EMG AB Afterburner Push/Pull Booster Knob

Active Push/Pull Gain Boost Knob with 20dB of Adjustable Gain
EMG AB Afterburner Push/Pull Booster Knob image 1
EMG AB Afterburner Push/Pull Booster Knob image 1
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EMG AB Afterburner Push/Pull Booster Knob
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Elevate Your Guitar's Lead Tones with This Onboard Gain Boost Knob!

The EMG EMG-AB push/pull gain booster control for electric guitar adds up to 20dB of variable gain to your axe! Made to work with both active and passive pickups, the EMG-AB ("Afterburner") lets you tailor the amount of gain you want, and its low-profile design makes it unobtrusive yet easily accessible. Need to hit the front end of the amp rig hard to get those magical sustaining lead tones? just dial in the amount of gain you need and hit the switch! This booster is very easy to install, not to mention very affordable. You also get an output jack and battery clip set with the EMG-AB.

EMG EMG-AB Push/Pull Adjustable Gain Booster for Electric Guitar Features:
  • Push/pull activation
  • Selectable variable gain (up to 20dB)
  • Easy to install
  • Works with passive and active pickups
  • Low-profile design
The EMG EMG-AB gives you the extra horsepower your guitar needs for great lead tones!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 1977.00

Customer Reviews

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Afterburners.....turn that biotch on!

This is the 3rd guitar I've owned with an Afterburner.....the first guitar with passive pickups. What this bad mofo does is add an overdrive pedal into your guitar! An amazing little friend! The other 2 guitars I had them installed on, have EMG pickups.....they simply rule with humbuckers!!!
Music background: Pro Musician

very adjustable

I just got on to grab another one of these for a different axe. Don't know how well this plays with other brand pick ups,but i installed this on a mexi Strat with an EMG Steve Lukather set of single coils and it's been a great tool for sound shaping. It's variable so you can dial in just a bit of beef on the clean sounds and really drive it over the top for solos. If you're going to put EMG's on your Strat,include this in the set. Rip off that extra tone knob,put this in and don't look back!
Music background: Professional musician

Hot Rod!

I added this to a set of EMG Zakk Wylde pickups. I used the original guitars knob for a stealthy look. It was a snap to instal with the solder less connections and totally reversible. Functions great. Can add som dirt to a clean tone and some real sizzle to an already OD tone. If you're using a lot of distortion, it can almost act like a sustainer. Almost. Overall, a fun gizmo. It can be completely turned off if you do not want to use it. My guitar is a arch top BC Rich mockingbird with same control layout as a Les Paul. I got a knob from all parts that goes to 11 and all other knobs go to 10. Little hat tip to Spinal Tap ;) Easy install. Relatively inexpensive No permanent mod to guitar Does what it's supposed to. I gave it a 4 because it's cool, but not "knock your socks off" cool.
Music background: Playing since '86

Great for Clean Tones

First off, don't be fooled. This thing is an absolute pain to install with passive pickups. It's terrible. If you play with even a moderate amount of distortion, this knob WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR SOUND. I turn it up all the way and there is no discernible difference. If you play mostly clean, this knob is fantastic. It gives great, variable gain boost that raises volume at low levels and gives your tone some nice bite at high levels.

emg afterburner

this is like adding a cheep distortion to your guitar, is not a thu-bypass, so it changes the sound of your guitar, adding this afterburner will give you a boosted signal but your guitar will sound like crap, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY
Music background: 30 year guitar player
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