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Epiphone Dove Pro - Violin Burst Reviews

5.0 stars based on 26 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone Dove Pro - Violin Burst?

Questions about the Epiphone Dove Pro - Violin Burst?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from TX April 26, 2017


    I purchased this over a year ago and would buy another in a heartbeat. Excellent in any situation-couch noodling,band gigs,recording studio. I own a Martin and a Gibson and this guitar is knocking on their backdoor,quality-wise. Hard to believe considering the price-point. I have a really sweet Washburn in the same price range,another great purchase from Sweetwater, but it doesn't shine in recording studio like the Dove does. You will not find a better guitar at this price, nor will you find better service than Sweetwater. A perfect 10.

  • from Fort Wayne, IN December 28, 2016Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    What a Value!

    Right out of the box it's ready to JAM! Thanks Sweetwater for being awesome. :)

  • from Ohio May 31, 2016Music Background:

    Beautiful Guitar

    I am new to guitar, and this is the first acoustic guitar that I have purchased, although I have tried many at the various stores. This guitar is beautiful! The neck is perfectly sized; it was set up exactly right; and the Sweetwater customer service was second to none. I am thoroughly happy with this purchase. The sound quality is very nice, especially when I strum a bit harder. It gives off higher tones because of the maple and sounds very nice. If you play softly, the sound quality is slightly weak. But, again, for normal or slightly harder strumming the sound is beautiful. Thank you Darius Beatz for your assistance. I am a Sweetwater customer for life.

  • from North Carolina April 5, 2016

    Plays above it's price!

    Super impressed. This plays like a much more expensive guitar. Love the neck and action. It has a
    very pretty tone that is different than most dreadnoughts I've played, I think it's from the maple body.
    As far as looks, this thing is Gorgeous. For the money this one of the most satisfying guitars I've
    bought. Thanks Brock, Great service!

  • from ATX March 31, 2016

    A True 5 Star Purchase/Instrument

    Guitar deal like no other, price or performance-wise. Once again, Sweetwater delivered the goods in pristine condition.
    Every once in a while, us poor working musician's get a product that is bigger than the hype...SM 58 mics, Focusrite interfaces, Fender Stratocaster's, etc....add this guitar to the list!

  • from Ft Myers FL January 29, 2016Music Background:
    I have been playing since about 1967. Let's just say I've been around.

    One problem...

    I have one VERY big issue with Sweetwater, and it has to do with packaging. It took me 20 minutes to get this thing out of the box (or should I say boxes?) Don't you guys know when you get a new axe you don't have TIME for such nonsense? Seriously, tremendous job keeping the guitar safe from FedEx guys. Don the right way.

    Now, about the guitar, when I was in college a LONG time ago, my roommate had a Dove, and I had a D-28. Naturally, when we weren't jamming to Grateful Dead songs, we argued over which guitar sounded better. I thought the Dove was a little "thin" sounding. Still do. But I digress. I needed a second acoustic because I don't like taking the Martin out in the elements in Florida, and saw this for a great price. Figured why not? Best decision I've made in a long time.

    This guitar sounds and feels like a much more expensive instrument. Everything is flawless, from the finish and setup. I actually think it has a fuller sound than the Gibson Dove I remember, but again, it's been a long time. Nice resonance on the bottom, and the top isn't "tinny." Overall nice balance and tone. Needs to be broken in a bit and might need a setup in a few weeks after playing with it, but I can't stress enough how great this guitar is, especially for the money. And if you want to fake someone out, put a piece of tape over the logo on the head stock. They'll never believe it's not a Gibson!

  • from December 29, 2015

    Beautiful guitar, unrivaled customer service

    This was my first time buying a guitar online, and I have to say I am very satisfied with my purchase. This is a great guitar for the price, and Sweetwater's excellent customer service took away any apprehension I may have had about ordering online. I love just about everything about this guitar - the aesthetics, overall tone, ease of playing, price - all exceeded my (already high) expectations. My only complaint would be that since the electronics are all internal, changing the batteries will be a pain, but this is only a small inconvenience; in fact, some people might prefer it this way, as external tone/volume controls would detract from the guitar's beauty. I can see this being my go-to guitar for a long time.

  • from Utah November 15, 2015Music Background:
    Been in many bands. Currently singer/songwriter/hobbyist

    Best acoustic for $300 and Sweetwater dominates

    This acoustic is all-around solid, handsome and just masterfully crafted for $300. It's tone is very bright and crisp with just ok low ends, but I have a Martin D-15 that overcompensates with its rich, loud low ends. So I wouldn't recommend getting the Dove Pro if you want a powerful boomer of an acoustic. This acoustic is a little more soft-spoken, but in a very refined way.

    Sweetwater's service is unparalleled. I was nervous about ordering online due to some past experiences but the existing reviews have me confidence and I have absolutely no regrets. Their 55-point inspection left me with no desire to get it set up (which is a standard thing I do when I buy acoustics), the careful packaging and follow-up from the salesman were extremely impressive, and the guitar couldn't have looked more new and perfect!

    I've been playing with factory strings and i find that there's somewhat of a weak sound, which im sure is due to the quality of the strings. I'm going to buy some Elixirs and see where that gets me. Other than that , it's a fantastic instrument and Sweetwater'so touch makes it all the more wonderful.

  • from NC August 2, 2015Music Background:


    Got this a week ago. Everyone who plays it loves it.

  • from Steep Falls, ME July 15, 2015Music Background:

    Perfect guitar for intermediates

    I've been playing mostly electric for a few years (my cheap acoustic split at the neck joint) and decided I'd spend some money on a decent acoustic to play around with. I have a couple of Epiphone electrics and they've always been my go-to's, so I knew I should look at epiphone's acoustic line. The Dove and Hummingbird Pros were right in my price range and after a little research, I settled on the Dove for a couple of reasons: the fishman preamp is hidden away in the soundhole, giving it a more classic look (I wasn't even looking for electronics in this purchase), and I preferred the lighter, violin-burst finish to the red/yellow of the hummingbird. And while both have a gorgeous spruce top, I liked the sound of the maple back, sides and neck of the Dove more than the Hummingbird's mahogany.

    Let me just say that this guitar blew me away in terms of not only sound, but craftsmanship on Epiphone's part, as well as setup quality on Sweetwater's part. The guitar arrived in perfect tune with zero fret buzz or hardware rattle, two things I've grown used to with guitars at this price. The neck was arrow-straight with decent action (I lowered mine a tiny bit to my preference). The stock strings sounded nice, but got a bit muddy after a week. I recommend ordering a set of Elixr nanowebs of your preferred gauge when you buy (they sound great and last for ages). The sound is full, rich and loud with a pick, and pleasantly even with fingers or hybrid style picking, which is great, as that's an area I'm working on. The Grover tuners are flat-out amazing. They hold tune better than any of the ones on my twice-as-expensive electrics (including an Epi Les Paul). I haven't plugged this guitar into an amp yet, so I can't speak for the fishman electronics, but everything I've heard in other reviews about them is great. As I've mentioned, it's great that they're tucked into the soundhole in terms of looks, and the knobs are still easy to adjust. My only complaint about them is that the end pin output jack makes using a regular strap a pain. That should be easily remedied by making the bottom hole on the strap a little wider, though.

    As for looks, this guitar has them in spades. The finish is gorgeous, I have a hard time not looking at this thing long enough to really play it. I wasn't crazy about the somewhat gaudy (though classic) pick guard even before I ordered, but I've gotten used to it and it has its charms. The wood is all flawless-looking, and I loved that Sweetwater let me choose which exact guitar I'd receive. It allowed me to take a close look at the wood grain and the saturation of the finish, which was perfect because as I mentioned above, I preferred it a little lighter.

    All-in-all, this is the best value-for-money guitar I've ever bought. It's quality and craftsmanship at $300 (well within beginner's price range) is astounding, it's sound and looks are breathtaking, and Sweetwater's service and setup were flawless. I couldn't be happier with this guitar. Buy it.

  • from Cleveland, OH June 19, 2015Music Background:
    45 years guitar playing experience.

    Unbelievable! But.......

    This Epiphone is just fantastic.
    The quality is better than some of the newer Gibsons I've seen in the past few years.
    Of course, it's not the fine beauty the Gibson Dove is. The tone and sustain right on and rings forever.
    As with all new guitars, a good basic set up is needed.
    My suggestions to make it into a great player are just what I did to the two I ordered:

    1. As soon as you open the box, get rid of the horrible factory strings and have it
    set up with Elixer Polyweb #11050 light / .012-.053 strings. Super slick and bring out the true sound and projection this guitar is capable of. Amazing difference!
    2. Have your guitar tech lower the action to your comfort level.

    It is hard to believe that a $299 laminated guitar can have the quality, looks, sound this good and have the bright and mellow tone it produces. I highly recommend it as a great 2nd guitar or gift to an aspiring player.

  • from United States November 24, 2014Music Background:
    Student and Live Sound Assistant


    I bought this guitar at Gearfest 2014. I was playing around with Taylors and Gibsons and others alike. I saw tis one hanging on the wall and figured, What the heck... why not and i tried it and was blown away. It has a beautifully bright tone with a punchy low end that sounds like god singing. I was shocked to play it and feel the guitar talking to me. I tried another Taylor right after and actually was disappointed and same with the Martins. Gibson was close but still the sound wasn't quite there. the Fishman pickups were just a pleasant surprise when i read the label and the price tag was incredible. Sweetwater has been my favorite music and audio store for several years now. They never seize to amaze me with Quality and Sevice.

  • from SW Ohio October 12, 2014Music Background:
    Former gigging musician, now just a hobbyist

    Great guitar

    Got my new Dove Pro last week and haven't hardly put it down since then. I bought a demo model and it is absolutely perfect. No nicks, scratches, scuffs, or dings anywhere. Fantastic sound and playability. Did I mention how good it looks yet? The pictures don't do it justice as it looks much richer in color than the photos can convey! I have a 1956 Gibson Southern Jumbo J-45 and I think this guitar has a nicer sound, especially unplugged. The plugged in sound is good also even through my Marshall DSL. I just wonder how good it would sound through an acoustic amplifier. The guitar was set up up very well and I cannot find any issues with it whatsoever. Sweetwater's 55 point inspection really works! You know you're going to get a nice guitar every time you buy one from them. If you are looking for a nice acoustical guitar, you won't regret buying the Dove Pro! It plays like butter and has a sweet dreadnought sound to it.

  • from Ocala Florida August 13, 2014Music Background:
    Old school classic rock/motown/Latin music.


    I bought this for my niece, I bought it because I played one and it's Sweet and The Best Bang For Your Buck,you can't get a guitar like this at this price range.

  • from California, USA July 1, 2014Music Background:

    Better than you may think

    Epiphone, to some degree, still has the reputation for being Gibson's budget, cheaply made guitars. Well blow that idea up.
    I recently purchased the Epiphone Dove Pro from Sweetwater and I would honestly put it up against any high end guitar as far as tone and depth are concerned. The high ring clearly and the Bass response is awesome, punching out the low end really well.

    Construction is awesome and right out of the box, this guitar looked incredible. I looked thoroughly and could NOT find a single flaw in construction, paint or finish. I'd HIGHLY recommend the Eip Dove Pro to any working musician who either can't afford a Gibson or is a little nervous about taking a Gibson on the road or into clubs. This Sweet guitar fills every need!

  • from new jersey February 13, 2014Music Background:
    pro sound

    dove pro

    I bought this because I have the hummingbird pro and liked it so much I gave the dove a shot. good move, the dove blows away the hummingbird, I love them both but the dove is brighter unplugged and so much better plugged in. just buy it .

  • from Michigan February 13, 2014Music Background:
    hobbyist, student, all of the above

    Very high quality

    Arrived almost in tune!
    I have been playing for 34 years. The first acoustic I was acquainted with was an Epi so there is a nostalgic quality to my experience here.
    This a is a very high quality guitar. Sweetwater's setup is just right for me. The frets are smooth, the gloss finish is very even. The spruce selected is nice and tight grained, with no aberrations, save for a small pinpoint sized fleck on it that must have remained prior to the gloss coat. Other than that its superb.
    The sound is stunning, quite a bit better than a Takamine EF I am familiar with, which has maple lam sides and back, and a 1200 buck tag on it. This sound reminds me of a Taylor. As a new guitar, I am shocked at the sound quality. I have no idea how this could sell for so little.
    The color is far nicer than the photos suggest. The color is more subdued and more of a brown violin color than the reddish or orange hued color my laptop shows.
    This 2013 run of Epi Doves has a one piece back, not the two piece that were on the previous production run. I do believe the Chinese Epiphone factory has really made it into the big time. I have played a number of Japanese and Indonesian Epiphones, and these examples coming out of the Epi factory in China are superior.
    First class work.

  • from Collierville, TN. November 25, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist playing now for over 50 years

    Best Buy Ever

    This is the best buy that I have ever gotten on a guitar. In addition, the representative that was assigned to me was so very helpful. The service you get is certainly the most personal that I have ever recieved. I have told many of my friends to put Sweetwater on their favorites list. Everyone that picks this guitar up and playes it says it is unbelievable and the price knocks it out of the park. Delivery was timely as well.

  • from United States June 6, 2013


    got it from sweetwater, awesome,nice action,good sounding acoustic or electric.best buy of the year.no regrets

  • from Charlotte, NC April 16, 2013Music Background:
    Amateur Song Writer / Recording Artist

    Bought one today

    This is one of the best sounding guitars I have ever heard. Went to the music store today planning to buy a mid level taylor/martin or high end yamaha/Seagull acoustic. What I never thought I would do was buy an epiphone. I know that every acoustic is different and not all Dove Pros will sound like this but look around and find one. It is worth it. The best sounding acoustic in the 3 music stores I went to.

  • from Greene, Me June 11, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging Musician - Multi-genre

    Epiphone Dove Pro

    My girlfriend bought me this guitar as a backup to my Asian Guild for gigs. I don't use my solid wood guitars out gigging for their own safety and this guitar stood out from guitars costing twice as much (low end Taylors/Martins). Don't go thinking this guitar is a Gibson, while it plays well and stays in tune remarkable well for the price the acoustic tone is reminiscent of laminate Guilds with a tad more snap attributable likely to the maple. In it's basic form its a good kick around the fire guitar. This guitar however excels in live performance and reliability. Up here in Maine we have wild swings in climate and this guitar has held up to a year of playing out twice a week minimum from the ocean to the mountains. This thing is so tough I ran over it with my Jeep and all it did was put it out of tune a touch. I upgraded the pickup system to a Fishman Matrixx Infinity I got from Sweetwater but the stock pickup is not half bad and it's quite loud. I also loaded in a new saddle. Bottom line...probably the best bang for the buck guitar for live performance/hard giggin out there and its gorgeous. Only minus I can offer is the Dove wears off pickguard. Try this one ...you won't be disappointed.

  • from June 2, 2015

    EPi Dove Pro

    Picked this up a couple of weeks ago, this has a really nice bright sound, the guitar was ready to play out of the box, the original strings were a bit much for me, so i restrung it with extra light gauge martin strings. An easy playing guitar it is, action is just right for me, web pics do not do this guitar any justice, it is a beautiful guitar, love the finish, binding all around, no flaws to speak of, received it within a couple of days. Support calls after delivery to see how the equipment is, if you are satisfied, the whole ten yards.
    Great price, great service, Sweetwater delivers, did i mention that it sounds great, plays great? If you are looking for a sweet sounding guitar for the price, it can't be beat imho.

  • from Minneapolis MN August 15, 2014Music Background:
    Long time player- electric and acoustic. Rock Jazz anything

    Get one

    I have a few acoustic guitars in the mid price range. What I notice about this one is how superior it is in ease of playing. With my others one of which is a lower price Martin I have to have a gorilla grip to execute some parts or figures of a song. This is to the point where there is no sense in doing anything complicated but with this Epiphone Dove the same movements or holding down the strings becomes easy. Now I can work towards doing some of the things K. Richards or other advanced players do and actually make it sound nice. I don't know what could be better about it. maybe something I suppose so I gave it a 4.5 If you are just starting out get one of these and you will save yourself a lot of work and discouragement.

  • from nj February 7, 2014Music Background:

    dove pro

    I bought this guitar because I have the epiphone hummingbird and liked it so much I had to have the dove pro, the dove pro is a lot more brite, but just wat I need, between the 2 there both awesome. the only thing I don't like about the dove pro is the battery . to change it you need to pull the strings, but its worth it, buy it.

  • from Charleston, SC June 3, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar Tech., Luthier, Guitar Player

    You Better Check These Out

    I had heard about this brand new Dove and thought it was worth looking into, especially since it has a solid spruce top, and solid maple back and sides. I have owned a few "good to very good" acoustic guitars; Martin, Gibson, Taylor. The closest match to this Dove would have been the Gibson Custom Shop Thunderbird acoustic I bought a few years ago. (Solid Maple guitar) This Dove Pro sounds quite a bit better than that Gibson Thunderbird (and that was a three thousand dollar guitar). I think it sound every bit as good as a Taylor 710ce (not a closely comparable guitar since the Taylor is cedar top) but I think the Dove sounds as good (fairly bright but a rich woody tone). For the money this is an awesome sounding acoustic-electric guitar. And being solid wood it should improve with time. The set-up from the factory is a little high, but there is a lot of saddle height to enable the action to be lowered if desired. Lots of volume, a cannon! Fit and finish is pretty good as well. Go get one!

  • from Citrus Heights, CA June 21, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar player 40 years experience. Not a Pro. Play acoustic, electric, and archtop

    Fine Guitar for the money

    I purchased the Epiphone Dove Pro about 6 weeks ago. I have to other dreadnaught guitars: a 1974 Guild D-50 and a 2005 BlueRidge BR-1810 (I took a risk on the BlueRidge and was pleasantly surprised). I also have a Guild Gad 30-R, courtesy of Sweetwater, and an Eastman E10 OM. I prefer quality solid hardwoods on body and sides of my acoustics. I wanted something I could take to the park or parties and not worry about letting others play. The Dove (all epiphone models) had great reviews and I was willing to go with laminate body and sides for the purposes I had in mind. So, I took a chance and talked to Ben Porter, my Sweetwater associate, and ordered the Dove.

    Out of the box, I was impressed with the craftsmanship, no sloppy glue together kit here. The finish was better than anticipated, I like the "maple" body. The size and depth of the guitar, as well as the solid Spruce top, produces a volume I did not anticipate in a laminate with very warm distinctive bass tones, again unexpected. The neck is a little different feel than I am accustomed to, though quickly adaptable and even preferable the more I play it. This guitar shines when finger picking, very nice warm projection across all strings even with capo, for J.T. fans. I do find the highs a little tinny when flat picking. Best with medium pick and moderate to light strum and hammer ons and pull offs. For that reason I give it a 4 star rating. Which means, Great. I will put on some D'Addario light gauge strings and see how it responds. If still not quite there with the flat picking, I may go for an upgrade on the bridge saddle. Other reviewers have done so and it seems to work.

    The fishman electronics are not high end, however, quite suited to the Dove and really have no complaints when plugged in.

    I feel that my other guitars are getting jealous of the fact that I seem to be playing the Dove most of the time. Not just because it is new, but because it has good action and overall quality tone. Good choice for experienced players who want something nice to fill in for those times you prefer to leave your "Babies" behind. Also, excellent entry level guitar for the high school student on up.

    Of course it is not the "true" Gibson! However, I have played both and $3,600.00 does not add all that much. Though I would love to own one some day.

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