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EMG 57 MetalWorks Active Alnico V Humbucker Guitar Pickup Brushed Steel Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the EMG 57 MetalWorks Active Alnico V Humbucker Guitar Pickup Brushed Steel?

Questions about the EMG 57 MetalWorks Active Alnico V Humbucker Guitar Pickup Brushed Steel?

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  • from Bloomington, IN September 20, 2014Music Background:
    Lifelong musician

    Wow... life long EMG 85 user... the 57 Rocks!

    I've only just installed it, but jeezzz... INCREDIBLE tone. Lots of output like my other favorite pickup, the EMG 85. Has a nice low end touch to it, and very complex throaty mids without losing the push of the 85. Lots of output for high gain tones but TONS of clarity. Very nice EMG.... thank you!

    The cleans have that same sense of throaty mids with lots of clarity and shine... everything is smooth and not too much top end...

    Just right, EMG... just right...

  • from LaVergne, TN August 1, 2014Music Background:
    Been playing for 30 years Love all styles but Metal has always been the choice

    Can't Say Enough

    Love the tone this thing puts out. Dropped it into a Jackson Dinky DX10 that I have had for over 20 years ( was way past time to upgrade). Did some research listened to tons of samples and demos and on and on and on before I purchased the EMG 57. Wanted to find the right pickup.
    But you never know exactly how its going to sound until you drop it in and hear it with your own ears. It will cover any style you throw at it. Very well balanced pickup. just the right amount of everything. Of course it does come down to personal pref. IT IS WORTH THE BUY !!!!! LOVE IT. Will be dropping its combo partner in in about a week EMG 66. And solder less install Just plug and play need i say more

  • from June 26, 2014

    Great Pickup

    I've had one of these in my guitar for about a year now. It's taken me this long to set the thing down and write a review.

    First, being active, this pickup is HOT- meaning there is a TON of output. With the volume pot on full, the 57 retains that signature fluid EMG compression, without being thin like the more common 81.

    Second, even on full the 57 is ridiculously responsive and dynamic. I am a huge fan of pickups (both passive and active) that clean up/distort depending on pick attack. It EXCELS at glassy cleans to midgain early metal raunchy goodness.

    The only complaint I could see one having is the sheer output. People seem to forget volume and tone controls are there for a reason. Use them. Play with them. Discover new tones. When I back off the volume to between 4 and 7, all compression stops and the tone opens up wide as the grand canyon. Clarity and punch across the whole spectrum, while still being full and crunchy.

    This pickup is a case of something that is new and different, and also very, very good.

    Again, it's hot. So my advice to you is to back off the gain a tad, roll back the volume, and let your pick attack get you where you want to go. Response is where this pickup shines, in my humble opinion anyway...

  • from WA USA January 18, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar player

    Excels at hard rock.

    I don't find EMG's able to be passive like or Paf like. They are built differently and being active just won't react the way I prefer a good passive/Paf can when rolled off. Having said that the 57 is the best EMG I have used for midgain tones. The mids and upper mids seem to be stronger yet there is plenty of bottom. Increase the saturation to hard rock levels and this thing holds its own to any pick up ive used full throttle. Roll off to a mid gain and lower gain tones works well. So clean up to a point works great. I just don't like EMG cleans. Sound a bit processed to my ears. I don't play modern gain amps. My amps are a 2203 JMP, OR15 and a Dr Z Monza. I'm a rocker.

    I also have an 85/81/60. I run the 60 in the neck position. I prefer the 85 in the bridge over the 81. I'm using a EC1000 guitar which I plan to change over to some nice passives down the road. The 57 has delayed that. I know EMG's are great for heavy modern tones but they do well for Hard Rock. I recommend the 57 and 85 in the bridge slots. They can do rock too.

Questions about the EMG 57 MetalWorks Active Alnico V Humbucker Guitar Pickup Brushed Steel?

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