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Epiphone PR-5E - Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 17 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone PR-5E - Natural?

Questions about the Epiphone PR-5E - Natural?

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  • from May 29, 2016


    Just got this guitar a day ago and it blew me away. when I took it out of the box I was amazed at how light and thin it was, not to mention how amazing the finish looked. I was hyped and ready to jam (despite the fact that it was 3am) and as I opened my phone to use my tuning app I saw that it had a built in tuner as well, which I can tell you is the most helpful and precise tuner I have ever used. Finally, the sound!!! The guitar sounded impeccable! It was a hearty, rich sound and had no buzzing strings and was my seal of approval to calling this guitar one of the best I have ever played. I would recommend this guitar to any and everybody who appreciates and loves music as much as I do!

  • from Osceola Mo December 8, 2014Music Background:
    Sound engineer and worked with well known artist...That love my Epiphone too..Lol..

    Nice Guitar ..Cant beat this 4 the Money...Beautiful..

    Tha slim body might not push that Low e note, But it is a great feel n guitar,So nice on the craftmanship..My friend;s cant believe what paid 4 it until i showed , And they Played it..Hook this Baby up to a Small or Large amp and the Fisherman amp just Melt's me...299$...Buy these all day..

  • from Minnesota January 7, 2014Music Background:

    So Awesome!!

    This is a beautiful guitar with a beautiful sound!! And Jake at Sweetwater was so great to deal with.

  • from Louisville, KY USA November 15, 2013Music Background:

    Awesome Guitar

    First off, I will say that Sweetwater's customer service is top notch. The called me personally the day after I placed my order to tell me what to expect. Shipping was also very fast. The guitar is amazing. It looks great, feels great, and plays great. The built-in tuner works very well also. I really have not one single negative to say about the guitar or Sweetwater.

  • from Reynoldsburg Ohio August 13, 2013Music Background:
    Worship leader at church

    Better than the name

    Love this guitar. the look is Beautiful, The action is great. the sound is amazing. If the guitar was exactly the same with the name Gibson on it, it would be over double the price. So glad i got this guitar!

  • from Coldwater MI May 21, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar player 49 years

    Great Guitar Great Price

    Just bought this one and love the tone. I love the thinner body which in my opionion is much easier to play. You do loose the deeper sound though. This guitar sounds best when plugged into an acoustic amp where it can really sing. I bought this for composing music and playing at church. I will definately keep this around for a long time!!

  • from Kauai , Hawaii March 19, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    awesome guitar

    This guitar plays smooth and feels great to hold,the sound is nice clear and crisp for the money!

  • from Belcourt May 22, 2017

    It's alright

    Sounds alright never plugged it in but if I need a low priced guitar to practice on it's perfect

  • from Walsh, CO July 23, 2011Music Background:
    Guitarist, bassist, live and studio sound engineer, producer

    Sweet deal

    This is a big-sounding guitar for a slimline acoustic/electric. It is a slimline version of a jumbo-style guitar, not a dreadnaught, so for its size, the bottom end is surprisingly well balanced. It's also very comfortable to play, as most slimlines are, and anyone who has bruises on their forearm from reaching around a full-size acoustic for extended periods will find this a big relief.

    As a player for over 40 years, I've played many acoustics, electrics and basses, and it's rare that I find something that sounds and plays so well, especially at this price. The built-in tuner is very handy and works at least as well as anything you have to plug in. It locks on to the pitch instantly and provides clear and easy tuning without hassle.

    The e-sonic preamp is powered by two 2035 batteries, as commonly found on most computer motherboards and are not expensive to replace, if necessary. I haven't had this guitar long enough to determine battery life, but keeping a couple of spare batteries on hand is always a good idea. I've found no automatic shutoff for the tuner, so make sure that you turn off the tuner when you're done to preserve battery life. Tuning mode will also mute the output, so if you're onstage, you'll know if the tuner is on or off.

    Plugged in, this guitar sounds amazing, and with the e-sonic's Dynamics slider, you can easily tailor your sound to your own preferences. For live shows, the Phase switch will attenuate or completely eliminate feedback while still sounding excellent.

    For studio recording, I would recommend mixing a mic with the output and a taste of your favorite EQ setting to get an outstanding acoustic sound. As comfortable as this guitar is to play, I'm sure that a great performance in the studio is only a matter of a little practice and a few tweaks of EQ.

    Overall, this instrument is well suited for everything from the stage to the studio to the campfire. It's a joy to play, very comfortable, and with the Florentine cutaway, upper frets are effortless to reach. I took away half a star because it's made in China, but otherwise it's top-notch and worthy of any guitarist's attention. The other reason for taking away half a star is that a satin finish neck is not an option.

  • from piemont.sc July 6, 2010Music Background:
    Been plying almost since I was in High School, stopped for a while when in Veit Nam and in service. Have a freind that got me to pick it back up and play for hobby and around a few friends.

    Epiphone PR-5E

    Great guitar, if you are in the market for a guitar that won't cost you an arm and leg, you will love the one,sound of this guitar is great. Easy to play.Guitar is good for just playing cords or finger picking, easy to play.

  • from Chico, CA March 21, 2017Music Background:

    Total Beginner

    I'm beginning to learn to "play" again after many off & on years and wanted something better than the 30yr old Mexican manufacture beginners guitar I've used. This is so much better I don't have enough to say about it. It doesn't kill my fingers, it kind of feels like an electric on the fretboard (I have a Takamine electric from 1985 when I was going to be George Thorogood - NOT).

    But learning is about practice and this guitar makes it easy to pick it up it's got a nice sound to it even unplugged and I'm Gob-Smacked over the tuner. It gets lots of looks from everyone who sees it. A friend plays a Martin at a restaurant ambiance gig and he said it plays like a $450 guitar...but he wouldn't use it when I offered it to him, LOL. I love it, it's a keeper, and the Mexican beginner's guitar is up on Craigslist.

  • from Phoenix, AZ April 18, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar Player for Hobby N Hire :-)

    Epiphone PR-5E- Natural

    I have no complaints about this guitar, it was the exact same quality of my 12 String I purchased by Epiphone and I loved it. Very well Priced; the quality with the finish it just shines not to mention the pick up holds some nice quality sound too. Like the chromatic tuner built in and the neck feels good it came set up with no issues out of the box. The guitar is slightly smaller in terms of depth which is what I needed and really like about this line. All around so far it's a quality item and I'm happy with this purchase, I would recommend it to friends and Fam.

  • from Northern Plains USA April 3, 2011Music Background:
    Former weekend warrior and teacher, now hobby and some benfits.

    Nice guitar, but consider...

    The price drop makes this an even better deal. But it's not a guitar for all seasons. It's a very nice fingerpicker especially run through an amp to add a bit more mid and bass and less of a wire-like sound to the top strings if you use very light strings for a very light hand as I do - 9-42.

    Do not buy it without a case. It's a nice light guitar with a nice neck and a phase button that keeps it from screaming feedback. If mine broke or was stolen I'd replace it in a minute but don't expect it to be a D28 or a Hummingbird. For lots of lighter-handed stuff from gypsy jazz to folkie fingerpicking it's very nice.

  • from Silverdale Wa. USA June 23, 2007Music Background:
    Worship team, Hobby, been playing since I was 15


    I have this guitar for almost a year now and loving it a great tool for our worship team, the only problem I have was the Shadow EQ it make static sound that I have to send them to Florida to get fix, otherwise for the price it's remarkable.

  • from Portland, OR April 17, 2017


    I received my guitar on time, as advertised. Packaged well. No cosmetic issues that stand out. A small mark on the binding but have not addressed it yet.
    The frets are in dire need of a polish and the fret board, alough clean, is dry. Stock strings left my fingers black... This is a known issue.
    The intonation is on the money.
    The action is OK but will need to be brought down a hair.
    Will probably replace the bridge when I take it in. Tuners are solid.
    I like the preamp thru my PA. I like the way it sounds.
    Unplugged playing will probably not happen on this.
    The strap button/cord connection is on the short side of usable. I do have a planet waves strap with a ratcheting straplock connector that I may use. The lightweight strap I was planning on using is holding fine for now, but I wouldn't gig with it.
    Unable to enter musical background, but I've been playing seriously for about 5 years on a beater acoustic, epiphone dot, strat. Most solo gigs are between 3 to 5 hour's.
    Drummer of 35+ years as well.

  • from April 4, 2017Music Background:
    Professional guitarist

    Pretty bad

    Very pretty guitar but.... It sounds absolutely awful if it's not plugged in. Acoustically it sounds like a cardboard box. The frets were rough and uneven. The nut and bridge are plastic junk. The action was terrible and the intonation was all over the place. The end pin/jack is impossible to put a strap onto. I am sending it back immediately. As always though, sweetwater's customer service is top notch.

  • from Nashua, nh November 1, 2005

    Great sound

    I put elixers med guage nanowebs on mine and plugged it straight in to the sound system-the phase switch modifies the sound as well as the 5 band eq for great stage presence. Very light and not too boxy for live sound and play.
    Great at this price point.wish I had got the sunburst version, though.

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