem for me.
    I replaced the low quality "Quacky" sounding Epiphone strings with Elixer strings and then I knew I had a great guitar. It has a heavy/solid Les Paul feel. The neck is solid and tight. It is both bright and warm. I have been complimented on its looks as well.
    This has really become my go to guitar for my studio recordings. I play it through a Fender NOS Blues Jr. Tweed/Jenson and it is amazing. My recordings are noticably better because of this guitar.
    On the negative side, the finish is almost a little too plastic/shiny which is one place Epi saves $. Don't get the Epiphone case unless you want to pick carpet strands off of the black finish (I sent mine back and got a Gator Case). I really love this guitar and am extremely happy with it!

  • from California May 18, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist, Recording Engineer, Gear Hoarder

    Sounds Great, Plays Great

    I always wanted a Gibson Les Paul with the 3 pickups but never had the funds to get one. After playing this one side by side with my friend's actual Gibson 3 pickup les paul I was shocked at how close they sounded since this one was almost 6 times cheaper than the Gibson. The pickups didn't sound quite as clear on the high end but playability wise when this is setup properly it plays smoothly.

    The 3 pickups give you enough versatility you can get amazing cleans, crunchy rhythm, and soaring lead tones when paired with a good tube amp.

    Only downside is the gold hardware. As with all cheaper gold hardware it tarnished/corroded after 6-8 months out here in California. Wish it had chrome or black hardware instead. Still sounds great it just bothers me since I saw how beautiful it was when I first got it but I expected it as all gold hardware corrodes quickly. I'll probably change out the hardware at some point.

    4 stars. Would be 5 if it had a chrome or black hardware option.

Questions about the Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 - Ebony?

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