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Epiphone G-400 - Cherry Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • from North Florida September 2, 2011Music Background:

    A Dream Come Two

    When I bought the G-400, I was expecting that with it, I could up my musical "game" and also impress crowds I played in front of; as expected, both happened flawlessly.
    Simply put, the G-400 has a great sound and look. It looks and feels like a 1962 Gibson SG, which is always a definite plus. The sound this beast puts out is nothing less than sublime. The guitar itself is comfortable to use and allows for a "style" of movement when playing.
    In the end, this guitar is probably the best choice I could have made in lieu of an actual Gibson SG. Now though, I may just rock the G-400 from now on.

    5/5, great guitar.

  • from Spokane, WA February 9, 2010Music Background:
    noodle along with the iPod

    I was impressed

    I just picked up one of these used at a local guitar shop. I also played a Gibson SG there too. I actually liked the Epiphone better. It plays great, great sound, looks great, great fit/finish. It's a screamin' deal at this price. If you're looking for an SG, check these out. You might find that you'll take one home with you too.

  • from new jersey December 14, 2009Music Background:
    pro musician

    simply brilliant sg

    i have a 2008 g-400 sg 62 with the highend hardware
    gibson/epiphone upgrade in 2007. this sg stands toe to toe with the gibson standard sg i know i have one of them to. a local luthier told me the 2008 and 09
    epiphone g-400 sg 62 the qautlity of craftmanship and hardware is simply brilliant A+ and this sg is also perfect for any pro guitarist that wants that classic sg tone and feel. the luthier said the epiphone g-400 sg 62 should list for $1,100 and sell for at least $825 thats how well this guitar is put together and i tend to agree.

  • from Canton, Ohio USA October 5, 2008Music Background:

    Great Guitar!

    This is a great guitar. I have had for about six months and have had no major problems. The only bad thing about it is you have to be very careful not to step on the cable while it is plugged into the guitar, or that piece will come undone. This guitar has a great sound and feel to it. I highly recommend it!

  • from Richmond, VA USA August 8, 2009Music Background:
    Touring musician

    I love this guitar!!

    I love this guitar!!! I have only 1 concern about this guitar. It is VERY neck heavy. I am the type of guitarist who cant play sitting down so i have to stand up. But if i let go of the neck, it will fall faster than you can blink. Other than that it is a wonderful guitar.

  • from Woonsocket,R.I. June 1, 2007Music Background:
    Active Musician

    This is a Great Guitar

    I bought this over 2 weeks ago,and I love it.I would've given it 5 stars except for when I got it home,I noticed some serious fret buzz along the upper registers of the neck.Well, after doing a quick truss rod and string height adjustment,I walked away with a winner.Now I've played Epiphones before and wasn't too impressed with them,but this one has to be the best guitar that Epiphone has out today.I kid you not.First,you have Grover tuners which are the best,these'll the guitar in tune provided that you have the bridge set straight.Second,the block inlays and the fret job on this are really good.Third,the Cherry Red finish is very attractive to the eye.Now let's talk about the sound,these gibson designed pups scream.You definately get that Angus Young sound,and being a huge AC/DC fan,I was more than pleased.The only thing I'm still getting used to after playing Fenders for 30 something years,is the thickness of the neck.But for the money,this is a great guitar,and I'm glad to see that Epiphone has reduced the price and made this and other models more accessable to people who are on a tight budget.The Epiphone line has improved I'm proud to say.

  • from Fort Mohave, AZ September 1, 2008Music Background:
    Drummer 45 years. Guitar, Bass, Keyboard: Hobby

    Proper set up is critical

    I agree with another review that fret buzz was a problem (a big problem) at first, but with a string change out and very careful set up (pickup height, bridge height, and truss adjust) I have finally come around to appreciating this low priced SG. It is VERY light in the bout and takes a bit of getting used to when most of the weight is around the neck. Due to its small size it has turned out to be one of my go to guitars for practice. Tone is a bit weak, but this can be overcome via amp gain. I have decided to keep the little critter, and will now shell out for an SG hard case.

  • from New Orleans June 11, 2007Music Background:

    Not bad for the price.

    The Epiphone SG 400 is a real classic guitar. The one problem I had was it had some serious frett buzzin going on. I plan on changing out the stock pick-ups and I belive after that I will have a winner.

  • from Newport Beach, CA 92663 September 9, 2011Music Background:
    Singer and Country Gospel Song Writer Novice guitar player.

    Epiphone G-400 (Cherry)

    Although as Theran said the finish is beautiful. However 2 dissappointments. One the hole for the cable was loose and actually fell into the socket. I had to open the back and retighten it. I knicked the plate in doing so and screwed up a screw hole. The body is too light and the sound too thin. Other than that it is okay. I also have an EPIPONE LES PAUL CUSTOM. That guitar is quite heavy and the sound and fretborard are fantastic. After 30 or 40 FENDER Guitars I now am starting to collect GIBSONS.

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