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Yamaha EMX312SC Reviews

4.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • Ben
    from Iowa City, Ia December 1, 2011Music Background:
    Singer/ Songwriter / home recording engineer.

    Nice little Mixer

    I am a part time working musician. I bought this mixer as part of my day job at an elementry school, but snuck it out to gig with it last weekend. It works very well for both school choral/ speaker/ mixed media presentations, and as a PA for my small folk rock outfit. The compressors on 1-4 are a GREAT addition for a general use PA and I even used them a bit at my show on the vocals. The unit is really straight forward and works with a wide range of speaker ratings- sounds a bit more "open" when using two 8ohms on a single channel (or one 4ohm on each) , but I pushed a single 8ohm monitor with it and got fine results. It's super light easy to carry. Two seperate eq's for the main/ monitors is a nice feature. The effects are fine - I'm not partial to a lot of sythetic anything in my music so I appreciated the subtle reverb cradle you can dial in with the SPX effects. I have two small criticism of teh unit. 1.) The little rubber "stabilizing feet" don't like to stay in there places. I'm sure given it's use at a public school they will fall out and be lost within the year. Not a big deal, but it's best to just consider it a "wedge design" chasis - which is fine for me. 2.) This is a gripe with all lower end,small format boards -- The Phantom is global so every channel get is if you need to use it. This makes plugging my SWR Bass cabinet into the board impossible if I'm using my phantom-powered stage condenser, as phantom will fry it (and others) . While most gear is resistant to phantom, some is not. Again a minor issue which makes sense given teh price point. All in all a simple product with great sound!

  • Michael
    from Bodega Bay, CA May 12, 2016Music Background:
    Just a guy who plays guitar 42 years

    An Amateur's Opinion

    I purchased the EMX31SC to replace on older Fender Passport that died suddenly and chose it because I wanted the 8 inputs. I particularly like the split equalizers for outputs to the main speakers and monitor because it gives me the ability to control which frequencies are sent to external amplifiers. I also like the dual main outputs. To try this unit out, I plugged in 3 external amplifiers into the two main outs and the monitor out (this in addition to the main speakers). Talk about surround sound! It was fun rocking out with my guitar in a completely over amped environment!
    I'm just a guy who plays guitar with friends and maybe does an occasional gig. I've been known to set up my system for public meetings snd the occasional wedding party. The Yamaha gives me all the inputs I'll ever need, plenty of flexibility for additional outputs, and sounds just fine! It's sturdily built and easy to use, and serves my needs very well.

  • Customer
    from December 25, 2015

    yamaha emx312

    Very good item. No bad words at all

  • Ed Adams
    from Elmira Heights, NY October 1, 2014Music Background:
    Part time performing musician (guitarist, vocalist)

    Gotta Love it!

    Amazing little unit, the thing that really blew me away about this is the weight compared to my old Fender/Sunn unit of the same wattage. Oh yeah, and the effects that are built in is a great feature instead of having to have a separate effects unit to drag around. Works great for our acoustic trio.

  • Bobby Brodeur
    from Westfield Ma USA February 20, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist,bass player rhythm guitar,cookie baker,chocolate maker, ELF

    Great for rehersal hooked up 4 JBL monitors,everything I need for rehersal.

    No problems,just got it and it's easy to figure out, love the effects built in. It really is a quality mixer more power than I need for rehersal, plenty of power for small venue. I got the Gator case on wheels My second Yamaha product,good quality. The head feels lighter than s.tated. The YS processing button is a real nice perc

  • Customer
    from Lowell, MA December 18, 2015


    I was really disappointed with this unit. I read a lot of good things and my expectations were that it was at least usable. I found the sound to be a little boxy, especially when using the built-in compression. But, that was not the deal breaker. Two things broke the deal for me. One, the FCL (Feedback Channel Locating) lamp lights up at any volume when using a microphone or acoustic guitar with a piezo PU. It even lit up when I was speaking into the mic with the LEVEL for that channel turned all the way down! When I was strumming my guitar on one channel, the FCL lit up for both the microphone and guitar channels! I'm using a dynamic mic (no phantom power), postioned a few feet behind the speaker (I also moved around with the mic to see if it was some acoustical node; not the case). I had the levels for the channels about 1 and the master volume about half (very low volume; not even loud enough for a gig in a small room). There is no trim pot, which suggests that the input is padded dynamically - and doing a very poor job. I'm an engineer who has designed and built my own amps and has studied architectural acoustics, so I can say with confidence that these things should not be happening. Something is clearly wrong. The second deal breaker is the built in echoes. I only use a slap back, so those are the only ones I tried. The Karaoke was better than the vocal echo, but both were unusable. The delay time and repeats are set (you can't tweek them). The delay time is far too long and the effect ends with a few repeats and a medium-long reverb. It might be OK for slow ballards, but nothing else. The unit's compact size and light weight don't trump bad effects or bizarre behavior.

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