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Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend - Narrow Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend - Narrow?

Questions about the Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend - Narrow?

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  • from Ordered from Sweetwater January 2, 2017Music Background:

    Great Investment of Your Acoustic Guitar

    Purchased the FEMB to replace the pickup in my Takamine 12 string guitar. The TK-40 just quit working and needed a good one to replace it. It took me some time to research online and finally decided to take a chance the the Fishman Ellipse Matrix. Had it installed professionally and after a week I had it back home. When I plugged into the PA system, my first thought was this sounds good. From the mic setting to the under-saddle pickup, you get a beautiful sound. Now, my Takemine sounds absolutely 10 times better than what is sounded when the TK-40 was the main source of sound. Would I recommend the FEMB, absolutely! If you play acoustically, whether solo or in small group, take a chance on it and you will be quite pleased. Finally, my representative from Sweetwater took time to ask techs whether the Narrow would fit into my guitar and his help greatly influenced my decision to purchase the product. What other online music store will treat its customers in that manner?

  • from Sacramento, CA November 2, 2016


    I have one on my HD-28 and placed the pickup on another Martin Guitar. Only one word. Fantastic!

  • from Ca January 29, 2014Music Background:
    Music lover..

    Best Pickup I have ever owned

    I am extremely pleased with the sound quality of this pickup. I have owned four Fishman Matrix pickups prior to this and this is far superior. I just had this installed on my 2001 Martin HD 28. Wow. Very balanced and natural sound. This is a total winner in my book. With the mic only blend it truly sounds like a micro-phoned guitar. I think the blend between the two sounds perfect. Check this one out!

  • from Nashville, TN USA February 22, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist, FOH engineer, Personal Guitar Enthusist

    Absolutely Awesome Product!

    This is an absolutely awesome product. I had it put in my acoustic so that I run it through a sound system in a live environment. I am blown away by the sound that comes from this system. My guitar sounded good before I put in this system but it really shines with this installed. Every time I play, I plug it in , even if I am just practicing. Installation was easy and involved cutting a hole in the pickup and widening the end hole.

  • from Dallas December 29, 2016Music Background:
    Corporate media producer, occasional weekend gigs.

    Good mic, inaccurate instructions

    This is a great pickup. The placement of the mic matters. I noted that when I received it, the mic did not resemble that in the photo or the instructions (one with a head that can rotate for balancing the bass response). The mic on mine is cylindrical versus a side-positioned barrel. I had to move the mic around a bit because when my guitar guy installed it, he swung the mic away towards the back of the guitar. It was very boomy until I played a bit with the placement, achieving a nice tone for the mids.
    The instructions also refer to a switch for going between flat and bass boost, but I could not find said switch. What you get are a blend slider for piezo vs mic (with a center indent), a volume slider, a phase button and a mic trim set screw.
    I am running this through an Aura Spectrum and using the FX loop with a couple of pedals, which work quite well.

  • from Pennsylvania July 12, 2015


    I originally replaced a faulty OEM pickup system in my Taylor 414CE with a Baggs Lyric system. For the record, I could not dislike any musical product more than the Baggs. Scooped sound and very feedback prone--regardless of my PA and/or amp settings. The guitar was essentially unusable in any live situation. Decided to ditch the Baggs and went with the Ellipse Matrix Blend. Absolutely love it! As the name implies, you can blend the microphone with the under saddle pickup to achieve virtually any mix you want. Because the microphone is in the sound hole (and not in the body cavity like the Baggs), feedback issues are minimal and, when they do arise, very controllable with the Fishman system. I would highly recommend this unit. Fisherman products are stellar in terms of sound quality and resistance to feedback.

  • from Fond du Lac WI September 22, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend - Narrow

    This unit was easy to install, though I did not receive instructions in the package - I had to go online to access installation instructions. It was everything that it was cracked up to be - it provided a true, clear reproduction of the Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar without the need for excessive use of an equalizer. I was very pleased.

  • from Princeton April 9, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musicain

    Fishman Rocks Again

    I installed this pickup in my Cordoba F7 Flamenco guitar, It was a easy install and sounds great like it should, Its not a mic in the sense of what you get when your in a studio, however for playing live and wanting to be able to capture the sounds of the taps/glopes on the body of the guitar you need more than jus the piezo pickup. I will probably use the Fishman Aura at times. For live paying a great set up. Mark Magdichx 1265 was a great help at SW. Thanks

  • from Burnet, Texas July 2, 2010Music Background:
    Hobby for 50 years

    Fishman Ellipse Matrix Pickup

    I purchased this pickup for my Martin D-35. It was very easy to install, except for boring the almost half inch hole to accept the jack. I danced around that for an hour. Next time will use a step drill which is easier to control. It stated that a professional should install the product, but when I saw the installer, there was no way I was going to let this clown do the work. I use a PA system instead of an amp, the sound is great. I am planning to buy another to be installed in my D12-35.

  • from Houston, Tx August 23, 2012Music Background:

    my installation experience

    You definately need to download installation instructions from Fishman website because there's not much info in the box. I'm pretty handy so I had the tools and background to do the installation. If you're not a bit of a crafstman, take it to someone who is, as you will be drilling holes in your beloved guitar. I installed this in a 40 year old Ventura 12 string. I'm glad I selected the Narrow pickup as my bridge was only 3/16" thick and this fit comfortably at the bottom of the slot. The mag pickup easily reached beyond the top and bottom E strings so I get full response from every string.
    Drilling the hole for the mag pickup wire and drilling out the strap button hole were the only scary parts.
    The rest was cook book per the instructions.
    It works great....still playing with the balance between condenser mic, mag pickup, and mic location. There's so much sound coming out of a 12 string anyway that it complicates things a little. I play in a group and have been using a premium (but non-adjustable) mag pickup in the sound hole for the last 10 years, so the increased flexibility is totally fun.
    It is invisible and easy to access for volume and balance adjustment. The trim pot on the mic doesn't seem to have much effect...still fiddling with it. Bass is great if you want it and easy to turn down if you don't. A low battery light would be a nice feature. Keep a spare batt in your case.

  • from December 20, 2015

    Ellipse Matrix is just okay

    Neat idea but...
    * notch filter button and sometimes other pieces rattle when I hit certain notes.
    * didn't fit my Taylor 324 without some modification (make sure it works in your guitar)
    * Microphone is flimsy - wont stay where I put it.

    Sound is okay, but difficult to figure out exactly where the mic should be positioned. too close and it clicks from the pick hitting the strings. Too far and it is less effective.

    I have another guitar that has a mic in it which is more fixed and just works better.

    I had originally asked about the LRBaggs Anthem and the salesman thought this would be better at a better price. I am really, really sorry I didn't go with my first instinct. The shop that installed this told me that the Anthem would have been a lot better.

Questions about the Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend - Narrow?

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