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Behringer ECM8000 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer ECM8000?

Questions about the Behringer ECM8000?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from St. Louis April 15, 2017

    Great Quality Mic

    A much greater quality than I expected! This is an awesome Mic for its purpose. I would definitely purchase it again. You expect to receive nothing but the best from Sweetwater and they deliver.

  • from Illinois January 30, 2017Music Background:
    professional music educator

    Excellent Bargin

    For the money, reliable, accurate, does the job.

  • from NYC April 21, 2015

    Value far surpasses price

    I purchased these to use for room mic's for a mixed ensemble classical performance being held by a friend. I was going to rent a pair of QTC40's, but that would have cost nearly as much as buying a pair of these and hey, I figured, this way I have them. My expectations were fairly low, but it was a gig I was doing as a favor so I wasn't too worried about it. Their last 'recording' was a cellphone video that was clipped beyond recognition, so anything I did would be great for them.

    During their run through before the show, I slowly got everything set up - these microphones for the room as my main pair, a pair of Cascade Fatheads to cover the strings and/or woodwinds depending on the piece, a pair of SDC's on the piano, and a borrowed hypercardioid to point at the vocalist. I got them all about where I thought I'd want them before I listened. I threw on the phantom and got basic levels using just my meters before I listened. And then I panned the main pair left and right and threw on my cans.

    My jaw dropped. I probably could have taken down the highlight mic's. I haven't mixed yet, but I know I'll hardly need them. For $60 each, $120 for a pair - I can't imagine being happier with a purchase. I've been saving for a pair of Earthworks or similar for a little while. I'm sure I'll still want that, but it's shot down the priority list. With good placement - and, of course, the good room and good performances made everything easier - these will get you VERY far.

    While they are extremely flat, they are noticibly noisier than some of their much more expensive counterparts. For loud applications, you'll have no complaints at all. For quieter applications, you will notice a little more noise floor than you'd probably like. If you have rx3, just record some room sound and forget about your worries. If you don't, you may have to pay a bit of attention in delicate applications. But for the price, I would (and do) recommend these to anyone who asks.

  • from Ky March 23, 2015Music Background:
    I have playing in club bands for 30 years

    Great addition to my system.

    Very accurate. We use it to tune out system when we run noise generator on the real time analyzer.

  • from NY June 6, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound

    Easy, Portable, And always a great spare

    Ive tested these with high end priced microphone and the difference is so little. With a price tage like this, you cant loose.

  • from in the February 6, 2017Music Background:
    Musician for 45 years. Soundman for 35 years.

    Great Little Mic!

    This mic works as effectively as the mic I have used for years. The case it comes in is not as hardy as the one for the $ mic, but I don't intend to step on it anyway! For my money, the ECM8000 is the way to go for an RTA mic.

  • from January 15, 2017Music Background:
    Classical, Worship Bands

    Accurate Representation

    I have found this to be very good recording or micing viola and violin with almost no coloring of the sound. This is perfect for when I am recording students college auditions.

  • from March 22, 2016

    not built to last 18+yrs but...

    Well it was fine while it lasted. Now I'm going to buy another one. What??Why?? you ask? because it lasted me 18 yrs and at $59 that's worth it.
    Not just me but many of my friends have also had the same failure, but after a long time. Oh well, the price certainly makes up for that.
    And BTW the Presonus version is identical but for 40$ more. Buy the Behringer and get just as great and almost perfect results compared to the $500-$1000 dollar. I mean if you're making money at testing systems and you want your client to look at what you have then buy the more expensive brands.
    But I've been testing systems just fine. I've used every test mic out there and really the difference was negligible. Just remember to use your ears as well!
    (Only 4 stars because it died. 5 stars for price vs, brands xyz.)

  • from March 1, 2016

    Good Deal

    Works just like it said it would. Accurate Good choice

  • from December 22, 2015

    The Behringer ECM8000

    It's rather hard to rate something or give a fare analysis when you only use a product a couple of times right after you first get it. I got the Behringer ECM8000 on a Saturday and was finished with it by the following Monday.

    I used it to tune the 3rd octave graphic EQs in my control room, and it went very smoothly. I was elated with the outcome.

    I could just as well have given it 5 stars as I did 4 stars. For my purpose and especially the price, I am very happy with the Behringer ECM8000.


  • from saint petersburg fl December 18, 2014Music Background:

    great buy

    Got this baby plugged it in to my drive rack and it works great. Very sensitive and accurate....

  • from Houston September 12, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Worth more than the price

    This mic is a must for anyone serious about sound analysis

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