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Soundcraft EFX8 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the Soundcraft EFX8?

Questions about the Soundcraft EFX8?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from South Texas March 24, 2017Music Background:
    All heavy music

    Nice effects

    Extremely great especially for the price. Can't beat the effects. I use it to power my JBL PA system.

  • from Beacon, NY September 19, 2015


    When Wayne recommended this $400 mixer for my barn, paired with QSC 8s, I was... concerned... Soundcraft? Don't they make cheap crap? Well... The unit really is everything it needs to be and more. In fact, its been pressed into service as a small stage unit for a nightclub where we use it for open mics and late night shows.

    Open Mics are one of the true tests of a mixer. Some guitars are loud and brassy, others are soft and boomy. Some people sing big and close to the mic, others are too far away and practically whisper. It's freakin impossible, in other words, to make it all sound consistent and as good as it can 2unless you can mix and eq quickly on the fly. Plus: you need reverb for vocals. Trust me. And, Open Mic hosts are performers, not sound pros. It has to be dead easy or it won't happen.

    The EFX8 has been solid in this job for about 8 months now. Everything is right there where you need it, easy to make work. The parametric eq is awesome. The Lexicon 'verb makes everyone sound... well, better, anyway. The speakers are ceiling mounted so we have to leave them on all the time, which means we leave the board on all the time (avoid those annoying pops). So far, no problem.

    I wish there were more control over the monitor outs. If there is a way to adjust them by track rather than globally, I haven't found it. And I can never remember how to send the effects mix to the monitor. I'm pretty sure its easy. But the manual is pretty easy, but needs to be more a tutorial for newbies. There are videos, but some people (older) just don't learn well that way...

    But for $400 (now $370) and a very small footprint, this thing makes mostly dead simple sound really, really great.

  • from NJ July 30, 2015Music Background:
    pro keyboard player

    Soundcraft EFX8

    Recommended by my sales engineer, Chris Leonard. I use it for small to medium size venues for a small band and ensembles. Has a great sound, is easy to use, lightweight, low noise floor. For the price, it's pretty sweet. I use it as a replacement for a Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro and a Mackie 808s (I now have powered speakers, so I no longer need a powered head). It's definitely an upgrade in terms of sound quality. The onboard Lexicon effects are really nice. I also recently purchased JBL EON610 speakers (which I use as monitors) and already have a pair of Mackie SRM 450 speakers for mains. The Soundcraft sounds great with them.

  • from South Louisiana July 1, 2014Music Background:
    worship musician, occasional band gigs

    LOVE IT!

    Dan Van Amerongen guided me toward this mixer when I was seeking one for my music room and for small gigs. I was unfamiliar with this brand and mostly have used Mackie mixers. I am quite impressed with the clarity of the sound and the quality of the onboard effects. This device has been a perfect addition to my practice room. This is a GREAT mixer.

    Thanks, Dan.

  • from Burlington, Vermont January 13, 2014Music Background:
    Bandleader, bassist, part-time musician

    Great mixer!

    I recently needed a replacement for my Yamaha 16 channel mixer that had served me well, but was getting along in years. The Soundcraft EFX8 had all the features and inputs I need for both of my bands and the reviews were good so I ordered it. The mixer sounds fantastic and the Lexicon effects really complement the mixer. My guitarist, a recording engineer by trade, gave it a big thumbs up. The mix is punchy and well defined. Adding to that, it's compact and a quick setup. As usual, my rep at Sweetwater (thanks, Jim!) did his typical stellar job of taking care of me. I ordered on Monday and had it in time to familiarize myself with it for a gig that Friday. Thanks, Sweetwater!

  • from California October 24, 2016Music Background:
    Professional bar and club musician

    Not perfect, but......

    Yes, there are features I wish it had, like compression/limiting, effect selection display, mute lights, anti feedback, graphic eq, etc.
    But what you do get .... is pretty darn awesome. I use my mixer for 16 hours a day everyday. Because I have my stereo, computer, guitar, microphone and TV all plugged into it. Even my telephone is plugged into it (magicjack). And so my mixer is on for 16 to 18 hours a day, everyday. And here it is a year later and it still looks and works like the day I got it.
    So I can safely say that this is built to last. 6000+ hours and still like new.
    All the features it does have are good. Nothing disappoints. But some features are really impressive.
    The preamps for one. I'm using a 30 year old SM-58 microphone to lay down vocal tracks over karaoke backing tracks, and recording them onto CuBase. I have owned several Tascam home recording studios over the decades, but I was totally blown away at the instant results I got with the EFX8. On my powerful home stereo system I was playing back my tracks and I could not tell my vocals from the originals. I even dare to say that my vocals were better than the originals. They sat perfectly in the mix, and without any trouble. Flat EQ on all of them! And I was singing along with dozens of Beatle, Tom Petty, Doors and Alice In Chains tracks. My girlfriend never even realized that the recordings I made weren't the original studio songs. Sometimes I even forget. "Oh man, that's me singing! LOL"
    So the preamps far surpass anything I've used at home in the last 30 years, but then I can also remark that the eq section, while simple, are certainly very nice.
    Lastly, the effects......there is no disappointment here. I've used SPX-90s and Quadraverbs for the last 30 years, but the effects section on the EFX8 is just very easy to use and absolutely delicious. There are no great phasers or flangers, but the reverb and delays......they are just top notch. It's almost hard to get a bad sound. There are dozens of types to choose from, including stereo, and they all sound extremely professional. I absolutely love the reverbs.
    I guess I should mention the headroom. While the EFX8 comes with all kinds of overload lights for the gain, preamps, effects in and the mains out.....I have found that I really have to grossly disregard the red light warnings before an audible distortion actually results.
    Also, I have used the independent effects inserts for compressors and such, and have found them to be flawless.
    I did have one of the slider plastic knobs fall off, and had to glue it back on.
    I took my mixer to band rehearsal, and the guys were all blown away by the rich reverbs and tone of this little mixer. It blew away out 32 band Behringer mixer.
    So there you have it. It sounds way better than any of the dozens of live mixers I've had to deal with over the last 40 years.

  • from Philly suburbs March 23, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging amateur musician.

    Great product from Soundcraft!

    Got this mixer for my smaller acoustic band, fits the bill perfectly! I needed 8 inputs and one aux send for this project, and I wanted a small footprint. Great effects which have plenty adjustments. I like having the insert points on each channel, two are being used for external effects on acoustic guitars. It's really nice having PFL monitoring ability, and the sweepable midrange EQ function on every channel is awesome, I can really get things dialed in for a great sound out front! Two thing missing that I would have liked to have, are high pass filters on each channel and a master volume for the aux send. Not show-stoppers, but certainly nice to have. Bottom line, the EFX8 is kind of "old school", but nonetheless it is a rugged, small footprint mixer with a great sound!

  • from June 20, 2015

    Clear, quiet with lots of headroom

    I never rate anything. I just came from a classic mackie 1402 VLZ and thought it was about as good as I could get for what I paid. Turns out buying old used gear for cheap isnt a smart investment. This is a smart investment. Built like a tank, this thing is making all my synths and drum machines sound brand new. It can make my analog stuff sound bright and digital or warm and thick. The eq is worth it alone. Not to mention the pretty decent lexicon effects. (I think people exaggerate how good it is, its fine, dont toss your processors)

    The unit looks fantastic, and has a lower noise floor than the mackie I had. Buy it! OR wait for the new signature series. Whatever!

  • from Seal Beach, Ca November 4, 2013Music Background:
    Working musician doing casuals

    Very good mixer for the money

    I never give something a 5 star but this unit was close to it. Love the effects. Was easy to set up. The electrical plug in is under neath the unit. That is sort of inconvenient but it is workable.

  • from Detroit,Mi. October 18, 2013Music Background:
    Detroit Bass Player and live sound engineer

    I like it and it works for me.

    I needed a mixer that had more mic inputs that my mackie 1202 and alto L8 and smaller than my mackie cfx 16. This one fits the bill and works for me. Built to go the distance with a steel chasis.The on button is in a weird place but it can be reached. At least it won't be hit by accident. Easy to use and is a clean sounding board. I am using a Bose L1 or powered speakers and monitors. I think it is a step under Allen Heath but above Mackies. Give it a try. I like it and it works for me. I considering getting a larger one to replace my cfx 16. It's a few dollars more but I think it's worth it.

  • from Seal Beach, Ca October 14, 2013Music Background:
    working musician doing casuals

    Great mixer

    I bought this mixer a week ago and used it for the 1st time today. It worked great. Was easy to set up but I have had a Soundcraft mixer before. It replaced my Mackie pro 1202 which I've had since about 2000. The Soundcraft was clear and rich. Lot of punch. I'm using it along with a QSC amp. Very pleased with the sound.

  • from Chicago, IL January 3, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    EFX8 Covers The Basics "+"

    I needed to update & lighten on my trusty Power Station, and this does the trick. Ease of use & set-up time, deceptively durable, and it sounds great. The Lexicon FX processor just adds to it's value as well. You can find cheaper with a couple more channels, but do your research and you'll chose this model. Also nice for small gigs and monitor use.

  • from Houston, TX September 10, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Great Compact Console!

    For a small console, it's perfect for the small gigs where space is a premium and there's not alot to amplify to the PA. The Lexicon FX is very versatile with 3 controls to dial in the perfect reverb. I'm fine with one aux send, but if I'm in a pinch, I could use the FX send as another aux if I am willing to sacrifice the internal FX.

    The only problem I have with the board is that the preamps are kind of weak, meaning that I have to drive them hotter. This was disappointing since Soundcraft touts that the EFX/EPM has the same preamp as the GB2/4/8 series which I also operate on Sundays. I find this not to be the case.

    Overall, it's a great board for the starting band or a pro looking for a submixer.

  • from Salt Lake City February 27, 2013Music Background:

    Well made, good sound

    I use the Soundcraft EFX8 for occasional solo gigs and small ensembles through a Yamaha DXR10. Its a nice step up from the little Behringer Id used for a couple years with an audible difference in headroom, but frankly the Behringer is not terrible and quite cost effective. The build quality is high and the layout is intuitive. Using/configuring a Lexicon effect DOES require a small learning curve, but they sound pretty good.

    In this price range, only one other brand really competes. Which one you choose will probably have little to do with an audible difference. For me, the Soundcraft faders feel better, and the form factor is slightly more friendly.

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