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Epiphone G-400 Pro SG - Cherry Reviews

4.5 stars based on 39 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone G-400 Pro SG - Cherry?

Questions about the Epiphone G-400 Pro SG - Cherry?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Cape Cod MA January 22, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar/Music Buff

    Nice Guitar

    I bought this guitar from sweetwater a month ago and love playing it. It is great for slide and gutsy lead. Epiphone has come a long way in their design and makings of a great Guitar. I would recommend this guitar to anyone that doesn't have the bucks for a Gibson SG. Thanks to Luke Herian for a good job helping me out with this purchase.

  • from Glen NH January 13, 2017

    Awesome for slide!

    Been playing this guitar for about a month now in open E tuning. Simply awesome! The coil taps happen to be a cool useable feature and aren't just a "set it and forget it" addition people may see in newer products. Great feel on the neck, lightweight, and if you're a Derek Trucks fan, this is a steal! No cracking or popping noises using the toggle switch. Would I have picked a Gibson if money wasn't an issue? Yes. But honestly, I'm so glad I bought this.

  • from Billings,Montana November 18, 2016

    Awesome SG

    I recieved my new Epiphone SG G400 last week from Sweetwater! I haven't been able to put this thing down! First I would like to thank Patrick Coley for getting this guitar to me in pristine condition! The setup was just right and besides a minor tuning it was perfect! I have two Epi Les Paul's which I love and this SG fits right in. The finish is flawless and I dont believe the pickups could sound any better! This thing rocks! I play a lot of classic rock and blues ie Ac/DC, Joe Bonamassa and the action on the neck is superb! You can be very fast on this thing because it frets really easy! Thanks to all the great people at Sweetwater for their great customer service!

  • from Moultrie, GA April 3, 2016Music Background:
    40 years plus as a musicain hobbyist and a few years as a tech and a roadie

    Fantastic for the Money!

    I had one of these before and liked it and I've had several of the Gibson SG models. For the money, there is no question this is the best buy and value of the bunch. The pots are every bit as good as the Gibson and I put a meter on them to see for sure. The sound and tone is fabulous. Out of the box the set up was spot on and I was even satisfied with the string height to the point where I left it alone. That rarely happens. Color, finish, tuners and the rest of the hardware were perfect as well. I would never say that every one that comes out of the box is going to be this good, but I've nothing but compliments to both Epiphone and Sweetwater on this. There is not another great sounding rock and roll guitar of this quality that can be bought in my opinion. The next person that gets this guitar will probably be one of my kids or grandkids and it will be through my will. This one's a keeper!

  • from Vermont March 17, 2016

    Thank You

    My son received his first electric guitar for Christmas, an epiphone G400 Pro SG, cherry, from Sweetwater. He chose it and calls it his baby. The customer service was fantastic, from the sale price, free shipping, a phone call to confirm the shipping was what I intended (it was), and both calls and emails regarding its delivery and our satisfaction. In addition, my son wanted new pickups installed and attempted the installation himself, until he realized he was in over his head. Our Sweetwater rep, Brad, called us several times in response to our email conversation and encouraged my son to take the guitar to an appropriate guitar shop for correct installation. With Brad's guidance, my son made excellent decisions and has been super happy with his baby. The baby has performed on stage several times in the past three months and we are thrilled!

  • from Mt. Airy, NC February 13, 2016


    Excellent SG for the price. Have several Les Pauls, both Gibson and Epiphone. Wanted something a little different.. Got this and am very happy with it. Looks fantastic, plays great, sounds great. I love the sound of the Probuckers and the addition of the coil splits makes it that much more versatile. As always Nathan Parker and Sweetwater make the transaction easy and smooth.

  • from Dallas,TX November 25, 2015

    Epiphone G-400 Pro

    I recently bought this guitar to add a little versatility to my collection. I play mostly blues, southern rock , and classic rock. This guitar excels at these genres.I considered the Gibson as well but at $700 + dollars I decided to give this a try. I have to say I'm pretty impressed . The overall sound is nice , and what really gets me about this guitar is the build quality. This guitar feels very well built . It is also incredibly light in weight. I was also suspect of the pickups , however I haven't felt the need to replace them. The coil tap feature is nice to have although I don't use it a lot , it's still nice to have the option. All in all I would recommend this guitar to anyone , beginners and more advanced players alike . I see no reason why you couldn't use this guitar during a gig.I think you would be hard pressed to find a better guitar in this price range.

  • from Massachusetts Arlington October 14, 2015Music Background:
    Love to play all the cool stuff from easy Rock!

    Epiphone G-400 Pro SG - Cherry

    I feel good I needed this guitar every time I seen it it was on sale I had a different experience now I seen it again since last Christmas of 2014 it was @ a lowest price in the 3 yrs I been wanting to buy it!!! I finally bought it an it is a great addition to my amplifiers in sound and it plays like a dream!! Thanks~

  • from September 3, 2015

    Great Value for the Money

    An excellent guitar for the money. Came well set up and plays very well. No complaints at all.

  • from Cleveland, Ohio August 21, 2015

    Outstanding Service!!

    All these years people said Sweetwater was the best in the business. Now I know why !! Wow, you guys are outstanding !! Just got the guitar today and it’s just awesome. I know this wasn’t a big dollar purchase for you guys, especially when you deal with some really high buck stuff, but you treated me like I really mattered, and as a customer I am so appreciative of that. The guitar is gloriously well set up, It was beautifully packaged and I got it in like a day, took it out and played for 2 hours straight. I will definitely keep you in mind for all future purchases, and will make sure to recommend Sweetwater and Phil Potts to all my friends. I was really tickled that you guys took photos of the guitar I bought (baby pictures) and emailed them to me after my purchase. Who else does that?!? Outstanding!! Fabulous deal, great guitar, plays and sounds fantastic.

  • from Winchester, IN August 6, 2015


    Super stoked awesome guitar defiantly for the price!! And the customer service was very helpful

  • from June 8, 2015

    Love it!

    This is a very nice guitar for the price. It has a great sound, excellent sustain, and the finish is amazing. I like the coil tapping pickups, it lets you get all kinds of different sounds. It was ready to go right out of the box, I just had to tune it really quick and it was good to go. I was hesitant at first because I love LP jr's but to tell you the truth, this guitar has grown on me. Glad I went with this guitar instead of a Gibson. I got it for about 1/3 the price and it sounds very good. Highly recommended guitar for anybody! I'd also like to thank Norb again for all the help.

  • from Roseburg, OR April 12, 2015

    Very Solid Guitar!

    You see sooo many reviews regarding, "Epiphone being junk". I always thought so too.. The SG is great for her ROCK abilities and clear access to get those highs. This Epiphone blew me away and isn't a joke. Before I bought the guitar, I heard bad things about the pickups. I thought I would have to replace them. I'm not going to. I've been playing for 15 years (Not Professionally! Just because I love it!) and have a pretty good ear. These pickups are surprisingly HOT! Great for Blues, Jazz, Country and of course ROCK! You can find any tone you want. Over the last couple years I've got rid of my instruments, so I had to start fresh. But! I didn't want to kill my wallet. I bought a 35 Watt Orange Crush LDX on sale and the SG cranks with it! The higher you turn the volume, the better the guitar sounds. Just a great little set up. I don't use the effects much but they're cool if you want to fool around.

    Ok.. Now that we got the sound of the Beast out of the way, let's talk about how beautiful this AXE is! I was very lucky to get an 'oddball', as far as the wood grain. It's the most beautiful SG I've ever seen. I've never even seen a Gibson that can match the beauty of the body. Usually the SG is thought of as the "Working man's Guitar". When I took it out of the box I noticed the craftsmanship of the guitar was just as good as any American made Gibson. A week before I purchased this guitar, I was in The Guitar Store playing the $1,900 Gibson SG in the Translucent Ebony and I honestly can say that I didn't feel like I was playing a $2,000 instrument. Being very off balance, I also seen a lot of craftsmanship flaws. Almost walked out of the store with it anyway! Glad I didn't! For a fraction of the cost I have the most beautiful SG I've ever seen!

    The only flaw I had with the guitar was the fret board. It was very gunky and dry. I instantly cut the strings off and cleaned the fretboard, polished the steel, oiled the heck out of it and WOW!! Finished it off with Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky Strings. What a beautiful "toy" I have.. Ha! My next purchase will be the Epiphone Les Paul 1960's Tribute Plus. Has all the Gibson parts and no BS with the extra zeros on the price tag!

    I love Sweetwater! The true Guitar Heroes! I'll continue to deal with Ryan Sloan. Poor fella.. I always bug the guy with random tech questions. He's always quick to respond, very helpful and friendly! Keep it up Sweetwater! You will have all of my hard earned money eventually..

  • from New York October 24, 2014Music Background:
    semi-pro, recording, Hobbyist.

    Epiphone G-400 Pro SG

    I received my guitar yesterday and was really surprised at the quality. I new it would be good but I was really surprised on how good it was. Since I mostly record now I didn't feel the need to spend thousands of dollars on a Gibson SG and I must say that this guitar meets all that I need. The coil tapping is a real nice benefit to this model of guitar and I highly encourage anyone to check it out. After placing the order I was surprised at the commitment that Sweetwater had in contacting me directly as the order was placed and even after to see if there where any issue's, kuddo's to your tech staff

  • from Fort Walton Beach, Fl. August 18, 2014Music Background:
    Long time amateur guitarist

    Excellent guitar with an even better price tag!

    The playability of the G-400 Pro is amazing. With the wide neck and incredible action, it makes playing so much more comfortable and fluid. Not to mention how well it sounds Oh, did I mention how great the price was!? Interest free payments of $14.55 a month for 24 months. You cant beat that!! Also the support I received throughout the purchasing process, namely Eric (I pretty sure thats his name) was absolutely stellar. Thank you Sweetwater!

  • from Lafayette, LA March 4, 2014Music Background:

    Awesome guitar with great playability

    This is a great guitar at a great price. For a non-professional musician, I did not want to spend thousands of dollars for the Gibson brand, however, Epiphone has come a long ways and their quality of their products is far beyond what I expected.
    As always, Sweetwater, has been outstanding. Their sales engineers are experienced and make your buying experience a real pleasant one.
    Their customer relations is like no other website. Outstanding! I have purchased 3 guitars, a Fender Mustang IV amp and other items within the last two months, and I can not say enough about how satisfied I am with Sweetwater. Thank you Bryan!

  • from Greensboro NC January 25, 2014Music Background:
    Plaed on and off for 30 years

    Very Nice SG

    I just got my Epiphone G_400 today from Sweetwater and I am really impressed by this guitar and the added extras that Sweetwater included like the 55 point Check. I owned a 2012 Gibson SG Limited ans sold it because it just did not have a great feel or neck, BUT the Epiphone neck is a joy to play and the guitar came set up perfectly out of the box and in tune. The Pickups are better than I expected them to be and has a lot of growl to them and good mids. The finish is really nice and of very good quality. For the price I paid compared to the Gibson, this guitar for me is a much better value and the sound is pretty much the same. I am playing it on a Marshall SL5 Slash Tube amp, but still not much difference than the Gibson expect the Gibby had somewhat better highs but not $500 dollars more worth . And again, I like the neck better. It is a little wider than the Gibson and fits my hands better. Great Guitar and Great Job Sweetwater !

  • from albuquerque,nm August 12, 2013Music Background:


    very good looking guitar. shipping was on time with no damage

  • from PA April 22, 2016

    Fun to play

    This is a very solid guitar! It is the first SG style I have owned and cannot believe the access to the upper frets. It is as though there should be a couple more,since you can reach them so easily. With the split coils, you can get a lot of good sounds from this guitar. At a third of the price of a Gibson, it very nice. The tuners are just ok and mine seem to have a lot of play in them when tuning, but so far it does seem to stay in tune pretty good. Because of the play I gave it 4.5. If they were tighter, I would give it a 5. I love the look of it so much I have to keep it on the stand in sight.

  • from October 11, 2015

    Amazing guitar for beginner

    This was my 2nd guitar! I started on a cheap no name brand like a lot of people and bought this, it is a fantastic guitar for someone who is looking for a "real" guitar! the neck pickup is really warm sounding and can do blues really well! The bridge is good for rock and metal! I recommend this against anything in it's price range!

  • from Northwest Ohio July 14, 2015

    As you would expect . . .

    As usual, Sweetwater delivers. Always. From the initial discussion about the instrument with my Sales Engineer (Dontae Harris, his technical knowledge is far reaching along with his inter-personal skills) thru the prompt delivery of my items . . . Sweetwater is the ONLY place I will go for gear and advice re: same.

  • from CONVOY, OH June 24, 2015

    . . . and SERVICE, too!

    I recently bought the Epiphone SG Pro. It's everything it's cracked up to be. A particularly demanding customer, I can be difficult when I'm unhappy about ANYthing, but thru thick and thin my Sales Engineer Dontae Harris has done an exceptional job keeping me happy.
    I can only give Dontae and Sweetwater the highest of marks. I won't buy anywhere else.

  • from SW Ohio October 2, 2014Music Background:
    Former gigging pro, now a hobbyist


    A very nice SG! Looks and plays fantastic. Plays as well as my original 61 SG and sounds almost as good. Wish Epi would market this with Gibson humbuckers instead of there own. Of course there would be no reason to pay 4X more for the Gibson name on the headstock then. The finish is flawless, the hardware is stable and appears to be good quality. The pickups are not as hot as my original Gibson's, but they sound fine. I only wish Epi would include a case with this guitar. It would be well worth paying $75 - $100 more to get a hard shell case with it! Of course the service from Sweetwater was as fantastic as usual. The guitar arrived in 3 days and was well packed and still almost in tune!

  • from SW Ohio September 7, 2014Music Background:
    Former gigging guitarist, now only a hobbyist

    beautiful guitar

    Just received my G400 yesterday from Sweetwater and haven't been able to put it down. I ordered it late on a Thursday evening and it arrived Saturday afternoon in perfect condition! Not a scratch or blemish anywhere. Although it's not nitro, it has a very beautiful finish and attractive grain pattern on the solid mahogany body. While it is not a Gibson,Epiphone's quality and the hardware they use has improved by leaps and bounds! I layed it out side by side with my original 61 Gibson Les Paul SG and they look almost identical other than the different headstocks and minus the few scratches and dings my 53 year old original has.. I plugged it into my Peavey Delta Blues and started playing it and was surprised by the tone. It is not as hot as my original SG, yet still has a nice humbucking bite to it. The pickups are fine and I have no plans to replace them, the pots, jack, bridge and stoptail, and switch seem to be of good quality. The tuners look like Wilkinsons and appear to be solid/ The mahogany neck and and rosewood fretboard are nice also and straight, although the frets are a little rough on the edges. The intonation is perfect. The string height is a little higher than I prefer but that is a personal preference and easily adjusted. Once the string height is tweaked to where I like it it, it will be an excellent guitar! I highly reccommend Sweetwater for all of your musical gear needs. Their level of service is unsurpassed, not only for musical gear, but in the entire online community! Fast and free shipping. The gallery where you can select your particular instrument.

  • from New York March 28, 2014

    Beautiful guitar

    This is my first electric guitar. It's absolutely beautiful. The thing is light and thin and easy to play. It stays in tune and sounds great with my Fender Mustang amp. Still getting used to the knobs to figure the sound but it will come in time as I am a beginner. The guitar and amp came packed nice and tight. Not one scratch, ding, or anything else. Extremely impressed with Sweetwater. I spent over an hour on the phone with Jimmy and he walked me through everything. Highly recommend both the guitar and Sweetwater. The only reason I gave a 4.5 instead of a 5 is because the action on the guitar needs to come down a bit and it is neck heavy because of the small thin body. No biggie. I am truly happy with the purchase and the transaction. Thanks.

  • from Port St. Lucie, Fl. December 29, 2013Music Background:

    Absolutely awesome guitar

    The guitar from Sweerwater in less than 1 week. It arrived in flawless condition. It was actually still in tune out of the box.

    The action is great, no fret buzz over the entire neck, intonation was perfect. The tone from the different pick up configurations is also fantastic.

    Kudos to Sweetwater for their attention to detail and excellent customer service. I really did appreciate the follow up call after delivery.

  • from December 25, 2015Music Background:
    20 years playing

    Classic tone and looks

    This is a great deal for a really good guitar. The looks are great. Mine was a little brighter red than pictured (not as dark as Angus if that's what you're expecting). The guitar needed a serious set up upon delivery. It had a back bow which is unusual for a brand new guitar. Once set up with new strings I find it is great to play. There is some serious neck dive but it's only an issue if I remove my left hand from the neck completely.

    The pickups are where this guitar shines. Lots of options on tone. The coil splitting is a neat feature but the output is quite low. I typically split one coil and use it in conjunction with one of the other humbuckers to get some different tones. The pickups are great though. Clear and crisp. You can hear every note when distorted chords are played.

    I've only played Les Pauls and Strats so the shape is quite different but only took a little getting used to. The access to the upper frets is great.

    I would recommend this guitar and can't quite imagine how you could get a better guitar for the price.

  • from November 10, 2015Music Background:
    was in bands but now play at home

    Epiphone SG pro 400

    It was more then I expected . I've been playing guitar
    For about 30 years and I'm impressed for $400 , I put new strings on and adjusted the action a little, other then that the guitar has a nice punch and a clear bit
    Similar to a Paul . The pick ups are nice but there is a lot of feedback on the bridge pick up and the guitar would have better sustain with a different bridge pick up, I going to put a 81 EMG in and that should do the trick

  • from September 16, 2015

    Nice Axe

    I'd owned an Epi G400 several years ago and really liked it, but I ended up selling it along with a few other guitars as a trade-in. The only thing I didn't like about that guitar (which also applies to this new one) was the top-heavy balance, but for any guitarist who's used to resting their picking hand on the guitar, it's pretty much a non-issue. Resting that hand on the guitar will hold it in place; the only danger is if you're letting go of the guitar with both hands to mess with an amp or something...be careful!

    I really liked the neck, playability, feel, and sound of my previous G400, and this one is just as good on all fronts, except for the sound. It's even better! I don't know the tech specs of my previous guitar, but this one must have nicer pickups because these things rock...especially when you play around with the volume and tone knobs. This is a very diverse axe. The neck is fast, tuners seem just fine, and the coil-tapping is a neat feature, although I doubt I'll use it much since I have a Strat if I want that particular sound. But for anyone looking for an all-in-one guitar to play a variety of styles, this should be in the running.

    I requested Sweetwater to do a low-action setup on the guitar before sending it out, and it played wonderfully. Nice low action, no fret buzz, great.

    The only reason this isn't getting a 5-star review is because when the guitar arrived, the neck was extremely dry. It didn't appear damaged or cracked, but it wasn't nearly as smooth and buttery as what I'm used to on a Rosewood fretboard. It also felt a bit grimy when doing string bends etc so I ended up wiping it down, conditioning it with bore oil (my rag got pretty soiled so for whatever reason the fretboard was really dirty when I got it), restringing it, and now the rosewood is dark and rich. I think I went a bit overboard because the fretboard felt a bit rubbery and sticky when doing string bends, but that eventually went away and now the neck feels right.

    I've only had the guitar for a week or so, but barring any unforeseen issues, I highly recommend it. Very versatile, great feel, killer tone. Great buy...just wish the fretboard would've arrived in a cleaner and more playable state.

  • from South Bend, IN March 9, 2015Music Background:
    Play for fun, advanced intermediate level

    A Great Deal on an SG

    This is an amazingly nice guitar for the price. It is about one fifth the cost of a Gibson SG, but a Gibson is not five times better. Very playable out of the box and I was able to lower the action a couple of mm without any buzz. The pickups could be hotter but the neck is fast, good sustain, and the coil tapping volume knobs are cool. Minor defects - needed better strings and a warped plastic trim piece at the base of the neck. I bought this to mount a Roland GK-3 pickup. Fits perfectly.

  • from Wenatchee, WA USA November 28, 2014Music Background:

    Great guitar

    This guitar is a great guitar to just about anyone. It's very versitile so any kind of music will work. Another great thing about this guitar is the more cutting sound it's gets than a les paul and the more comfertable feel it has. Change the strings if you get this guitar the orignal string caused me some tunning issues. I am also thinking about changing the pickups just because of the money I have left over after buying this guitar for so cheep.

  • from Beachwood, NJ July 24, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar Player

    Epiphone G-400 Pro SG

    Sweetwater is a great company to purchase gear from.
    They have extremely helpful staff.
    They post pictures of several SG's that you can choose from, this is a great service.
    You receive the exact serial numbered guitar that you seen online.
    The quality of the Epiphone G-400 Pro upon arrival was excellent. Looks beautiful and plays well.

  • from Gibson City, il July 6, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Engineer

    Solid workhorse

    Nothing like a guitar that stays in tune. This guitar played perfect, right off the rack. I cant think of one negative comment to make and I am a lifetime Strat player. If your looking for great tones and an easy to play neck this is one to consider. If your Ax does not have a great natural tone, you will spend endless amounts of time trying to get the tones you want. This one has it!

  • from Tacoma, WA February 26, 2014Music Background:
    over 30 years playing experience

    Excellent build quality for the money

    Very impressed with the fit and finish quality as well as the playability and balance of this SG. It is also very versitile for a two pickup humbucker instrument with the coil tap function. The pickups are not as strong nor do they have the string to sting definition and low end grunt that my Epi ES-339 Pro has (also a function of the 335s semi-hollow construction), but for the money - you can't go wrong. Sweetwater setup and 55 point eval makes purchasing on-line much less stressful.

  • from United States December 1, 2013Music Background:
    guitar player/collector

    great guitar

    very nice guitar for the price plays really well too it definitely brings out your inner angus

  • from Tampa, FL November 30, 2013Music Background:
    Living room Rock Star !!!!

    nice guitar

    Basically just what I expected, it's not a Gibson Standard, but it is a nice playing instrument.

  • from Cary, NC February 10, 2016Music Background:

    Real fun to play


    Well crafted, great neck, good fretwork, light as all SG, cosmetic 90%, good sounding pickup. Factory setup is not bad at all. I could lower the bridge substantially for better playability without any buz, nut work is Gibson standard, meaning quite lower than any fender. Plays and sounds beautifully with the right strings on it that is Gibson Humbucker light. Pickups are slightly hot and quite sweet for the price and love the coil splitting option which allows to switch to single coil and have fender sound. Good deal for the price. Great service from Sweetwater as usual.

    Not quite the quality of the Les Paul Tribute Plus series, but hey it's half the price.

    Two slight manufacturing coating defect, one on the back of the neck and a long line at the front that looks like a scratch but is really a coating defect perfectly in line with the grain of the wood and was not noticeable on the picture. However this is an affordable tool, not a decoration, so no big deal.

    Machine head are not very tight, serious gap in the threads of the D peg, will have to buy better ones.

    Usual entry level Epiphone bent knobs. All 4 of them.

    I usually stay away from instruments at this price range. This was an exception. I still like it and will keep it and use it a lot. My son is learning to play and he will use it as well. However, I will not buy another Epiphone (and probably from any manufacturer) at this price range, considering I have to drop another $85 to replace the machine heads and the knobs with decent quality.

  • from Columbus Oh. February 9, 2016

    Epiphone G-400 Pro SG-Cherry

    The guitar is light weight.It has a very nice wood grain,and finish.The strings I have on it are 9-46.It has a nice straight neck.The finger board is flatter than I like,but not extreme.I can take it to jam sessions,and leave my vintage guitars at home.A lot of the guitar players I jam with,play Epiphone guitars.I had a lot of positive comments on this guitar.It has a thick body that adds to the sound.The price was exceptional.It is a quality guitar.The tulip button keys,hold the tuning in check.Did I mention the 55 point inspection?

  • from Moon Township, PA March 27, 2015Music Background:
    Drummer and bassist

    Not bad

    I'm only a beginner guitarist so I don't have much to compare outside of playing a Squire. The clean setting is just ok. It is a lot lighter compared with the squire Strat.

    Good for a beginner.

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