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Akai Professional EIE Reviews

3.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • Leo Galindo
    from Houston, Texas usa February 3, 2014Music Background:
    associates in comercial music and performance

    a great audio input interface with usb hub for tablets

    This little gizmo performed great with my tablet and cakewalk software. This audio interface is great for recording individual tracks with any kind of instrument. I used mic line input with the +48 volts to record a guitar amp with my guitar microphone. bass and guitar tracks sounded great with almost no noise. And the midi interface worked great assigning sounds to the keyboard through the AkAI pro and then playing the keyboard midi tracks with sounds for recording keyboard tracks. The vu meters work fantastic like a mixing board(real sensitive). The monitor in and out knob with the master level knob releases the sound I need to hear it at any level of volume. Depending on what studio speakers you hook up on the back of the akia pro audio output. I like it loud enough to play along live with the recordings I made to rehearse the next track I am going to record. The USB hub was great to add a mouse, external drive, DVD cd data disk drive and USB keyboard. I keep thinking this thing has more USB connections on hub but it was never a problem or a issue when it came down to recording. I can only imagine that the four inputs could be used to record multiple instruments on one track and simultaneously. Which is pretty cool but I've had the unit a month and that's my next step as I take on more students and use this akia pro to record tracks together with them showing them how to play 12bar blues and record It. This Akai pro has met all my expectations and more. It is definitely worth buying compared to the other units I saw for the same price.

  • Bruce H. Voge III
    from Baltimore, MD April 8, 2013Music Background:
    Podcaster and Event DJ

    If you a podcaster, a great pick up.

    I have been podcasting for a few months now, after a several year hiatus. Years ago I used a Samson G-Track for my one man show. It was a wonder, and I really loved it. However for my new show I wanted to create a panel show with a bunch of members. I started with a behringer mixer patched into the headphone jack of my laptop. After two episodes I realized something was really wrong. So after talking to a few podcasters and folks here at sweetwater I picked up this item. The difference is NIGHT and DAY. What used to be an unlistenable mess is now very clear, and this is with very low end mics and little else. We had no idea we had all the other hardware we just needed something to get us from xlrs to the windows environment. We record with everyone in the same room, so I cannot talk about how it will work with things like skipe and such, but I can tell you that if you have people in the same room, and you want everything to be clear and easy to listen to, this is a great tool. To give you perspective, my podcast is The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast. Episodes #1 and #2 were with a mixer, and episodes #3 and on were with the EIE. You will be able to clearly hear the difference this device makes with a little massaging in Audacity. Great pickup!

  • Taheran Lowe
    from hickory NC May 31, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    WOW! that's all i can say.

    WOW, i bought the Akai EIE about a week ago, and i just got a stereo headphone adapter (hint- buy one, because regular headphones dont fit the input for headphones their only 2 bucks at radioshack, walmart, etc...) but i just got my microphone put in and WOW it sounds brilliant! i can sing vocals as loud as i want and there's no clipping or static in the sound! this make vocals sound AMAZING! especially if you're looking for something that can record high spl's, or db's. Great Buy! It also arrived in GREAT shape, and the box its self is very sturdy and reliable, also quiet. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for great sound! I had about 200 dollars and i was looking for a good audio interface, and i stumbled across this one, I am so glad i chose it!

  • Paul Ankney
    from Bloomington, IN USA January 9, 2012Music Background:
    Student, Producer, Musician, Audio Hobbyist

    Great interface easy install great sound quality

    Amazed by the 250$ price tag. Arrived Jan. 4 as expected. I immediately plugged in my new Rode NT1-A and the results were as expected with 24 bit 96khz resolution. I plan to use the four trs combo jacks for instruments and vocals and the USB hub to aid music synthesis and production with my Akai MPC 1000, Eigenharp, and Yamaha workstation being brought to one central hub for easy recording and monitoring.. Very easy to use and had no problems with the preamps using 48v phantom power for my microphone. I recorded into GarageBand after installing the driver and changing the "midi audio setup" settings on my MacBook Pro. I was then able to get sound from my inputs and computer (via USB) to play through my Behringer Truth 2030a monitors that were plugged into the outputs. The only trouble I had was figuring out which of the two discs had the driver on it (the correct has a folder labeled DRIVER) I highly recommend this interface and reccomend buying it through Sweetwater!

  • Brandon Parr
    from September 10, 2014

    Akai Professional EIE

    I bought this interface because I needed to upgrade from my old Yamaha Audiogram system. I wanted more I/O capability and a better preamp. A friend warned me about Akai Prifessional's driver support, but I am happy to report no problems at all. When my band buddies came over I switched the EIE on and they both exclaimed "ooooooohhh! Nice!" (due to the lighted meters). My favorite aspect is the aluminum construction. It's tough.

  • Carl
    from Chicago, IL September 30, 2015

    Worked great until it didnt't! :/

    I bought this guy early on when it came out. Really liked it! Tons of customization and inputs to suit your needs. The REAL analog VU Meter was a great addition. This thing worked great for about 2 years and handled everything I threw at it.

    Here's my issue with it.

    The front is sturdy but the back inputs are disproportionately less sturdy. The USB input on the rear of the device crapped out on me recently. It seemed super loose one day while I had the USB plugged in. Very wiggly and unsecured. The audio connection stopped working and the DAW software stopped recognizing the hardware immediately. I tried over and over to get it to work but the USB input on the device failed just outside the warranty. So if you're going to get it go into the purchase knowing you might need a new I/O interface in <2 years.

  • Brian Scott
    from Frederick, MD September 3, 2012Music Background:
    Musician and studio hobbyist.

    Issues with ASIO4ALL

    I'm a SONAR X1 user...I bought this unit to step up from a 2 In USB to a 4 In USB. Two of the features really attracted me: Extra USB connections and the inserts for each channel.

    I could not get this unit to work with the ASIO4ALL drivers that it uses. I spent about 4 hours myself trying to get it to work, and then another 1 hour on the phone with SONAR help desk. We could never get the unit to work through the ASIO4ALL drivers. Therefore, I had to send it back. I'm assuming it works with other DAW's or other systems (OS) than mine, but it didn't for me so I"m forced to give it a low score.

  • Customer
    from October 6, 2015

    Only Support ASIO4ALL

    Only Support ASIO4ALL
    My computer can only play One sound at the same time.
    Unlike EIE PRO, Only PRO version have an independent drive
    Look impressive but lack real worth

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