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Epiphone EL-00 Pro - Vintage Sunburst Reviews

4.5 stars based on 27 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone EL-00 Pro - Vintage Sunburst?

Questions about the Epiphone EL-00 Pro - Vintage Sunburst?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Central Florida June 20, 2017Music Background:
    Singer/songwriter, recording artist, gigging musician

    Fantastic guitar. Don't let size fool you.

    This guitar is absolutely amazing for the price. A complete steal.
    It played great right out of the box thanks to Sweetwater's 55-point evaluation and setup. Extremely comfortable to play and sounds fantastic.
    I was a little reluctant to get this guitar at first because of the size. I was afraid it might not be loud enough for gigs. Firstly, this guitar is a bit larger than your typical 'parlor sized' guitar. It has a very deep lower bout and the shape is almost more of an orchestra model. Sounds great unplugged but plugged in...wow! Honestly, plugged in it sounds almost like a dreadnought. You are definitely not sacrificing volume with this little guy.
    I needed a 2nd acoustic for gigs and didn't want to spend a ton of money (my main guitar for live performance as well as recording is a 2014 Gibson J-45 Standard). This little guitar has a huge sound, trust me. The low end will blow you away, especially with the Fishman electronics.
    Could not be happier with this purchase and I really can't wait to play it live.
    Many thanks to my Sweetwater sales engineer Patrick Weaver.

  • from East Coast May 4, 2017Music Background:
    Serious hobbyist for 43 years

    The 2 Year Test

    I gave myself this guitar for my birthday exactly 2 years ago. I was tired of wrestling with dreadnoughts and wanted to check-out a parlor size to see if I liked the sound and comfort before buying an expensive one. Well... 2 years later I'm still very impressed: It's very comfortable, looks great, plays easily, sounds clear and vibrant, and best of all... plugged-in it sounds unbelievably rich. I play mine through a Fishman Loudbox Artist acoustic amp, which I also bought from Sweetwater. Parlor size guitars do not have the punch of a dreadnought, but when I plug-in, that changes! Also, there are 2 features that separate this one from other parlor guitars: 1) Most parlors now have a 1.75" nut width which I do not like. The 00 Pro has a 1&11/16" nut which is perfect for me. 2) Many parlors have very light bracing for fingerpicking but the sound breaks up easily when strummed with much zest. The 00 Pro tone remains intact when strummed. AND... Ryan Murphy, my sales rep, continually goes the distance to make sure I'm satisfied and taken care of! Even when I'm not spending thousands of dollars, he makes me feel that appreciated. Thank you, Ryan! The biggest mystery is "Why would anyone buy their new axe anywhere else besides Sweetwater? They take the risk out of buying sight unseen by offering their no questions asked return policy (as if their prices weren't enough already)! PS: I don't feel the need to buy an expensive parlor guitar any longer! The EL00 Pro keeps me grinning while I'm picking!

  • from Chicago April 1, 2017

    Unbelievable for the price

    I bought this for my 11 year old daughter but had a hard time putting it down myself. Out of the box the action was low and it's really comfortable to play. Strums well without overdriving the soundboard too easily. The electronics aren't great, but for the price they were much better than I expected.

    Unbelievable value.

  • from January 26, 2017

    Great guitar at any price

    Have been playing this guitar for several months. I play mostly fingerstyle but also do a fair amount of strumming and single note stuff. I have owned dozens of guitars over the years, some costing close to $10,000. I consider this Instrument to be of excellent build quality, fit and finish is flawless, and tone is excellent as is intonation. I would highly recommend this little gem.

  • from fyffe al. July 3, 2016

    great studio guitar

    great sound grdseat set up best buy ive seen in years thanks Mark bruhn as always he came thru for me on some other studio need s

  • from May 21, 2016Music Background:


    I have been playing this for a week now. Wow. My first guitar was a epiphone cortez I love how this simulates my first guitar that Gibson built, back in 1964. I cant tell you much difference other then the tuners. Perfect fist guitar for anyone that wants to learn how to play a guitar right. Thank you Gibson to keeping control over your heritage.

  • from Mississippi February 18, 2016Music Background:

    Great Value.

    After some fine tuning by my guitar tech (changed nut and saddle to bone and set up) it plays like a dream but plugged into a Bose system it's stunning. Best money spent on guitars since Ever.

  • from January 1, 2016Music Background:
    Songwriter and musician

    The Reviews Don't Lie

    This is a wonderful guitar. It Looks, Plays and Sounds beautiful. It's a dream and a steal for the money. As always Sweetwater comes through with the best customer service in the business. It was ready to play right out of the box. It was on sale so I grabbed one because of all of the excellent reviews that I have read. This Epiphone EL-00 Pro is a high-quality instrument at an unbelievable price. One last thing I would like to mention, I waited several times to buy this guitar and then when I decided to buy, they were out of stock. There's a reason for that, this is a great guitar.

  • from Texas August 1, 2015

    AT LAST !

    I have never really liked playing acoustic guitars, until now ! This is my first acoustic in 25 yrs. I removed the bridge saddle pickup and installed a K&K Mini on the soundboard, did some minor fretwork and lowered the action. It now plays and sounds like a much more expensive instrument. Great Blues Axe.

  • from Texas July 21, 2015Music Background:
    Amateur with some experince playing small clubs in a band.

    Terrific Value

    This is way too much guitar for the modest price. Solid tonewoods and sounds great. I got it primarily for a blues guitar and it really delivers. Great bass sounds and just a sweet axe all around. Arrived in perfect ready to play condition. weetwater staff knowledgeable and very helpful as I play Martins and this was my first Epi. It is easy on the eyes too and you will be amazed considering the price. I was tempted to leave the hangtags on just to remind me of the bargain this guitar is. Get one and you'll be very happy.

  • from Fort Myers, FL July 4, 2015

    Epiphone EL-00 Pro

    A fantastic guitar. Played great right out of the box. Mark Thompson worked with me and had the EL 00 shipped in the Epiphone EL-0CS case. Very nice finger picking or flat pick guitar.
    Really glad I bought this guitar. It is my go to acoustic now.

  • from May 25, 2015

    Wonderful instrument for finger picking.

    Sounds and plays like a dream. I wanted a small-body guitar for blues finger and slide playing. I was blown away and haven't put it down. Had it 8 days and changed strings twice. Great little guitar. I see where some folks still think Epiphone is Gibson's little cheap sister. I can't see the name on the headstock when I'm playing. Gonna get another one for slide and open tunings.

  • from May 20, 2015

    Epiphone EL-00 Pro

    I took a chance on this guitar after reading the ratings and I am glad I did. I replaced the nut, saddle and bridge pins with Tusq upgrades. This thing has great tone, resonance and sustain. This guitar is greatly undervalued. If you are looking for a 00 shape with real solid tone wood this is a good choice. I got a great match on the top wood too. Drew from Sweetwater was very helpful "as always" and I received my guitar fast and in perfect shape.

  • from stanhope nj usa August 9, 2014Music Background:
    61 year old hired gun

    My EL-00 Pro is my go to axe for all styles!

    ridiculous axe for the price! amazingly big sound in a small package. huge old fashioned blues box styling, made with the tightest fit and finish of any brand I've ever owned. don't care where it was made, how it was made or when it was made but I know this.....it's worth ten times the price! and by the way the hidden fishman electronics are a great touch! no knobs or eq shows so it retains that gison kebmo blues vibe! also the grover tuners are a blessing! this guitar NEVER loses its tuning..and I play it hard!!!!!!!!!!! AAA++++++++

  • from United States October 15, 2013Music Background:
    Semi retierd pro musician & hobbyist

    Great Guitar Very Good For Blues

    A very good guitar easy to play nice & light and I have small hands no problem plays like butter! The finish on the guitar is flawless very nice sunburst. And when plugged in sounds great. If you are a bluesman like i am you would really love this axe go for it !

  • from CLERMONT, FL September 18, 2013Music Background:



  • from PENNSYLVANIA May 21, 2016

    Great but battery compartment is odd and end plug as well

    overal love the guitar, two weird things - first, the battery holder keeps disconnecting from the guitar -velcro tape holds it to body - not well thought out. The entire battery including the part connected to the guitar comes loose and hangs in the body. In my case, it reconnected to the serial number inside the guitar and a bit of that came off when I attempted to reattach. Second the end plug where the cord connects is oddly shaped, a bit difficult to get comfortable with putting a strap on there.

    I'd also like to note that I've purchased several guitars from Sweetwater and they have overall been great, but I've also purchased several cases and those have not been as great.

  • from Illinois February 12, 2016


    Great little guitar and excellent quality craftsmanship. Had to have the saddle filed down a little to get the action where I wanted. Plays and sounds great!

  • from Houston, Texas June 16, 2015Music Background:
    35 years from hobby to semi pro

    Excellent Value

    I read many reviews before purchasing. I bought it knowing I was going to have to replace the Nut & Saddle with bone to increase volume and tone. Sure enough the tone was thin...after replacing these and getting setup and sounds excellent & plays awesome. The craftsmanship is excellent except the "E" fell off of the pick guard which didn't hurt my feelings...I prefer it. I would suggest this guitar to any level player!

  • from central PA May 20, 2014Music Background:
    active player since 1977 most genres

    owner operator

    I've played it for a year now and still impressed with it daily. I gig 4 nights a week every week and it's right there. Perfect size for stage performing.
    Clean acoustic sound.
    fit and finish, playable, hardware, pickup system...all very acceptable.
    $300 dollars...outstanding investment!

  • from Start, LA February 13, 2014Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Professional Musician

    Great Guitar for a Great Price

    Got my EL-00 in today, and it is a great little guitar. It has a really good feel to it, and good tone. I have always been a Taylor and Martin man, but needed a backup guitar, and have been wanting a Parlor size. You really cant beat this guitar for the money. My only complaint about it is a little bit of buzzing on a few frets, but that is to be expected with any off the floor acoustic guitar. a little adjustment and it will be great. As always sweetwaters customer service is second to none, and I look forward to doing business with them in the future

  • from South Central Missouri February 10, 2014Music Background:
    I've been an amateur guitarist for over 50 years

    A very good small bodied guitar

    I bought one of these about six months ago, meaning to review it after I had it for a while. I was looking for a small bodied short scale guitar that wouldn't break the bank and this is it. Overall I am very impressed with this guitar, it looks great, it plays as well as any of my acoustics, it sounds excellent with a very clear and well articulated tone, the intonation is just about spot on, it is also very comfortable to play. The things that I am not totally wild about are the pick-up (kind of quacky) and the "E" on the pick guard which I think looks pretty tacky, but it comes off easily, so no big deal. Overall the only thing that keeps this from getting a five from me is the piezo pick up.

  • from Eugene, OR May 9, 2017Music Background:
    performing musician

    Nice for the price

    I was initially not thrilled with this guitar. I bought it to travel with and it arrived with a couple problems. The battery had come loose during shipping. I was able to reattach it easily enough, but it's hard to imagine how much force it took to shake the velcro attachment free. Also, the Epiphone logo on the pickguard peeled up and came off within a couple days. Finally, I thought the strings it comes with didn't sound good at all.

    I put on Martin Retro strings, which to my ear suit the resonance profile of the body much better. I like the action and the tone plugged in is pretty good. Funny thing is, I've gotten a whole bunch of enthusiastic compliments on the sound of the guitar while playing out during this trip. I don't really like the sound of most all acoustic guitar pick-ups, but the consistent positive feedback has given me confidence that the guitar sounds good in the room.

    Oh, and I did lend it to another songwriter to play unplugged at one point and was pleased with how it sounded acoustically. Sounds better from the front than from above.

    So, while the guitar struck me as cheap when it first arrived, I'm happy to say that it's grown on me. I was initially wishing I'd spent a little more and gotten a Seagull, or just hazarded taking my Breedlove on the plane, but now I'm happy with the choice I made. For the price, I'd say it's a great guitar... if you change the strings.

  • from New Jersey April 6, 2017Music Background:
    Playing guitar for 48 years

    Surprisingly shocked!

    I'm surprisingly shocked by the quality and tone of this Epiphone EL-00! I haven't plugged it in yet. But acoustically has a rich deep bottom and clear highs! The size is perfect! What totally shocked me? Was the fact that I didn't have to adjust the neck, frets, or truss rod. I've never purchased a guitar from mail order before for fear that either the neck or feel wouldn't be right? I played 12 ash strats in the store before I found one that felt right! I took this out of the box and it was almost perfectly tuned and the action was great too! But the sound was excellent! This guitar sounds more like a $1500.00!

  • from July 8, 2015


    A very well made and extremely comfortable guitar. The fit and finish of mine was flawless. I'm a finger style player and the tone from this little baby is what I look for, nice clean and bright highs with deep (but not muddy) lows. For the price this is a great value.

  • from San Diego, CA October 18, 2013Music Background:
    musician/recording engineer

    great guitar for the money

    The guitar for one looks great. I love the old classic look. Its real easy to play great for playing chords. It has a good sounding fishman electrical system inside and you dont have to pay much to get all that. Definitely good for the amateur musician hobbyist.

  • from Ponchatoula, LA September 26, 2013

    Potentially great...

    This is a great little guitar, but don't expect it to necessarily be great right out of the box. It seems to be well constructed and the finish and overall appearance are quite nice. As for tone and playability, my first impression was not good.

    1. The stock strings were awful. Epiphone's specs state that they are "D'Addario Phospher (12-53)". However, they were definitely not the same as the EJ16 D'Addario phosphor bronze strings that I normally use. There were flaws in the winding on a couple strings, the high E had several kinks, and they overall sounded pretty dead.

    2. There was far too much neck relief. I found that the truss rod had no tension on it at all. I turned it until I began to feel slight resistance then adjusted it about a 1/4 of a turn more until there was only a slight relief.

    3. The string height at the nut is too high. Fingering at the first fret is a bit uncomfortable and the intonation is a little sharp.

    Perhaps these kind of setup issues are common or to be expected on a $300 guitar. However, with Epiphone touting "100% inspected and setup in the USA" plus Sweetwater's "55 point evaluation", I expected a better playing guitar out of the box. I also realize that different people might have different opinions of what an acceptable setup is; but, I feel pretty certain that no one would have been happy with the way this guitar played initially.

    After changing the strings and adjusting the truss rod, I'm pretty happy with the way it plays (except for at the first fret). Once the the nut has been adjusted, I believe this will be a fantastic guitar.

    A couple other notes...

    I think some of the specs on the Sweetwater site currently are for the previous EL-00 model rather than the EL-00 Pro.

    The metal "E" on the pickguard fell off when I removed the protective film. This was perfectly fine by me though as I was wondering how easy it would be to remove without damage to the pickguard.

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